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  1. Cabin in the Woods - This scene still cracks me up
  2. So where is your proof?
  3. My copy is a bit fragile, so I only pull it out every 6 months or so when I want really good storytelling
  4. Yes...And Tom Edison's Dog?
  5. Romney won 6% if the African American vote, trump is polling at 1%...Explain your quote to me
  6. Love Vonnegut. If you can find it, check out his collection of short stories, Welcome to the Monkey House Some truly amazing stories in there.
  7. Must be let Trump off the leash Saturday
  8. And this isn't even his Philip Rivers moment. It is just the start of the 3rd quarter. Trump has many more INT's before November
  9. Oftentimes it's funny, but there really is something deeply wrong with this clown. What the hell is wrong with this person? My god, I had to double check on twitter to make sure it wasn't a parody account
  10. Dr. Drew cancelled by HLN just a week after pushing alt-right theories regarding Hillary's health.
  11. A Life Less Ordinary Pretty Predictable plus Cameron Diaz is her usual annoying self, but nice performances by Ewan McGregor and Holly Hunter. I'd give it a C+
  12. Trump is starting to remind me of Phillip Rivers. He screwed up bad in the beginning, falling waay behind. Now, he will start a comeback and maybe, just maybe get within a TD, but then will throw a back breaking INT and lose the game.
  13. Ben Carson is second only to Sarah Palin on my "How in the holy #### is this person still relevant whatsoever???" scale. Interesting, because I forgot that Ben Carson called Hillary "Lucifer" at the RNC