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  1. Agreed. It's going to be impossible to update the OP fast enough to keep pace with unfolding events. It's a fool's errand to even try. On a serious note, there's a lot wrong with the current administration, and a lot of people on the right can see it. They'd even admit it, privately, if there were no liberals around to rub their noses in it. But a lot of people on the left seem so eager to exact contrition from the other side that, human nature being what it is, Republicans feel compelled to dig in their heels and refuse conceding any told-ya-so points to their opponents. Admitting a mistake is hard enough when smug adversaries aren't waiting to pounce on it as an admission of moral failing. I would like to see Trump voted out in 2020 (if he makes it even that far). I would like to see his enablers in the House and Senate voted out as well. I think we reduce rather than increase the chance of that happening when we blame all Republicans for Trump's misconduct. It just makes them defensive and accordingly more stubborn. Recognizing and wanting what's best for our country is not, or should not be, a hostile struggle that divides us along party lines. It should be a cooperative venture: as Americans, we are teammates before we are rivals. Republicans, the guy you voted into office last November is a walking lapse in judgment, but it's nothing we can't recover from. Get up, brush yourselves off, and get back in the huddle. We need you to be at your best in the next go-around. Democrats, it's not like you've never made any blunders of your own. Stop pointing fingers and get your own house in order. We, all of us as a team, can do this! "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!"
  2. Yeah, he wanted to use Russian communications equipment. I'm not sure if that's better or worse than wanting to use a private email server.
  3. According to the WaPo article, it wasn't Russia's idea. It was Kushner's idea. The Russians were like, "We appreciate the spirit of Kushner's thought process here, but that's probably going a little too far."
  4. Can we please pull Kislyak's security clearance now?
  5. That's pretty much literally why he was uninvited from speaking at CPAC, isn't it? I mean, NAMBLA supports both pedophilia and pederasty while Milo was promoting only pederasty. So I guess, technically, they're a bit different...
  6. I poked fun at the phrase when Obama used it. I reserve the right to aim similar quips at the current administration, but I don't see the point. There's so much more and better material to work with now.
  7. Sorry, I mis-typed. I meant the difference between a strike and a lockout (both labor-based). What I was getting at was strike = not showing up yourselves, while lockout = asking the other side not to show up.
  8. Logging is easy. Staying under is difficult when you're hungry as hell all the time, which is what tends to happen to people who've recently lost weight by restricting calories. (People who have never been obese and who aren't hungry as hell all the time tend to significantly underestimate how different other people can be from themselves in that regard.)
  9. There's nothing easier. If you eat nothing but potatoes for a few weeks and then somebody offers you a bowl of chili and a chicken thigh, your response will not be: "No thanks, that sounds way too tough." Your response will be: "THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!"
  10. Right, they aren't even close. The relationship between paleo and keto is pretty much the same as the relationship between paleo and veganism. If you consider paleo to be the favoring of whole foods over processed foods, there are ways to do either keto or veganism that fit that. But as far as we know, there's never been a pre-industrial society that has been either vegan or keto. Most pre-industrial eating habits that we know about have included far too many animal foods to be anything close to vegan, and far too many carbs to be anything close to ketogenic (except when they are fasting). The Inuit come the closest to being ketogenic, but they are rather atypical and not even they are ketogenic. Most pre-industrial cultures are actually very high-carb, The carbs come from roots (and other underground vegetables), fruits, and honey -- not cake -- but they are still high-carb,
  11. I like Oliver because he gives full effort and never quits. But he's not that good.
  12. The polls (2008, 2016) have shown the exact same thing that this conversation has shown: liberals think that the FFA leans right while conservatives think that the FFA leans left. (That's why both sides are full of martyrs.) In reality, I think the the FFA has historically been pretty much in the middle, but has moved a bit to the left in recent years. It's still way more balanced than most places on the Internet, though.
  13. I hate linking to Salon, but this seems like a useful summary of the Aaron Nevins thing: GOP strategist admits he colluded with Russian hackers to hurt Hillary Clinton.
  14. Peter Alexander‏ @PeterAlexander NEW: Source close to Gianforte campaign says it's raised $100K+ online in last 24 hours -- most of it coming after reporter "body slam."