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  1. i gently encourage, because otis has been ignoring my advice for years. takes too much energy to get all riled up and try to talk some sense into him. he knows what to do. just chooses not to.
  2. i said no to both. but then realized, my high school aged kid, has friends over quite a bit. they hate adults though, so there's a natural distancing. my family lives pretty far away, so doesn't really apply.
  3. @Otis you need to eat more in the day. "i've only had a cup of coffee all day!! i'm eating really well!!" in reality, you're not. especially if you're exercising. your body needs fuel. you should figure out your caloric needs and go from there. you'll have to count calories though.
  4. this was HARD 60 second break between all but the last set. 90 for that one first 3 were pretty easy feeling the burn at the end of 30. 26 burned the whole way. last 20 of the last 40, sucked. wicked burn keep em coming fred!
  5. @bostonfred my maintenance is only controlled by exercise. if i don't exercise, everything goes to ####. i eat pretty well. nearly everything from scratch. very little out of a box or the freezer. i drink too much. if i aced the drinking, i'd probably go into the 170's. for me, exercise is the key. i exercise, so i'm healthier and don't gain weight. with the bonus of being able to eat and drink, pretty much what i want.
  6. it better upset you! it's ####### disgusting. it's horrible. and the scale that it was happening on, is nearly incomprehensible. there are many many people that have dirt, but have turned a blind eye. i hope they come forward.
  7. correct. i've been in the high end hospitality business for ever. seen a ton of shady activity. mostly drugs and philandering
  8. On one flight, Epstein allegedly had sex in front of everyone on board. Not a Clinton flight. But who else was on the plane that day? i would think the “help” must have all the dirt needed But again, money. If they rat, they may never get to work in that circle again
  9. comes down to money. or the promise of money. let's say you're already morally dubious. just spent a night partying with epstein, maxwell, koyser sose, some random royal, and some models. nothing untoward happens. beyond plenty of drugs. business is discussed. you are presented an opportunity to make 10 million dollars. details to be discussed on the island. you're going. the fact that the masseuse looks really young, would probably be over looked. unless you see them engaging in sexual activity, where's your "evidence"? most, already lacked the moral character to do anything. easier to turn a blind eye.
  10. are you paying $65 for the base package?
  11. i am totally flabbergasted!!!! #### yeah!!!! the offense kicked ### tonight!! but to me, the defense was the star of the game. arnette made some plays after getting the hook. 3rd down D was really good. so happy to eat crow!!! this was a for sure loss, when i looked at the schedule. pissed that covid prevented me from being there. but, whatevs. RRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIDDDDEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!