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  1. Major story that the Dems are making up phony polls in order to suppress the the Trump . We are going to WIN! Suppress the Trump is pretty cool but is awesome
  2. If the economy is still sluggish like it is now, yeah, a Trump 2.0 would have a great shot
  3. Trump explains why the First Amendment has ‘too much protection’ for free speech
  4. Curt Schilling holds a rally for Trump in Boston over the weekend....Massive crowds, jut YUGE!
  5. HUHUHUHUHUH...his name has "Wang" in it
  6. That is your right. To vote for the candidate you most want in office....Kudos!
  7. How many campaign surrogates does Trump have? He has Pence and I guess Ivanka. But I can't think of anybody else. Whereas Hillary has: Tim Kaine Husband Bill Daughter Chelsea President Obama First Lady Obama VP Joe Biden I think there are one or two more but I can't name them.
  8. So his first 100 days is about being a bully and settling grudges, not "Making America Great Again"
  10. Not sure if this was posted before, but at the Al Smith dinner, when Trump said "Hillary Clinton is so corrupt...", I really wanted the audience to yell back "How corrupt is she?"
  11. Jon Huntsman, Joe Biden
  12. So agreed. Just sucked the life out of any scene she was doing. Granted, a very high bar to match with Tim Curry, but she had no energy and didn't understand a lot of the songs (ie Charles Atlas)
  13. He was told he had to be pro life if wanted on the GOP ticket? It's really not that hard. OK, so he was acting like a Politician, changing his position to get elected. Something he vehemently denies being.
  14. Donald Trump vows to change Republican platform to allow abortion exceptions for rape, incest, and the life of the mother "Donald Trump believes in full term abortions" (as long as the woman says the baby is a product of incest or rape) I honestly think that if Trump got elected, he would revert back to his very Pro-Choice position on Abortion. I have never heard what his supposed "Come to Jesus" moment was regarding abortion.
  15. Trump's refusal to accept intelligence briefing on Russia stuns experts