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  1. EA also released a demo of mass effect 2(1 hour gameplay) today as well.
  2. Bayonetta- I didn't like the demo when I first played it but I found myself going back to it and playing to improve my score even though it's only a limited amount of enemies and not the full game. I then caved and brought the game and am not disappointed. I loved all the little jokes and references that were made through out the game. solid A- from me,imo
  3. I've played and beaten (and greatly enjoyed) both. GOW2 for the 360, obviously, and GTA IV for the PS3.Depends on what kind of game you're looking for. Both have very cool campaigns, but are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Gears is a standard "straight line" shooter - great shooting dynamics and gameplay, but extremely linear. If you're looking for a competitive third-person shooter, it's great. GTA IV has a lot more exploration, and it's a sandbox game - as you already know - so it's a lot less linear. But the shooting dynamics and gameplay are significantly weaker than Gears.If you're only going to be playing single-player, GTA IV is probably the better bet. It will keep you interested longer, and you can decide to quit the storyline altogether and just dick around if you so desire. Is it me or on gears of war 2's campaign on Hardcore really easy?
  4. is gears of war 2 or GTA 4 worth playing? I'm only interested in the campaign mode.
  5. Man, backbreaker is a total letdown. Playing on defense is ####### awful.
  6. man,I wish I knew ahead of time.PJ's in Boston tonight.
  7. Mike and Mike do not follow hockey.Both have said on their show they don't understand the rules of the game(icing)
  8. what avatar? lol

  9. Thanks Vancouver.I put a W8 on you and you're ####ting the bed.
  10. anyone know if marc savard got his stick back after throwing into the stands?
  11. LOL pretty sure this is the only thread reads here
  12. Boy, that sounds exciting. Name a better NHL rivalry than that.
  13. is awesome when working correctly