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  1. Wyatt would have been pretty cool if he popped up and said "Daniel doesn't matter. Let them both in" Not really a WM Main Event with Luke Harper/Styles and Wyatt.......but maybe a real chance for Styles/Wyatt to get their WM due.
  2. ####ty draw. Come on. Bad storytelling.
  3. Harper won that. They both went over the same time....but Styles hit first.
  4. Kind of looked like they were actually wrestling for a bit.
  5. Way too long. Jumped in a pool in the middle of was more shallow then I realized and had my foot sideways and landed right on it. That hurt like hell and when I got home there was a linear bruise on the outside of my right foot about 6 inches long. Like a dope, I didnt' go to the doctor and I limped until about early Nov. That's the latest in probably a half a dozen times where I didn't go to the doctor and have dealt with pain for a prolonged period of time. I have to stop being so macho. Not trying to sound like a tough guy or something....but I think men get ingrained in their heads that you're a ##### if you go to the doctor. It's stupid...I have great insurance. I'm just an idiot. Like Carmine from the Sopranos said "Be a better friend to yourself". ETA: But also like an idiot...I'm constantly perusing the interweb medical sites trying to seld diagnose to see if I should go to the doctor.
  6. Guys like Wentz, Mariotta, Winston, Goff, Prescott are expected by their teams to be franchise guys. Those teams are fine with them in the role for the next couple of years (or regime change). For all intents and purposes, they're "franchise" guys.
  7. They don't need to score. The NHL players could bail out on every pitch and the parameters of the poll wouldn't change.
  8. Come on. There's a plethora of MLB players who run like they have a piano on their back.
  9. IF they're both at their homefield...the MLB team will only be getting 8 innings of hitting as well....24 outs.
  10. You really think any of those players would be standing after an NHL player buzzed their tower with a 100+ slap shot? Come get thrown out for throwing at the head. NHL....they give you the high five if you buzz the tower. It's the guys responsiblilty to get out of the way.
  11. Yeah, but professional players aren't always knocking them out of the park when they're getting Batting Practice grooved pitches. Say the hockey team is facing an average MLB team.....If I'm the manager of the NHL team and I know the rules of this post (giving up less runs in the MLB game than I am scoring in the NHL game) I might even be intentionally walking a guy or two every inning just to set a force at every base. I'd be intentionally walking the best hitters in the lineup almost at all times.
  12. Was at a half empty WWF house show in the early/mid 90s. This was the Tatanka days. We were walking around the empty upper deck and watching and this guy was just sitting up there watching. One of my friends recognized him as George Steel. We went over there, asked if it was cool if we sat down and he ended up talking to us for like a half an hour. Nice guy.
  13. They don't have to get a single hit. They just have to prevent the MLB players from scoring.
  14. The hockey team probably has more than a couple of guys on it who have played baseball at some point in their lives at a reasonable level (High School). The baseball team probably doesn't have but one or two guys on its team that has played hockey. I'm going to go with the hockey team, despite the time regulations of the game. ETA: I don't think a hockey team is scoring anything off a professional pitcher......but I do think they could field 9 guys who could play servicable defense. I think most baseball players would injure themselves before they even took the ice....and once the game started......those NHL players would have a field day kicking the #### out of them.
  15. So you're saying if I get into trouble...I could plead out and "take the Cheeto"?