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  1. How do you guys feel about colleges moving grades to pass/fail?
  2. And go figure.. I open a dating profile in February and we hit a global pandemic 😂😂
  3. Has congress officially passed anything about refund checks?
  4. Why wouldn’t college and universities just close the semester at this point?
  5. Ugh. I've had the cough, diarrhea and vomiting today. I don't know where to look for testing in Massachusetts. I don't have the flu though. I do attend a school where there was one case tested positive. :unsure:
  6. I nominate @Evilgrin 72 and @Capella to keep tabs on the Florida python problem
  7. I'll start going back to church if they dont cancel March Madness.
  8. How much difference is there between the iphone 10 and 11?
  9. How safe would it be to order food from door dash or Uber eats?
  10. Everyone in the nba west "I wish Golden State wouldn't make the playoffs this year" Monkey paw curls
  11. Call of Duty online with the most conveniently timed video game drop of all time
  12. Question for those working from home: how do you make sure not to get distracted by the news and get work done?
  13. My professor said if we all show up to online lecture, he'll let us watch him play Red Dead Redemption 2 afterwards.
  14. Has anyone ordered stuff from eBay or amazon experience delays because of covid 19?