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  1. Yeah me too. Lot of the people I work with will be pissed. They will have to replace all their CALI hats, shirts and hoodies.
  2. Bannon will only testify if his two closest advisors get summoned
  3. Yeah, that will go far
  4. A seal waddles into a bar and sits on the stool. Bartender asks,"what'll you have" Seal replies," Anything but Canadian Club"
  5. My money is on Trump Tower or Mar-a-lago
  6. Seriously, this must be a joke...Check out the price
  7. I am old school conservative about a few things and people using the American Flag as clothing, wraps, drapes, diapers really makes me
  8. Thought it was mentos and diet coke?
  9. Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt?
  10. What's in your wallet?
  11. Just another example of selective amnesia.
  12. What do you call security guards at a Samsung Store? Guardians of the Galaxy.
  13. Phillip Rivers doesn't cuss? How animated he is on the field, I find that hard to believe
  14. I guess you regret that right now
  15. My hell is going to a Skrillex concert, waiting for the bass to drop...and it never comes