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  1. That is scary. It seems that the President doesn't need anybody else's authorization; the ultimate decision is his alone. For missiles to actually launch, others would have to obey his orders, but they have no legal authority not to. I supposed that's how it has to work, but it's still scary. If the President goes off the rails and starts nuking other countries (or our own) for no good reason, we would need our own version of Stanislav Petrov to break protocol and stop him.
  2. What Rudy’s twitter feed is like:
  3. It’s not a straw man. If you click on the link to Obama’s tweet, there actually are people in the comments (Jack Posobiec, for example) accusing Obama of meddling in a foreign election. That’s not what meddling is, as explained in the second link. I believe Putin publicly expressed a preference for Trump over Hillary in the 2016 election. That’s totally fine. That would never lead to sanctions, much less criminal charges. It’s totally normal and expected and even appropriate. That wasn’t a problem and it wasn’t meddling. The improper meddling was when Russians illegally hacked into the DNC’s servers and released the contents through wikileaks, and formed a troll farm to disseminate disinformation, all calculated to affect our elections. That was the stuff that was bad.
  4. This might be important:
  5. But it's really hard to say whether that saved lives or cost lives on net. Probably impossible for us lay people to say. Pulling out of Syria in the manner we did doesn't seem like such a close call.
  6. This makes me wish Paul Ryan were still Speaker so that the media could keep asking him about the letter and he could say that he hasn't read it.
  7. His staff has never been able to keep the President's phone away from him. Now it looks like they're unable to keep the White House stationery away from him, either.
  8. That kind of parody sort of misses the mark these days when some people might think it’s real.
  9. This is good info that is tangentially relevant, but it does not support Gabbard’s statement that U.S. troops were in northern Syria for the purpose of a regime change war. Timber Sycamore was not about U.S. troops. U.S. troops were not there for a regime change war. Gabbard’s false statement to the contrary (repeated about eight times in two minutes) is lifted from Russian and Syrian propaganda. In full context of Gabbard’s other actions and statements, should that be at all concerning?
  10. This has been debunked. Majority of Democrats were polled for that poll. Nothing to see here. Gallup has 52% of Americans supporting Trump's impeachment and removal from office. For Clinton, that never got higher than 35% before the GOP-led House voted to impeach him. For Nixon, it got to 58% by Aug 1974. (Link.)
  11. Congress and the states. It would require a constitutional amendment in America just as it did in the Weimar Republic.
  12. That is a rather philosophical question. One view is that nobody desires evil, and nobody does wrong willfully or knowingly. When people do wrong, it is an error derived from a lack of wisdom (because all virtue is wisdom). That is the view attributed to Socrates, for example. The less esoteric view would be that psychopaths often do evil things precisely because they are psychopaths. Narcissists, too. They care only about themselves and are therefore willing to harm others to get what they want, and we call that being a bad person.