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  1. I was in Scotland for a few weeks last summer. I would think one castle a day is plenty, unless you're just driving past them. It really does take a lot of time walking around inside them. And lunch isn't the drive through eat in the car convenience. I wouldn't drive around in Edinburgh. It's very congested and has a lot of one way streets. There are free car parks on the outskirts with cheap buses that will take you right in the city. I'd stay a couple days in Edinburgh, then rent one for the rest of Scotland. Most cars are standard and on the other side. It's not a problem, but it is different. Also, the round-abouts slow down your itinerary.
  2. When Doves Cry Purple Rain Kiss Nothing Compares to You / 1999 / The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
  4. Sushi with cauliflower as rice and cream cheese to bind it. Rolled in Nori with garlic shrimp, avocado, and cucumber. And instead of wasabi, Sriracha mayo ❤
  5. Also interested in the answer. Answers in threads here devoted to this topic run the gamut. Looking for real solid advise. Send them to me, I'll get them changed for you. Send you what now? The house, the kids, and the wife.
  6. Incredible stain remover. You just squirt it on whatever nasty stain is on the carpet, give it a light brush, and the stain disappears. No scrubbing or hassle. I have dogs and a light carpet, and nothing fazes me. It is the most incredible cleaner I've ever used.
  7. Mr. Ham, I am deeply sorry for your loss. I couldn't read your words without tears streaming from my eyes. What an incredible joy he was to you and your family in his brief time on earth. I'll be praying for you and your family.
  8. I'd rather wipe my ### with that $5 bill, then go to 5G. Actually, that's what toilet paper costs at 5G I like Five Guys. But at the end of the day, they are just an average burger with some nifty toppings. Aside from the grilled onions and mushrooms, and the sauces, most of them are pretty standard. The most impressive thing about the fries are the sacks of potatoes stacked around the place. I guess if you really like potatoes, it's the place to stuff yourself with them. Five Guys just isn't impressive enough to be exclusive.
  9. DQ has a $5 Lunch from 11-4 (I think). A cheeseburger, 3-piece chicken strips, or chili cheese dog with some fries, a drink, and a sundae. Tasty and cheap!
  10. We can listen to you each and every Sunday from Noon to 5? This is you, yes?!/henry.gee.5076?fref=ts
  11. Maybe it's the pencil drawn eyebrows, or the 5 note vocal range, or that the only fans who would like her music throw gang signs, but I'm just not feeling it.