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  1. Speaking of fire, watch the baby This is an earworm of mine on occasion
  2. I hope she kicks him in his vajayjay. That would be great TV! I picture him patting her on the head (since he is a lot taller than her). Then she points down to his shoes, he looks down and she flicks his nose
  3. That was the only thing. Starting to lose its luster for me I was never a huge fan of the show, but this did crack me up. The rest of the episode was
  4. Good Night and Good Luck - Great performances, script was a little choppy. B+ The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Unique story and Pitt did pretty good. Two scenes stand out...The encounter with the German U-Boat and the sunrises. A-
  5. Rented "The Day After" from the Library yesterday. Still an incredibly powerful movie. Most of the special effects were cheesy except the people during to X-Ray when the bomb went off. And still Steve Guttenbergs best role
  6. Which is hilarious. Trump is definitely pro-LBGT and I am sure he only changed to Pro-Life for the election.
  7. What Does Trump's Promise Of A Nation 'Under One God' Really Mean? Well, Christian, Jewish and Muslim are all under the same God. But I guess that means the rest of the religions and the atheists are screwed.
  8. Agreed. Even if she had started it, she gave up on it pretty quickly. So Trump and his supporters are acting like 5 year olds and saying "SHE STARTED IT!!!!1!" Sooo Presidential Mr. Trump. And that is all you will ever be Mr. Trump, is a Mister. And that is stretching it.
  9. The Lobster - Started out good but went downhill I really wanted to see how this bizzare society formed
  10. Other than the George Michael and Keanu Reeves dream sequences, I was really disappointed. Just not funny
  11. I sure hope so Tim, I am still nervous as hell
  12. OMG seriously??? Robert Byrd. You can not be that stupid. It has been debunked so many times. Just pathetic you would bring it up