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  1. Thinking of trading Lindsay for Collins. As weird as it sounds my gut tells me to keep Lindsay.
  2. Gurley will be 24 in a couple days. Not that much younger than Bell and Johnson if you think about it although in running back years it could be considered a lot
  3. Collins will be top 10 rb this year
  4. I may agree that Gurley long term is better based on age however they are only ranked a couple spots away from each other in ppr. So Brady was a throw in and I own Gronk. Only time will tell but like I said trying to win the league this year
  5. In May made this trade (Needed a true WR-1) Gave. Cooper Kupp and Derick Henry Got. Devante Adams In June made 2 trades Gave. Crabtree and late 2nd Rookie 2018 Got. Marvin Jones another trade Gave. Todd Gurley Got. Lev Bell and Brady Going for the Gold this year
  6. Oops just realized wrong thread my apologies. can I delete my own thread?
  7. Current RBs. Gurley McCoy Ingram and Henry decent WR / TE depth crabtree, crowder, kupp, ertz, Gronk, Westbrook, Cobb and hogan thoughts?
  8. I am a contender for playoffs and my RBs include Gurley Mccoy Ingram Henry decent WR and TE depth ertz, Gronk, Crabtree, kupp, Westbrook, Hogan, Crowder and Cobb Thoughts?
  9. Flexing him with confidence. This guy Powell has bounced me out of the playoff the last 3 years. Decided to join forces with him this year.
  10. PPR, 6 Pts all TDs 1QB, 2RB, 3 WR, 1TE, 2 Flex at 7 got aj greene ajayi a Rodgers montgomery e sanders b powell B marshall r cobb theo riddick hunter henry Big ben k britt A gates jeremy hill evan engram Marquis Goodwin
  11. We had a start up draft earlier this summer. TE is 1.5 PPR and .15 per yards receiving Was offered Hunter Henry and Sterling Sheppard for alshon Jeffery and CJ fedoirwicz. At face value I don't mind it. my other TE is Greg Olsen and I could flex Henry (so would have two top 5 TEs) in a TE premium league. My WRs are Cooper, Hilton, Jeffery , Rashard Matthews, John Ross, Sanu and Kenny Stills. Thoughts ?
  12. I took down the league last year and could probably make a run at the playoffs again. should I trade Gurley and Brandon Marshall for Dez Bryant and the 2.06 rookie. my current RB stable consists of Mccoy, Ingram, Gurley, D Henry my current WR/TE stable consists of Cobb, Gronk, Crabtree, Hogan, Marshall, Bennett, Ertz and Josh Gordon Feedback?