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  1. It is compared to the street terminology on typically uses. Gorka or Mattis.......... It's an easy choice. That Gorka wants to describe Mattis as "pathetic" is sad. This is something that even the Trumpers could be like "Gorka....sit down". But for some insane reason they won't condemn him.
  2. The OP did. I didn't know anything about her brave, beautiful gesture until the OP brought it up. Nice to see a leader walking amongst the people in this country for a change.
  3. A thing of beauty, she did. Good for her. Nice that some of our leaders will be brave enough to walk the streets of the Capitol.....while others are cowering in a bunker.
  4. If Obama cleared The Gravy Seals or Meal Team Six from a peaceful protest......there wouldn't be enough bit rates in the world to transmit the anger and hatred from The Right.
  5. Unfit? I don't know. It's too early and Joe Biden isn't that pressing of an opponent for this guy to be in "Hail Mary" mode so soon though.
  6. Interesting that he doesn't even attempt to fold African-Americans into the MAGA fold. How come it wasn't: "MAGA doesn't know race. It knows prosperity for all in the United States. There are millions of African Americans who support MAGA and will show up at the polls in Nov. to show their support and help change this country for the better".
  7. CK's and other athletes "peaceful protests" were meant to cast light on what they perceived/knew about relations sometimes between law enforcement and minorities. I'd imagine an argument could be made that if, the target audience for those "protests" (i.e. ......people who either don't know about the sometimes tenuous relationship between law enforement/minorities or hadn't had a similar experience with law enforcement that the athletes or people they knew had)... instead of complaining that their "OmG!.....MY HoLe SuNDAe FoOTBaLl ExPeRiEnCE Is RUinEEED!".....actually took a moment to listen (and maybe reflect and act on it)....... Mr. Floyd wouldn't have died. I know there are manipulative ##### in that rioting crowd that have no interest in the social issue at hand. There are people who just want free stuff....people who want to watch the world burn. But there are real people who are protesting (and I'm sure the rioting) who are thinking to themselves..."if people who could help us make a difference complained so much when men who they cheer for, invite into their homes every week and love for what the do in a else can we do for them to take notice?"
  8. I'd imagine that's more of a Trumper Actor trying to start stuff and incite the riots.
  9. Yup. I remember the 2016 rhetoric on Facebook.... "If She Wins....We Revolt" with pictures of armed people and such.
  10. Guess all that anger, teeth gnashing and pulling of hair of Kaepernicks kneeling seems kind of silly now....doesn't it? I think we'd all agree that peaceful, respectful kneeling for a couple of seconds on a Sun. afternoon beats this...wouldn't we?
  11. How much has his company made in regards to charging the taxpayer for all the rooms/services/amenities that were required when he went to one of his properties?
  12. I think you're going to see Trump start to narrow his vision on what/where/who should be eligible to vote by mail and none of the traditional demographics will fall under his gaze.
  13. True enough. I'd imagine that there's not a whole lot of relationships that last a real long time without one side or the other coming to the middle. Trump might have turned that on its head a little bit as his platform/ideology isn't necessarily traditional Conservationism. My cousin who is 80 is a huge Trump guy and his wife isn't. They have a give/take......but in the end, she certainly sees past the ideology she doesn't like and sees the man who really would do just about anything for anyone. Granted, them being a certain age and from another time....their social ideology is a little closer than maybe a Trump person/anti-Trump person in their 20s or they're not at 180 odds with one another.
  15. Republicans should see Trump's actions as a textbook definition of " the Slippery Slope that they might have to deal with when they don't have Executive Office power".
  16. Wasn't the alien an just told her that that was the image that it chose to reveal itself to her?
  17. Winter's Bone was the best thing she did.
  18. He did a bad job on Mortal Kombat too. Event Horizon is pretty good though.
  19. Good thing he's not going to have to. #theyllgiveusthequestionsinadvance
  20. I'd imagine there'd be a certain amount of consumer confidence (particularly in the service and entertainment industry) that would need to happen now for there to be a (relatively) quick recovery. Unfortunately, there's always the spectre of flair ups and a Fall problem that could slow that down.
  21. Yup. The Biden recovery. Trump supporters will probably be trying to give credit to Trump for 2 years into Bidens 2nd term though.
  22. Trump wasn't a guarantee or even an outside the margin of error favorite or underdog before the economy crashed and the pandemic. It will help him at his rallies........but if the Democrats want to play up how badly he's handled the Virus in television commercials.......he can't compete with that.