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  1. There is approximately a 0% chance that Urban Meyer sues Brett McMurphy. That's not a defense of this latest article. Just a reality check on Urban suing him.
  2. Wow - Great news for Caris LeVert - UPDATE: Caris LeVert was diagnosed with a subtalar dislocation of the right foot. Surgery will not be required and he will begin rehabilitation with the Nets performance staff. -- Team orthopedist Dr. Martin O'Malley: “Fortunately, tests performed this morning revealed that there are no fractures and only moderate ligament damage. While the optics of this injury may have appeared to be more severe, surgery will not be required." O'Malley: "Caris will begin a period of rehabilitation with the Nets’ performance staff, following which he is expected to return to full strength and resume all basketball activities without any limitations this season.”
  3. Yea, no ####. Put it on the pile with all the rest of the tyrannical #### he does.
  4. I agree. I don't generally think its correct - but its fine to have that debate. That doesn't appear to be the debate TJ was having.
  5. whoknew

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    A little sprinkle and he cancels a memorial to the veterans. Doesn't want to count their votes. Doesn't visit them. Uses them as political pawn in Texas. 🤷‍♂️
  6. whoknew

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    Right but Trump has repeatedly shown he doesn't care about the military men and women.
  7. I'm guessing you know this, but to be clear, humans didn't come from apes. We have common ancestors to some apes.
  8. whoknew

    Lions vs Bears - Week 10

    I'm quite surprised JBC still has a job. We will see if he comes out after halftime.
  9. whoknew

    Lions vs Bears - Week 10

    That play was awesome. There were like 7 missed tackles and then it ended with a personal foul. #SOL
  10. whoknew

    Lions vs Bears - Week 10

    I'm not saying they aren't, but please remember the competition.
  11. I take back what I wrote after the Tate trade. The Lions obviously made the right decision. This team is terrible. They aren't making the playoffs with or without Tate.
  12. whoknew

    Lions vs Bears - Week 10

    Nice punt, jackass.
  13. whoknew

    Lions vs Bears - Week 10

    Matt Patricia - Coach of the Year. #SOL