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  1. If Kushner is forced out, will Trump remain loyal to him as he is loyal to Flynn?
  2. Minor League - Pitcher flubs badly on pitch, but batter does something even more stupid
  3. In my peer group, a couple of people have talked about their "Sick" voice in their heads. Somebody finally admitted in the group. Which means I will feel more comfortable talking about the role playing I have done with my counselor. I have found 2 different voices which effect my recovery. "Compulsion" and "THE MOM." Compulsion makes me do things I don't want to do (like eating too much) and THE MOM is the one always smacking me down. It still feels really weird talking about them but also uplifting. Weird because I keep thinking I am really crazy for even thinking this, that it maybe Schizophrenia , but both my counselor and Psychiatrist say it is OK. And uplifting because I can bring these thoughts to the foreground and deal with them. I have had some interesting conversations in my head and also writing in my journal. It is scary, but I know it will be worth it in the end
  4. Whoa, I just started re-reading that yesterday. It has been so long, I vaguely remember anything. So it is a real treat to read it. Just an amazing book.
  5. Don't see it on much more but Australian Rules Football
  6. Kick ### and take names!
  7. Give them time. Sometimes people don't know what to say when you mention Mental Illness. Keep plugging away
  8. Don't look back in Anger - Oasis. love this song and the impromptu singing at the Manchester Memorial   And a live version of the song sing In Mancester
  9. I see the anti-anti-Trump people are out in force today
  10. Does include the GOP? Otherwise it is going nowhere