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  1. Survived. Barely. @AAABatteries I wish I could count how many squats we do. Buts it’s unpossible, I’m too gassed to keep track. But it’s got to be over 500, easy. This class is often my leg day. So. Many. Single. Leg. Squats. Aaaaasassrrrrrrrrgggggggjhhhhhh
  2. heading to the gym for a kettlebell class. i look forward to this class every week. it's taught by a dude that rode his bike across the US in 7 days. it's brutally hard. i easily burn 1000+ calories in an hour. let's go!
  3. Did the above workout for ya oats. 54 minutes. Average heart rate 139, max 170. Including stretching, no sauna. The versa climber and the air dyne bike really really suck. I failed the challenge, 6:12. But I did it last as a wtf, let’s see if I can do it in 5 minutes. I’ll revisit that later this week lets go!!
  4. you're so obtuse, no wonder you're so rotund. NO ONE HAS EVER SAID YOU NEED TO RUN, IN ORDER TO DO CARDIO. i don't love cardio, especially in the gym. i wish my knees would allow me to trail run the ridiculously beautiful canyon, right outside my front door. but........that involves a lot of pain afterwords. i will go out and hike it, and its awesome. so, here's what i do instead, at the gym. everyday has 5-10 minutes of stretching. here's a cardio day. i figure anyone can can do anything for 5 minutes, right? NO rest in between. run the stairs for 5 minutes. 3 stories. usually equals 6-7 trips. elliptical for 5 minutes at "level" 13. treadmill for 5 minutes at 15 incline @ 3.7 speed. just short of a jog. 5 minutes on this weird ski type machine. widest possible back and forth. 5 minutes on the water rower. 5 minutes on the versa climber. throw in a 60 second plank in between every 5 minutes. sometimes, i will then do an isolated lift. or, i will continue the cardio, with mega ab work. all followed by 10 minutes in the sauna. one of the reasons i break it up into so many different exercises, is boredom. i can't stand the mind numbing 30 minutes on the same machine. and i challenge you to get on the air dyne bike, and burn 100 calories, in 5 minutes or less. sprint for 10 calories. rest, while pedaling, for 5 calories. repeat, until you hit 100 calories. good luck. it sucks. and my 13 year old daughter smoked this challenge. she probably would not have done it at 8. good luck.
  5. pack light. pack one set of clothes in your carry on. one trip, to france, our luggage didn't arrive until day 3. day 2 we had a private tour at vueve cliqout. thankfully, my wife looks great in yoga pants.
  6. bud select 55's he's annoyed at my post(i think). my, not so passively calling him old, and that he needs to switch his focus from gettin SWOLE, NOEXPLODE!! to more of a TB12 approach of lean and long muscles.
  7. no one really loves cardio. especially in the gym. except weirdos. i used to HATE it. but like all this stuff, once it becomes habit, it's easy. at your age, stretching, cardio and weights, in that order, will help you achieve your optimum health goals. looking to get swole, is in the rear view mirror my friend. but, we've been over this before. exactly. in my workout today, back and chest, i started with 15 minutes on the elliptical, to get things moving. 11 of those minute my heart rate was above 145. the lifting portion of the workout, averaged in the 120-135 range. that barely counts as cardio in my book. i shoot for at least 30 minutes above 145 on cardio centric days. again, we've been over this before. i no longer run. knees can't take it
  8. did you get to see any whale sharks? that's awesome! which company did you use? we are staying at the hyatt ziva, my buddy is getting married there. looks pretty nice.
  9. 1 fob, 3 keys. this is my max. i hate having things in my pockets. wife's car fob stays at home. my car is touch to open/unlock, so i never have to take my keys out of my pocket, which i love. seems like they could thumbprint that tech.
  10. leaving in 2 weeks. pretty stoked! we are flying out of TJ, which saved us $1000. there is a terminal on the US side of the border, with a concourse bridge that takes you directly into the airport. pretty cool. anyone do the ATV's?