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  1. Here is CNN's response Yeah, I seriously doubt Trump or his associates will address it.
  2. I thought that scene was really disturbing in The Kingsmen. This is just insane
  3. Pro-Turkish forces cut off the main road between the east and west of Syrian Kurdish territory, effectively cutting off the city of Kobani, where US troops are based Effen Trump is going to get US soldiers killed and he doesn't care
  4. Season 5 is not bad with Julia Stiles, but yeah 6&7 are bad. With the worst ending for a show ever
  5. Good news post. I turned 61today and I feel great. And I am raising money for a very good cause The suicide hot line. I want them to reach as many people as they can.
  6. Disappointed. Would have loved to see more Skinny Pete and Badger. That was the highlight of the show. Just never engaged me
  7. Trump releases a summary of the phone call which was Damming enough.
  8. Trump weighing in. I assume he is leaving because of bad ratings. I mean he had the worst on FOX news What a total idiot
  9. Pentagon source said the shelling was so intense that the troops considered firing back in self defense Whoa
  10. Be interested to see what the FOX talking heads say tonight. If anything
  11. You calling me KD? Those aren't fighting words. Those are I am coming to your house and kicking your hiney.
  12. Trump will post a strongly worded tweet. telling the US troops to stop interfering in Turkey's incursion