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  1. I don't blame chet for declining to meet with the kid, or for pointing out that employers like careful applicants instead of careless ones. My main gripe with chet's response is that, though he advertises it as being short and to the point, I must tell you that I was more than a little surprised at the hot air it contained. Short and to the point would be something like:
  2. Lots of injuries this week. This post will be updated as news becomes available. 1pm - Arian Foster [Q] - RB, MIA - Active 1pm - Charles Clay [Q] - TE, BUF - Active 1pm - DeSean Jackson [Q] - WR, WAS - Active 1pm - Dwayne Washington [Q] - RB, DET - OUT 1pm - Jamaal Charles [Q] - RB, KC - Active (probably limited) 1pm - Joe Flacco [Q] - QB, BAL - expected to play 1pm - Julius Thomas [Q] - TE, JAC - Active 1pm - Kamar Aiken [Q] - WR, BAL - Active 1pm - Latavius Murray [Q] - RB, OAK - expected to play 1pm - LeSean McCoy [Q] - RB, BUF - Active (probably limited) 1pm - Robert Woods [D] - WR, BUF - OUT 1pm - Stefon Diggs [Q] - WR, MIN - Active 1pm - Steve Smith [D] - WR, BAL - OUT 1pm - T.Y. Hilton [Q] - WR, IND - Active 1pm - Terrelle Pryor [Q] - WR, CLE - Active 1pm - Tyler Eifert [Q] - TE, CIN - Active (probably limited) 4pm - Julian Edelman [Q] - WR, NE - Active 4pm - Martellus Bennett [Q] - TE, NE - Active 4pm - Torrey Smith [Q] - WR, SF - Active 4pm - Travis Benjamin [Q] - WR, SD - Active 8pm - Carson Palmer [Q] - QB, ARI - expected to play 8pm - John Brown [D] - WR, ARI
  3. An awful lot of people support gay rights while also believing that red tape and bureaucratic waste are unfortunate hallmarks of government programs. A number of specific Libertarian ideas are unpopular (open borders, doing away with Social Security, etc.), but the general idea of being socially liberal, fiscally conservative seems to resonate pretty widely. Maybe the Libertarian Party needs to keep things more vague.