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  1. Trump really canceling his Election Night gala? If true, that's not good.
  2. I watch whatever network is losing. The drama is better.
  3. That the Left though has managed to commandeer the concept that every American has the right and should vote shouldn't be the case. It speaks negatively about The Right...and the Right doesn't seem to care.
  4. There's going to be multi-million book deals; Trump will get them.....but so will a whole lot of other people who have been in the administration.
  5. Newt is going to Newt.....and him being on Hannity; I'm surprised Newt didn't say VA, CO and OR were in play to give Trump potentially north of 350+. That Newt and Hannity didn't have MAGA pom-poms and megaphones was kind of surprising. Newt also said Romney was going north of 300 EVS in 2012, That being said, if you believe in the Boat Parades and Rallies and don't believe in the polls...... 326 isn't outside the realm of reasonability.
  6. Even Dukakis and Mondale got over 40% No way Trump gets under 40%.
  7. I do think that the idea " go vote' is taken by Trump supporters (and maybe by Republicans) as a hidden Democratic message because of the concept that higher turnout usually supports the Democratic Party. That suspicion isn't helped by (at least in SE PA) the idea that every commercial that tells people to "go vote/just do it" is sponsored by the DNC or their surrogates. I find that kind of funny because I would think Americans would want ALL eligible Americans to vote. On a personal level.....Trump winning in a landslide would be second on the list of things that would make me happy (the first obviously being Biden winning) simply because if there's a high turnout and he wins; the will of the American people has been delivered and it's up to me to look inward to see if I'm being to unreasonable/unrealistic/naive in my opinions.
  8. I was wondering why a picture of Hillary walking around L.A. with dark brown shorts and a button up brown shirt was popping up on the line.
  9. In an effort to try and find a reason to swing my vote to Trump......I'm looking at this Tony Bobulinski thing..... What did Joe Biden do that was illegal? What should/could he be charged with? Keep in mind I'm not really interested in this case juxtaposed against Trumps Impeachement or the Sessions/Mueller Investigation in regards to Russia.....nor does the idea that certain aspects of the media have kiboshed Laptop Gate. What has Joe Biden done that was illegal?
  10. I don't think they think that far. One of the laments that I hear from some people on The Right is how things were better back in "the day".....without them often acknowledging that back in "the day".....police would just straight crack skulls and beat the crap out of you.....and there wasn't much recourse; particularly for people of color. I always thought that an authoritarian police state was something that Conservatives railed against. More and more....I think they're comfortable with the narrative "as long as it doesn't happen to me".