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  1. More of them. Clearly.
  2. Sorry guys. No more beer. Drank it all last night. Lawn off the deck has a piss stain. Also, low on Grappa. Try whiskey. Still some of that left.
  3. Oh god. Not this again. Hold on...
  4. I like your face
  5. Just looked for the game by going: bein, NBC sports, NBC, Fox sports, then to the guide to find it on Fox. Fox. That's a funny name for a channel... Anyone else still drunk from last night? Just me?
  6. Agree to disagree
  7. San Totti? More like sans Totti. Tool soon?
  8. Holy ####! I totally read Wondo until I read you post and went back. Funny Scoobs said Lewandowski. That Sargent turning shot reminded me of one of Lewi's goals against Real Madrid when he gets t his hat trick a few years ago. Something I love to practice. You can get a lot of power off a spin game shot like that.
  9. That should have cut him by now. Do the guy the solid. He's not making the roster.
  10. I think the team was able to disarm the bombs that were closest to them. Felicity and Curtis said they could disarm the bombs, just not all of them. Great season though. Promethius was a formidable villain. Even if his actions was a bit over the top.