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  1. No structural damage for Williams. If it was a home game I think he plays for sure. I don't think a plane ride across the pond would be the best thing for him though.
  2. I thought we all already knew that.... For me it is all about the W's right now. If we get enough of those to make the playoffs, anything can happen. Lots of time to come together until then. So just compile as many Ws as possible.
  3. Funny: I've always thought Chelsea was my 2nd most hated team (#### you Real Madrid), but when I woke up this morning and saw Mou U losing 2-0 my instincts were to be happy about it. Maybe my 2nd most hated team is whoever Mou is coaching and Chelsea can have 3rd.... Hey, Mou U... That's pretty good. Might keep that one.
  4. I agree with most of your post; not the bolded. Good teams lose all the time. Only the '72 Dolphins didn't. The Lions aren't the Borwns. They are pretty good. Stafford was fire today. It would have been a great win. It;s a tough loss because we kept trying to give it away over and over agin until we finally did. That's what hurts.
  5. Deport him, imo.
  6. And we have a thread for the same.
  7. Eagles fell victim to having an early bye. Wheels are loose right now. Hopefully they go rolling down the hill soon.
  8. 2 in my league today. PPR. Michael Floyd for 2017 3rd -------------------- AJ Green for Corey Coleman, '17 1st, & '18 1st
  9. What would you target in dynasty in a like-for-like swap? Eifert? Hunter Henry and a pick?
  10. Atletí over Granada. All day errrrrrrrrrry day
  11. Yeah you should've. Missed an Ocelot gold medal!