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  1. I'm praying for a "Trump smokes Clinton in the popular but loses in the EC by less than 5" situation. That would be the greatest thing for the Devils Advocates and Smart Asses of the Nation..
  2. Couldn't stop the bleeding.
  3. Let them talk about the injuries. I don't care. I'm not expecting a title this just let the narrative continue to be "it's just the Browns", "It's just the Bears", "Steelers had some in-game injuries"....etc. etc.
  4. We got a QB.....I liked McNabb, but this Kid is going to be something very special.
  5. Keeping him fresh, I guess.
  6. I don't know why, but the NFL punditry has sold their D short the entire off and preseason. It's weird......people would tell you that Cox,Logan,Curry,Graham,Barwin were all above average lineman, with Cox being one of the best in the league....yet they didn't get any respect. Even in the secondary....Jenkins is held in high regard, McCloud was one of the better S on the FA market, Jalen Mills was a 2nd Round talent that fell to the 7th and Nolan Carroll and Leonidas McKelvin were league average. The LB core was a bit thin....but most everyone thought Jordan Hicks was a stud in the making. Add Jim Schwartz to the mix AND run an Offensive game plan that didn't go 3 and out in 82 seconds and it made sense to think that they'd at the least be league average.
  7. Eagles D is running with PIT. Can PIT mix it up and throw in a heavy package?
  8. LOL!....Ben just doesn't go down!
  9. Come on PHI.
  10. PITT....just so many weapons who are almost perfect at what they're supposed to do.
  11. He should have probably invited Monica. Something's telling me though that Mark Cuban was invited for the same reason.
  13. Eagles like Barner. Smallwood has gotten pop from Pederson, but Barner is one of the few players left from The Purge. As a 3rd string RB, you'd think it would have been easy to get rid of him. If Matthews goes down, I think you see Barner get a chance to be the main guy with Smallwood (once he gets caught up as he missed most of training camp) being the backup for the Sproles slot. That's not saying that Smallwood couldn' cut into Barner's time if he outplays his position or Barner underplays his.
  14. Part of it is the complete devaluing of the position by NFL teams/scouts/execs. There's a lot of talent at the RB position in the 5th, 6th, 7th rounds. A basic hard nosed runner isn't worth much.....and I wouldn't be surprised if NFL teams are looking at ability to pass protect (because let's be honest, most of these guys in DIV 1-A are all already exeptional athletes) and the ability to pick up a blitz as paramount in their running backs, with pass catching second.
  15. BB would be better off dumping Brady and his salary and paying his D.