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  1. I was at that game. You don't want to think the crowd has that big of a impact on the game....but I was convinced the crowd got into C.C.s head on that one.
  2. Depends on who you'd pick up.
  3. I'm as interested in the next guy to see the release of the JFK files. It's obviously at the POTUS' discretion....with really the only two concerns being A) the POTUS leveraging the release release in exchange for something from agenices asking them NOT to be released and B) his viewpoint and opinions on what would trigger the "national security and law enforcement" caveat. I want to see them out....but I think there will be an 11th Hour pull back of some files as I think agencies asking for them not to be released will acquiesce to some backdoor demand while his ego will want to insert himself into one of the biggest stories of the 20th century...we'll get the "I...and only I have seen these files...and let me tell you...there's some strange stuff in there. I don't want to go into it....but there's some really weird stuff in there that could hurt this country at this time. So to that....I've made the decision to not allow the release of some of these files...which only I've seen". speech.
  4. St. Louis was 4-12 before they picked up Faulk from IND in 1999. I kind of agree with your assesemnt of drafting a RB early in the first......but I do think a transcendent talent at the position can open the offensive playbook for just about any team; regardless of their level of talent at other skill positions.
  5. A comedian said it best: Don't say or do anything without permission to a woman that you wouldn't want another guy saying or doing to you without permission in prison.
  6. Because a Milky Way a day helps you work, rest and play.
  7. This kind of comes across as if Kelly was asked/forced/cajoled to go to bat for the President and in the process, f----- up the message in the same way Trump messed up the original conversation with the wife. A lot of the Trump talking heads, instead of just saying "yeah....he could have expressed the message that was given to him by Kelly better", are instead doubling down on stupidity by attacking the Congresswoman...and by extension, the widow and the family.
  8. Father Phil from the Sopranos looks like a real dick.
  9. Pretty much all the "soccer mom" fast food joints are overrated; Chipotle, Moe's, Panera....those places where they entice you with buzz words "artesian" breads, "Old World" cheeses, "farm fresh" produce, "premium" meats.
  10. Pretty sure Bawhsthan! did the year Lackey was eating the chicken.
  11. If they win here.....they still have to win something in easy shakes.
  12. What a dip #### fan.......
  13. I applaud the newfound concern from Conservatives towards Russians trying to influence people within the corridors of power in our country and expect them to fully back ALL investigations and concerns regarding this matter going forward. It's good they're finally realizing the severity of these actions from Moscow.
  14. He really should be saving a lot of this stuff for 2020....if he's interested in running again. This stuff is red meat for his core.......but it isn't doing him any good right now.