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  1. They keep sending me discount coupons which makes it well worth using.
  2. I didn’t buy anything this year. It seemed like a whole mass of stuff slightly to moderately discounted. That generally just leads to me buying crap I don’t really need. I think it’s always been the same thing. I’m just seeing previous year’s crap sitting around the house now so it’s more obvious. I like Amazon though and use them a ton.
  3. I think there are quite a few people in here that are pro-violence if it suits their cause. Some hide it better than others.
  4. I agree. This is something we should deal with internally. Very bad form on Trump’s part.
  5. It’s been said plainly for some time. You didn’t need to start a new thread to say it again.
  6. Protesting a shooting where the guy clearly has a gun and is trying to pull it when he’s shot sets the whole movement back. People are dumb.
  7. Where did Native Americans immigrate to? America? Their treatment had nothing to do with immigration. That was just straight racism. Blacks came here mostly as slaves. Slavery was clearly racist. You are conflating a number of issues here to try to get to racism. I’m not sure you can even have this conversation rationally. The fact that you see culture as an inherently racist idea is just nuts.
  8. You’ve called me both.
  9. Yeah, but you disagree with Tim. That makes you a racist or a troll.
  10. Well, that explains why you see everything as racist.
  11. Horse####. They complained about the same thing when there was a big influx of Eastern Europeans. The US had major issues trying to integrate the influx of Irish and Italian immigrants. Nationalism is not racism, it’s nationalism.
  12. No, we don’t. We know some of Trump’s staff lied to the FBI and we know some of them met with Russian officials. We don’t know anything about whether they conspired with Russia to interfere in the election.
  13. I don’t know. I’m not sure Mueller even knows yet. This entire thread is just political mud slinging and guesswork. Nobody knows squat.
  14. And? Was it solicited? Did he get it? Did he know where it was from? What did he do with it? Why isn’t he already indicted?
  15. Papadopoulos did not plea to trying to get Russia to hack email and we have no idea what Don Jr. talked about in those meetings. I imagine Mueller might.