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  1. Nice thing helped turn the House in 18.
  2. That's why I've never gotten the Mueller hatred from The Right....particularly when they've continually insisted that there's never been any hint of collusion.
  3. Even with all the power of the Executive Branch at his disposal......I don't think Trump has the cajones to get into the mud with Hillary. It is true about what they say about the Clintons....if you want to go after better have some kryptonite.
  4. When does the "Mueller is honorable" pivot happen with Trump and co.?
  5. Tyrion. Jon. Arya. Sansa. Sam..................survive Cersei, Jamie, Dany, Theon, Hound......... die.
  6. Those that shall not be named lay it on a little bit more than Tyrion MIGHT not be Tywins son. I think the biggest takeaway from the show in regards to this was the comment Tywin made (paraphrasing) "Since I could not prove you were not my son, I gave you my name" to Tyrion.
  7. I say "ladies" if it's a group and "M'am" if it's a singular woman...regardless of her age. If they want to get annoyed...that's their problem...not mine.
  8. Gotta stretch before those reaches, Bro. You're going to pull something.
  9. Assault be assault. It's not right. To a former member of the Egg Syndicate (a gang that used to throw eggs at cars on the highway)...I applaud this young mans usage of a nice Grade A. ETA: The game be the game...war is don't give enough of a cluck and you start to best be ready for fists to fly back at you.
  10. Life is like a Circuit City line....the longer you spend in it and the closer you get to the front...the more you realize how much time you wasted being in it. - Otis Gump -
  11. I liked her much better in the movies than in the previews. In the previews she just seemed pretty monotone/boring. In the actual movie...she conveyed a real sense of a person who can kick ### and knows it....after all, she's two times over a soldier. It showed in the way she interacted with people. Loved it when she growled/screamed at the Skrull who screamed at her.
  12. Quicksiler was more accurate in the MARVEL version as his character is supposed to be just an arrogant, gruff dick.......but the X-MEN version was cooler/used better.
  13. For the most part though...each House has an unconventional successor; still in the game. Stormlands - Gendry or Brienne Iron Islands - Yara/Theon Winterfell - Sansa/Bran/Arya/Jon The Reach - Sam Tarly Riverlands - Harrenhal was a traditonal seat of it. It's vacant (Bronn always wanted a Castle). Dorne - Where's that? The West - Tyrion To me, bittersweet will be Dany or Jon dying (I'm leaning Dany as Jon has a more plausible scenario in regards to NOT sitting on the Iron Throne) with Tyrion being the Hand of the King to either infant Cersei baby or Dany/Jon baby.