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  1. Wegas are actually still pretty desirable in the secondary market.
  2. A lot of those girls names sound right with the phrase "Now appearing on the main stage" in front of them.
  3. Why did you speed in Ohio? Even us guys in Delaware know that you never, NEVER speed in Ohio.
  4. I think of a fight that I almost got into with some jabroni in a movie theatre. I was just settling down in my seat with a nice can of Starkist in oil, when some ####### accosted me and kept hounding me over eating said tuna fish.
  5. I see Randall Cobb as a guy who people are forgetting about. That his ADP (3.12) at one site I looked at is so high means there's not much meat on that bone if you're looking for value. Fitz is another is D. Thomas. These guys are suffering from "Donald Driver" Syndrome......they are quality veterans who the rank and file have fallen out of love with because its Christmas Morning and there's a whole new bunch of toys under the tree. Anquan Bolden might be the biggest victim of "DDS".
  6. But is there anyone running a foodtruck who sells poutine and calls the customers "sizzlechest"?
  7. Go with Poutine or Banh Mi. Get a prime location around bars. Work nights. Have a gimmick, like insulting the customer or calling them stuff like "sizzlechest" or "rubberneck" or "liver lips". YWIA.
  8. I don't feel the need to stack an elite QB with their elite WR1.....but later in my drafts, I do find myself looking more in depth at the WR2 and WR3 of an elite QB I might have drafted.
  9. There's a website I've seen on other's called DOGFART. I think they've addressed this situation once or twice. Believe me, you don't want to know what happened when your wife got home with the groceries.
  10. Balor, I believe. He's either wearing a leather jacket or he has that mane around his head as the Demon.
  11. Balor/Rollins didn't work outside the ring....but they were great together. This company has more quality in ring talent then they've ever had. There's no reason they should be getting mixed/poor reviews at their 2nd/3rd biggest PPV of the year.
  12. I'd add Wendell Smallwood to that list....and IMO, he might end up being the steal. He was targeted by Pederson in the draft. He's a good pass catcher. He's behind Matthews on the depth chart...and (IMO the most important) he hasn't played in the preseason yet so he's kind of flying under the conventional radar. He's supposed to play this week....and if he performs well, he'll shoot up the rankings. I play in a league with a lot of PHI fans.....and I'm of kind of disgruntled that our draft is Sun....because by then we'll have more of an idea of how he'll play.
  13. I akin that to the old RB/RB theory back in the day. Buying into the "because everyone else is doing it" idea just pushes the premier players in the other positions back to the guys who started the runs.
  14. ZERORB works if you A) have a year like last year where RBs went down faster than hookers on payday and B) you actually hit on 1 or 2 of those backup "diamonds in the rough". I'm not opposed to a "SINGLERB" strategy where you get your (your lineups not neccessarily a true)RB1 with a nice value pick and then punting your RB2 slot until the 10th........but punting the entire position for the first 10 rounds is (IMO) risky.
  15. I like Balor. He's just flat out wee though. He's much closer to Neville than he is even to Seth Rollins.