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  1. to be clear, i f'ing love mayo. i dip fries in it. but, hot mayo? no, just no.
  2. turned down collins for my 1 and 2 this year and my rbs suuuuuuuck
  3. love the cobblestones. it's awful for the riders, but it's such a good watch.
  4. so..yes, no, maybe i have slight knee issues, that don't bother me much until after the hike. unless, there is a lot of downhill. my biggest pain issues are usually my feet, left ankle. but i deal with that crap all the time, not just when hiking. i fail to see how the poles would help on steep descents. i'm just going to have to try them out. i too, like to think my natural balance is where it's at, and am always working on it.
  5. @krista4 since you're carrying the joint these days, talk to me about the walking sticks people use while hiking. Do you use them? Do they help? I went on a couple awesome hikes in sequoias last week, the longest of which was about 5 miles, at around 7000 feet with moderate elevation changes. (facebooks to come). And some people had them, mostly old people. I chatted up one old guy, that had them, and he said they were awesome. He, in fact, was extremely awesome. He and his lady chatted with my daughter and I for 20 minutes. They went to Nepal for their honeymoon!! And have been to every national park over the last 40 years. Anyway, walking stick insight please. Also, my iPad had an 83% charge on it after sitting in the car on airplane mode for nearly 4 days. I'd never had it on airplane mode that long before. I was surprised it held that much charge after 4 days. Not sure if airplane mode helps while off. just passing on the info for your upcoming hike where you needed a charger
  6. love it. mine already knows i'm a dork.
  7. just back from vacation. t-shirt purchased just need more beer.
  8. 8 valverde 1 3rd place finish 9 majka 27 quintana 30 nieve 31 sagan, plus 2 wins, 2 2nds and a 3rd. 1st in green jersey 38 chavanel 2nd in polka dot 78 kwiatkowski 127 gerrans 151bennati
  9. Mmmmmm.....bit of a drive. Can you come to south OC? Then nirad can do the time keeping.
  10. i will still race you in a 100 yard dash any day of the week.
  11. vile. too be fair, my addle brained grandmother was putting it on the inside too. i will give it a go and report back
  12. i was camping and couldn't make any changes or switch sites. i finally caught up today. i barely remember my roster. thanks for the link above! here's my team. valverde sagan chavenel kwiatkowski gerrans majka nieve bennati quintana pretty good start
  13. low and slow are the keys to a good grilled cheese sandwich. you hot mayo heathens are probably using velveeta as well, aren't you?
  14. butter is only stored in the fridge until you are using it. then it sits out at room temp. unless you're somewhere hades hot, and don't have ac. then it removed and allowed to soften up, then returned to the fridge.
  15. no wonder wisconsoners (sp?) are such a trim bunch. VILE!!!!