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  1. I'm leaning toward it not being her account. If she were going to make a fake pro-Buttigieg account, why would it be foreign? How does that help?
  2. Instagram, too:
  3. It seems I’ve started a trend. More than 1,100 former federal prosecutors and Justice Department officials call on Bill Barr to resign. About 85% of them served under Republican administrations.
  4. The summaries had nothing that needed redacting. They could have been released immediately.
  5. Not that I personally am the benchmark. But I didn't know what Aleppo was in 2016. I do know who the President of Mexico is now (and can also name his predecessor).
  6. I'm not sure if you're being serious, but the answer is yes.
  7. Yeah, English is already not the official language of the U.S. Klobuchar's current position on this is decidedly mainstream.
  8. It's not hard to reconcile even if the juror thinks all Republicans are racist, because the defendant wasn't charged with being racist. I personally believe that all Klan members are racist. But, as a juror, I could be fair to a known Klan member on trial for mail fraud. The fact that I think he's racist is irrelevant. I don't believe any judge would dismiss me for cause if I told him that.
  9. I don't know what IP stands for and I've never heard of Rodney Reed.
  10. As a juror, if I believe that the defendant is racist, that doesn't mean I can't be fair to him if he's not charged with anything related to racism. In other words, just because I (irrationally) think he's a racist doesn't mean I'm predisposed to think he's guilty of witness tampering.
  11. I don't think those are hard to reconcile. The defendant was not charged with being racist.