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  1. Article about a patient in Texas that was in one of the trials. Interesting that they were given plasma and (potentially) LL.
  2. The science based articles are always so encouraging and the business based articles so often discouraging.
  3. I read it as OWS didn’t move forward after seeing the information that CYDY sent to them. I may be interpreting that wrong
  4. The thing that isn’t good is that the WSJ has a large reach. People that have followed the story know that Paterson’s relationship with CYDY is rocky. Now more people know that. the Patterson stock comment seems strange. I just don’t really see how that line of question would go that would get that answer. the OWS stuff isn’t good even though it is only accredited to an unnamed source. It hints at the Federal government not thinking of LL as a real answer. the strange thing is this same writer wrote another CYDY hot piece a few weeks ago. Not sure what his agenda is but he clearly has one.
  5. Comments by IncellDx CEO Bruce Patterson last week lifted shares of CytoDyn Inc.PHOTO: SCOTT STRAZZANTE/THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE/GETTY IMAGES By Michael Wursthorn Aug. 26, 2020 11:45 am ET The market for small biotechs working on coronavirus treatments is so hot that sometimes all it takes is a whisper to send a stock soaring. So it was with CytoDyn Inc., which climbed more than 20% after a former adviser told television host Dr. Drew Pinksy on Thursday that he thought the company would move forward with a federal-government program aimed at fast-tracking virus treatments. CytoDyn isn’t being considered for the program, known as Operation Warp Speed, according to a senior administration official. Yet in the quick-punch world of retail investing, the video clip of the former adviser, Bruce Patterson, has already gone viral. Investors who closely follow the company shared it on social media and message boards, including Investors Hub, a forum popular with penny-stock traders. Shares of CytoDyn rallied 13% to $3.43 a share on Friday, notching the company’s biggest daily gain in about a month, before rising another 12% on Monday. CytoDyn Shares have plateaued since then, declining a more than 2% over the last two trading sessions. Operation Warp Speed is a federal initiative to accelerate the development and manufacturing of drugs and vaccines for Covid-19, which has claimed more than 175,000 lives in the U.S. Through the program, the government has given funding to companies such as Moderna Inc., Novavax Inc. and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. The senior administration official said CytoDyn had only completed a preliminary qualification for being included in the initiative. The Vancouver, Wash., company had submitted information through a so-called CoronaWatch, a program run by the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, or Barda, to assess the viability of drugs and therapeutics that might be effective against Covid-19, the official said. Technical experts reviewed the submission and opted not to proceed further at this time, the official added. The team responsible for reviewing the materials makes clear to companies that submissions are for informational purposes only and don’t lead to funding on their own, the official added. Companies must apply to specific grant programs to receive funding, the official said, which CytoDyn hasn’t done at this time. Dr. Patterson told The Wall Street Journal that he helped arrange an initial exchange of information between CytoDyn and Barda. He hadn’t been involved in further discussions, he said. CytoDyn declined to comment on the exchange or on any communication with Operation Warp Speed. “CytoDyn received an email. I received an email from Operation Warp Speed. So yes they are aware of it,” Dr. Patterson said in the video. “And I think we’ll move forward with them.” The company hired Dr. Patterson as an adviser, in addition to hiring his company, IncellDx, to provide diagnostic services. CytoDyn and Dr. Patterson said his tenure as a consultant ended in May. CytoDyn also no longer uses Dr. Patterson’s company for diagnostic services. An April securities filing disclosed that Dr. Patterson was a CytoDyn shareholder. In the interview with the Journal, Dr. Patterson said he never received paperwork regarding his ownership in CytoDyn. “I’ve gotten little to no paperwork regarding that,” he said. “I don’t think of it as real.” On the question of Dr. Patterson’s share ownership, Arian Colachis, CytoDyn’s general counsel, pointed to the April filing. “The document speaks for itself, and we have no further comment,” she said. Write to Michael Wursthorn at
  6. I was able to read the article but can’t access it now to copy. It states that an OWS official said LL is not being considered. CytoDyn submitted info to OWS. They had experts look at it and decided not to move forward. it also states Patterson is no longer a CYDY consultant and they are not using his lab. Additionally Patterson says he never received any info regarding him being granted shares of CYDY stock and he doesn’t consider himself a shareholder. CYDY says the paperwork released in April which shows Patterson as a share holder speaks for itself. this is not a good article for CYDY.
  7. Just got under the threshold on the REFI
  8. Closed today on a REFI in So Cal. 2.875% 30YR no points. I REFIed a year ago and thought that would be the last time I would have the opportunity. I've used the same guy when I bought and both REFIs. He is amazing. Some of the simplest business transactions I have ever had in my life. If anyone is looking to REFI or buy in CA or AZ let me know and I'm happy to pass along his contact info.
  9. He was the Chief Resident of Pathology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the Medical Director of Diagnostic Virology at Stanford University Hospitals and Clinics. *per his bio on the incellDx website
  10. @chet who wrote this and who was the intended audience?
  11. Cool map story....
  12. Here is a twitter post with the screen grab: they wrongly identify them as a vaccine maker. Very strange that they would include CYDY in the list with Pfizer and Gilead.
  13. I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. Thanks!
  14. Find me the list and I'll run the numbers!
  15. @Todem has been dealing out some great advice over the past few months. Thought I would revisit "his list". I think he posted an earlier list but I couldn't find it. This is from March 27th. Prices listed are March 27th Close / Close Today / Increase (BTW - no losers!) It would be great to see Todem's current take. What is still on the list, what has moved off and most importantly what has he added to it. For reference S&P $2,541.47 / $3,257.30 / 28.166% AMZN $1,900.10 / $3,138.29 / 65.164% AAPL $247.74 / $388.00 / 56.616% GOOGL $1,110.71 / $1,558.42 / 40.308% NFLX $357.12 / $490.10 / 37.237% FB $156.79 / $241.75 / 54.187% INTC $52.37 / $61.47 / 17.376% HD $190.55 / $262.42 / 37.717% CSCO $38.82 / $47.35 / 21.973% EXC $35.50 / $38.74 / 9.127% LMT $348.38 / $375.12 / 7.676% MSFT $149.70 / $208.75 / 39.446% PFE $30.90 / $36.69 / 18.738% PG $110.17 / $125.071 / 3.525% TGT $94.74 / $120.20 / 26.874% CAT $105.44 / $135.87 / 28.860% PM $69.15 / $75.92 / 9.790% MCD $164.01 / $193.19 / 17.792% YUM $68.53 / $91.11 / 32.949% DOW $28.56 $43.04 / 50.700% BRK'B $179.66 / $192.27 / 7.019% DEO $125.71 / $143.33 / 14.016% GIS $51.82 / $64.50 / 24.469% JPM $91.13 / $99.41 / 9.086% PFE $30.90 / $36.79 / 19.061% UTX $90.53 / $97.17 / 7.335% EMR $45.58 / $63.79 / 39.952% VZ $52.77 / $55.87 / 5.875% T $29.84 / $30.21 / 1.240% GCV $4.50 / $5.41 / 20.222% PEO $8.49 / $11.93 / 40.518% ADX $12.40 / $15.73 / 26.855%