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  1. To this point, I was listening to the 538 podcast and they had a pollster from Pennsylvania on this week. He said at the 2016 election - for whatever reason - they did not re-poll inside of 10 days from the election. As we know, for reasons including Comey, late undecideds likely broke to Trump.
  2. Antifa is a bad group because they say they resort to violence. And sometimes do. And that's unacceptable. But the handwringing by the GOP is purely political. How many people has Antifa killed in the last 30 years? 0? Was there 1? Now compare that to the far right wing white dudes. How many have they killed? 3k? Where's the GOP handwringing about that?
  3. I always thought that America's culture was we would take the tired, the poor, the hungry from all over the world who yearned to be free and make a better start. America's true identity is that of a melting pot. Or at least its supposed to be.
  4. I think people also confuse polls with the pundits who misinterpret those polls.
  5. One thing I forgot - I do Meals on Wheels deliveries once per week. Not much but the people appreciate it.
  6. I remember very much liking The Lives of Others and have not seen The Conversation. So looking forward to it. Has anyone yet looked where to find them?
  7. Chevy revealed the new mid-engine Corvette. 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds. Looks incredible. All for under $60k (for the base). I admit I'm biased - my Dad worked for GM for 42 years. But it seems like they knocked it out of the park on this one. I hope it tests as well as it seems.
  8. Two things: 1) The repeated use of "Radical left" is obviously not an accident and something that all GOP members (and their followers) have adopted; 2) For Trump to call someone else foul-mouthed is ####### laughable.
  9. I'm interested. Please go on.
  10. Just watched the pilot. It was ok. I can see the argument that its over the top. I'll give it another episode to see if I like it. Zendaya seems like a good actress.
  11. Trapper. That's the best. Settle for no substitute.