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  1. In all seriousness, good on ya - not just for taking the kids to the game, but for laughing and deflecting. Sometimes kids need to see an adult de-escalate a situation. Much better than handing over the smallest one to the mob like I would have done.
  2. You're a monster.
  3. Apparently not.
  4. Personally I think boxed mac n cheese is already ruined.
  5. Maybe the old guy is a Nazi and it just suddenly occurred to the young guy that hey, we can punch Nazi's.
  6. The opposite of love is fear.
  7. I want to take good care of it because it used to be my dad's.
  8. When I was in high school, football was very popular and even though our team sucked all the cool kids went to the games. Spent most of my time in shop class. Highlight of the year was a big dance contest (I won - but not with the girl I took) and it was televised on American Bandstand.
  9. Love the comments: "I'm looking at his home on google maps street view. His lawn looks like ####. There's also a Camaro parked in the driveway" "I've gone to jail for less. " "I'm willing to bet his girl has webbed feet, too. Looks like the kind of broad who spends all day posting inspirational quotes on Instagram "
  10. I'm no bankologist but I don't think that's how you balance books BroPahnder.
  11. Great. Another Trump thread.
  12. Was it George Carlin who found another Mohican?
  13. How would we know?
  14. Well played. 25 years ago I'd have probably started ripping mine out by hand right then and there.
  15. Making friends with total strangers.