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  1. We always knew Trump would sell his own mom for profit... but now we know he'll sell off gramma too.
  2. Two themes I’m seeing with increasing regularity (not by anyone here), are: 1) A return to COVID-19 is not that bad and not as bad as the flu. We’re back to comparing total deaths for the entire flu season against COVID-19 deaths in the first month to conclude that the regular flu is much worse. Also, the COVID-19 deaths are way overstated as hospitals are reporting any deaths (including car accidents, heart attacks, cancer deaths, natural causes) as COVID-19 deaths in an effort to artificially inflate the numbers. Hospitals are empty and many fewer people are actually dying of COVID-19. 2) The vaccine that is being developed is not to inoculate against COVID-19. It’s designed to be a form of mind control and will contain nanotechnology that will control you. It’s all part of Bill Gates’ master plan for world domination. There will definitely be a segment of the population that will refuse to take the vaccine when it is finally available. While everyone is capable of suffering from confirmation bias now and then, there are people who seem to suffer from it all the time. And the tell tale sign of someone suffering from that is that they preach so many different stories as time goes on that it's hard to keep up with them.
  3. Or just let them do what they want... as long as they aren't allowed to use the healthcare system when their gamble fails.
  4. Natural disasters do suck. But to think the economy won't suffer from it anyway if we just get back to work is ignorant. A 2nd Great Depression is probably unavoidable unless we develop medical advances to fight this virus soon.
  5. [Pedro Cerrano voice] "Ah... Donald... I like him very much... but he no help with curveball." [/Pedro Cerrano voice] [Eddie Harris voice] "Are you trying to say Donald Trump can't hit a curveball?" [/Eddie Harris voice]
  6. Some channel should play these press briefings opposite the Jerry Springer show. Could steal a lot of viewer from Jerry Springer.
  7. We ARE tackling both at the same time. Again the discussion is about moving the line of business that is allowed and business that is not.
  8. The bolded below: There is no blanket shutdown of society. Some states don't even have lockdowns. And in states where there are lockdowns, each state has drawn different lines of what jobs are allowed and which one are not, and even in these states most jobs are still working because they are deemed by the state to be essential. There is good discussion about redrawing those lines in each state. Calling it a blanket shutdown doesn't help those discussions at all. You can't have a productive discussion of what should be changed when you're not even recognizing the reality of where we are.
  9. I comprehend the dramatic affect. What I don't comprehend is why you keep using hyperbole.
  10. What blanket shut down of society? The majority of jobs in this country have been deemed essential, and some states haven't even shut down anything at all. Your continued use of hyperbole to argue your case shows me that you're not even level headed on the facts.
  11. This is because of the demand for dollars due to the dollar being the world's reserve currency. If the world replaced the dollar with a different or new type of world reserve currency, the Fed would counteract the slowing demand for US dollars by selling off assets and extinguishing that cash. In other words, even when the economy is good... in fact, especially when the economy is good around the world, the world demands more dollars in circulation, so the Fed is printing them up and buying assets to get those dollars into circulation. That said, the Fed was created and designed before the world decided to make the US dollar the world's reserve currency. So it's not the purpose of the Fed to do this for the world. But it works none the less. But it does mean that if/when the world does move away from the dollar as the worlds reserve currency, the unwinding process could cause a lot of volatility in the US economy. That volatility could take years until it stabilizes and the Fed returns to simply being our central bank, and not the world's.
  12. They become less rich. True. But taxing the value of stocks (which is no different than taxing the value of real estate) doesn't affect the prices of the goods and services. It only affects the price of the stock. It would make the stock less valuable relative to other types of investments. But if all types of investments are subject to wealth tax, then the only value lost from being taxed is the tax itself. Like I said above, they just become less rich. Tax shelters are just an "I owe you" to the government. It's simply an agreement to pay tax later than now. The hope is the tax will be less in the future. Given how much the government is going to have to raise taxes to pay for the spending during this crisis, some may find they'll pay more tax in the future on their tax shelters than they would if they just paid the tax on them now. But that is just speculation. Either way, rich people can move their assets all they want. Government will just tax where they're getting moved to. Good luck with that spending. The fact that it has worked well in the past, does not guarantee it will work in the future, and the post-COVID-19 world is going to look a lot different... A LOT DIFFERENT!!! If you can raise your prices, then why haven't you already raised them? Are you suggesting that you've been holding back margin simply to have it available to react to increased taxes? I call Given the wealth distribution in this country is so far out of whack, the government wouldn't even have to come close to taxing the assets of owners of McDonalds franchises to get the revenue it needs to offset this crisis. Only the top 0.01% of the country would be effected by it. And the other 99.99% of the country wouldn't give a #### that it's happening to them.
  13. The bolded is the entire point that the Fed can just do that in their own. The Fed can take money out of the economy just as fast as it can put money into the economy. When it's time to take money out because, say for example, prices are rising due to too much money in existence, then it simply starts selling off it's balance sheet. This does two things: 1) it floods the market with assets for sale, which counteracts the forces of rising prices to produce price stability; and 2) the cash it gets for selling those assets is extinguished
  14. What the Fed does can be undone on its own. What the Federal government does requires taxes to undo. That's a big difference between the two.