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  1. You want enough holes to allow excess water to drain off so your plant isn’t sitting in water. You may to plant it in something bigger than a cottage cheese container. Basel plants get tall and have a pretty big root system.
  2. I suggested a Weber Smokey mountain but your right a Weber Kettle Is what he wants. 👍 A kettle is what I started smoking with before I graduated to a WSM.
  3. Rather than a combo I might look to get a new gas grill and find a used 18 inch Weber Smokey mountain on Craigslist.
  4. Finally dumped a losing pot stock (vlncf) and used that cash to jump on the CYDY train.
  5. Nice finish but the marking was 🤮
  6. When buying the big ball valves it’s a good idea to test them in the store. I’m not sure why but some are very hard to open/close.
  7. Todem- I’m a late comer to this thread and I appreciate you freely sharing your insights. In reference to your quoted advice, do you have any recommendations to share?
  8. Sometimes it’s hard to wait but as you realized it’s always better to plant in the evening. Gives them time to get thru any transplant shock before the suns blasts them. oh yea, nice selection of peppers. 👍
  9. Anyone know if Home Depot has their normal holiday Kingsford sale?
  10. I have grown to find the idea of the perfect lawn silly. All the time and money spent spreading poison your family and pets play in seems perverse to me. Eventually it ends up in our water and we poison ourselves again. I know this isn’t a popular opinion and I’m not trying to change any minds but it’s where I’m at. 🤷‍♂️ The clover is great to walk on in bare feet and it spreads so it’s low maintenance and rarely needs cutting and is green year round.
  11. I’ve gone the opposite way with my lawn. I’ve ditched the herbicides and overseeded with clover. Slowly it is taking over and pushing the weeds and grass out. it is always green the white flowers keep the bees happy.
  12. One of the reasons I’m replacing them is they don’t close tightly and even with new weather-stripping there are still gaps. I think to address that problem I need to go pre-hung. I’m open to suggestions.
  13. The house is roughly 30 years old and it will be my first time. One door leads to the garage and the other leads to the deck. I’m a little concerned I may find wood rot around the deck door. Am I crazy to tackle this myself? From the research I’ve done it doesn’t seem that bad.
  14. The anticipation prior to a fishing trip is awesome The daydreaming and bull ####ting on the drive Is priceless Good Luck!