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  1. Fabian just subbed in. 48th minute.
  2. What would you know about retiring young?
  3. How does whoever is coaching Stoke still have a job?
  4. I have no idea what's going on
  5. I'm stuck in the back of a car. Explain?
  6. Keep your comments to the beautiful game, guy.
  7. It's getting more swollen now. Good sign?
  8. OB4Lyfe, homie.
  9. From DC. Been in San Diego 14 years. OB for 13. Spent 2 years recently helping open Ocelot Brewing Company with my family in Dulles, VA.
  10. So the minister at this wedding I'm at just told me he wanted to be a part nycfc from the beginning so he bought s as on tickets season 1. Then he realized most games were Sunday....
  11. I can straighten it and bend it. It just hurts when I do. It does feel like it does whenever I have an ankle sprain, but around my knee.
  12. I'll be in Rhose Island tonight and tomorrow. Just realized that's where @Kafka and @Ned are.... going to a wedding in Newport. That close to you guys?
  13. Swelling is slight, but there. Less than moderate. It's on the inside of my knee cap and outside of the opposite side? Zero clicking. 4 ibprophens, ice, and lots of beer. Plus motivation to run through a new stop got my moving tonight. It hurt a bunch when I stepped on something that sent my toes back towards my shins. Like the knee was prone to bend wrong? Hoping strain/sprain over anything serious. I don't have any Obamacare. It was dibilitating earlier though. Maybe I just need to stay drunken up and iced up?
  14. Whoa. I'm in Boston right now drinking trillium in my hotel room. Went straight there from the airport.