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  1. I have it on good authority that Trump is going to release the details of an amazing health care plan in 2 weeks.
  2. Why do you hate economically struggling folks so much?
  3. This is what Bill Simmons was saying last week. Even though Tatum and Brown are so young, the East is about to get a lot tougher. Brooklyn next year. Giannis getting better. Miami not going away. This year may have been their best shot. Or, at least, their easiest shot.
  4. From @Popehat - who sums it up well - It’s important to look at the terrible, immoral decisions that make up every link of the chain that led to Breonna Taylor’s death: the war on drugs, the decision to pursue the war violently, consequence-free bogus warrants, no-knock warrants, forcible entries calculated /1... lead to violence, indifference to adequate training, military cop culture, and a culture that lethally combines “be an American and defend your home with a gun” with all of those things.
  5. It was Sam Aguiar. I don't know to what you are referring. Is that the same guy?
  6. I didn't listen to the DA but I read most of what he said through twitter. 1) I don't believe him that there was nothing they could charge these guys with. He/the grand jury interpreted the facts in a way that this was the legal result. I feel very confident another interpretation of the facts would lead to charges. 2) If he's right and there was no way to charge these guys, then the law is extremely ####ed up. Which, we know it is. Also, Breonna's family's lawyer tweeted that they charged the cop with shooting into the white neighbor's house but not into the black neighbor upstair's apt. I don't know how accurate those facts are, but I'd be really curious to know a) if what he says is true and b) why the cop wasn't charged for firing into that neighbor's unit.
  7. Money doesn't almost always come with strings. I know its weird to think of it with Trump, but charity actually exists. We both know that Trump is a terrible person and so his money most certainly would come with strings. But if he wants to donate to a charity that helps ex-cons, that would be awesome.
  8. If Trump wants to give away some of his money to paroled felons with no strings attached? I would have no issue with it. And, indeed, I would congratulate him for it.
  9. You don't think the FLA gov't will spend it on that? Why not?
  10. And now the gov't can use it to feed them or buy school supplies.
  11. Did Bloomberg ask them to vote for someone in particular? Or ask them to vote at all? I must have missed that in the article.
  12. This has already started. Republican controlled states have been passing laws like this for a while. Some are held up. Some are thrown out. Obviously going forward, there's a much more likely chance these laws are held up.
  13. I get that but we all bring our background everywhere with us. And background and experience contributes to our biases. We have lots of people on the federal bench biased towards the prosecution based on their background and experience. It'd be nice to have an offsetting voice.