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  1. Currently in SD, doing the necessary leg work to find my stalkee the right product. Im sitting in an old converted house looking at PETCO, drinking a damn good beer.
  2. Awesome! It’s on my list. Skied everything in CO except aspen, telluride and steamboat.
  3. A friend of mine handled their marketing for a few years. I know it well.. enjoy!
  4. Sitting outside in shorts and a T-shirt, drinking a delicious beer. It’s just cool enough to notice at 64. Perfection.
  5. and heads up! if you're looking to change your roster up, you can only have 3 from each category. climbers, leaders, etc. i found out the hard way.
  6. i added him too. bad result for sure. he was passed by the guy behind him, before the first check point. weird. i still left alaphilippe as my road captain. god bless this new version of EPO!! and i want some!!
  7. have one shirt and a few beers. heading to SD to drink beer on monday. will return with the rest.
  8. my guess, is that's who's in the casket and i'm so in
  9. it's non existent. my wife is from NC. that is humidity. this is marine layer that keeps everything perfect. i'll let you know what it is around 3 or 4 eta: i'm working in the garden and am not even sweating.
  10. humidity down to 67. temp up to 72. morning fog has burned off and it's going to be gorgeous today.
  11. we are in the same boat, hag. i'm waiting on the chase sapphire preferred card am excited to get churning! my wife and i love to travel and can't wait to upgrade our travels. so, i have the same question as hagmania, specific to the chase program. how do i redeem, track the points? do i have to book through chase? or can i just transfer my chase points to a travel partner? thx all!