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  1. I'm at a bachelor party in New Orleans. Crazy ####### day today. The remands stories.... Drinks. Lots of those. Various. 1pm no cover strip clubs with 2 for1 beers was a kick start.
  2. I'm switching to Dortmund over Mainz.
  3. I leave the yeast in the bottle when I pour bottle conditioned beers.
  4. RHE can manage. "Alright boys. It's Manhattans this week. And I don't want to see any jack Daniels bull####. I want Templeton Ryes out there you hear me! Templeton Ryes! If we are up late we'll switch it up to Negronis for the last 15. Now get out there and stir! Stir! What the ####, Shader! Are you shaking right now!? Are you shaking that ####### Mahattan!?"
  5. Has The Mou ever won Europa? He may want that in his trophy case.
  6. Most new school hazy beers taste yeasty to me. They're fine for a pour.I'm not crushing a growler. I used to defend the hazy beers like Nelson and Wipeout. I don't give a #### what it looks like. Now the reverse is true to me. Don't look for haze. It's easy to haze a beer. Take a step back and let the juice speak for itself. Ok. That was disjointed... I just hope people don't jump too hard in to looking for haze over taste and we all end up with a pile of active yeast in our bellies.
  7. Fyi I'm typing on my phone on a cot in a New Orleans hotel room. It's going to be a long weekend.
  8. I mostly ignore this thread because well that's why I wanted it... Now Straight to Grappa FC has inspired me. I see me as the #10, Kafka breaking records at the 9, Gdrjoe, well... we'll find a spot for him. The pubs will run dry.
  9. It's the same in here.
  10. Haven't you Spurs folk been telling us for a month that your transfers are done?
  11. I'll be in town this weekend. Other people in the party made reservations for everything we're doing. Not my style, but I'm stuck with it. I'm free until the afternoon Friday though so I'll be there for lunch Friday. Can't wait. @Wingnut , when are you going to be there?
  12. Pencil me in for Real Madrid as well. Hoping to change it, but about to travel.
  13. Shaqiri ( ) , Cameron, Bojan, Afellay, and Nachos. If they add Sister Christian I might have to go all in on Stoke.
  14. I wonder if this stadium is going to steal all the Nats games and friendlies that Home Depot gets. I'm guessing it will. This new one is a further drive from San Diego. Home Depot is super easy to get to.
  15. Ended up getting free floor tickets to Guns n Roses. I was pretty whatever about it even though I did actually spend a couple years of my life ripping out pictures of those guys from magazines and putting them on my wall. They ####### kicked so much ###. Seriously one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Wait. Is this the right thread for that? Pretty sure I got this.