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  1. In. This will be easy for me, as I am married to a fantastic woman. She loves to cook. From scratch. Her dad, called her a pilgrim woman. Today’s dinner was half a piece of cooked bacon, and cup of pinto beans, blended. They were blended with plenty of seasoning and a bit of mozzarella . Then heated. I can not tell you how good, these simple beans were. Grilled chicken breast. Onion, jalapeño cheap, fantastic, “el pato” hot sauce. Very low in calories and delicious.
  2. i've been a tdf junkie since the early 80's. my dad was a big cyclist and fan and lived in the bay area. my dad was in races with lemond (my 10-14 year old self, had no idea who he was. lemond, not my dad). my dad would do criteriums for fun. the dudes at the front, all looked like young hippies with HUGE quads. they were SOOOO much faster than the true amateurs, like my dad. the sanctimonious approach of americans, in regards to doping, just isn't really part of the european mindset. the winner of the first 2 tdfs, was disqualified for cheating, after he won the 2nd one. it's rampant in the sport. always has been, probably always will be. sticky bottles, drafting behind cars, motor bikes, etc. a pill here, a cortisone cream there, complete blood transfusion over there i f'ing loved lance as a cyclist. what he did was unreal. everyone was doping. he was supernatural. throw in the cancer and it's practically unbelievable. i ran next to lance, as he went up the col de tourmalet. we camped at the base for 3 days. just an unbelievable trip. so much fun. if i had to guess, i'd say the big time doping started with indurain. team skye is doping. not a doubt in my mind. the cheats are almost always ahead of the testers. lance is a giant POS, for what he did to people, trying to maintain the lie. i think he knows that. doesn't change anything, or lessen what he did. but he's pretty forthcoming these days. and i want some epo.
  3. shout out to @bostonfred i'm in fairly decent shape. i've had a loose goal of getting into the 170's, for a while. before the rona, i was at 182ish. i got furloughed and went off the rails. the gym closed and the 10-15k steps at work, vanished. managed to pack on 6+ pounds, easily. decided to track my food, and found out that some of my favorite snacks are calorie bombs. cashews i was easily eating 200+ calories, in cashews, a day. so, with a combination of tracking and nearly daily walk/run/hikes, i'm back down to 182ish. i'm going to continue tracking and see if the 170's are doable. i know they are, just gotta be willing to put in the work. aka, not drink as much. without booze, i am 300+ under, easy thanks again BF
  4. D.on't I.ngest E.verthing T.hing have them look for that, in the code. everything runs smoother since i cleared that up..
  5. y'all bonkers. 50 miles? in a circle? in your backyard? wait a is a k4 backyard, with no naan oven , so there's probably lots of room. i'm all stoked to hit 100 miles in 31 days.
  6. gruden has a jonas brother type crush on te's and fb's.
  7. not really. it was a little flat. most of the fruit had fallen out of it, but very little age characteristics had developed. there was nearly zero finish. unremarkable across the board.