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  1. I've gone a few times. It is a 4-5 hour show. Not really any down time but there is a lot of talking. Basically someone comes up and talks about an artists being inducted explaining why they're important. Then the artist comes up and talks about themselves. Then there is a performance with 3 or so songs. Rinse in repeat for all 5 inductees. Sometimes you here some interesting antidotes and creative deliveries. Other-times it is fairly nondescript. Generally there is a 1 song jam at the end of the night with a variety of different inductees and guests.
  2. Early Entry: I'm not 100% sure how it works but they have different days designated for early entry into the 2 different parks. You can also get into California Adventure directly from the hotel so you can bypass the main crowd. Maxpass is fantastic. As soon as you are in the park you can start scheduling Fast Passes. It still works like the old system in that you get a pass and either have to wait until you reach the time on that pass or ~ 2 hours ahead, whichever is sooner, until you can get your next pass. The key is that you don't physically have to go to the Fast Pass Station. Just do it all on your phone. So as soon as you get in the park schedule your first FP. Pay attention to when you are able to get another FP. Get on the app as soon as your time is up and schedule the next fast pass. Manage it right and you can really maximize your time.
  3. The closer you are to the front of the parade the better. So area 1 is the best. It is also closer to the stadium so it will be easier to get to the game from there. the walk to the stadium isn't too bad from there but it is down hill. So going back is up hill. Buy parade parking. It will be a mad house and having that situated will be very helpful.
  4. After you a general plan let me know and I can give you some suggestions for food, entertainment and game related activities.
  5. As I said up the thread I think you will enjoy the parade and game more if you stay around Pasadena. Just less stress getting around and getting to stuff. It is going to be about an hourish drive to get to Disneyland from there. The parade starts at 8 AM so you'll need to get there early. For Disneyland I would recommend getting there as the park opens as the crowds are the thinnest then and you can do more earlier in the day. So if you stay one place or the other you are getting up really early to get there. You could stay somewhere in between and split the difference but there aren't a ton of good options in between. I would probably book separate hotels for each leg of the trip.
  6. A large portion of the parade route is reserved seating in bleachers. There are spots where you can stand and watch. People start setting up and saving spots at noon the day before the parade. Everyone has their own preferences and comfort level with how to do things. If you want to have an enjoyable time at the parade I would spend the money and get a seat. This place is the official seller of parade seats Most of the good seats are sold out. You can call them for more option than are available on line. You can also buy parade tickets on StubHub and other resale sites. They also sell parking for the Parade and Game via shuttle if you buy seats there.
  7. If you're willing to spend the money it can be a lot of fun and a lot easier to get around if you stay in Pasadena. The area gets pretty congested for that time around the parade an game. Being close takes some of the stress and frustration off of that. For the parade, the "50 yard line" seat is 14 S Orange Grove. This is right at the beginning of the parade and where TV broadcasts from. The opening and closing shows will take place right in front of the grandstand. All the bands, floats, horses are at peek form at that point to look their best for the TV audience. Additionally that grandstand has a VIP component with complementary programs, coffee and doughnuts. A close second is being at 414-450 West Colorado. This right after the parade comes around a big turn so it is slowed down a bit and the large local LA TV broadcaster broadcasts from there. For the Game my guess is only high row end zone seats will be available on Tuesday. If you just want to be there that is great but you may want something a little better. Sections 15-H through 22-L and 1H - 8L are seats with seat backs. The end zone sections are benches. It is nice to have the seat back and not be squeezed butt to butt on the bench. Also you don't want to be too low. Lettered Rows and rows 1-10 are too low. You wont be able to see the field well. There are also some decent organized tailgate parties. I pretty knowledgeable about the parade, game and Pasadena. Feel free to DM me with any questions you may have.
  8. LA can be expensive but it isn't as insane as the perception. You can live in decent areas for 1K - 2K / month for a single bedroom. Also the need for a car is a little over blown. The expansion of the Metro system over the last 10-20 years has really made a lot of things accessible without a car. There are places you could go where you'd like to have a car but you can get a ton of place just on the Metro not even using buses. And the museum is right on the expo line. They just started a shuttle in Pasadena to take you from the Gold Line to a popular trail head. Based on your interests you would really enjoy it here. Tons of live music options. Perfect weather. Hundreds of miles of hiking. Beach / mountains / sports / biking / theater / bars / restaurants / different cultures / variety...LA has some great options for just about anything. And you will be at a world class museum. If they are going to pay you at a level that you can afford to live semi-reasonably I think it's something you should try. Lots of new experiences and great work experience. If you find you don't like it you can move after a few years knowing you gave it a shot and having a better understanding about what you want. I've lived here for 20+years after growing up in the midwest. Couldn't imagine living somewhere else.
  9. A lot of times Saturday is less busy than Friday. I big part of the crowds at DLR are the local annual passholders. Most Saturdays both Southern California passes are blockedout so the crowds are actually thinner than a Friday when people with SoCal passes are allowed in. Check the Annual Pass blockout days and see how they line up with your dates. Max Pass was great. I used it for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it was very efficient. Very easy to use once you figure it out. The one problem I had was battery life. I was on my phone so much checking for Fast Passes that my battery was dead by 6 PM. Bring a power pack if you have one. DLR is much easier to accomplish on the fly compared to DW. Get there early. Get Fast Passes as quick as possible. Fill in the in between time with non-FP rides in the vicinity of your next FP.
  10. Thank you to all the knowledge passed along here. I had 8 months left on my contract. Cancelled. Never received a call or an email. Called the 855 # that was mentioned here. I didn't even have a chance to say anything about the email or the deal and the rep went directly into asking my name, phone number and TV preferences. Put me on hold for a second and came back with the deal. I had to ask for the gift card but got that too. Very easy.
  11. That was the first reference to Mooyah Burger I've seen in the thread...
  12. These are all great suggestions. To add to the list... - Warner Brothers Studio Tour is very close. It is a nice tour with small groups that takes you through their back lot, onto some sets and into a few areas where they have a bunch of props on display. - Natural History Museum and Science Center. In downtown LA. Great museums. Science Center is free though there may be a charge to make a reservation to see the space shuttle. Really cool to see that up close. - Dodger stadium is right there. Catch a game or do a stadium tour
  13. One of these just opened by me in SoCal. How does it rate? The real deal?
  14. It is totally a 1 day park. Six years old is the wheelhouse for the park. They will love it.