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  1. No. Gruden just has set WR packages and he is only a "starter in the redzone package. To get on the rest of the time it's an individual sub which Gruden doesn't do much of because, well, he's not very good at his job. He said he's going to try to do it more. In the meantime he needs to win a spot over Grant, who the coaches love because he knows every route at all spots and practices his ### off.
  2. At the very least free tickets for all of us.
  3. And then on Monday night Derek Henry its off a 72 yard TD on 3rd and 5 when the Titans are just trying to keep the clock running.
  4. It's so weird that we'll have both Eagles games done before November and before playing the Giants are Cowboys even once.
  5. Thinking of just going Rams the rest of the way after grabbing them last week.
  6. Because community college students like to play soccer?
  7. Yeah? Wouldn’t you miss the derbys?
  8. I like the run call on 3rd down. That's 40 seconds right there. A lot of time. And maybe they actually execute and convert. Last night the Giants did the same thing with their backs basically in their own endzone. Denver knew a run was coming. They sold out completely for it, and Darkwa took it up the middle for 20 yards to seal the game.
  9. Sounds like a You problem. Mark it red.
  10. Top right of the quote box takes you to the quoted post. Fyi. He said Giants had a worse week than Weisnstein.