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  1. Rip in the space-time continuum?
  2. Munich Shooting Probably Not Linked to ISIS, Police Chief Says
  3. Currently taking MultiVitamin for man over 50 Vitamin D - 4000 mg Fish Oil Cinnamon 2 500mg. Good for keeping Blood Pressure down and also for helping keep my Blood Sugars down
  4. Was just coming here to post this...Love the little sea horse, how cute. And the microphone button at the end
  5. I am with you on switching... But i am feeling optimism today. Trump just will not be able to handle the next 100 days or so and I think Hillary will get a decent sized boost in the polls next week to give her a cushion. But as you probably know, that could change tomorrow
  6. And you are overestimating the number of Progressives she might lose. Do you think the Evangelical vote is going to switch over to Hillary when Trump pivots on Gay rights and Abortion? No, they will grit their teeth or not show up altogether. Same thing with Hilary. Though I don't see her losing many progressives. Some may stay home, but most will grit their teeth and vote for Hillary...Because they don't want bat-s*** crazy, thin skinned Donald in the WH
  7. I find it funny that the Republicans are the ones concerned that Hillary didn't pick a progressive for VP
  8. In the new season of Bojack Horseman, I am pretty sure he does it with a manatee
  9. So you think it will be a two horse race between Gary Johnson and Donald Trump? Hillary won't get a single vote
  10. It's not the Trumpers the Dems gotta worry about now. They just lost most of their Bernie votes. I seriously doubt it...Man, you guys are really really overthinking this
  11. Katey Sagal will play Penny's Mother and Jack McBrayer will play her Brother starting Season 10. Excellent choices, I may start watching again
  12. Solid Pick. Not flashy, but he will do the job
  13. I think with his hot head and ultra thin skin, he would be more likely to start WWIII
  14. Judge tentatively rejects bid to toss Trump University lawsuit