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  1. And he isn't really a religious man
  2. New Trailer...Looks awesome I may have to get HBO...Have a big on Evan Rachel Wood
  3. REC4 I loved the original REC movie. Very tense, scary movie. Never saw 2 or 3 This? Too many characters I didn't care about and kinda predictable, but the use of the boat motor on the monkees reminded me of the lawn mower scene from Dead Alive. And Manuela Velasco is still cute as the spunky reporter
  4. Trump might already be out of time With negative perceptions hardened, his late adjustments on policy and rhetoric could sway too few people to matter.
  5. She may be smart, but she portrays an awful awful personna.
  6. Seems one of the roasters, Ann Coulter, get the brunt of it I think Ann Coulter is a hate filled shrew who hates herself everytime she looks in the mirror, but it seems a bit much, especially the last one.
  7. Cabin in the Woods - This scene still cracks me up
  8. My copy is a bit fragile, so I only pull it out every 6 months or so when I want really good storytelling
  9. Romney won 6% if the African American vote, trump is polling at 1%...Explain your quote to me
  10. Love Vonnegut. If you can find it, check out his collection of short stories, Welcome to the Monkey House Some truly amazing stories in there.
  11. Must be let Trump off the leash Saturday
  12. And this isn't even his Philip Rivers moment. It is just the start of the 3rd quarter. Trump has many more INT's before November