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  1. You may like Michigan. They don't play zone, but they have the #2 defense in the country. And John Beilein's offense has always been cutting edge. And their alpha dog is Xavier Simpson. He is a must see hoop freak. He's a 6' point guard who can't shoot. But he absolutely controls every game they are in. He had like 30 assists and 1 turnover in the Big Ten tournament. And he has single handedly brought brought back the hook shot. They also have a 6'7" Lithuanian born, Canadian bred scorer who - if Mi makes it far - everyone will love to hate.
  2. What I don't understand is how they can play a Big Ten team in the second round. Is that not a thing anymore?
  3. Tillman is a really, really good player. He should go to the NBA.
  4. The First Purge - Just watched this. I know the Purge movies aren't great cinematic accomplishments - but I just find them really entertaining. This one did not disappoint. If you like the others, you will like this one. Indeed, this was probably one of the better ones.
  5. I write this with all due respect - I can't see any of Iowa, MD, OSU, or MN making it out of the first weekend. I hope I'm wrong. ETA: I don't hope I'm wrong about OSU. I hope they lose by 50. Or 60. At least 70.
  6. I don't get the love for Bill Walton as an announcer. He doesn't know anything (just admitted he had no idea who Nate Oats and Buffalo are) and just acts like a fool during the game. He makes it all about him. I can't stand listening to him. Reminds me of Dickie V.