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  1. I'm impressed that Colgate is hanging with Tennessee. My buddy is a former Patriot League player, so I get to see a lot of those games. Not a tough ticket to get. But I always feel like I'm watching high school kids playing for the most part. Some times you get a team that stands out, but Colgate did not seem like one of those teams this year.
  2. Yeah. Luckily at this age, I'm collecting doctors like they're Topps baseball cards in the 80's. Good news is it's nothing to worry about. Unless dying from embarrassment actually becomes a real thing.
  3. Not watching because I'm still at work. Plus still pissed about UC. But it looks like UCI is doing well. Is KState playing poorly or is UCI just playing that much better?
  4. For years, whenever I go into a meeting or any place quiet, it decides to start growling like a little dog seeing a big dog on a walk. Great sounds in meetings. But it was even "funnier" the time I had jury duty and everyone in the courtroom got to hear it for hours. And I've tried eating more, eating less, eating a little. Doesn't matter. Nothing will stop it. But now it's found a new trick. Instead of growling, it can almost imitate a fart sound. So I'll be in a quiet room and it'll make the strange sound that doesn't sound like it came from my stomach. To the point where I have to actually say out loud, "That was my stomach, I swear." You're sooo funny, stomach.
  5. We can disagree and leave it at that. Don't want to debate it in here.
  6. Parts of Nebraska going to get more flooding rain. Day 1 Day 2
  7. To people who are going to these games, what are the prices you're paying per session? I went a couple years back to the first round in Brooklyn. I wanted to do both sessions, but my buddies said they didn't think they could do all day watching basketball. After the second game ended, we all agreed we could've watched about 8 more games, it was that fun. But I bought tickets through SeatGeek and got a steal. We were like 3rd row in the corner. The next closest seat to us sold for about $300 more a seat. I was sure we were getting scammed. But they were legit and awesome. That said, I've looked at prices each year after and the prices seem outrageous. Even nose bleeds are crazy expensive. I can't imagine everyone is paying that much to be there. Maybe I'm wrong, though.