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  1. Not justified in this case imo. She didn't spit on him, or throw a drink on him, or slap him.
  2. LMAO @ *moaning again*
  3. Playing Prominence Poker. Free. Anyone else playing any kind of poker game? Actually got hooked on Hold Em playing Watch Dogs but they were always 4 player tables.
  4. Did she really expect that to support her weight?
  5. "Haha that's so funny RokNRole!" - No one.
  6. My frat was just a bunch of goofballs. My hazing was having to go to a drugstore and take some condoms to the register (this was the 80s) and ask if they had anything smaller.
  7. From the article: "Clinton has been working with her campaign’s finance director who was previously the Clinton Foundation’s chief development officer, to bring donors into the fold." Pretty much says it all.
  8. She was a little too into it.
  9. Holy crap we agree! Even if she campaigned in WI she very well could have still lost it. But still, not going was pretty Fn incompetent
  10. "Incompetent" is putting it mildly. The only person she could beat was a geriatric socialist who wasn't even a Democrat. There was a great deal of arrogance - and it's still shining through today.
  11. The stupid smug look on her face when people applaud.
  12. Close. One of the biggest reasons Trump won was because peoples legitimate concerns over illegal immigration and Islam was dismissed (and obviously still is) as bigotry and racism. It boggles my mind that people actually believe large groups of people, and many states, supported a "black candidate with a funny name" for two election cycles - and then turned racist.
  13. I think the election results did that well enough.