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  1. FWIW, the Eagles were extremely high on Lewis out of college. They were just higher on Shady, Bryce Brown and Chris Polk. Joe Banner drafted him, thought he was very the point that when he left Philly in 2012 and went to CLE....he traded for Lewis.
  2. It's like Al Bundy and that song he couldn't remember "Hmm, hmmm Himmmm".
  3. Obviously there's going to be comparisons to OLD MAN LOGAN and LOGAN. From the preview, LOGAN looks to be able to stand on its own. Very well done.* * Obviously I would love to see OLD MAN LOGAN, but that ain't happening.
  4. Shouldn't they be trying to look and girls boobs or something like that?
  5. Megyn Kelly is killing this Jason Miller, Potato Headed dude on FOX right now. Guy is playing checkers...
  6. You'll only be able to hear him as his splooge will be covering the lens.
  7. 1. Clinton is still unlikeable. She's The Nature Boy Buddy Landell to Bills Nature Boy Ric Flair. There's only one President Clinton. 2. Trump can't get out of his own way. Wallace nailed HRC twice....and Trump pooped in the water and made everyone get out of the pool. 3. Trump didn't get the knockout he needed. If he had shut up and let HRC fumble about for a few seconds......he might have had her on a bad soundbyte. 4. " What a nasty woman" will be right up there with "I might not accept the results" as new Clinton attack ads.
  8. No.....legit. Something about her....unless you're saying that she'd be charity laying which I'd agree with you.
  9. I so want to smash Kellyanne Conway.
  10. She stole that "Middle Out" schtick from Pied Piper!!! I hope she doesn't try to win the way Erlich was willing to win with......
  11. You think the money is going to stop if there's term limits?