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  1. The pension issue hasn’t changed. They don’t count the unfunded liability (they are 69% funded). It was at $300B, but that was with some pretty spectacular future gains baked in (Stanford estimated it at over $1T). I believe even the “official” calculation is higher now.
  2. What are you talking about?
  3. That came later. Prior to slavery in North America the labor force was made up almost entirely of indentured servants. Servitude in Virginia's tobacco fields approached closer to slavery than anything known at the time in England," the historian Edmund S. Morgan wrote. "Men served longer, were subjected to more rigorous punishments, [and] were traded about as commodities” You make everything about race. That’s kind of your thing. Some of us can just recognize human suffering as human suffering. Was it as bad as slavery? Certainly not after it began to be regulated. That’s when slavery became more profitable. Not that it matters much. Most of them died well before they finished their servitude anyway. Slavery has been around a long time and has come in many different forms. You go be you though. Everything is political.
  4. jonessed

    Democrats' House Agenda

    I think an infrastructure bill could make it into law. That’s a good place to start.
  5. Often times they weren’t dissimilar in practice so it makes sense they would denounce them both.
  6. jonessed

    Democrats' House Agenda

    Might as well throw in the Free Ponies Act of 2019.
  7. jonessed


    $28K? How many cameras is that? 3? 4? Sounds like they were targeting someone specifically.
  8. It shouldn’t be that hard to tell people how many ballots are left to count.
  9. jonessed

    2018 Elections Thread

    What’s the play here? Kemp has taken over the USPS?
  10. jonessed

    2018 Elections Thread

    All the close races are within the margin of error. If they were accurate in their voting demographics these would wash out. When they all go one way or another they ####ed up.
  11. jonessed

    2018 Elections Thread

    CNN seems insistent on creating a story going one way as their numbers go the other.
  12. jonessed

    2018 Elections Thread

    The media is going to take their second election shellacking in a row. There’s a serious disconnect here.
  13. jonessed

    2018 Elections Thread

    It’s definitely not a blue wave. Everything is tight. Either side could eek out these wins.