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  1. 182.2 in the quest for the 170’s. Lost a little over a pound. Mostly cardio, hot yoga, very little weights. Still dealing with a forearm injury. Also, still eating everything. No booze though.
  2. @General Malaise we doing the magic baseball this year? hope so!
  3. tiger, kobe, prince, magic, tom cruise, arnold, bruce willis there are many more. helps growing up in LA and being deep in the club scene, in the 80's
  4. yuli, verlander's dong, osuna, greinke. non of these dudes are beloved.
  5. Yes sir. The heat weans out the less serious. And living in the land of milk and honey , it’s ridiculous
  6. F that. Rent. And that really sucks. I carry everything on. Which also kinda sux0rs
  7. Exercise brings out the righteous, my way is the best way, any other way sucks, in some people. There’s also a really stupid machismo aspect to it. I say, if you’re doing something, anything, you’re ahead of most. Don’t let what others say, about your regimen, bother you. I find it amusing at the gym, when dudes are all, MAXXED OUT, NOEXPLODE, and I’m just chilling with my super light weights. Focused on heart rate, form, and technique. Hot yoga tomorrow, with all the ladies. Love it. Who’s in?
  8. headed to jackson hole in 2 weeks! first time there, super stoked!
  9. it's been a rough year, so far. hopefully, they get a good spring.