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  1. LOL We'll continue Sanders's fight against corrupt, hawkish, donor-owned establishment pols but FIRST we have to elect a corrupt, hawkish, donor-owned establishment pol.
  2. I think it's hilarious you're starting to sound like Hillary.
  3. Well that didn't take long.
  4. I can't tell in which ad the mom is more blatantly trying to get her son laid. I think she's trying harder in the first one but more likely in the second.
  5. Same brand, different product.
  6. There are some people out there who are not aware of the candidates or what is going on with them.
  7. I need instruction on how to get dual weapons (specifically the left hand blade) assigned to a quick key. I have two swords assigned to a number each (say 1 and 2) and if I'm holding a bow and want to quickly switch to dual blades, hitting 1 then 2 just sets the right hand weapon and then switches the weapon. The left hand stays empty. With spells you can just hit the same number again (say heal is on 4) and you get both hands with a heal spell. But with a weapon, hitting the number again switches between arming and empty hand. Do I need to wait until I get the Dual Flurry perk in one handed weapons?
  8. I don't know much about Jesse Ventura politically, but Al Franken isn't exactly a low water mark. You may not agree with him but the guy is no dullard by any means.
  9. Jesus Christ, she didn't face a firing squad people. She stepping down from the chair of the DNC (now that her work there is done). I'm not exactly a gambler but I'd be willing to bet a gazillion dollars there MIGHT be a place for her in the Hillary administration. And by "might", I mean absofreakinglutely/
  10. I wonder why - I keep hearing she did nothing wrong.
  11. That's a tall order given she's spent 25 years earning her poor reputation.
  12. He has no one to blame but himself. He should have stayed on message - and if that didn't line up with Hillary then so be it. But if you're going to campaign against political corruption and Wall Street influence all this time, and then endorse Hillary, I have absolutely no sympathy for him.
  13. I think this the theme for the first night of the convention.
  14. Not me - 348 hours. 528 hours in FO4 Only 300 hours in Watch_Dogs which boggles my mind because I feel like I practically live in that game.