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  1. We don't need to wait for 100% certainty as that will be far too damaging
  2. I disagree with most of what you say here but that is for the PSF forum.
  3. Where Sorkin failed is assuming Kernan doesn't care about deaths which is flawed logic
  4. I like it. However, I bought at $23 a few weeks ago and sold at $26 so I am kicking myself for not holding. I will probably buy again on a dip though.
  5. Andrew Ross Sorken got owned this morning. Sad.
  6. Ducks recruiting looking awesome by the way. Hope the season gets played as they will be very good.
  7. GM I love you good buddy but you are making a fool of yourself in here.
  8. There is room for optimism in this thread too. Not sure why that is so hard for you to understand. Your post was what I consider trolling.
  9. started True Detective season 1 and in Episode 3 and not drawing me in. Hope it picks up.