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  1. 100 consecutive days of at least 20 minutes of intentional activity- walking, swimming, running, basketball, whatever you wish. It just has to be something above and beyond your normal routine. Krista tweaked it to her needs, and was actually doing an hour per day. Also, I was paying myself $10 per day, so at the end of 100 days I would have $1000 that I could blow on whatever I wanted to. Krista bought a house for each day. So, you know, small tweaks. Okay, I'm in. I'm on Day 16 of at least an hour a day of bipedal locomotion (more walking than running so far, but I'm starting to get into slow jogging).
  2. That's a lot of steps. I'm at 29,388 right now for the day. I've never hit 30K before. I could go walk around the block to get there, but I'm not going to.
  3. There were at least a half dozen people, maybe more, who thought Trump would be worse than Hillary. I'm not sure why you're singling out timscochet for an apology.
  4. There's a thread giving credit to Trump where it's due. I don't want to search for it, so I'll put this here: Trump was right to criticize Massie for being a dumb jerk.
  5. I don't think it's a "they." I think it's just Massie. As far as I know, he has not stated his reason.
  6. Today is the reason we elected Donald Trump president! The DJIA is up 11.32%! Whoo hoo, suck it, haters!
  7. No, Russia is still extremely anti-Biden.
  8. Yeah, I'm genuinely surprised, but good for her.
  9. Maybe 2000, if Ann Coulter is right about John Edwards being gay.
  10. If you need a refresher, please read the first post in the pinned thread about being suspended. A lot of you are posting incorrectly.
  11. If they’re not going to do it on April 9, they’re definitely not going to do it on April 23 when things will about 8.5 times worse. They should move it up to March 26 or back to June.
  12. I have a QAnon-themed list on Twitter that I sometimes check in on, but it’s filled with stuff like this at the moment. I don’t care to keep reading. (But also, there are apparently NEW Hillary emails.)
  13. I don’t think so. I think most people were underestimating the severity along all parameters. (Maybe still are, but definitely were.)
  14. If it has been here since December (which would be news to me), wouldn't that be an argument for moving from a 7 to a 5 rather than vice versa? The severity of the pandemic depends on the shape of the curve, not our current position along it. If it's been here since December, that means the curve may be a bit flatter than previously thought.
  15. But aren’t they still losing money on every order (subsidizing operations with invested capital)? If so, I’m not sure the extra business volume is necessarily good for their short-term bottom line.
  16. They’ll still be spending money on rent, electricity, etc.
  17. JAA and BladeRunner, please put each other on ignore.
  18. The seven worst arguments about the coronavirus, from the lovely and brilliant Liv Boeree:
  19. I thought this was a thread about what foods to stockpile during a self-quarantine. My local Whole Foods has boxed red beans and rice with good seasoning, but I don’t remember the brand name.
  20. I just watched Contagion. Good movie. It’s practically a documentary about the coronavirus pandemic except that the government response in the movie is generally competent.
  21. Good points. I’m just frustrated that everyone isn’t already prepared for voting by mail.