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  1. The water was 60 degrees at LJ Shores on Friday. It felt great. Plenty of people were in the water without a wetsuit.
  2. The first thing I remember seeing her in was 10 Cloverfield Lane. My reaction was: decent movie, but it'd be better if the female lead were hotter. Then a while later I watched the series Braindead. Underrated show, IMO, available for streaming on Amazon Prime. Anyway, about halfway through the series, she somehow went from "kind of mediocre by Hollywood standards" to "maybe my biggest celebrity crush at the moment." It wasn't a gradual build-up; some switch in my brain just flipped suddenly and in an instant I was able to recognize and appreciate her hotness. I don't know why I couldn't see it before. Since then, I've seen Smashed and Faults -- two very good movies, by the way -- and she's been quite beautiful in them as well. And now she's making Fargo a significantly better TV show than it already was, which is saying something. So yeah, I'm a fan.
  3. According to Wikipedia, they're poisonous if they're not prepared correctly. (They need to be soaked for several days in salt water.) I assume that any commercial seller will prepare them correctly.
  4. Distinguishing truth from fiction is a concept that predates the Enlightenment by some several million years, at least. It predates humanity itself. The idea that truth is merely a social or mythical construct is too stupid for even the dumbest chimpanzee to entertain. Only our most pretentious philosophers could fall for it.
  5. Many of us see "this political climate" as one in which both sides are becoming increasingly illiberal. Right. I think this issue is pretty important. I just read this David Brooks article back-to-back with this account of applying for prestigious academic positions, and both of them caused me to think of this thread. If the connection between those articles and the protests by silly college kids is not immediately obvious, I can explain the connection in my mind later. For now, I heartily recommend reading that second article especially. It makes some very important points, IMO.
  6. The president of Pomona college wrote an email saying nice things about free speech after Heather McDonald's planned talk at neighboring Clairemont McKenna College was shut down by student protests. In response, a group of Pomona students wrote this completely embarrassing letter arguing that free speech is an oppressive tool of the white imperialist patriarchy and whatnot. Heather MacDonald's response is here, but I particularly like Katherine Timpf's take in the National Review, responding to the students' idea that truth is a mythical construct: "First of all, let me come right out and say that truth is a thing. It is not a myth; in fact, the truth is the opposite of a myth.... Once you start trying to argue that it’s bad to encourage people to seek the truth, you have officially reached peak idiot."
  7. The Pentagon Papers were classified. The New York Times was protected by the First Amendment* when it received and knowingly distributed them. *Admittedly different because that was a prior-restraint case.
  8. Charles Murray's supposedly provocative, protest-worthy talk was judged to be uncontroversial and centrist by college professors who read the transcript without knowing who the author was.
  9. The Ann Coulter speech at Berkeley is a go. Meanwhile, Howard Dean flunks con law, but Robert Reich gets things right.
  10. Fox needs to buy Lahren out of her contract with The Blaze. (I think she's currently suing to get out of it...) Or maybe bring in Alex Jones.
  11. What happens if Congress refuses to hold a vote, or to confirm? This doesn't seem like it will solve the Garland problem by itself. Maybe it would have avoided the problem had it been enacted years ago, but IMO at this point it will not turn us back. (Also, ten years seems like a weird term length. If they're staggered evenly, that's an appointment every 13.33 months [if the Senate confirms], giving most Presidents four appointments per term, but ones with bad timing only three.)
  12. Did you sleep through the most recent presidential election?
  13. Nobody is saying that the gate attendant should have started offering money out of her own pocket. We're saying that United's operating procedures are stupid.
  14. Hm, ok. He's probably right that the Russian Federation itself, as a polity, has not directly lent Trump any money. Rather, the loans probably came from Russia-controlled banks, so it seems we're good here. Everything checks out. Thank you, drive through...