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  1. I thought this McCabe was guilty.
  2. Wasn't Sessions a Republican? I thought he was.
  3. Why didn't the Republican Senators in charge of the Impeachment call him?
  4. I don't believe we're living in a dictatorship. I think Trumps very much the style of candidate who COULD push down the path of dictatorship. I do think though that the ability to implement a dictatorship has been made easier in this country by: A) A lack of proportional represenation in the House. B) The 17th Amendment and the removal of a filtration level in regards to U.S. Senators C) The increase in Executive Power over the past number of years.
  5. I don't know about Bloomberg's viability with the D base. That being said, Would Bloomberg lose any state in which Biden/Mayor Pete/Bernie/Warren/Klobacher would win? For every Bernie Bro that would abandon him.....I'd imagine there would be a Never Trumper or Independent who just doesn't like Trump who would vote for him.
  6. I don't think Trump doesn't leave the WH peacefully. I think though that Trump will tweet something to the effect that "If he didn't want to leave the WH....Americans would support that and that they are begging him to stay".
  7. The Olympus Mons Trump Tower will be yuuuge!....Bigger than the Mons itself.
  8. Meh. I think we're past the point of "who said what" and "he said/she said". I'm not a Bernie guy.....but I can't believe this will cause any of those people to not vote for him.
  9. One of the things about the 16 election and the past couple of years I've wondered is if it would have all gone down the way it did if Jon Stewart didn't retire. I know the Daily Show is still on and Trevor Noah is capable.....but Stewart had a certain "it" factor that made people listen to him......something that I don't think the current "Stewart style" people have.
  10. The funny thing about HRC is that if she got would still come down to MI,WI and PA. She'd make more of a contest of it than a few of the candidates running now.
  11. Well said. Trump just needs to tone it down, run the clock out; and ice the D's offense. He's up by 6 under the 2 minute warning and he's throwing Hail Marys because he bet the (-7 1/2) line on his team. ETA: That being said...the D's are going to get the ball back, promptly march down the field, score a TD, go for 2 because they don't QUITE understand what to do, miss it and force the country into an Overtime.
  12. Are both sides at least in agreement that it's going to come down to a handful of states with PA,WI and MI being the main ones? Does anyone really think we're going to get a Reagan 84 map or an Obama 08?
  13. Losing in 2020 changes the following.... But if it ain't broke, why try to fix it? If Trump coasts thru and gets re-elected in 2020, why would the Republicans NOT follow the same game plan in 2024? All due respect to the Republicans you know, but if they don't like him,...but are still voting for him, why are the NOT going to vote for a similar candidate in 2024?* * And lets be honest....does anyone, be it 2020 or 2024, feel that Trumps going to "retire"?...…. Unless he gets ABSOLUTELY smoked in 2020.....he's THE Republican KingMaker until the day he dies.