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  1. took me a minute to find the Big Brother connection. Seriously one of the fugliest bb girls ever
  2. Awesome. I love Anderson Cooper starting out saying they polled the women to see if they thought there was anything wrong with the President's "racist. 😄" remarks. No bias at CNN! You anti-Trump guys must all still be watching these fake news outlets as all you do is parrot what they say.
  3. Yeah I saw that hand and was surprised he folded QQs. Folding pocket kings at final table pre flop is crazy.
  4. Probably a good time to invest in TOTDY, the world's largest manufacturer in toilets. 🚽 🙂
  5. 17.5 times forward earnings. 18.5 trailing earnings. S&P 500 now 2996. 2018 earnings $162
  6. We are not in a bubble right now. 20 years ago the S&P 500 traded at 33 times earnings and the 10 year Treasury was at 6%. Today the S&P 500 trades at 17.5 times earnings and the 10 year Treasury is at 2%. Add on the Fed is likely to lower short term rates by 25 basis points in July and probably another 25 basis points this year and cash yields will be going down. Stocks are still the best option to invest in right now.
  7. Sorry, the conspiracy theorist thread is the Russia thread. My bad.
  8. Dossier found to be garbage by FBI This is going to get ugly
  9. Disappointed that we have to wait until next week for this clown to be taken to the woodshed.
  10. Wait, seriously? I didn't see this can someone please break down how this happened?