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  1. Probably never should have been hired to begin with. Bernies camp hasn't been great at vetting. They need some Yang Gang in there.
  2. "Amy Klobuchars face looks like that optical illusion where it's an old lady but also a young woman depending on how you look at it, but with her it's just two different old ladies" That is horrible. I laughed.
  3. This is pretty rich. I'm open to discuss anything - maybe dial it down a notch or three. I haven't attacked you personally and I haven't blindly defended everything Trump has said or done. Yes I think the impeachment was a sham. Long before the "whistleblower" (I think it's laughable we're still using that phrase), long before the Mueller investigation (and report and testimony), long before anything remotely approaching "high crimes and misdemeanors", the Democrats were out to "impeach the motherf###er". They didn't merely tip their hand, they broadcast it. That's not to say Trump did nothing wrong. Every President has engaged in bad actions. Not every President faced impeachment - and NONE have faced it from day one of taking office. Thanks to the short-sightedness of the House Dems, they've set a new low bar and a very poor precedent. From the very beginning the impeachment was about not accepting Trump won the election. Now future Presidents will get impeached and the question of removal from office will be a separate question. It's inevitable that the Presidnecy will eventually go back to the Dems. It's equally inevitable that the Dem President will face impeachment from the Republicans using the House Dem playbook. It was all political theater. What happened with the "2nd whistleblower"? What happened with bribery or extortion or collusion? What happened with withholding the articles from the Senate? These weren't playing well to the crowds. So we're left with "Abuse of Power". I honestly believe many House Dems would consider ANY use of power by Trump to be an abuse of power. And "Obstruction of Congress" - I literally laughed out loud the first time I heard that. I'm so used to hearing "Obstruction of Justice", obstruction of Congress has a nice ring to it. IMO, Schiff engaged in abuse of power. Pelosi engaged in obstruction of congress. I don't think they should be removed from office (unless more shenanigans come out about Schiff working the "whistelblower" improperly) but I can understand if some Dems in purple districts do.
  4. They could have called the witnesses they wanted while the House was railroading it. Really not sure why anyone on either side is upset about the impeachment. It was all political theater and both sides got what they wanted. The Dems got the label "Impeached President" that they wanted so bad from day one. And the Republicans get to say "acquited" or "victory". It seems like the only people upset are those who thought the purely political sham was legit.
  5. Based on Nevada he should have done the town hall and skipped the debate.
  6. Yes and I have a very strong feeling they will again in 2020.
  7. I'm not better than this. Honestly, supporting Trump isn't even my worst quality. I'm literally worse than this. The Republicans did not vote in lock step - although the vote wasn't remotely close to removing Trump from office - and rightly so. No one prevented the Dems from bringing any information forward, They mis-managed the House impeachment from the very beginning. The House Dems failed to make their case. We'll probably have to agree to disagree on impeachment No I don't support murder. I oppose abortion (it's murder) and the death penalty (one of the charming things the U.S. and Saudi Arabia have in common). No I don't support Russia. I support America. I'm not ashamed of that. Cheers.
  8. Many in the Cuban community are extremely passionate about the subject of Cuba in general and Castro in particular. If Bernie is the nominee, he can kiss Florida's electoral college votes goodbye.
  9. Hey BF, Not a big fan of the Saudi Arabian monarchy. They do a lot of terrible things. I don't think we should be enacting policies favorable to them. It is not something I think I should reward with my vote. If I vote for Trump - and it's pretty much a lock at this point - it won't be as a "reward" for Saudi Arabia, or as a reward for being a bully or as a reward for meant tweets. It will be in spite of all that. Future Presidents should fear the consequence of getting voted out of office. And now, thanks to the Dems, all future Presidents can fear impeachment as a pretty standard fact of elected life. So, two things to fear going forward.
  10. It's what they call themselves, so probably not.