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  1. So sad and pathetic on many levels
  2. Germans, Pearl Harbor?
  3. Kavanaugh: I was a virgin through high school and college
  4. The picture on the Foxnews website, she doesn't look too happy and probably wants to choke her husband
  5. It won't be like the 60 minutes interview with Bill and Hillary in the early 90's (Not sure what scandal it was)
  6. They don't want to admit defeat and they have no soul
  7. Has Trump fired anybody? Not Comey Maybe McMaster?
  8. Another Celebrity sending Dick pics, This time Lin-Manuel Miranda
  9. Have a friend on my other board who just says, screw it, confirm Kavanaugh. This clip perfectly describes it.
  10. Try telling that to Paul Gosar
  11. How many accusers did Trump have?