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  1. There's room for both; particuarly if different messengers say different messages. Nothing wrong with the Democratic POTUS candidates taking a higher road, Democratic Congressmen in safe districts mixing it up with him a bit and the Democratic media throwing haymakers below the belt.
  2. Meh. If they're pissed off they'll vote for Trump. If they're not pissed off....they'll still vote for Trump...and it's not like they're coming into this equation from a moral high ground. They have no problems throwing base accusations/words at rival politicians and their voters. I wouldn't be taking their feelings into consideration in regards to self censoring.
  3. I think you're listening too much to what Trumpers/Republicans want you do in regards to how to beat Trump. Trumps voters are going to be angry and vote for him no matter how nice the message against the POTUS is. Self censoring opinion and rebuttals against Trumps boorish attitude only helps mute what kind of deplorable person most think he is.
  4. I hope we get a MAVERICK: (Gets close to SLIDER; sniffs the air around him) Slider.....(pause for effect; MAVERICK briefly looks directly at camera and gives one of those patented Tom Cruise grins) you STILL stink! moment.
  5. I think part of the problem with the bolded is that, by and large, depictions and attitudes of and towards race were primarily defined by "white" society. Non-whites are finally getting a strong enough voice to push back against that. It's not necessarily an attack against whites....i.e. it's more of a "Hey.....(to use a stereotype thats close to me) I'm American Irish/Irish American....I don't really appreciate you defining me and mine (innocently in most cases) as a good natured yet scrappy drunkard Leprechaun".
  6. I would have more sympathy for the plight of the Conservative/Trumper/Republican who gets called "racist" at the drop of a hat for the most trivial of matters... IF Those same people weren't so quick to throw out the "Un-American, Socialist and Communist" tags at the drop of a hat for the most trivial of matters.
  7. I don't think the sport/World Cup matches got much more popular because of the Trump/Womens Team situation. This situation is too intricately tied into the Trump v. Women/Womens Rights and Trump v. (what he and his supporters feel to be) Uppity Sports Figures Who Should Stay Out Of The Political Spectrum, Play Their Games And Remember Who Pays Their Salaries to really merit being a separate issue...... but team probably got a small bump in political street cred because of it.
  8. It's racist when those who admit to being racist think it's acceptable and advancing of their agenda. Someone on this board said it months ago (paraphrasing)..."I don't know if President Trump is racist......but he's managed to convince those who admit to being racist that he's racist."
  9. Cronuts are the boobs. I've never tried rolled ice cream...but find the videos on youtube to be soothing.
  10. Yeah....there's very few things more "old school" than bone broth. How did the Millenials co-opt this?
  11. That doesn't look like the American Flag that was spray painted.
  12. Not only is he Russian...he's from the Soviet Union.
  13. Really liking this new "maverick" in Congress. She's building a brand for herself and gaining a loyal base.