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  1. Yeah....for months I've been #####ing that McDonalds needs to bring back the Little Mac....and now, dammit...when I'm under lockdown. I can't get it. I don't eat fast food often.....but when I want it...I want it.
  2. LOL.....How's the WestMount Mall doing? My wifes family came down to the states before she was born....but pretty much her whole family were born, raised and lived in London. We used to go up there all the time and when I mentioned I was from Delaware, they all thought it was right down the street.
  3. Like the late, great Chief Hopper said. "'s something that's in between; kind of like halfway happy".
  4. AOC still living rent free in the heads of people who (I'm assuming) aren't her constituency. People, there's a difference between what AOC has theorized and what this cat is doing.
  5. That's a shame for him, his family and for anyone who listened to him who might be scared right now.
  6. As much as a liberal as I am, and as much as I disagree with his ideology; both religious and political....I've said since Day One I'd prefer Pence over Trump.
  7. In light of Sasse, Scott, Scot and Grahams complaints……. shouldn't the title of this thread be changed?
  8. Just bring back Pence as the face. I SOMEWHAT trust him.
  9. Well said. The House did its job. They might not have done the BEST job.....but they did it.
  10. Republicans held up the Zadroga Health and Compensation Act in 2010.
  11. Yes. The liberal media has basically co-opted the office of the POTUS and has forced President Trump to bow to their will of using this virus to destroy his re-election. That's some powerful stuff right there.
  12. Arent the corporations just going to get the money from the people like a day and half after its issued anyway?
  13. Student loan forgiveness....or a slush fund that is at the discretion of Trump? I have a pretty good idea which one would be A) better for the individual and B) better for the overall economy. I also have a pretty good idea which one would be better for Mar-A-Lago.
  14. I'm not going to lay Biden on deaths door.....but I think Bidens VP choice is MUCH more important than ones in the past 20 years; at the least for the idea that I don't see Biden running two terms and whomever is the VP will/should end up being the titular head of the Democratic Party for 2024.
  15. That's good politics. Sanders, a Senator, is a lightning rod for all the snark from The RIght. Meanwhile, Biden sits back like a Kermit meme, drinking tea and saying "I don't know about that".
  16. I'd put each individual slice over a boiling, steaming tea kettle for another 25 seconds as well.
  17. Just from remembering Trump back when he was on the Howard Stern show.....having to actually mingle, associate and be around people right now is probably hell for him. If he weren't the POTUS....he'd either be in a locked down Trump Tower or on an island somewhere. So that being said, at least he's showing up.
  18. Three fossils. There's one already in the White House. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if Biden tags Yang as his VP.