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  1. I can’t find any of the other climate threads. This is from April, but it’s definitely worth reading:
  2. You don’t set up a process like this to deal with a one-off occurrence.
  3. But they’re not exactly the same. Men pay more for car insurance and women pay more for dry cleaning because men are more reckless and women are more fashionable. That seems fair enough because recklessness and fashionableness are tastes. Being the childbearing sex, however, isn’t a matter of taste. It’s preassigned without regard to anyone’s preferences. (Having children as opposed to going childless is often a matter of preference; but any given child has both a biological mother and a biological father.)
  4. The Genesis lead-in was a throw-away joke. Sorry if that wasn’t obvious. Interpret it as: “The reasons for the disparity in health care costs are innate, not the result of irresponsible lifestyle choices or the like.” What it was leading into was my serious point. Should females bear the monetary costs of childbirth (through higher premiums) as well as the biological costs, or should the monetary costs be split since propagating the species is really a joint effort?
  5. You guys keep reading stuff into Mr. Ravioli’s posts that isn’t there. He didn’t say proven in court. He could very well mean proof to his own satisfaction (the standard most of us probably use) rather than proof beyond an empaneled jury’s reasonable doubt. It’s worth asking why the proof already available isn’t sufficient for him, but it doesn’t seem fair to impute to him a standard he didn’t endorse.
  6. I watch ESPN on Monday nights.
  7. They consume more health care because God is punishing them for their deception in the Garden of Eden. What God doesn’t realize, however, is that the whole Garden of Eden story is made up. So the punishment isn’t just. Subsidies that result in males and females bearing equal health care burdens — well, not equal overall burdens, but at least equal costs — does kind of seem like a step towards equality.
  8. Am I the only one who’d never heard of LaVar Ball before this? I still have no idea who he is other than “that guy who annoyed Trump after his kid got caught shoplifting in China as a member of UCLA’s basketball team.” Actually, that’s a pretty detailed biography of him that I just posted. Maybe I know more about him than I thought.
  9. I suspect that nearly all of the Bernie Bros who became Trump supporters were in fact Russian bots. The flesh-and-blood silly conspiracy theorists on the left will not hinder the Democratic Party in 2018 or 2020. They’ll come out and vote D across the board because of Trump.
  10. Lying about sexual harassment. I suspect he thinks lying about sexual harassment is terrible more because of the sexual harassment part than because of the lying part, but he can clarify if I'm wrong about that.
  11. If Moore is telling the truth, then he didn’t sexually harass anyone, so Mr. Ravioli’s post doesn’t imply that sexual harassment is okay.