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  1. still fake. and, apparently gay now.
  2. It is. It's also, 'pound sand', not pack. I think the OP has a little Nigerian royalty in him.
  3. our trip was a drunken corn hole of 8 dudes that flew in from all over the country. the most sober i was the entire 4 days, was as i boarded my flight at 8am. one guy was tight with a big wig at Budweiser and we had seats, 8 rows behind the visiting dugout(dodgers) for all 3 games that weekend. tommy lasorda was right in front of us. one of my buddies looks a bit too much like OJ Simpson, and by the 4th inning, of the first game, chants of GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY, rained down on us constantly. it was so f'ing funny and my buddy, HATED it. which made it funnier.
  4. good luck with that. i was thrown out of murphy's, before a day game. snuck back in and slipped the bartender a $50, so i could keep drinking with my buddies.
  5. @mr robotobest conditions of the year. Just perfect.
  6. Really enjoyed the June lake brewery. There's a Hawaiian food truck in the parking lot, serving some pretty good food. It was very fun
  7. Up here now. I'll pay my respects.
  8. my wife rarely has her hair done, a simple trim is all. hell, sometimes i do it. we often tell the waiter to bring us whatever is the best thing in the restaurant. otherwise, quick decisive orders. a lot of the time, we share 2-3 apps and one entree. i am the one, when faced with a huge ###### menu, i am often stumped by too many choices, none of them appealing. think cheesecake factory style menu (we never eat there) but that style. everything from eggs benedict to kung pao shrimp and everything between. in my mind, i think that none of it must be good. or that fresh.
  9. was this from you or her? :reported:
  10. holy crap!! vote VI nice to see ya dude!
  11. my daughter has met a local at mammoth and the two of them LIVE in the terrain park. the first day, i followed them everywhere. i was icing my knees that night! i let them go off on their own much more after that.
  12. who's the bearded guy with black panther at the end of the trailer? it's cap, correct? is it a new actor? looks nothing like him. weird
  13. I really hope this is not a sign that gruden is woefully behind the times. I'm hopeful, but doubtful. I've thought he was pretty much a clown all these years on espn. All that split y banana bs. A lot of the time, it seemed like players were humoring him, rather than were enthralled by him. I hope I'm wrong, but I have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach about gruden. It's not the 70's. Players will go where they're going to get paid, period.
  14. agreed, especially a basin