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  1. I could only muster a Top 12: 1. FO3 2. Skyrim 3. Watch Dogs 4. Civ III 5. FO4 6. Dungeon Siege 7. Fable 8. Max Payne 9. No Mans Sky 10. Pharaoh 11. Morrowind 12. Rise of Nations
  2. Holy crap my new goal in every thread now is to bait Otis and FUJB into talking to each other.
  3. Going to bed but this is really the key to the whole incident. Was it a sort of "stop" gesture? "Go over there" motion? Hands up "WTF?" Tard wave? We need a little more detail here.
  4. I was reading it in sort of a Forrest Gump voice.
  5. "Well sir, that's what the people on the internet tell me."
  6. Better than the Hitchcock Parmesan though
  7. It's been pretty bad from the first post.
  8. NMS: 230 hours in and I've pretty much done everything except reach the center of the universe. Starting over with a new character build (going sneaky stealth thief) and doing one of two things. A - playing in a single solar system with no hyper jumps and seeing how far I can go in a single system. or B - reaching the center of the universe in my original ship. No upgrades to lasers, photon cannon, shields or the ship itself. Thoughts?
  9. LaKness Maun Starr
  10. "You're not helping" - Hillary
  11. Great health
  12. NMS: A little over 200 hours in and still enjoying it. I have a maxed out multi tool, a full exosuit, and all blueprints so there are a lot of things I don't do any more like drop pods. I still hit every knowledge stone but I don't do ruins or plaques since they're pretty much glorified KS with long drawn out sci fi lore. My ship has 30 spots so finding crashes is pretty much my focus now, Just did my 10th warp jump so I'm nowhere near the center. Although I love this game it really is crazy how much is unfinished. Looking at abandoned buildings, ruins, observatories and operations centers, you can tell they had so much more planned for them. It's also clear from the dialogue that some scanners were intended to find things locally, some planet wide and some were meant to find things on other planets and other solar systems. It will be interesting to see if the updates only address bugs and issues or if they're going to release anything that includes what was designed for these areas.
  13. WTF - do you guys not know how mirrors work?
  14. I've tried like 3 times to come up with a Top 100 and always end up with about 175