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  1. Timely bump as I have red beans soaking for dinner tonight
  2. One advantage of working from home is being able to fire up the grill on a Monday I have a 4.5 lb boneless butt smoking away with beans sitting underneath soaking up the pork succulence. This is by far the smallest butt I’ve ever cooked so interested to see how “quickly” it finishes.
  3. Anyone see the own goal Horvath gave up?
  4. I do something similar but quarter an onion and add it. The onion falls apart as you stir and tastes great.
  5. Sounds like a good first step and it has the added bonus of having the t&g connection. Good Luck 👍
  6. I second the template idea and if you’re still worried, rip a piece of plywood to mimic your cork board and do a test cut Using your template on that. Im not sold on the double baseboard. It will definitely be harder having to cut both rows to fit the column but I believe that is the best solution. It will look the best and every time you walk in the room you will have the satisfaction of knowing you didn’t cut any corners 😀
  7. I taught 3 kids to drive and there are Lots of good points here already. One thing that worked well for me was lots of short 10-15 minute sessions when they are starting. It might only be a 2 minute spin around the neighborhood before dinner. It makes sure tensions never get to high and allows them to process everything without getting overwhelmed.
  8. They offered me $40 month of extra and free ST Max so total bill would be around $110. I told them I needed to think about it but after reading this thread it sounds that as good as it will get.
  9. Love your spreading some light during dark times. Donation sent.
  10. Looks like they better get their points early. Would hate to go into the last 2 matches needing a result to qualify. @Mexico @Costa Rica
  11. Knocked out 1000 pushups in 10 days 💪 I guess 2000 is next with the goal of being able to do sets of 50 at some point.
  12. Ex div date is 8/13 and pays on 9/10
  13. Out of PPL with a 10% gain and into EXC. Hitting the dividend date is an added bonus. Thanks @Todem
  14. I love the Aaronson highlights but one thing I noticed when watching entire games is he seems to disappear for long stretches. Some of it is his positioning so high up the pitch but he is so influential I want to see him get more touches
  15. 100 pushups/day x 5= 500 pushups this week 💪 It took 50+ years and this thread to encourage me to do that many pushups in a week. I may just jump on the yoga train next.