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  1. Thank you! This was so much fun. I was previously locked into completing social policy groups but this time I just cherry picked based on happiness. Even opened up "Order" ideology for the first time. Didn't get Notre Dame or Eiffel Tower wonder s like I normally do and didn't even need them. So crazy to start the game with some warriors that get XP and minor promotions and end with self healing Mech Infantry monsters. Domination bonus: picking up luxury resources as you conquer.
  2. Are you playing defensive most of the game? Still conquering? Every time I try to go "cultural" about halfway through I'm like "WTF!? Japan is in Industrial Age?! I'm not even in Renaissance yet!" As far as Diplomatic Victory, I have zero interest in that. I actually wish there were more types of Domination victories than just being last one with their orig capitol.
  3. I have. 3 "continents" several civs. I was pretty much just trying to dominate my continent and did. On the second one the civs attacked each others caps and on the third there was one dominant civ that comlpetely took over his continent. I was going for science victory but once I noticed only one other civ had his capitol I went over and made a beeline for his capitol and barely captured it. I have a very hard time going for a cultural victory and also having fun. I've resigned myself to science victories (the usual) or attempting domination again. I picked up Civ V about a month ago (vanilla) for $7 and it's my current addiction.
  4. Not outside, but once inside they come off. Then I just wear socks or in the winter, slippers.
  5. I could only muster a Top 12: 1. FO3 2. Skyrim 3. Watch Dogs 4. Civ III 5. FO4 6. Dungeon Siege 7. Fable 8. Max Payne 9. No Mans Sky 10. Pharaoh 11. Morrowind 12. Rise of Nations
  6. Holy crap my new goal in every thread now is to bait Otis and FUJB into talking to each other.
  7. Going to bed but this is really the key to the whole incident. Was it a sort of "stop" gesture? "Go over there" motion? Hands up "WTF?" Tard wave? We need a little more detail here.
  8. I was reading it in sort of a Forrest Gump voice.
  9. "Well sir, that's what the people on the internet tell me."
  10. Better than the Hitchcock Parmesan though
  11. It's been pretty bad from the first post.
  12. NMS: 230 hours in and I've pretty much done everything except reach the center of the universe. Starting over with a new character build (going sneaky stealth thief) and doing one of two things. A - playing in a single solar system with no hyper jumps and seeing how far I can go in a single system. or B - reaching the center of the universe in my original ship. No upgrades to lasers, photon cannon, shields or the ship itself. Thoughts?
  13. LaKness Maun Starr