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  1. I swear you live in some kind of bubble-world.
  2. There’s plenty of time for a new nominee.
  3. It’s also an easy way to hide money.
  4. They are paid by the importer, but they may switch sources, eat it, or pass it on to the consumer. It’s likely going to be paid by everybody involved to some degree.
  5. Heart of palm, beets, feta.
  6. Publicity tends to hone the memory.
  7. There’s zero chance the Republicans don’t fill the seat this year.
  8. Hatch's office said that Kavanaugh told the senator "he was not at a party like the one [Ford] describes" and added that Ford "may be mistaking [Kavanaugh] for someone else."
  9. He asked who was to be believed. Feinstein is clearly lying. I was just answering Tim’s question. What does it matter to him? I have no idea. Ask him.
  10. Feinstein brought the letter up in a public confirmation hearing. Once that happened the release was inevitable and she knew it. She can’t claim she was hiding it because it wasn’t credible without a name and then make its existence public without a name. That’s ridiculous. I don’t really care. This is just politics. Feinstein is clearly lying though. They knew exactly how and when they were going to force Ford public.
  11. They held the letter for over a month and then released the information without a name anyway. The goal in that was clearly to delay a nomination until after the midterms.
  12. The ones that worked. And? The Coast Guard guy was dismissed from the room and the officers suspended for investigation. Makes sense. Whether they were just being idiots or racists I don’t know. I don’t see what these stories have to do with the others though. They are the only pictures where the intent was clear.
  13. The accuser doesn’t even know the location or the year of the party. Perhaps Hatch misunderstood.
  14. Most were formed before the accusation even came out.