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  1. No one was bailing on Barkley because he's a generational talent. He couldn't run a lick so far...he could do a lot with dump offs.
  2. Nobody is giving you healthy Barkley value now. You need to hold for dynasty, you won't get fair value now.
  3. Dallas is obviously using him. The issue is lots of mouths to feed. Game script dependent.
  4. I am a lifelong Giants fan, who owns Barkley, I want nothing to do with his replacement whoever it is.
  5. Down 2 pts.....1/2 pt ppr....I have Kamara he has Sanders.
  6. The Giants O line is terrible right now. First 2 games the DEF was all over Barkley. Freeman is t good, and the line isn't good. I would avoid.
  7. If I have Lamb and Gallup do I start Lamb going forward?