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  1. Thanks. When I read the article I was having a hard time connecting it to your response. It seemed an excessive use of "partial quotes" to support the authors point and not what DeSantis was actually saying, but otherwise pretty scattershot and sloppy imo.
  2. He started the explanation of his foot injury "I just got out of the shower"
  3. I hope not. I responded to him and I don't know what his claim was.
  4. Kind of an odd, scattered article. I think DeSantis is doing a good job so far - not flawless - but far from wheels falling off. Especially in comparison with some other Governors of large states. Just curious, what bothers you (from that article)?
  5. You’ve mentioned this like ten times since it happened and there were a couple of us early on that pointed out that your intent didn’t come across in the OP. I don’t even recall now what you said but I told you then and I’ll tell you now that I wasn’t surprised it got deleted. I was disputing CR69 ridiculous claim. Are you agreeing with him? This is the PSF. The recounts and legal challenges are the single biggest topic in politics right now. I thought the discussion deserved it's own thread and not get lost in an enormous thread related to the entire campaign season. Historically, if someone continues a conversation after the thread was deleted, they risk getting a time out. But go on with "Joe is unfair to the left" I guess.
  6. Damn. Starting to not look good for Trump.
  7. True. But I said idea, not example. Yang announced he was moving to Ga and was encouraging others to do so and to register to vote.
  8. It's so interesting to see the wide ranging speculation various posters manufacture. I think it reveals more about the individual poster than they intend - but it is interesting to see all the creativity we have here.
  9. So L.A. is now going on full lockdown and "cancelling everything". So glad I live in Florida.
  10. I haven't posted here because I don't really have a dog in this fight but this is truly mind boggling. If Ga GOP voters stay home as some sort of protest or boycott, then they deserve to lose the seats - and the Senate.