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  1. Will Ted Nugent be playing the guitar ala the guitar player in Immorten Joes posse?
  2. If its O'Keefe and Hannity was getting a boner about isn't going to be FOX. Maybe...MAYBE there will be a couple of "clowning" moments from a FOX broadcast in order for O'Keefe to try to claim some objectiveness....but we're not getting Roger Ailes ogling chicks and propositioning them on camera here.
  3. That was riveting....until it wasn't.
  4. Gotta go South America. People want to talk up Australia.....but South America puts you in a better position to break out.
  5. Meh. This guy isn't reliable.
  6. LOL!....I'll have to see that.
  7. Watching that Battle Royale for the WM spot last night...and it got me wondering. Has there ever been like a tournament style Battle Royal? Start with 20 guys (or any number) in the ring and then they wrestle until 15 are left...then the next week go 15 to 10....then 10 to 5 and then 5 to whatever (1 winner....the participants in a three way or four way or a H2H for the belt). IMO, that would be a pretty good format that would enable you to really tell stories in the ring with different character templates. You could have a stable running roughshod....the underdog who manages to stay in...the clowns, who are so confident of making it to the next round that they just sit there watch (or do something stupid). There's plenty of room for backstabbing and alliances (a schemer could really shine in this format). You can have the True Hero standing alone against however many other guys.....AND, (IMO) that gives you enough time for the writers to read the the popularity and throw a few curveballs here and there.
  8. Wyatt would have been pretty cool if he popped up and said "Daniel doesn't matter. Let them both in" Not really a WM Main Event with Luke Harper/Styles and Wyatt.......but maybe a real chance for Styles/Wyatt to get their WM due.
  9. ####ty draw. Come on. Bad storytelling.
  10. Harper won that. They both went over the same time....but Styles hit first.
  11. Kind of looked like they were actually wrestling for a bit.
  12. Way too long. Jumped in a pool in the middle of was more shallow then I realized and had my foot sideways and landed right on it. That hurt like hell and when I got home there was a linear bruise on the outside of my right foot about 6 inches long. Like a dope, I didnt' go to the doctor and I limped until about early Nov. That's the latest in probably a half a dozen times where I didn't go to the doctor and have dealt with pain for a prolonged period of time. I have to stop being so macho. Not trying to sound like a tough guy or something....but I think men get ingrained in their heads that you're a ##### if you go to the doctor. It's stupid...I have great insurance. I'm just an idiot. Like Carmine from the Sopranos said "Be a better friend to yourself". ETA: But also like an idiot...I'm constantly perusing the interweb medical sites trying to seld diagnose to see if I should go to the doctor.
  13. Guys like Wentz, Mariotta, Winston, Goff, Prescott are expected by their teams to be franchise guys. Those teams are fine with them in the role for the next couple of years (or regime change). For all intents and purposes, they're "franchise" guys.
  14. They don't need to score. The NHL players could bail out on every pitch and the parameters of the poll wouldn't change.