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  1. I was in our Walmart Sunday and they had a 65" Samsung 4K smart tv for $497. Almost left with one
  2. When my wife saw a cotton field for the first time she was amazed. She made me pull over so she could run in to the field and pick some.
  3. He has the ability to be better, but can't stay out of trouble. Higgins has a better rapport with Mayfield
  4. August 14th in my dynasty league he was traded for Jared Cook and a 3rd and 4th from next years draft. Seemed low to me then.
  5. I had the 4th pick in a 12 team no ppr. Zeke Beckham and kittle to start. Ended up with Michel and Lockett. Wilson and newton. Pretty happy as long as Zeke signs
  6. I belong to a group from my hometown, a group from my high school class, a group from my college athletic teams and a group for fishing in my area. The only one I have ever interacted with anybody on is my high school class. The rest are just for information.
  7. I have high expectations for this team, though I am not one of the ones who think we are super bowl bound. We should win our division and get some playoff experience. It will be good for our young team, and I think next year and after the expectations go up. I am however a Browns fan, so there is that little kernel of doubt in my brain wondering how things could implode. A little playoff experience will be good for us fans too.
  8. Sorry, I am looking for a 12 team more traditional dynasty
  9. Went to the prison where this was filmed last fall. If you are ever passing through Mansfield I would highly recommend stopping. Very interesting to see the conditions there as well as seeing the sights from the film
  10. I agree with this wholeheartedly. In the restaurant business workers feel like they are underpaid, under appreciated or whatever and they devise ways to even the score. They can sell drinks without ringing them up, void food off bills etc. Also the cooks and dishwashers will sell food to the servers or take food out with the trash and then pick it up later. There are countless ways for employees to profit at the owners expense. Now i have found less of this in clubs and even less in senior living. But make no mistake it happens in every establishment and often time it is the people you would least suspect. Drinking on the job is commonplace and it usually is provided by the bartender without the owners knowledge.. Cooks usually supply their own drugs, bartenders can trade liquor for them or take money form the register. Depends on how busy the place is. Servers want to sleep with bartenders or other servers, cooks want to sleep with servers. Drama is non stop. We just had a murder here in Cleveland where two cooks stabbed another over something stupid.
  11. This is good advice. When you first start out, you can expect to work every holiday or weekend if you are in the restaurant or country club business. I did this for over 25 years. It takes a toll on you physically and emotionally. Good luck trying to maintain a relationship. This part of the business usually attracts heavier drinkers and partiers in general. There are other sectors that can be less demanding while still being rewarding. Business & Industry, senior living or health care offer more reasonable schedules and the jobs are typically less demanding. You may have to give up some creativity though. A lot of up scale senior living places cater to the wealthy and these positions tend to allow for more creativity. I would suggest getting a part time job at a place you think you may like before you make any rash decisions. You may have to start in the dish room, but this will give you a feel for the environment. If you don't like that one, try another. The chef sets the tone for the kitchen and every one is different. People come and go all the time, so places are usually always hiring. Being dependable, hard working and willing to learn with reliable transportation far outweigh experience in most entry level jobs in a kitchen.I would avoid chains or fast food, they don't offer the same opportunities an independent place would. About 8 years ago I left a prestigious country club executive chef position and now I run the food-service for a large group of nuns. The pay is similar, the schedule is fantastic and the benefits are the best I have ever had in this industry.
  12. Alcoholic here. In April it will be 24 years since my lat drink. I don't think the scales have balanced yet, probably still have drank more than I should have in a lifetime.