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  1. These distinctions are dumb. I'm classified as on the borderline of Overweight and Obese. And I look good. In the aughts, when I was having fun with drugs, I got down to 10 over my ideal weight and I looked like a crackhead.
  2. Cute girls used to smile at me because I was attractive. Now cute girls smile at me because I'm old and they're being nice.
  3. It's always been the case. Finding jobs has always been tough. Keeping them was easy. I'm the kind of guy that companies don't realize they need but once they do, they love me.
  4. What's the name of the podcast you're referring to? Sorry if you've already said. This thread is moving too fast to catch everything. TIA
  5. I do remember back about 8 years ago a similar thread. And there were people who were saying that if someone came into their office to interview with a suit and tie, they'd toss their resume in the trash as soon as they left. I found that so odd. I just couldn't imagine a company discounting a person because they decided to dress up for an interview. Especially since that has always been the norm. For me, dressing up shows a sign of respect to the company and the person who is taking their time to interview you. It's weird to think that someone would be so offended by someone wearing a suit to an interview that they would discount that person's application.
  6. I always wear a suit and tie. As was said earlier, I can't imagine being dinged on an interview because you dressed up too much. When I interviewed at my last long term job, I wore a suit. The guy interviewing me was wearing jeans and a polo. He even said something like, "You know we don't wear suits around here, right?' And I told him I didn't plan to wear a suit if hired, but I've never not worn a suit for an interview. He was like, "Yeah. That makes sense." I got hired and worked there the longest of any company I've ever worked for. And I wore jeans and a polo every day of work from day 1 until the last day.
  7. Couldn't figure out if Saul Goodman actually broke any laws.
  8. Considering you can get it more than once, like the flu, I'm not sure this would make sense.
  9. Thought DeNiro was a bad casting in Joker.
  10. At one point, was prepared to let Himmler go, but during the meeting with him and HR, the HR lady asked Himmler if he even liked being part of the Third Reich.
  11. This thread's moving too quick: The two things I've seen over the past 24 hours are the lady in NoCal who got it without running into anyone. And the lady in Japan who caught it a second time. What's the thought with these in here?
  12. They can, but I'm guessing no so much anymore. I'm not sure I like this analogy, but my wife keeps saying it's like your company finding out you're gay, then they fire you. They have the right to, but I'm guessing that wouldn't look good in court. And I had no interest in talking to an attorney. It was only after people said to do so to protect myself. I'm not sure what that means or how that works, but it makes me think I should. But, yeah, I don't want to go after the company or anything like that. Unless of course the let me go any time soon. Then I would look into it.