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  1. It will work, don’t forget about your back.
  2. ALERT!! currently slotted to go up 3/2-3/8. I’m buying the first beer
  3. Heat, rest, soma, booze. Vaya con dios
  4. I call and bluntly tell them. To cancel if they won’t give the same deal. $36 for 6 months.
  5. i didn't get mom to tell me a story today. i'll ask her soon. love the right ups. i have to read this thread on my computer, so that i can play the song and read the write up simultaneously
  6. This One of my daughters friends will not put the phone down. MY kid tells us what the friend does on the phone. Talks to her ‘boyfriend ‘ in Idaho. Sends pics. Has a secret Instagram account to talk to him. So scary. We told the parents but their approach is different than ours.
  7. file this under, duh my daughter ,12, was the last one to get a phone and she has zero social media. hate that ####
  8. When I told her of krista’s Herculean efforts, she was impressed. “That is no easy task “. She appreciated the F off, these are my(krista) favorites, not the “best of” list. She giggled at the consternation revolving around penny lame.
  9. My mom is coming to visit tomorrrow. I’ve already told her about this thread. I will see if I can get her to share a story or some anecdote. Might be a hard sell, but she’s pretty f’ing awesome. We shall see.
  10. nipsey is the man. that is all
  11. @krista4 i wish you could have met my dad. you two would have had a blast listening to music. he was an english major/french minor out of dartmouth. went to france and survived, playing music on the streets for year. was one of the first, successful, conscientious objectors to the vietnam war. he drove a salvation army truck for 2 years instead. smoked a GRIP of weed and played mostly rhythm guitar, some lead. and crushed the harmonica as well. he was an OG hippie and was an all around fascinating dude. the stories he and my mom told/tell are surreal. time frame, 61-69, mostly in san Francisco/LA, deeply entrenched in the music scene i love this thread for so many reasons. chief among them, i'm thinking about my dad, a lot.