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  1. whoknew

    Gillette Commercial

    Do we know Gillette knew it would? I would guess they thought they were making a commercial that would a) help sell razors and b) spread a good message.
  2. whoknew

    Gillette Commercial

    Why would this message stir up outrage?
  3. I don't know enough about it, but it seems like some of the regents (see e.g., Ferguson, Joel) need to be voted out ASAP also.
  4. The cruelty is the point TRUMP ADMINISTRATION PROSECUTORS argued this week that members of the borderland faith-based organization No More Deaths broke the law by leaving jugs of water and cans of beans for migrants trekking through a remote wilderness refuge in the Sonoran Desert. ... Assistant U.S. Attorney Anna Wright, who is currently spearheading multiple cases against members of the humanitarian group, assured Magistrate Judge Bernardo P. Velasco that ... four No More Deaths volunteers ... broke the law when they drove onto the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge, just outside the tiny town of Ajo, Arizona, and left humanitarian aid supplies for migrants passing through the region. Christopher Dupont, an attorney for the defendants, argued that by devoting their time to putting out food and water in one of the world’s deadliest regions for migrants traveling on foot — where a minimum of 3,000 people have died making their way north since 2000... ... The documents, many of which have taken center stage at this week’s trial, reveal the central role a supervisory official at a remote U.S. Fish and Wildlife office played in driving the prosecutions. They also show that, while Fish and Wildlife officers have been critical in collecting bodies in the Arizona desert, they have also actively removed food and water left by humanitarian groups in order to keep people from dying, while maintaining blacklists of the humanitarian volunteers that placed the supplies in the desert.
  5. Ummm...what? In statements, the lawmakers confirmed that they had met with Johnson to discuss genetic testing and DNA,
  6. I saw this at the theater. It is TERRIBLE.
  7. I work 7 minutes from home and have a toilet bidet at home. So I always try to go before I shower in the morning. And then - if I really have to go during the day - will often go home quickly.
  8. Its pretty dumb. I know. But I LOVE the feeling of going back to bed after working out. It just feels great. Especially on weekends - when there is no rush to get back out of bed.
  9. I have a weird morning routine. Alarm goes off at 4:35. I am usually up by 4:40 or so. Workout. Shower. Back to bed by 6. Up by 715 and usually out the door by 745.
  10. whoknew

    What novels should everybody read?

    Also - I've found Richard Russo to be a similar author. Big fan of his (The Risk Pool, Nobody's Fool, Empire Falls, etc.).
  11. For the Terp fans in here - why did MD schedule such a terrible non-conference schedule? That's not going to help them in tournament seeding.
  12. whoknew

    William Barr AG confirmation hearing

    I don't fully agree. Sure its partisan - but if she think he's going to do harm to the country (which, if he still has his criminal justice beliefs he had in the 90s, he almost certainly will), then she should vote against him.
  13. whoknew

    William Barr AG confirmation hearing

    In fairness to Barr - that's kind of a loaded, open-ended question. What does that mean, "jail journalists for doing their jobs?"
  14. Wow. Link Texas Rangers Hall of Fame pitcher John Wetteland was arrested Monday on a child sex abuse charge. Wetteland, 52, is accused of continuously sexually abusing a child under the age of 14, according to Denton County jail records. The Trophy Club resident posted $25,000 bond. A long-time born-again Christian, he has coached baseball and taught Bible studies at Liberty Christian School in Argyle after retiring from baseball, but apparently has no connection to the school at this time. School officials did not immediately return requests for background. Wetteland retired as the Rangers' all-time saves leader with 150 after the 2000 season and was inducted into the team Hall of Fame in 2005. He later worked as a bullpen coach for the Washington Nationals and Seattle Mariners, but both tenures included disturbing incidents. The Nationals fired him at the behest of then-manager Frank Robinson during the 2006 season for a series of practical jokes and transgressions. "They seem to focus a little bit more on practical jokes and fooling around out there in the bullpen rather than focusing and concentrating on the game, and keeping their minds focused to what they would have to do when they came into the ballgame to get people out," Robinson said at the time. "I just couldn't put up with it anymore. I talked to John on a number of occasions and told him flat-out what I needed and how I wanted things done. He just didn't seem to understand." In 2009, while with Seattle, he was hospitalized for what was originally termed a "mental health" issue related to a suicide threat, but Wetteland and the Mariners later released a statement saying the issue was related to elevated blood pressure and heart rate. His former wife declined to comment Tuesday. The pair divorced in 2015.
  15. whoknew

    William Barr AG confirmation hearing

    What portions? Like how Mueller learned of the information? The process/methods of the OSC?