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  1. Any info if Lindsay will incur additional suspension?
  2. Baldwin dropped in my 16-team short bench (3 spots) league. I’m tempted but don’t want to drop Godwin, Stills or Royce for him right now.
  3. Week 16 @ Tenn is appealing though for championships
  4. fools gold perhaps, but maybe game flow led to his lack of targets and coaching staff wanting to get him more involved means good things...
  5. I picked up Olsen a couple of weeks back for a strong playoff run. Two games in, he's been a total dud. I can accept that the first game he would be limited and the second one a tough matchup vs Minny def, but not even 1 reception!! His schedule is sweet with two home games vs. GB then TB. So, are you rolling with him or looking for desperation WW options (of the likes of Hooper). Seems like the remaining TEs have a floor of 2-3 points which also approximates their ceiling while Olsen's floor (zero) is balanced by a higher ceiling (8-12). Roll of the dice either way I suppose...
  6. For those of us who don't follow the local beat reporters, Keep us updated please
  7. I need 1 point. 1 Fn point!! i Have AB and Bryant. Really don't want to sweat this one out.
  8. Baldwin playing? 1 rec in first half?!?!
  9. Starting KC def so this makes me happy. Having said that, I can't count the number of times inclement weather resulted in me benching a QB or WR only to watch them go off and "defy the odds."
  10. Kupp over KB. Don't like the Thursday night game. Too short notice.