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  1. No.
  2. Buckle up! Something big is about to drop on the Trump-Russia front! (The odds are decent, anyway, because something new happens fairly often, to be honest. In any case, whatever happens next, just remember that I predicted it in this very post.)
  3. ManBearPigs.
  4. Yeah, people think that Trump has done a lot to rehabilitate George W. Bush's image; but when all is said and done, I think Richard M. Nixon will be the biggest beneficiary.
  5. The Clintons should totally do an MTV-style "reality" show depicting them conspiring with the Deep State. It could be about as fictionalized as The Hills or whatever (i.e., totally fictionalized) and would be taken seriously by the same people who think that professional wrestling is real.
  6. This seems persuasive to me: Problems with free speech on college campus do not constitute a crisis, but neither are they a myth. A response to Yglesias, Sachs, and Hartman.
  7. “See? Trump’s not a racist. Some of his Eskimo brothers are brothers.”
  9. The solution in the Slate article posted above by Rich Conway deals with this issue very well, IMO. (Also, I’m not sure I agree regarding your example. If three districts are a 60-40 split, they’d likely each elect a somewhat moderate candidate from the majority party. I think that’s better than splits of 75-25, 75-25, 30-70, which is more likely to result in two extremists from the majority and one semi-extremist from the minority. The majority can do whatever it wants either way, whether 3-0 or 2-1, but it’s worse to have the extremists doing stuff 2-1 than to have moderates doing stuff 3-0, IMO. In other words, Democrats should perhaps prefer a legislature with 75% John McCains and 25% Democrats to a legislature with 51% Devin Nuneses and 49% Democrats, if those are the choices. In any case, the solution in the Slate article gives the minority party some control over which poison it picks.)
  10. Has anyone argued that Austin needs more good guys with bombs to fight off the bad guys with bombs, or that the U.K. needs more good guys with nerve gas? Or are guns a logically unique case?
  11. Exactly the question I had. I assume he means more than they currently do, but he could mean more than other groups, or more than words, or more than a feeling.
  12. Or just right-click on the pics and “Save As...”
  13. I do think it's unfair to suggest that Hannity never breaks any news. Fox News is clearly broken, and Hannity has played a major role in that.
  14. I wasn't commenting on the severity of the proposed penalties, just the emphases on supply-side versus demand-side solutions. "Guns don't kill people; people kill people" and "Prohibiting drugs won't address the underlying problems that make people susceptible to addiction" ... versus ... "Banning gun sales like in Europe is the best way to attack the problem" and "We need harsher penalties for drug dealers." People who prefer the first approach on guns generally seem to prefer the second approach on drugs and vice versa. That's not necessarily wrong depending on relative elasticities and whatnot, but the fact that people seem to have generally opposite instincts on those two issues is slightly interesting to me.