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  1. When has that stopped him from doing something before?
  2. That's a shame....but those people might have just wanted to kill themselves anyway.
  3. Right. Precedence has been set. You'd have to wait.
  4. I think it's right to let the voters decide. You'd have to wait. That's the new precedence.
  5. Joes Joe. He shoots from the hip....he makes mistakes....and most importantly...he apologizes... unlike our current POTUS who would try to contort and twist a rationalization of his words and actions to the point where he could claim he was right and didn't need to apologize(SharpieGate/CharolotteGate etc. etc.) If this is getting Trump supporters bent out of shape....buckle's going to be a long 8 years.....16 if we count Hunter's two terms after Joes.
  6. This. To me, at least the Democratic Party says "we trust you first" to the minority voter. The GOP says "trust us first"....and then any trust that is given by minorities to the GOP is immediately thrown away by the GOP.
  7. The ARROGANCE from Trump that he thinks he's so better than us that he doesn't have to wear a mask when he forces us to wear them. He TRAMPLES on OUR Rights while he flaunts his abuses of the LAW! This is beyond the pale. We pay the taxes on the White House...HOW DARE HE not wear a mask in OUR house?
  8. Yup. Trump/Howard Stern interviews back in the day showed how obsessed he is with germs. He'd be locked in Trump Tower right now if he was able to.
  9. Is it worse than BrownSuitGate or DijonOnABurgerGate?
  10. To the tune of GI JOE THE MOVIE's Theme Song..... YO JOE! Crashing thru the sky Comes an evil cry MAGA!(MAGAAA!) MAGA!(MAGAAA!) Its leader fat and wide Orange is his hide MAGA!(MAGAAA!) MAGA!(MAGAAA!) No where to run No where to hide When MAGA Trolls are far and wide Who will turn the tide? Scranton Joe.....a Real American Hero..... Scranton Joe is there... YO JOE!
  11. What's this assumption based on? 2016 or the 2018 elections? I'd imagine that Trump carried 2016 based on a combination of traditional Republican values, being a newcomer, Democratic fatigue and Hillary hate. 2018 showed that once Hillary (arguably right there with Trump as the most liked/disliked National political candidate of the past 40 years) was out of the picture and Trump wasn't the newcomer and actually had a political record......his party suffered. What have Trump/Republicans done since 2018 that mitigates some of the hate/concern over his leadership methods that helped flip the script from 16 to 18?
  12. To me, it's simple.... Was the Federal reaction and action sufficient enough to A) help mitigate death, B) help mitigate the virus spreading, C) help lessen the blow of any economic side effects of the virus D) help educate the population on any and all components of concern and E) create a sense of optimism and unity within the country? ETA: F) Come up with a preparation plan post initial outbreak....either an economic one in the case that the virus fizzles out.... a health and safety one in the case the virus re surges or a combination of the two?