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  1. All prisons are for profit. The only difference is who profits.
  2. The effective tax rate on the top 1% has fluctuated about 10% (from highest to lowest) in the last 70 years. It’s currently about 6% lower than it was in the 50s. That Twitter gif is garbage. Marginal tax rates displayed in isolation are meaningless.
  3. It pleases their base, but will never be enacted. Win-win for them. They get credit for the idea and never have to face the results.
  4. Read that the guy was unarmed and defenseless when he was shot. Screw her. Murder seemed harsh for what was obviously an accident, but when you add in his initial reactions before she shot him murder makes sense. She made a long string of terrible decisions.
  5. There was obviously discussion about the communication before the whistleblower sent in the complaint. The whistleblower has no direct knowledge of the communication.
  6. The whistleblower has no direct information. Trump is threatening the sources, which have no whistleblower protections. They are pretty screwed and will likely face consequences for divulging confidential information.
  7. He could have at least tried de-escalating the situation with some improvisational jazz first.
  8. There were legitimate legal reasons to not immediately bring the complaint to Congress and, from this morning’s testimony, it appears they were being worked out in the week the complaint was held back. That’s a poor case for hiding evidence. If Democrats want to impeach for the request that’s for them to decide. I think it’s weak without the quid pro quo, but ultimately the vote to impeach is a political one. If they can’t sell it to the Senate and/or the public it doesn’t mean much.
  9. There was no coverup at all. The documents were held back a week due to a legal dispute over executive privilege. I see this as more of a collective impeachment, which might be justified. Why they pinned the tail on this donkey is baffling though.
  10. I’m guessing the Democrats are using this to try and reopen the Mueller evidence. I dont know why they just didn’t do it directly though. This is not impeachment material.
  11. Maguire handled it quite well. As usual, Nunes and Schiff we’re complete partisan hacks, burying any legitimate point they may have in a blanket of hyperbole. It’s like watching a bad soap opera.
  12. They were only a handful of votes holding it up prior. All it took was a nudge. Under the current circumstances an impeachment proceeding seems fairly meh. I think it was largely inevitable.
  13. If Joe Biden committed a crime, then our own DOJ should be the one to handle that investigation. OK, so Ukraine could investigate and/or our own DOJ could investigate. That makes sense.