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  1. Giuliani is a very sad little 9/11 man. Even Chris Christie is looking down on the former 9/11 Mayor
  2. Trump: "We are like the big bully that keeps getting beat up. You ever see that? The big bully that keeps getting beat up"
  3. This is how I picture Kellyanne Conway right now...
  4. No, once again,Trump has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. He didn't suck in Mexico (win for him), but this speech was the same tired crap he has been spouting the past 18 months. Nothing new...No pivot
  5. Arizona was a borderline state in play...I think for sure it is in play right now
  6. So all the twisting and turning the past two weeks, there is no change? (I am not watching the speech)
  7. So Trump is talking about Fly Fishing?
  8. The Waco Kid loves to play chess and screw...Nothing about likes
  9. Some people are just clueless
  10. Yet you can't stop posting and about it
  11. You? Talking about "Likes"? Oh that is rich
  12. How does Alex Jones represent the the entire Republican Party? Did I say he represent the GOP? Or did I say the Republican Party has fallen so far that this right wing whack job is advising the GOP nominee's and nobody is denouncing Jones.
  13. Alex Jones Says He "Personally Talked To" Trump And Encouraged Him To Push Rigged Election Conspiracy Theory This just shows how far the current Republican Party has fallen
  14. I agree with you. Any other person making that appearance would be met with a collective , but because Trump has the very low bar set right now he is getting praise for being Presidential. Same with the 49 seconds in Louisiana earlier in the month. Even if Hillary continues the full court press, I got a bad feeling about this. I sure hope I am wrong.
  15. But you get pissed when people make jokes about Alzheimer's. Good to know