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  1. Maurile Tremblay

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thread

    In the interview she did with Pod Save America, AOC said that she was a Democratic Socialist, but she couldn’t say how that differed from just being a Democrat. “Let’s not get caught up with the labels,” or something to that effect, was her answer.
  2. Maurile Tremblay

    2020: The Race For the White House

    People were expecting a giant blue wave to give the Democrats a pickup of about 39 seats, give or take a few. The blue wave isn't the "give or take a few" part. It's the "about 39 seats" part. About a week after the election, it looked like the Democrats would pick up about 38 seats -- one short of what fivethirtyeight had projected -- and yet the people at fivethirtyeight generally agreed that 38 seats would obviously be a blue wave. Picking up 41 instead of 38 also qualifies.
  3. Maurile Tremblay

    2020: The Race For the White House

    The Democrats picked up 41 seats in the House. Fivethirtyeight was projecting 39. Who was projecting more than that? On election night itself, the Democrats locked in only about 24 seats or something, which was fewer than expected. But the races that were too close to call that night trickled in over the next few weeks, and the pickups by the Dems outpaced all the projections that I know of.
  4. Maurile Tremblay

    2020: The Race For the White House

    He's old and he has goofy hair, for starters.
  5. Maurile Tremblay

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thread

    The homeowners would have been fine. They don’t have to sell if they don’t want to. Nobody was going to raise their mortgage payment. It’s the renters who would have had a problem.
  6. Maurile Tremblay

    Right Wing / Non-Trump supporters

    Unless you write him in, I don’t think you’ll get a chance to vote for Yang in the general election. In the primaries, are you considering voting for a Democrat? I’ve always been registered without a party affiliation, but I’m considering switching to Republican before the next set of primaries. I’d rather vote for Weld over Trump than vote for Klobuchar over O’Rourke. I think the distance between the first set of candidates is much greater than the distance between the second set.
  7. Maurile Tremblay

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thread

    1. I don’t think it’s unconstitutional. 2. If Amazon had chosen to go to Queens, and Queens didn’t give Amazon $3 billion in tax breaks, then Queens would have an extra $3 billion to spend compared to the scenario where Queens did give Amazon $3 billion in tax breaks.
  8. Maurile Tremblay

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thread

    1. A federal law shouldn’t be that hard to pass. 2. The $3 billion or so that Amazon would pay to whatever city it locates its headquarters in if it didn’t get $3 billion in tax breaks.