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  1. again, very standard here. Were you upset when Holder refused to provide documents in Fast and Furious?
  2. It is actually the exact opposite. Democrats believe the lies and Republicans are demanding proof of wrongdoing which the Dems have failed to show.
  3. This is why, as an Oregon fan, I wasn't too upset about losing to Arizona State. This would have been Oregon getting smoked instead of Oklahoma. Now, they have a chance to win a Rose Bowl against a solid Wisconsin team.
  4. All Presidents before Trump have used executive privelidge so this is nothing new.
  5. I get so frustrated watching all of these college kickers make 40+ field goals with ease. I don't think an Oregon kicker has made a field goal longer than 40 yards in over 3 years. How hard is it to recruit a kicker?
  6. Yes, Atkinson's wife has connections to some sketchy left leaning folks who led the phony Russia hoax.
  7. Love the confidence! One of us will be eating crow next week. They absolutely will out grind Wisconsin and send them home crying like last time. Can't wait! By the way, Oregon didn't need USC's starting QB to get hurt to crush USC.
  8. I normally don't bet on Oregon unless I am very confident they will win. This is my first time betting on them this year. My brother happens to be in Vegas and he bet $200 for me on ML. We are going to the game together. This will pay for my ticket if they win. If not, I am okay with the $200 loss. I would never, never bet against Oregon even if I thought they would lose. To each his own. I was at the last Oregon vs Wisconsin Rose Bowl too, fun memories!
  9. Oregon's online is better than Wisconsins oline. This isn't the old Oregon type of speed and skill position team. They run the ball and stop the run pretty well. I think Wisconsin will have to throw to win. Miracle? Come on now.
  10. Wisconsin is favored over Oregon which is very surprising to me so they are getting some respect. I just put down a large ML water on Oregon.
  11. Are you sure about this? I don't remember them offering the whistleblower to testify anonymously.