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  1. Now I'm just following this thread looking for new things to annoy me.
  2. My ex GF is in there. She's in the 2nd group of Ngyuen jokes - the word "and". I knew her when she was older with shorter hair. I actually have a picture of her, drunk, in Chicago, with Cat Shirt Bob at Wrigley. From 2010ish. ETA Link
  3. That's just dumb. Also there aren't any variations. It's just saber rattling, that's it.
  4. Getting annoyed at something during the day and thinking it would be perfect for this thread and then forgetting or getting over it (ok forgetting) by the time I get home.
  5. Personally I'd recommend satellite. But I have no idea what I'm talking about. And I hate cabins. GL
  6. That sucks. I thought it was going to be one of those "early celebration" vids and I have no sympathy for those tools but this kid got jobbed.
  7. Anyone here play Obduction (from the creators of Myst)? LONG time ago I played Myst (puzzle/mystery game) and loved it.
  8. You were renting?
  9. That doesn't even reflect the joke they're trying to make.