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  1. I think it is about the same, just more out in the open then in the past
  2. You can't be serious!
  3. Walk on glass bridge in China Skydive Eat Fugu
  4. Why is milk the fastest thing on earth? It’s pasteurized before you see it!
  5. As with most of his tweets, this is my usual response
  6. MAGA hats made in China to increase in price because of Trump tariffs
  7. I am really worried what is going to come out of this summit. Could Trump accept Russia annexation of Crimea? Probably.
  8. The Puzzle today was pretty easy. Think of a famous Chicagoian with the last letter in the last name of "e". Change that "e" to an "i", rearrange the letters of the last name and you will get a famous actor
  9. Heh. I figured out why it keeps kicking me off. When you change between three different devices, it will bump you off
  10. Yeah, don't bother. He is so locked in his position that he can't even the other side
  11. Two cheese trucks collided today De Brie was everywhere.
  12. Geoffrey from Toys'R Us gets taken out by Amazon Prime Hardcore
  13. For a long time, I always thought Dr. Jekyll was the bad guy. His last name sounds more menacing that Hyde