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  1. Experience tells me you can do both or at least get the party started during practice.
  2. Maybe the 3rd time is the charm as I finally cooked ribs that met my expectations. Baby backs on the WSM at 275 for 2.5/1/45 minutes great flavor, texture, tenderness and with 2 kids in college leftovers to gorge on.
  3. I was disconnected Friday night and called the win back number Saturday morning. Xtra package 2 receivers ST ticket and HBO for one year Showtime, Cinemax for 3 months $200 visa For 90/month They had all my notes from a previous call and I was on the phone for 30 minutes . I’m sure I could have pushed for more but this worked for me
  4. Heist - blurred is the word Lawton’s - sip of sunshine Noda- Radio Haze
  5. I did a whole chicken today on the WSM tonight rubbed with fresh rosemary, sage, butter, salt and pepper. Such an easy, quick smoke and so flipping good. Tomorrow I’m going to give the high heat brisket a shot
  6. Thanks for the info. On an unrelated note glad to hear roverkid is doing well but hate she is still having headaches. My daughters headaches were consistent 7 months after her concussion. Recently her neurologist prescribed gabipentin and that has been a huge help. If you haven’t been down that road you may want to give it a shot.
  7. With all the pot talk this seems like a good place to ask this question. Any of the PNW folks know if there is big price difference between Washington and Oregon? Im flying into Seattle and heading to the Oregon coast and I can wait until I get to Oregon if it’s with the wait.
  8. I’m in a similar situation where I will earn 12-14k this year doing website management and online marketing. I need to find ways to lower my taxes so will look into the SEP IRA. Any other ideas to keep more money in my pocket?
  9. I came home late Saturday and our upstairs A/C wasn’t working. I suffered thru the night and called my HVAC guy in the morning. While I was waiting I opened up the unit and started to troubleshoot. With the help of youtube and my multimeter I figured out my capacitor was bad. Problem is there was no way to get that part on a Sunday. I called my HVAC guy and asked if I could buy the part from him and save the service call. He wouldnt sell it to me but said If my diagnosis was right he would replace it for free. Guess who got a free capacitor and a good nights sleep? TLDR: Berndog did some basic troubleshooting and is feeling pretty good
  10. Is 2-2-1 at 250 a good guideline for baby backs?
  11. I’m not sure how I missed this thread but I’ve got some catching up to do. Dylan and Van have been constant companions in my life. Like old friends they occasionally have drifted away and the reunions are always sweet. As expected I’m enjoying this reunion @Eephus I appreciate you driving this train!
  12. Is it possible there is an under current of racism in the USMNT? It appears there is a history of ignoring Hispanic players in both development and recruitment.
  13. That’s an impressive switch. What club is he playing for?
  14. Just picked up a keg of Hopsequences from Southern Range brewery. This may be the IPA coming out of the Charlotte region these days and that’s saying something g
  15. I’ll second the Wrench recommendation. Just got back from Rochester and that was the best local beer I drank.