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  1. Still small, but hopefully without the major attitude of Reddit. If you want an invite (I have 5) either put your email here or PM me If I get all 5 I get a T-shirt!
  2. You say one way street. Is parking restricted in any way? I would talk to him and if that doesn't work, put a Denver Boot on it
  3. Inspirational Poster Kitten Falls To Death After 17 Years
  4. I am surprised Tim that you do not think this is of grave importance. He is suggesting a foreign country do espionage on the US.
  5. Teaser for the new season and the release date will be November 25th. Not sure if they will release all four at the same time
  6. He changed it. I will find the original screen cap of it. But he changed the tweet
  7. He not only said it, but then doubled down in a tweet. He was not joking
  8. Skippy, we have moved past it, because BenedictTrump has called out a foreign government to commit espionage on the US
  9. I am trying to not call people names, but are you really this dense?
  10. Thank you for this post...But I think it is falling on deaf ears. I think short of him pulling out a gun and shooting Hillary dead during one of the debates, his supporters don't care what he says or does. And I am sure a lot of his supporters would if he did shoot her
  11. Thank you, you just proved my point
  12. And you think that is any better? It is still a foreign country attempting to influence the US elections. Will Ferrell said it best
  13. See the 70's/80's films referenced in "Stranger Things" side by side
  14. That is not what people are upset about and you know it