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  1. China is here. They've been fighting for centuries. The Chinese mix everything up. Look what they have to work with; Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoist alchemy and sorcery......they take what they want and leave the rest......just like a salad bar.
  2. I thought Elon Musk dies at the Battle of Geonosis in Attack of the Clones? Why would I hate him?
  3. Why shouldn't we seek the truth? Worth looking into.
  4. True. I think that sensible Republicans and Independents are opponents of the Cult of this President....even though they might agree with some policy.
  5. Dood, Dude1951 is eternal. He knows all. He's been here on these boards, in many incantations since time immemorial. He is the Alpha...the Omega....the Eater of Worlds and Children. HE.....IS......THE.....BOARD!
  6. Democrats just put Trump into check. Go ahead, Republlicans........don't push for another round of relief to American Citizens.
  7. Those are the Deplorable in the eyes of The Right.
  8. The Right blew their lids over Obama saying that "Mr. Burgess will tear Hannity up". Imagine if Obama did this. They'd be storming the White House.
  9. That's cool. I do to. This 180 on masks is troubling.
  10. There's something there. He's fine with no masks....and now all of a sudden the have to wear masks. You really trust this administration when they've just shot down another point their supporters were using? The fact that Trump is now using masks shows the world that he doesn't believe what he's pushing others to do.
  11. I think the fact the White House now seems to be really concerned with spreading this thing within the walls should slow the brakes (or at least tell these people that maybe Trump isn't telling them everything in regards to the virus) on some of these "OPEN UP" movements.
  12. Why are they wearing masks in The White House now? I didn't think they helped......
  13. Meh. Obama's the EO. The EO has powers above and beyond all. He asked people to keep an eye on Flynn. That's what we pay him to do. I thank him for it as he could have spent the last couple weeks in office mailing it in.
  14. I don't disagree with aspects of that analysis. 10 and 16 both were mid-terms with unpopular reasons for the minority/loser Party to become motivated and vote. Obamacare and Trumpism were both on the line; and both failed to rally the troops. That being said, while Obama had wiggle room between 8 and 12 (he lost 4M votes and still won with a reasonable level of comfort), Trump (even before Covid 19 and 15+% unemployment) has none. 18 (which was described as a unbelievably unfavorable political landscape to the Democrats) showed that people are as (if not more) motivated to vote against Trump as vote for him. COVID-19 hinders him even more. Honestly, how does the leader of the country spin it favorably? All that being said, it's going to come down to AZ,FL,PA,WI,MI and NC......
  15. To use the parlance of the website...... This epidemic/quarantine should be used as a tune up game (not trying to diminish the suffering that has occurred......but just recognizing that the suffering could have been much worse if the opponent was "better") against a tougher situation. To that, the current 1-A, Pre Season Top 10 Administration Team is losing to their DIV 1-AA season opener. It's late in the there's still a chance. But the current coach is still doing everything that caused him to lose the first 3 1/2 quarters.
  16. To me, an economy going from humming to stalling in about a week and a half isn't a very good look for how healthy the economy was prior to Covid-19. It speaks more that the success created prior to the pandemic was built on a foundation of sand than granite. I'd rather hear a President, a Political Party and members of a political party address this and formulate a strategy that hardens a successful economy against future events like this than just push for normalcy......because this pandemic just exposed how flawed "normalcy" is.
  17. Politically speaking.......I kind of hope the Republicans keep with the "let the old people die" mantra. That'll play well in Florida.
  18. Judge Reinhold said "Noooo WAY" when asked about whether Obama was guilty.
  19. I don't wish illness on anyone. But, Pelosi getting into 1600 because of this might be the best thing that ever happened to the internet.
  20. Melania can't. She's not a natural born citizen.
  21. So to the goes something like this. Is this accurate? Flynn works for Obama. Obama doesn't like Flynn...kicks him to the curb. Flynn doesn't like Obama. Starts talking smack about the CiC. Flynn starts talking to Trump. Trump likes him. Realizes Obama doesn't like Flynn. Makes Trump like him more. Obama warns Trump that there's something not right with Flynn. Trump says "screw you". I'm the POTUS now....this guy doesn't like makes me like him more. YOU'RE HIRED, FLYNNIE!" Obama, Still the CiC, says "something ain't right about this election, Michelle. Russia did something....I know it". He throws a little shade Russias way. Flynn says "screw you're dunzo at 16 hundy. I WIN. I'm talking to Russia. I can do whatever I want now. FBI/CIA ears perk up. Trump and Putin say "Yeah....Obama you're dunzo".... you have no say in this thing anymore". While still in office, as the CiC....Obama meets with top agents and says "This Flynn cat.....keep an eye on his ###. I don't know about him. He's been chattering at Russia ALOT lately. Love you guys, I'm out." Flynn gets the job and gets interviewed about his conversations with Russia. FBI floats a whole bunch of ideas on how to conduct the interview. Flynn says "You ain't got noting no me, see"...." YOU AIN'T GOT ####!...I didn't do nothing wrong". Flynn then says "yeah...Veep...I kind of lied to you....I MIGHT have done something wrong. I quit"
  22. A friend of mine who is a Republican spent months talking about Horowtiz nailing the Left. Now he's on Durham and as of yesterday the Flynn situation is going to put Trump in play in "ALL 50 STATES!". Friends are friends....much more important than politics and I'm going to feel bad for him when this thing doesn't go over the way he thinks it will. I don't believe that this is final line in the sand.....( as I'm sure we'll get more of "her e-mails", "Obama/Solyndra" and stuff of that nature to try to throw red meat to the base)......but when Durham doesn't drop an irrefutable, concrete turd on the parties' involved's going to take a lot of wind out of a lot of sails. That being said, I also wouldn't be surprised when this thing is used a carrot by Trump to get his people to the polls: "We need more people....great people....great Americans like go to the polls and help Durham...a great man exposing what the Democrats did....I know what they wouldn't believe what they did. I saw it....but can't tell you because they don't want me to until AFTER the's horrible...its a gar...garga....garantu?...huge affront to ALL Americans who voted for go vote again.... so you can finally see the horror...the great horror....that I know about...I knew it YEARS ago.....but can't tell you right now....even though I COULD because I'm the President...."
  23. When this thing ends, what crimes are going to be charged against those on the "not Donald Trump/Michael Flynn" side? Asking sincerely......... Are we looking at Obama serving jail time?