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  1. Just watched it again. Still a thing of beauty.
  2. Not new, but still fun to poke Philly fans. After all, these are the people who lynched Santa Claus from the goal post. And then disemboweled him at half time.
  3. Nuka World had a lot more humor than Far Harbor. But it didn't have enough of the explore/scrounge/survive vibe. Started a new game on Survival mode. I'm running around with an infection and building beds everywhere just so I can live. Nothing like going from god-like to having mole rats hand your ### to you.
  4. I believe it. The best tailgating at Tampa Stadium in the 80s when the Bucs were in the same division as Green Bay and they visited. Super friendly and generous fans. I wore Bucs gear to a Raiders game and bar in 05 (3 years after our superbowl win). Everyone looked pretty insane but they were all cool.
  5. Reading this hurt more than a helicopter crash.
  6. Doing this in March. But using helicopters, not rafts.