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  1. Can't it be you and the alcohol?
  2. Yup. That's why they ruined college football.
  3. Everyone's 5th favorite OJ, @Ominous Johnson is there.
  4. Is Percocet a god now? I can't keep up...
  5. My girl says the same. I just do once a week now. Super laid back pickup game for 2hrs every Monday then the pool and the hot tub. Like NOFX said: Monday is my favorite time of year
  6. I'm a Barçenal fan.
  7. Pic of the list They actually nailed #s 6, 7 and 20.
  8. Each league will vary how strict they are. It will make for some interesting calls/no-calls in Champions League. Oh, I should not to the Liverpool and Man U fans that Champions League is a tournament for all the top teams in each European league to compete against each other in. You guys should check it out.
  9. They aren't my starters. Had RG3 since his rookie year. He's my 4th QB behind Russell, Tyrod, Teddy. Ha. 4 black QBs. Random... Hopefully someone behind Russell proves worth owning. Admittedly thin at QB. Duke is behind Gurley and Hyde. PPR, so I think he'll be useful this year. Also have Langford/Carey. Crowell was free. Worth a roster spot. Gordon is probably my 4th WR after Julio, Alshon, and Cooks. My 1st should only be a good pick if there are a lot of injuries (might as well throw in I have Reed at TE to fill out the lineup). But anything can happen.
  10. I have RG3, Crowell, Duke, and Gordon on my dynasty team. Go Browns!
  11. I'll cover you if you get me the money. Paypal me. PM me for info.
  12. Ah. Her. Ok. Never saw any of her other stuff and don't pay attention to the oscars. It's a joke award.
  13. I'm playing soccer with him in an hr. I'll get him on it.
  14. If I were the Browns I'd pay him bell-to-bell in all 4 preseason games.