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  1. I watch whatever network is losing. The drama is better.
  2. That the Left though has managed to commandeer the concept that every American has the right and should vote shouldn't be the case. It speaks negatively about The Right...and the Right doesn't seem to care.
  3. There's going to be multi-million book deals; Trump will get them.....but so will a whole lot of other people who have been in the administration.
  4. Newt is going to Newt.....and him being on Hannity; I'm surprised Newt didn't say VA, CO and OR were in play to give Trump potentially north of 350+. That Newt and Hannity didn't have MAGA pom-poms and megaphones was kind of surprising. Newt also said Romney was going north of 300 EVS in 2012, That being said, if you believe in the Boat Parades and Rallies and don't believe in the polls...... 326 isn't outside the realm of reasonability.
  5. Even Dukakis and Mondale got over 40% No way Trump gets under 40%.
  6. I do think that the idea " go vote' is taken by Trump supporters (and maybe by Republicans) as a hidden Democratic message because of the concept that higher turnout usually supports the Democratic Party. That suspicion isn't helped by (at least in SE PA) the idea that every commercial that tells people to "go vote/just do it" is sponsored by the DNC or their surrogates. I find that kind of funny because I would think Americans would want ALL eligible Americans to vote. On a personal level.....Trump winning in a landslide would be second on the list of things that would make me happy (the first obviously being Biden winning) simply because if there's a high turnout and he wins; the will of the American people has been delivered and it's up to me to look inward to see if I'm being to unreasonable/unrealistic/naive in my opinions.
  7. I was wondering why a picture of Hillary walking around L.A. with dark brown shorts and a button up brown shirt was popping up on the line.
  8. In an effort to try and find a reason to swing my vote to Trump......I'm looking at this Tony Bobulinski thing..... What did Joe Biden do that was illegal? What should/could he be charged with? Keep in mind I'm not really interested in this case juxtaposed against Trumps Impeachement or the Sessions/Mueller Investigation in regards to Russia.....nor does the idea that certain aspects of the media have kiboshed Laptop Gate. What has Joe Biden done that was illegal?
  9. I don't think they think that far. One of the laments that I hear from some people on The Right is how things were better back in "the day".....without them often acknowledging that back in "the day".....police would just straight crack skulls and beat the crap out of you.....and there wasn't much recourse; particularly for people of color. I always thought that an authoritarian police state was something that Conservatives railed against. More and more....I think they're comfortable with the narrative "as long as it doesn't happen to me".
  10. He's so confident.......I think he's going to give the money back to the people who sent it.
  11. That's amazing. I have to believe New York is in play if that line of supporters stretched all the way back to Ohio!
  12. I think though....the only one you can even remotely cry foul on is Garland; and that idea of being robbed would be reduced even further if McConnell allowed a vote. I don't think Kennedy would have retired if Clinton won. It's kind of my understanding that Kennedy retired with the demand that Kavanaugh got his seat. Even RBG....I get not wanting to walk away; but if she were worried about the sanctity of her "seat" she could have walked away during Obamas early years. I don't really like defending Trump era Republicans.......but I blame the Democratic voter for them not having a 7-2 majority on the SC.
  13. You know....for a second.....I actually thought the former communications aide to Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., and the Senate Republican Policy Committee was going to go for Biden.
  14. It's the ultimate power play move for him. He steps asidef for, in his words, the good of the country....yet he'll still be there watching Joe; making sure he isn't screwing up....and if he has to...he'll come back in 2024. His hardcore supporters will lap that up like an old man laps up nickle soup night at the local diner. And that's the real tragedy of a Trump Presidency....... Rank and file Conservatives and Republicans....they'll move on. Not the rank and file Trump Man. He'll be in that families political back pocket until Don Jr. is too old to run.
  15. Where's the push from The Right in Congress to sponsor a bill limiting the SCJs to 9? Do they not want to do that in case they need/want to exploit the vagueness of it in the future? I'm not particularly for it....I mainly like to point out the lack of clarification in regards to the number in the Constitution to those who use the idea of "if its not in the Constitution"....... in other arguments. ACB, Kavanaugh/Gorsuch; it's not like Trump nominated Jr./Kayne and The Mooch. The sanctity of the court hasn't been tarnished* by these three. Those three are qualified. Do they have ideological opinions on how/why something should be ruled on? Sure. That's how it's always been. If you want to have SCJs on the court that are more prone to listen particular elections. I guess a case could be made for the "will of the people" in regards to trying to manipulate the court to gain a more favorable slate of judges, but it would have to be on par with a Reagan/FDR level shift AND; I think that would even have to be combined with the idea that sitting SCJs are unabashedly legislating from the bench in an almost corrupt way. * That being said, I think if this election breaks bad it could put the court in a position in which they will be viewed as "tarnished" by many. I think it's a mistake ACB doesn't look like she wants to recuse herself from this.
  16. If there's concern about the court being packed......Congress has the ability to remedy that. I don't really hear much in regards to legislation being brought up to solidify 9. All I hear is about "tradition". I'd have a lot more respect for the concerns about "packing the court" if politicians in Congress would push to settle it. ETA: And I'm not one who really thinks there's a need to "pack a court".
  17. They did. Right after Trump won in 16, Republicans were salivating at 18; thinking it was going to be a huge night for the RNC 2022 looks equally bad for the RNC.
  18. There were millions more votes cast for the Democratic Party than the Republican Party in 2018.
  19. A little higher than before....... now at 80% Trump lost the popular in 2016. His Party took a bit hit across the country in 2018 Higher unemployment than when Obama left 250K dead with no end in sight. Biden is immensely more likeable than Clinton. Micro targeting, the youth sitting out and/or a higher turnout in minority voters for Trump could swing the election to him. I think he loses in the popular by more than he did in 2016 even if he wins the EC. Biden could be "William Wallaced at Falkirk" by the Sanders' Lords of the Left......but I think they're even getting in line. Both candidates have a "vibe" that could point that they're going to win. Trump is drawing people with his rallies. Bidens ads (at least in SE PA) are very positive; extolling his virtues rather than Trumps deficiencies. POTUS fatigue (something I think the entire country is suffering from) immensely helps Biden. I also think that the Barrett confirmation was a bit of a mistake for the R's/Trump. It should have been a carrot to get people to the polls. As it stands, I could see a lot of "on the fence" Republicans sitting this one out; smoking the metaphorical "post-coitus cigarette" in regards to they now have the ability to control the SC and don't really have a need for Trump's abrasiveness.
  20. On Election Night I think the powers that be will be less inclined to call states like they did in the past. That being said, at 7PM.... I'm looking at how quickly they call New Hampshire and Virginia. Georgia, Florida and NC ( close at 7:00) are presumably close and will take alot longer. If they put NH and VA in Biden's column at 7:01.....I think that can be a barometer on how the rest of the night will go (likewise if VA and NH are drug out....that bodes well for Trump). If SC is drug out....that bodes well for Biden. After that, who the hell knows?