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  1. Does this mean the same as “foh clown”?
  2. True, but if I had that much at stake with a client, I assign an intern to do exactly that, babysit him, and I don't allow AB to say a word without it being first screened.
  3. In 1989, Tony Mandarich was drafted AHEAD OF Barry Sanders, Derrick Thomas and Deion Sanders. Mandarich was a monumental bust. He has to be one of the most overrated football players ever.
  4. I am curious: What are AB owners doing this weekend? The Raiders don't play until Monday night. If this is not resolved before games Sunday, are you sitting AB?
  5. Steelers' fans are just shaking their heads and breathing a sigh of relief and saying, "thanks for the memories and years of production, but glad you are someone else's headache now." The Raiders may need a new pipeline for their receiving talent, because trading for Pittsburgh's cast offs (AB and Martavis Bryant) doesn't look like it is working out in Oakland's favor.
  6. What is AB's trade value right now? I am never been a fan of his, but it is hard to deny his talent and production. Perhaps he is a good buy-low prospect.
  7. Without a doubt, JJ Arcega-Whiteside should be rostered in every dynasty league. Grab Courtland Sutton and DK Metcalf off the wire as well while you are shopping.
  8. Wait, what? JJAW was just hanging out on a dynasty waiver wire? That's bananas! For any dynasty league you are not competing against your little sister's 3rd grade class, I would say do not drop Coutee.
  9. Spot on. If the Raiders cut AB, they should have armed guards prepared to escort him from the facility and remain on high alert. AB had to be restrained and threatened to punch Mike Mayock in the face over a fine for an unexcused absence from practice. Given Brown's apparent mental instability, it is hard to predict how he would react to the Raiders voiding Brown's contract and taking $30 million from him. This has the potential to be a very ugly and dangerous divorce.
  10. It wouldn't be shocking to see him averaging 2.4 ypc as Lamar Miller's replacement by this time the week after next and riding the bench as the team turns the job over to Duke Johnson. Stick a fork in Hyde already.