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  1. Finally working on season 2. I think Helena is my favorite clone and I am loving the bad-### Donny.
  2. So Trump tweets about the attack in France, but nothing about the march today? Oh yeah, the attacker in France was Muslim
  3. Wayne LaPierre probably is curled up in a fetal position today
  4. It's a parody account
  5. Picked a bad week to quit drinking
  6. NASA finds way to activate long dormant thrusters on voyager 1 37 years dormant! Code was originally written in Assembler
  7. Saudi Crown Prince bragged he has Jared Kushner "in his pocket" Sure no problem there
  8. I watched 20 seconds of the first video. Once he said concentration camps, turned it off. I assume the rest are bullsquirt like the first one?
  9. Dual Needlers - Halo 2 Bummed that only in Halo 2 can you have two needlers
  10. The Last few pages are kinda warped
  11. Game Night is I give it an A- Not an A because Kyle Chandler is not right for his part. But Rachel McAdams was spot on doing Amanda Plummer in Pulp Fiction. And the animation was very well played
  12. It looks good except I heard the Ant & the Wasp is set befor Infinity War
  13. Oumuama asteroid likely came from a double star system
  14. Thanos gets more then he bargained for when he meets the latest Avenger