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  1. Loving the season, feel like they could have stretched out Agents of Hydra for almost a full season if they had wanted. Mums the word on renewal so far but I would think we should hear something soon with only 4 episodes left. Ratings continue to decline despite the show getting better and better. ABC is set to premier Inhumans in September so don't know if that is good or bad for the show.
  2. Yeah, we will see in a 48 hours but I do think this year is special (or at least more like the old drafts a decade ago.) Fournette and McCaffrey look like locks for the 1st round and possibly the top 10. If Mixon didn't have the video and Cook hadn't of faceplanted at the combine I think they would be locks for the 1st as well. I don't think either will go in the 1st but they may still. Then you have 3 WR's as possible locks for the 1st and a couple of TE's that are possible as well. It's a heck of a year for fantasy. Honestly I think Fournette doesn't make it past 4 but stranger things have happened. We may end up with something like a Gurley type landing spot where a not so obvious team because of other needs takes him because of how talented he is.
  3. Didn't Flacco just turn 32?
  4. Same. KC has been kicking the tires on a lot of the rookie QB's too. If they take one early I would be pretty excited by the idea of someone other than Alex Smith throwing him passes.
  5. Putting a name to the pick instantly devalues it IMO. The 1.01 is worth a lot more than just what Corey Davis is worth, especially this year pre-draft when there are 6~7 very talented prospects and many of them could end up in good situations were they could be a bell-cow or could be the go-to WR (history has shown that likely not all of them will though.) Everyone has their preferences, but I would take this years 1.01 over 6~8 guys on your list here and could make an argument in a startup that I would prefer the 1.01 to 3~4 others due to their age, injuries or other issues.
  6. yeah, other than 2013 (Gio & Tavon Austin year) I can't recall a recent year where the 1.01 wasn't at least in the late 2nd round of startups. Even if it was a weak year for RB's you usually had a stud WR prospect balancing it out like Sankey's year when you had Watkins and Evans.
  7. Change it to drafts after Dec 28th of 2016 and he has dropped to 83 in non-ppr. But that's still suspect data because it has kickers and defenses ahead of him. Change it to PPR and its not useful data as it has him in the 200's after numerous IDP's. However, change it to RB+WR+TE and he's way down at 121 in PPR just before Victor Cruz and James Starks who don't even have teams IIRC. He's not worth squat in my leagues, tried trading him for an early 2nd rounder and got laughed at. Everyone expects Cinci to draft his replacement in a few days.
  8. Originally Schefter was asked by some radio personalities what he thought JG would fetch in a trade and he speculated a 1st and a 4th. Then the story took on a life of its own with media speculation and fan theories and spun out of control before it finally died down. It's back in this thread somewhere around the beginning of January where it was clarified, IIRC.
  9. Was thinking the same while reading, can't recall ever disagreeing with Bloom's rankings as much as I do this year.
  10. I agree, why not keep him for a year and kick the tires. Maybe he can turn it around with a different scheme, different coaching. Now if the Browns do end up drafting a QB with one of their 2 firsts, I could see how having him on the roster might be a detriment, although I could see sticking Brock out there to take the pounding while you get your new rookie QB some seasoning.
  11. No, brain fart on my part, meant to write Webb in the 2nd after an OT in the first. I like Peterman too in the 2nd. I think they would jump on and possibly even move up for one of either Watson or Mahomes if one is still there after pick 18. Both were in Houston earlier this week for workouts. Houston met previously with Mahomes back at the Combine too.
  12. Same, I had a hankerin' for Mahomes but with all the buzz on him the last few weeks I feel like he's going to be gone by 25. Feel like its going to be either a DB or a RT with the 25 and/or with us trading up from our 2nd for a QB. Also think there is a good chance that if one of the QB's is still on the board just before us that KC would trade in front of us. None of the teams from 18 to 24 have a need for a QB (except maybe the Giants but I doubt they spend their 1st for one) and we obviously do, so any of those teams could trade down with someone looking to leapfrog us. Interestingly, if you look at the draft pick value charts out there on the internet (who knows how accurate they are), our 1st, 2nd and 4th are very close to equal to the Browns 12th pick. Probably not a snowball's chance Rick Smith trades up that far, but in that scenario you can still take a RT in the 3rd, a DB in the 4th and then some depth linemen & RB's late and a ton of good UDFA. Our 1st and 3rd would get you into about the pick 19 or 20 range if wanting to trade up.
  13. Andre Johnson to Retire a Texan
  14. Tried this show out over the weekend, was impressed by the first episode. Honestly for a Syfy show it's very well done. Other than the hokey boning/levitating in the air scene that Syfy probably forced them to add, it was very good. And gotta figure the C.S. Lewis lawyers have gotta be suing the shows pants off for the blatant LW&W ripoffs.
  15. Except for the fact it was over 10 years ago and CBong was a huge bust for the Bears. But that had more to do with his motivation to smoke weed and be an idiot (contract holdout, attitude, etc.) than his agility scores.