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  1. What you are describing is a coup or a military state. I don't think most cities act like that. I think in most cities the mayor and/or city council at least has the power to hire and fire the Chief of Police. In addition, union contracts are negotiated every few years. City Council's need to start demanding reforms in the union contracts.
  2. Yea. There have been lots of polls taken on the demographics of the FFA. Its fairly even between self-identified conservatives and liberals.
  3. I must be missing something. How does the rest of the quote help?
  4. Its not. Its anti-Trump.* *But I bet you already knew that because its been discussed 1000 times.
  5. I assumed that's what Trump was talking about. I didn't really need the full quote. It doesn't help.
  6. "If we can't shove down old men who are peacefully protesting, then I don't even want to be in the game anymore. I got needs too, baby." * *Not an actual quote
  7. Watching these videos. Good lord. What is wrong with these cops?
  8. US Park Police - It Was a Mistake to Say Tear Gas Not Used A US Park Police spokesperson said in an interview it was a “mistake” to insist in a statement on Tuesday that it didn’t use tear gas the day before in Lafayette Square to disperse a crowd ahead of President Trump’s photo op, explicitly noting that pepper balls shot by officials irritate the eyes and cause tears. “The point is we admitted to using what we used,” Sgt. Eduardo Delgado said. “I think the term ‘tear gas’ doesn’t even matter anymore. It was a mistake on our part for using ‘tear gas’ because we just assumed people would think CS or CN,” two common forms of tear gas. Delgado’s call to me Friday was an attempt to clear up a statement the Park Police released Tuesday, the day after reporters on the scene outside the White House said officers used tear gas on peaceful protesters. The statement from acting Chief Gregory Monahan said that no tear gas was used by any federal force present, but that the Park Police itself “employed smoke canisters and pepper balls.” “I’m not going to say that pepper balls don’t irritate you,” Delgado said, noting they contain capsicum, an irritant derived from pepper plants. “I’m not saying it’s not a tear gas, but I’m just saying we use a pepper ball that shoots a powder.”
  9. I looked it up earlier. Hold on. ETA: (a) Offense - Chapter 13 of title 18, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following: Sect. 250. Lynching Whoever conspires with another person to violate section 245, 247, or 249 of this title or Section 901 of the Civil Rights Act ... shall be punished in the same manner as a completed violation of such section, except that if the maximum term of imprisonment for such completed violation is less than 10 years, the person may be imprisoned for not more than 10 years. Those sections listed are civil rights violation sections. So, for example, Section 245 states: Whoever, whether or not acting under color of law, by force or threat of force willfully injures, intimidates or interferes with, or attempts to injure, intimidate or interfere with— (1)any person because he is or has been, or in order to intimidate such person or any other person or any class of persons from—(A) voting or qualifying to vote, qualifying or campaigning as a candidate for elective office, or qualifying or acting as a poll watcher, or any legally authorized election official, in any primary, special, or general election; (B) participating in or enjoying any benefit, service, privilege, program, facility, or activity provided or administered by the United States; (C) applying for or enjoying employment, or any perquisite thereof, by any agency of the United States; (D) serving, or attending upon any court in connection with possible service, as a grand or petit juror in any court of the United States; (E) participating in or enjoying the benefits of any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance; or (2)any person because of his race, color, religion or national origin and because he is or has been—(A) enrolling in or attending any public school or public college; (B) participating in or enjoying any benefit, service, privilege, program, facility or activity provided or administered by any State or subdivision thereof; (C) applying for or enjoying employment, or any perquisite thereof, by any private employer or any agency of any State or subdivision thereof, or joining or using the services or advantages of any labor organization, hiring hall, or employment agency; (D) serving, or attending upon any court of any State in connection with possible service, as a grand or petit juror; (E) traveling in or using any facility of interstate commerce, or using any vehicle, terminal, or facility of any common carrier by motor, rail, water, or air; (F) enjoying the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations of any inn, hotel, motel, or other establishment which provides lodging to transient guests, or of any restaurant, cafeteria, lunchroom, lunch counter, soda fountain, or other facility which serves the public and which is principally engaged in selling food or beverages for consumption on the premises, or of any gasoline station, or of any motion picture house, theater, concert hall, sports arena, stadium, or any other place of exhibition or entertainment which serves the public, or of any other establishment which serves the public and (i) which is located within the premises of any of the aforesaid establishments or within the premises of which is physically located any of the aforesaid establishments, and (ii) which holds itself out as serving patrons of such establishments; or (3) during or incident to a riot or civil disorder, any person engaged in a business in commerce or affecting commerce, including, but not limited to, any person engaged in a business which sells or offers for sale to interstate travelers a substantial portion of the articles, commodities, or services which it sells or where a substantial portion of the articles or commodities which it sells or offers for sale have moved in commerce; or (4)any person because he is or has been, or in order to intimidate such person or any other person or any class of persons from—(A) participating, without discrimination on account of race, color, religion or national origin, in any of the benefits or activities described in subparagraphs (1)(A) through (1)(E) or subparagraphs (2)(A) through (2)(F); or (B) affording another person or class of persons opportunity or protection to so participate; or
  10. Fair enough. You have to weigh the symbolic value versus any potential harm caused by the statute. I understand and will get on board.
  11. Man I hate this. Damn you for making me do this - I agree with Rand Paul. 1) Lynching is already illegal through other laws. 2) We have too many laws as it is. 3) There are already hate crime enhancements available. 4) Even if you want to make lynching specifically federally illegal, this is too loose a way to do it. I'm happy to be proven wrong, so if someone disagrees, have at it.
  12. He followed it up an hour ago (also real) - The problem with asking for someone to give you a letter of resignation, which you do as a courtesy to help them save face, is that it is then harder to say you fired them. I did fire James Mattis. He was no good for Obama, who fired him also, and was no good for me!
  13. I posted a lot of details in the Arbery thread. They are pretty terrible and really illuminate what happened there.