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  1. Textbook, but yes, the refs sometimes let them go. The huge difference in the times the refs do let it go is when the defender is being a bit too handsy themselves. It's a wash. That was not the case here.
  2. One had a dramatic change in usage the second half of the season while the other did not. End of year stats are not always the most revealing.
  3. I was thinking the opposite. Chris Jones apparently sucks against the run. Since Mike Pennel has been around, the Chiefs D has done quite well. Pennel was inexplicably not active for the previous meeting with the Titans.
  4. The rolling roof was in the original design. The ballot a few years back to build it was a confusing wall of text for the average voter. There was zero surprise it didn't pass. It had to be intentional. The NFL even guaranteed Kansas City would host a Super Bowl a couple of years after it was built.
  5. I suggest using deviation from the league average in a given year (PF and PA) instead of the raw point totals.
  6. So you are saying you are ok with a ref calling a penalty when he knowingly DID NOT SEE a penalty, because there just mighy have been a penalty, but he couldn't tell because he didn't have the right angle? The ref did not see a penalty. He GUESSED there was a penalty. If there was ever a time to not call a penalty...
  7. Thank you. I didn't want to bludgeon people with the revelation. I tried a few times, but it didn't seem to catch hold.
  8. I am not familiar either. However, looking at the numbers, his receptions appear to have been in line with his carries compared to teammates.
  9. Agreed. To restate what I said weeks ago: As far as reporters making comments about Bell's situation, I truly think they haven't read the CBA. Some claims have been even more laughably unsupported by what is actually in the CBA. Some people (reporters) make assumptions. Others parrot the information. Suddenly it is accepted as truth while (practically) nobody actually reads the CBA. When some of us point out the actual agreement, since it doesn't match what has been accepted without evidence, the truth gets ignored.
  10. It isn't that simple. Since he had a healthy year off without injury, his next contract should be larger than it would have been if run into the ground again. It is reasonable to argue Bell could extend his career by a year by avoiding back to back enormous work loads. Conner's emergence certainly was an unexpected complication. It is the one thing that could make Bell's not playing this year him hurt him financially.
  11. It was figured out weeks ago and repeated. All anybody had to do was read the CBA. The reporters obviously did not.
  12. As I noted back in September, the CBA is clear about tagging next year being a third tag (QB money) even if he doesn't play. The CBA specifically calls to attention the very situation. I don't believe anyone on any side is actually surprised; it has been gamesmanship. Bell was never likely to report, but the way he played it kept his options open. The success of his backup was an unexpected problem for his plan.
  13. It has felt like an echo chamber in here. 5/ Bell won't show up this year. The Steelers won't assign the franchise tag for a third straight year on him because they don't want to pay him like a top 5 QB. They might put the transition tag on him, but that only means they could match whatever enormous contract he gets next year. He will also be fresh after a year off recovering from a heavy 2017 workload instead of being beaten into the ground with another 400+ touch season. If the healthy year off prolongs his career, he would make more overall money for his career despite the lack of salary this season (effectively replacing this year's missed $14M with an additional year at the end). But what do I know? I only read the CBA.