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  1. I use fidelity and have a Roth IRA in my account that I have used for CYDY. They haven't charged me on my CYDY purchases. I haven't sold any so I don't know if there is a transaction fee there.
  2. Here is Dr Yo's video from today. Very minimal Leronlimab references but the entire presentation is at the heart of the need for a drug with Leronlimab's potential. He has a wonderful delivery and a great way about breaking down complex ideas so they are very understandable. On a related note, what a crazy roller coaster this thing has been lately. A lot of these business happening are gut wrenching. Lots of great insights from many posters about what this all means. I really appreciate all of the points of view regarding CYDY (and the other markets too) and so many people passing along their knowledge. The one thing in all this craziness is that the science isn't really being attacked. The path to winning is going to be in the science. If the science works, and they can survive from a business standpoint, they will succeed in the long run. Huge THANK YOU to Chet for turning us on to this early!
  3. No to get to far off topic but this is pretty funny FBG history. FBG FFA Facts with a short explanation. The thread that started it all. Somehow the site selling the shirts still exists. The guy has probably made some good money from FBGs buying this is a joke.
  4. Check the 52 week range. It got down to 79.07.
  5. Here is the story:
  6. Cytodyn CEO on Cheddar Some good info here from today. Seems like a fairly good interview.
  7. The Corrida is finely crafted, affordable and comes highly recommended.
  8. In addition an album that came out 23 years after his solo debut (Harvest Moon) is legitimately get votes as his best album. Not many artists putting out that quality of work that long into their career.
  9. I've gone a few times. It is a 4-5 hour show. Not really any down time but there is a lot of talking. Basically someone comes up and talks about an artists being inducted explaining why they're important. Then the artist comes up and talks about themselves. Then there is a performance with 3 or so songs. Rinse in repeat for all 5 inductees. Sometimes you here some interesting antidotes and creative deliveries. Other-times it is fairly nondescript. Generally there is a 1 song jam at the end of the night with a variety of different inductees and guests.
  10. Early Entry: I'm not 100% sure how it works but they have different days designated for early entry into the 2 different parks. You can also get into California Adventure directly from the hotel so you can bypass the main crowd. Maxpass is fantastic. As soon as you are in the park you can start scheduling Fast Passes. It still works like the old system in that you get a pass and either have to wait until you reach the time on that pass or ~ 2 hours ahead, whichever is sooner, until you can get your next pass. The key is that you don't physically have to go to the Fast Pass Station. Just do it all on your phone. So as soon as you get in the park schedule your first FP. Pay attention to when you are able to get another FP. Get on the app as soon as your time is up and schedule the next fast pass. Manage it right and you can really maximize your time.
  11. The closer you are to the front of the parade the better. So area 1 is the best. It is also closer to the stadium so it will be easier to get to the game from there. the walk to the stadium isn't too bad from there but it is down hill. So going back is up hill. Buy parade parking. It will be a mad house and having that situated will be very helpful.
  12. After you a general plan let me know and I can give you some suggestions for food, entertainment and game related activities.
  13. As I said up the thread I think you will enjoy the parade and game more if you stay around Pasadena. Just less stress getting around and getting to stuff. It is going to be about an hourish drive to get to Disneyland from there. The parade starts at 8 AM so you'll need to get there early. For Disneyland I would recommend getting there as the park opens as the crowds are the thinnest then and you can do more earlier in the day. So if you stay one place or the other you are getting up really early to get there. You could stay somewhere in between and split the difference but there aren't a ton of good options in between. I would probably book separate hotels for each leg of the trip.