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  1. He compared it to the common cold. Not the flu.
  2. How many of those things are Trump stopping himself or circumstances? In other words, if Trump had the opportunity to be a ruthless dictator, would he choose to be?
  3. That’s a good point. It won’t change my vote - Bernie is far preferable to Trump. With what knowledge I have now. Just for me, one of the moderates is preferable to Bernie.
  4. Don’t ask me. I just voted for Pete yesterday. And I would be happy with any of the four moderates. It’s very, very frustrating to me that Bernie is likely going to be the nominee. I don’t want him to be. But I will vote for him if he is.
  5. I don’t see why you have to make those decisions. Just make an anti-Trump vote. As long as the GOP has the Senate, many of Bernie’s plans won’t get implemented.
  6. Colorado is indeed working toward a deal with former UCLA coach/current Dolphins assistant Karl Dorrell, source tells @usatodaysports. He will be the coach there barring a last-minute snag. @PeteThamel had it first. -- Wow. That seems like a rather uninspiring hire. Is that the best Colorado could do?
  7. MONSTER win for Michigan at Purdue. 2-0 week on the road. I'm not sure anyone in the Big Ten is playing better than MI right now.
  8. Basketball needs to switch to some form of Elam ending. These timeouts and free throws are excruciating.
  9. I get that's what he thinks. I just disagree. And I think his justification - that it should be the "will of the people" is false. Whatever the "will of the people" is, I don't think we know it from a plurality.
  10. Cool video. Thanks. Lots of good coaching there to deny KAJ his sweet spot. Interesting how much better at post play he was than current guys.
  11. That's true. I assumed that an objective was not to have a President who is a lazy, lying, cheating, conman who makes horrible decisions. Oh and assaults women.
  12. KAJ would still be awesome because he had an unstoppable shot. He shot 56-59% on a shot that is impossible to block and that he can get off all the time. He'd be good.