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  1. True. I believe it was none other that Mister Carl Weathers who once proclaimed "It's better to ask for forgiveness than beg for permission, Baby".
  2. Says who? Make the ####### go out and buy you a NEW 50 ft. tree.
  3. I can vouch for this. If you keep it up with him......he'll even eventually "Bless Your Heart"* despite the inanity of your comments. * I had to look that one up.
  4. It was a really good P.S to the story. Felt more like a Western than BB ever did. IT didn't really change anything from the show...didn't hit us with a "guy behind the guy behind the guy" who was going to be a antagonist for Jesse in the movie. The cameos weren't extraneous. They were organic to the story. The flashbacks were decent......with the Walter/Jesse being pretty interesting as it was probably the last time Jesse could have gotten out (after that, Combo gets killed, they get involved with Gus, Jane dies and he's on his path) and that Walter was Walter White and not Heisenberg ( after it...Walter goes in remission, gets tired of retiring and decides to become full on outlaw). If they had released this in theatres or made a HUGE deal about it....I could see it disappointing. As it was was cool.* * Although I think if they went totally incognito with it and released El Camino with a no would have gotten more street cred pop.
  5. Mental Note: If an opposing teams high level player is complaining for a couple of weeks about NOT getting the ball......try to cover him.
  6. Yeah....take the points, get the ball in the 2nd. Maybe you do that at home.....but not right there.
  7. I don't want MIN to get the ball back again before half...they might score.
  8. There's not much gas left in the Jeffery tank. Competitior…...but he looks old.
  9. Douglas isn't even in the same zip code as Diggs. The Eagles probably could really use Clowney right about now. Big mistake IMO on Howies part.
  10. Hard to win when those refs have that selective vision.
  11. Truth. But if she's the D candidate....I'll be her biggest fan.
  12. Beto just being Beto. Beto polling at <5% should be enough to convince those willing to listen that an OVERWHELMING majority of D voters aren't looking to take their guns and their churches and force people to turn gay or transgender.