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  1. That's exactly what I said when the cashier told me how much I owed.
  2. "Apple pie without the cheese is like a hug without the squeeze."
  3. Posting "I'm flying high like a g6" in one's facebook status has gotten old really quick.
  4. Does the first sylable of khakis rhyme with the only sylable in Khan?
  5. Seventeen, huh? Okay. You guys got yourself a ship. We'll leave as soon as you're ready. Docking bay Ninety-four
  6. Pickles, congrats on being the new Scupper. What does this mean?I believe it means in your next episode you'll be jumping a shark.
  7. Frank dodged a huge bullet! Ali is one chick!
  8. Might be why I initially liked him. Reminds me of half the people I knew in Chicago (for better or worse). :homesick:He looks like an extra from Trainspotting. Or maybe The Golden Girls. I'm not sure which.Frank is in retail?? What is he..the assistant manager at a TJ Maxx?Dollar General.
  9. Boy, those two are really a barrel of laughs.The show's popularity is due to how much it reminds people of high school... when nothing was more perfect than prom, until it was learned that so and so is going to prom with someone else.
  10. Philly, 1776Where's the stuff about gun control and freedom of religion?If you have to ask, you need to turn in your voter registration card. Did the original poster leave them out on purpose?This has to be a fishing trip.
  11. Food Allergy Group? Wouldnt you go with Organization rather than Group? Just saying, nttiawwt.No win situation--FAO is the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization.It's also a toy store.
  12. Philly, 1776Where's the stuff about gun control and freedom of religion?It was written on their middle fingers. The King got a good view of them.
  13. This is getting stupid.Getting?When was it not stupid?
  14. Yes it should. If you don't you are basically making it an Abbott and Costello routine:Real human being: I am in awww of tims ability to create threads no one cares about.BF: You mean, ahh?RHB: Excuse me?BF: Ahh.RHB: A what?BF: You ahh tim.RHB: Me and tim do what now?BF: No, you are in ahh if tim.RHB: I'm in tims what now? Have you caught some kind of cold or something?BF: Cot and you ah tim.RHB: Look buddy, I don't know what you are implying but I've never done anything with tim on a cot.BF: No, cot, you cot a cold.RHB: What the heck are you saying now?BF: You cot a cold.RHB; Look buddy, I only made a quick comment about tim. Now whatever medical malady you suffer from that makes it hard to form a sentence is getting rather annoying. I didn't catch anything. In fact no one in history has been as healthy as me since the dawn of time.BF: Don.[Lawng Duk Dawng]No more Yankee23Fan my wankie23Fan.... the dawnger need food![/Lawng Duk Dawng]