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  1. Sounds like a good plan. I've wasted a lot of resources setting up cannon upgrades. Glad I don't lose my multitool or exosuit upgrades. Now that my weapon is decent I don't avoid the sentinels as much as I used to. And heavy sentinels usually means there's rare or interesting resources around. I'm on a bad streak with ships though - last three were not better. I'm still amazed at some of the creatures I'm finding - but haven't completed a planet yet.
  2. Actually I DO care about making it to the center but no way I'm clicking on that. I don't want any more spoilers than I have.
  3. Very sorry Shady.
  4. Finally got the blueprint for one and built it. Also reached a location that found a crashed ship signal and put it on my radar. My current ship looks like a dragonfly and my old one was a boring freighter looking thing so I'm hoping this one is star warsish. Fingers crossed. I'm on a fun planet so I'm going to try to complete my discovery list this one time.
  5. I think I have some of my various towers confused, but I think I recall the distinction of a "distress signal" and other transmissions. Sometimes I'm at those things with an orange beam going up and you can pick from one of four options - I know what "shelter" means and pretend that I didn't learn that and mix it up. There are "transmission towers" that find various things - you don't choose - it just tells you what it finds. And there are observatories, and they find a variety of locations as well. I think. Anyway, tonight I'm on a mission to get my AtlasPass - it's just driving me crazy all the containers and doors that need one. And then back to upgrading my ship. Unless I get sidetracked. Which is pretty much guaranteed.
  6. Mostly valid criticisms. I especially agree with the disappointment of different ships not handling differently and not specializing by type (ie fighter, science, freighters, etc). Some of the things he didn't like I wasn't even expecting so I'm not on the same page there. I felt like I had watched a lot of demos and read a lot of articles and yet there were many clips in there I hadn't seen. I stopped at the spoiler warning - I'm only 65 hours in an nowhere near the center. My three criticism are: 1. Sentinels. F those guys. They don't make sense and they're counter to the game play. The only limitation to gathering resources should be the players style/patience and capacity. 2. Finding blueprints I already know. If I could sell the extra blueprint it wouldn't be so bad, but walking a distance to a "point of interest" question mark only to find a single damaged pod hold a print I already know is like travelling to a large chest in Skyrim and finding it empty. Not a deal break, but it sucks and happens more and more frequently as you "learn" more. 3. No save/pause. This is my same criticism for Watchdogs and it's worse in this game. There are simply times when you want to save where you're at and it should be IMO a universal game design standard. Last night I was "9 minutes" (at least 40 - 50 minutes game time) away from my ship when I had to stop. FML. For me, this game satisfies my "lone wanderer/survivor" itch even more than Fallout. I can absolutely see that it's not for everyone.
  7. I thought I had finding ships figured out. I found two by selecting "locate transmission" (instead of Monolith, station, or shelter) from a beacon. But my last 3 transmissions were from Observatories (my favorite). I'm now simply landing and setting off going from question mark (point of interest) to question mark and not returning to my ship until I can call it from an outpost that has a recall tower. Right now I'm focusing on arming my ship, I'm not looking for space battles but this barely surviving ambushes is for the birds.
  8. Sounds like you're a lot further along than me. I've only warped a few times and don't have any upgrades for the drive. I'm on my 4th ship with only 18 slots - I like fixing up the crashed ships you find. Today was the first time I rejected a crashed ship - it had fewer slots. If this keeps up I doubt I'll ever buy a ship. Won several space battles but lost my first one today and died. Partly due to it being 5 on 1, but mostly because I suck at space flight. 45 hours in, still slow, but I really enjoy this game.
  9. Sorry for the dumb question but I gotta ask: what all does "remastered" entail? It's not just updated graphics is it?
  10. It's not close to being that important. I think I'm just dumbfounded we can watch Blacklist and Lie To Me together and then she goes off and watches painfully bad garbage. She's also amazed I can stomach musicals, animation, and foreign films with subtitles.
  11. Normally she watches chopped and house hunter ad nauseum and I don't really care. But she's wrecked my Netflix recommendations with all of her Hallmark selections. I swear it's like a half star rating is like catnip.
  12. Yeah my Orc tank was a lot of fun - but it just wasn't "me". I have never finished the main quest or one of the civil war lines (I'm siding with the Empire) and I'm following thieves guild to completion (it glitched on me the one time I played it close to the end) and I'm doing this all as my sneaky archer assassin. I'm not able to one shot kill dragons yet, but I have one shot grounded one while it was sleeping and that was a huge milestone.
  13. :PuffsOutChest: Two Handed Sword!
  14. It does seem less like 18 quintillion different planets and more like quintillion different skins of about 7 planets. The jury is still out for me but I can easily see this game not being everyone's cup of tea. I haven't experienced the issues he had (music and sound volume issues), but I did see the creature at 1:36 and that seems odd. I've also seen a small creature that behaves like a retriever: gentle, feed him, he digs up a treat and the magnifying glass icon points to it - several times on different planets. It always has a slightly different look but it doesn't really feel like I'm "discovering" a new creature each time when I can completely predict the behavior "oh you must be the retriever for this planet, here you go"