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  1. Nothing comedic about Nazis.
  2. I'll readily punch a Nazi. To me, they....more than any other political/societal entity (probably from being drummed into my head for 50+ years from television, history books, grandparents and uncles who fought in WWII and video games that these are the WORST people ever) shouldn't be able to hide behind the Freedom of Speech defense. Nazis, to me...are immune. But that being said.....I readily acknowledge that any actions on behalf of my Nazi opinions are indefensible in a civilzed world. There's no legitimate, non hypocritical, non "someone probably hates pro-choicers or Maoists or Red Sox fans as much as you hate Nazis" slippery slope defense to the way I feel.
  3. They're going to need money/stability as they move out of the incubator. Replacing Erlich with Russ Hannemann would work.....if Hannemann was shown in smaller doses than Erlich currently is.
  4. Technically, couldn't Gavin had stolen the formula? Richard wrote it on his property. Is Gavin giving it up showing that he's legitmately out?
  5. If he were to would that seat be filled?
  6. Meh. Wasn't like 70% of the votes cast before the assault?
  7. Two were done back in the day when he was writing fast(1998)(2003).
  8. Hannity's running for the hills? Yeah.....this thing is legit.
  9. It's Dunkin Egg....a hardboiled egg inside a Dunkin Donut. YWIA. HTH.
  10. The FBI/Russia/Trump thing doesn't even have to touch on Rich or Assange to do its job. Assange isn't the lynchpin to this thing.
  11. This guy went from "stunning revelations" on Hannity I don't want to talk about it...they're attacking my sponsors. He's dunzo with it. He thought he was being slick by trying to use Richs murder as a comparison to attack the DNC/MSM for their (his opinion) baseless attacks against Trump in regards to Russia. The public didn't care for the idea that he's ripping scabs off of the wounds of Richs family and he had to stop. It happens. Hopefully he'll learn not to put someone in the game like he did with the Rich family.
  12. I think this is the last we'll hear about it....until either the mid-terms or the smoke grows in regards to the Trump/Russia investigations.
  13. I guess Sean values his money over the truth that he suspects/knows.
  14. And now that Ace Investigator: Sean Hannity and all his hacker friends have abandoned them....they're running out of people who will stand up for them against the megalomaniacal Hilliary and Obama led DNC and their cadre of not very efficient assassins.