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  1. People are saying DeSean and Garçon are going to command $10mil + a year and they are both on the wrong side of thirty. I think Jeffrey is going to get crazy money. WRs aren't like RBs in that they can produce at a high level in their first few years. It generally takes some time for them to hit their stride. So even with a deep draft class, WRs that have shown to be productive are going to get paid big time.
  2. Works for me. You caught it before the week is up. I say go for it.
  3. Good times, buddy. See you soon I'm sure.
  4. EXAXCTLY!!!! Brady got passed over and now he takes less money to stay with the TEAM that did take a chance on him AND build SUPER BOWLS RINGS! Rings that could NOT have happened if Brady CHASED THE MONEY instead of being a TEAM PLAYER in a TEAM sport. YOU just made MY point for ME!
  5. Yeah that sucked. Gift of a pk too.
  6. You IGNORED my entire point. Money chasing QBs always FAIL. He is showing his GREED here. That is not the sign of a LEADER. That is not the sign of a CHAMPION. Tom Brady took less money to help build CHAMPIONS. Cousins is hurting his TEAM and if leaves for the money to a new system he will FAIL. The Redskins MADE him. No one else wanted him. Every team passed on him in the draft MULTIPLE TIMES. He needs to show his appreciation and take a FAIR DEAL to stay and help resign DeSean and Garçon and keep building on what they have or he will FAIL getting rich.
  7. There has NEVER in the HISTORY of the sport been a QB that left a good situation to chase the money and succeeded. Cousins is being a COMPLETE idiot. He needs to be smart and take a fair deal in the system that built him or he will be out of the league in two years. /lod hot take
  8. 7 Pliny the Youngers. 2 thanks to @tommyGunZ :deadbannana:
  9. Damnit. I'll get on Everton too. Let's go Timmy Howard!!! Hey Timmy you're so fine your so fine you blow my mind hey Timmy! Hey Timmy!
  10. If the Trump thread can't talk some sense into Shader maybe Kopp can.
  11. Allegedly
  12. Take it to the Wade Boggs thread.