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  1. I know I left out a few, but he has had some good roles. It was down to Jaws and Close Encounters. Went with Jaws and "This was no boating accident!" But I first remember him as the chubby dweeb chasing Susanne Somers in American Graffiti.
  2. Was doing a GOT rewatch but got distracted because I saw Fringe was in Amazon Prime. Anna Torv has similar characteristics as Laura Prepon. And I realized Laura Prepon would have been a much better Olivia
  3. That is a great tasteful quote. But it will be lost on Trump and his supporters. Even something like this wouldn't work on them "Hey spineless weasel POUTUS why don't you shut the **** up. John McCain had more courage and integrity in his little pinky then you will ever had. Just grow up."
  4. Kellyanne Conway defends TRUMP over her husband That is totally effed up
  5. Trump called George Conway "A total loser ". Makes interesting conversation at the Conway house
  6. It seems Sec. Pompeo limited his press briefing to "Faith based" media
  7. Just finished season 4. 27 episodes to ho in 25 days? Watching two a night, so will be done on time
  8. Some connection. Nat King Cole was born 100 years ago today. Here he is singing "Blueberry Hill" with a young Billy Preston
  9. There is something about Beto that just makes me wary of him. Somebody on my other board compared him to Bobby Jindal(sp). Like he is a rising star, but I don't think he is ready for the big time. Maybe in eight years
  10. He is more unhinged today. Is there something coming up?