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  1. I'd play Thielen. Love his MNF "bring me a championship" opportunity.
  2. Andy Dalton has something to play for. His next gig and a big FU to Cincy on the way out. Leaning Boyd.
  3. Hard to go wrong with any of these guys as your RB2, but Connor was looking fresh in his first game back against the no-slouch Bills. I would imagine they’ll get him even more involved this week.
  4. Boyd vs. the Dolphins Deebo vs. LA Please help me decide, combo league (yards/TDs).
  5. Mahomes or Wilson? Thielen or Boyd? Thanks.
  6. Last year the Pats went 11--5, losing back-to-back games twice. These losses were against "powerhouse" teams like Jacksonville, Detroit, Tennessee, Miami, and Pittsburgh. NONE OF THOSE TEAMS EVEN MADE THE PLAYOFFS!! Losses to Miami/Pitts came in December... GASP!!! Season turned out OK... 😉 Losing on the road to Baltimore and Houston... eh, not so bad in the grand scheme of things. We all need to chill.
  7. I think the person who slid the note to Darryl was Dwight. I heard footsteps that sounded like boots with the weight of a man in them, not his little ex-wife.
  8. Where would you guys rank West, dynasty-wise? If there was no Charles in front of him, he's a Top-10 stud for 2016. Does Charles come back 100%? He will be 30 next December, and has a high cap hit. Does West get traded during the off-season? Does Charles? Is he a "sit and wait a year" handcuff?
  9. A lot of the recent discussion has revolved around AA's value in daily, redraft, or keeper leagues. For Dynasty, does anybody really think this guy is a future 3-down stud, or was he just a preseason tease? He looks like he might be a bust to me for where he was generally taken (#4 ADP). Small, fumbles a lot, bad team, etc.
  10. Speculation based on preview of next episode: This. The previews of Beth in what looked like a hospital in the city gave me a strong Suckerpunch vibe, like as if Beth had been used for experiments; maybe even lobotomized like Baby Doll. Daryl may have just been checking to see if all was OK at the church before bringing out messed-up Beth, under Carol's care.
  11. I actually liked this episode. The tension that even I was feeling at home as the herd of zombies passed by the car was crazy! I was imagining it was like being trapped in a house hearing a tornado go over; it would have been terrifying to those in the trunk. Someone mentioned earlier why didn't the zombies try to get in the trunk… There were a few bangs and close grunts that gave me the impression that several tried to open the trunk but couldn't, and simply moved on. And from the muddy footprints the herd left behind as the camera panned out left me to believe there were HUNDREDS of zombies in this herd; not just a few. Much more perceived tension that a few clumsy actors groping through a hole in a wall… This was terrifying. I liked it! The sexual tension between Beth and Daryl was quite intriguing. Innuendo everywhere. Sure I cried "BS!" just like the rest of you at some scenes. No way any red-blooded American male in a post-apocolyptic state resists the urge to repopulate the planet with an attractive 18 year old slugging back the 'shine and coming on heavy to you. Playing "I never"? Hah! When they were yelling at each other, I expected them to grab each other by the faces and aggressively go off on each other. But alas, no Beth sex scene. It's been said before, you find what you like, you find what you want to complain about; to each their own. But I thought it was a good episode that told us a little more about Beth, Daryl, and the rest of civilization when the outbreak occurred. I especially liked the country club scenes. I don't read the comics but I was imagining a scenario where the food/water/supplies were starting to run out, and the rich folks thought the "help" weren't worthy of the supplies, and a class revolt of sorts took place. They probably didn't realize that those they hung would turn.