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  1. If a post gets moved here, please don't take it as an invitation to continue the same discussion in this thread instead of the one it was moved from. Take it instead as a request not to continue that same discussion, but to go back to the original thread and try to stick to the substantive issues. I know that the title of this thread suggests the opposite, but that was my (probably misguided) attempt at subtle irony.
  2. As Zow noted, the legal exceptions to hearsay are completely off-topic. They were a humorous diversion. They're off-topic because hearsay exceptions have nothing to do with whether a given statement qualifies as hearsay. An exception doesn't convert hearsay into non-hearsay: it converts inadmissible hearsay into admissible hearsay. Durbin's statement was non-hearsay under any reasonable definition, so exceptions are irrelevant. Durbin's statements weren't gossip or rumor: they were a first-hand eyewitness account. There's no difference between the legal term of art and the common, folksy definition of hearsay in that situation.
  3. The jingle or the rap? Are humorous off-topic ditties what this is about? (Off-topic because, as Zow pointed out when he posted them, hearsay exceptions don’t matter when something isn’t hearsay.)
  4. It's opaque because nothing about this situation depends on anything legalistic or term-of-artsy about the word 'hearsay.' Nobody was saying that it's non-hearsay because it's an admission by a party-opponent. That would be a failure to consider an alternative, less legalistic definition. But saying that something is not hearsay because it's a statement about something the speaker personally witnessed doesn't turn on anything legalistic at all. "Mugsy Bogues is taller than Shaquille O'Neal." "Um, that's not what 'taller than' means." "I wasn't using it as a term of art!!!"
  5. There aren't multiple definitions of hearsay such that "I personally heard Donald Trump say that some countries are buttocks" would be hearsay under one definition but not another. There is no definition in common English usage that makes it hearsay. ("I heard him say that some countries are buttocks, therefore some countries are buttocks" would be a hearsay argument; but "I heard him say that some countries are buttocks, therefore he said that some countries are buttocks" isn't hearsay legally or colloquially or otherwise.)
  6. Agreed, but I don't think anyone's assuming that in this case. We're assuming that people are trying to speak English.
  7. I don't know what the disagreement is about here. Saying "I personally witnessed X" is not hearsay under any definition, even when X is "Donald Trump saying Y." Durbin's statement isn't hearsay.
  8. If the less fortunate didn't want their benefits cut by politicians, they should have spent a lot more on campaign contributions.
  9. Part of the point of Medicaid is to cover people who can’t possibly afford private insurance because they’re unable to work. In any case, hospitals will still treat uninsured patients who need emergency care. It’s just that now they won’t be reimbursed by the government through Medicaid, so they’ll instead charge more to their paying patients, making health care even more unaffordable and pricing even more people out of the insurance market in a self-perpetuating spiral.
  10. It wasn’t that long ago that Trump is reported to have worried that Haitian immigrants “all have AIDS,” and that people visiting here from Nigeria would “never go back to their huts.” I don’t think he still gets the benefit of the doubt when he denies using colorful language to disparage foreigners.
  11. Seriously, though, relieving the bladder via the urinary system is a natural process that adult humans typically perform up to seven times a day. Helpfully overseeing that process is only responsible and supportive.
  12. Boy, was that taken out of context.
  13. Right. If we're talking about whether Trump said something, Durbin's statement that he heard Trump say it is not hearsay.
  14. Everyone has their own kinks.