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  1. Nobody was lumping Hispanics in with people of color. A significant fraction of Hispanics are as white as snow. The four women Trump was talking about are non-white, which is what makes them people of color.
  2. She's loyal to the United States, but disloyal to Trump personally. I suspect that's what the previous poster meant.
  3. Markets and capitalism build better societies than central planning does for the same reason that evolution builds better brains than human engineering does. Coming up with relatively simple algorithms that work locally ... and then letting them run and combine and fit together on a large scale in ways that no genius could have specifically predicted ... is the better recipe for success when the complexity and volume of relevant information is beyond the capability of any conscious designer to grasp. But in each case, improved technology and information processing could change things. The best chess players nowadays are computers. Maybe someday the best economic organizers will be too -- better not only than human planners, but possibly better than markets as well. This book review provokes some thoughts along those lines. (It is perhaps not a coincidence that the software most impressive at games like chess, go, etc., was developed by a process resembling evolution more than traditional programming.)
  4. I’m not sure I agree with the main thrust of this argument, but it’s a worthwhile perspective to consider: It’s by someone who worked against the David Duke political campaigns of the 1990s, about lessons from that experience that may apply to opposing Trump in 2020.
  5. Personally, I would also recommend winning in Florida and Texas, just in case.
  6. If it's paid for by taxes, it's free the same way that free college would be free or that free anything provided by the government is free.
  7. I’m basing it on a number of anecdotes along with a good bit of psychological projection.
  8. I think a lot of people who voted for Trump in 2016 would prefer not to vote for him in 2020, but it will depend in part on who the alternative is. I suspect a lot of right-leaning people would vote for a left-leaning centrist over Trump, but would vote for Trump over an extreme leftist.
  9. I think the distinction in the Vox interview above is correct. America is not currently a fascist country and the Trump administration is not a fascist administration. But Trump is using elements of fascist politics (constant lying, attacking the free press, ethnic nationalism, economic autarky, attacking democratic institutions, repetition of simplistic slogans, disrespecting the rule of law, racially charged demagoguery...).
  10. Mueller explained in his report why he can't answer that question. Since Trump isn't innocent, to answer that question would be to accuse him of a crime, and it would be unfair to accuse him of a crime that he can't be charged with.
  11. He's currently facing federal charges, not state charges. Trump can pardon him.
  12. His repeated use of the phrase "Russian Collusion Hoax" certainly makes him seem like a reliable source of information.
  13. The bold seems like moving the goal posts. Nobody expected him to be removed. But a lot of people expected (and still expect) him to be impeached, and find Speaker Pelosi's hesitation to move in that direction a bit puzzling.