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  1. in the pic, the packer's haven't even scored any of the 46 they would lay on the raiders that fateful day. the crowd around us was really nice. they treated us well and laughed at my dumb ### all game. they kept yelling at me to put my jacket on. as the sun went down it got pretty cold, but i persevered(drank more) at the end of th game, some grandma came up to me, kissed me on the cheek, called me a big dummy and told me she was so happy that i finally put my jacket on.
  2. I am a good 10 hours into drinks at that point. I am very functional and usually quite happy when mucho drinks. The 2 days of drinking did nearly put me in a coma. I went to the stadium on Monday with the intention of taking the tour. I went to the bar instead and not even more booze and fried cheese helped. Sitting in the airport was sheer misery.
  3. few years back....you chose to spend the evening with your wife rather than corn hole with 3 strangers. we ended up shirtless outside the bar when they closed, mid december, so not too cold. we were a big hit with the locals. the owners and staff of the bar met us at the game (you couldn't be bothered to go watch the ####ty raiders) and we ended up back at that bar after the game. i have a picture of me, behind the bar, HAMMERED. there is also a pic of me in my sleeveless, ghetto, raider shirt, wearing a packers, mexican wrestling mask. no clue where i got it. good times.
  4. I went to GB once....
  5. never been. always looked awful
  6. I feel like I have some broken ribs due to my boss's complete inabilty to drive. He came in dead last which was nice. Pretty sure he bribed his way into the championship race. There was definitely rubbing. They frown on it, but it happens. A lot.
  7. Booooo. your humor in the eat off is on par with GM's, it's just waaaaaay more subtle. 'oh, were wearing hats inside now' in the last video made me cry laughing.
  8. Do you want my raider bobble head dolls? If I can find them.
  9. Went to a company party at k1 racing today, 1st time doing it. Would definitely recommend. Very fun. I made it to the championship race and finished 5th.
  10. Lolz. I typed right wing vegan. I didn't think that was possible. He's über left wing. You still don't qualify.