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  1. Anyone know the actual kickoff time? I don't want to blow off a meeting to get to the bar 30mins early like I've done before because they always lie about the kickoff.
  2. Ideally he won't see the feild. But as far as a swing man backup, We need someone there.
  3. There's already a full-on Beatles thread. This one is your and for for all things related to yur adventure. More TVs and snowshoes and wine, in my imo.
  4. I think this thread has more snow shoeing and wine tasting than Beatles songs.
  5. Rather keep the picks and sign Cobb. I'd hate to see something higher than a 3rd for anyone at this point. Because like you said, lots of pieces away.
  7. Hot take! Of course it is, but last I checked its still most goals win. And I'm not suggesting they should have started 8 forwards. Just crazy to see these historic goal scorers not translate on the international stage together. It's a damn shame Argentina futbol is so corrupt.