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  1. Agreed, I like Guice a lot but he has questions about his usage in the passing game (not that I am overly worried about them), we don't know his landing spot for another week, plus just the whole rookies bust at a pretty high rate thing that many people forget this type of year when those rookie picks are giving them wet dreams at night. Hunt just led the league in rushing and caught over 50 balls in 15 games as a rookie. Obviously there are a few questions like Mahomes taking over, Reid being frustrating with his play-calling for stretches, but you can say there are questions with every existing player.
  2. Same, where are these people paying up for AJG? Best offer I have received was the 1.06 plus some roster trash. Most offers I have received have been way worse than that.
  3. I don't have much doubt the Lions plan to draft a RB to upgrade Abdullah, but I do have serious doubts it will make much difference for their run game. Cooter love's situational RB's which leads to telegraphing when they are going to run vs pass, they abandon the run on a regular basis for large chunks of games so much it would make Andy Reid blush (2nd to last in the league in rushing attempts), and their O'line while decent in pass blocking was one of the worst units in the league last year in run blocking (granted they had a lot of injuries, but most O'line's do during the course of a year.) From PFF's O'line rankings:
  4. Honest question: what are the numbers when we factor in he only played 15 snaps in one game before being ejected? I imagine still pretty low, but Dalton and the Bengals O'line were particularly atrocious this past year.
  5. Ridley: 6'0", 189 lbs, 4.43 40, 31" Vert, 110" Broad Jump, 6.88 sec 3-cone, 4.41 shuttle Julio: 6'3", 220 lbs, 4.39 40, 38.5" Vert, 135" Broad Jump, 6.66 sec 3-cone, 4.25 shuttle Julio did his drills with a broken bone in his foot too. Ridley is three inches shorter, 30 lbs lighter and still slower and less explosive than Julio. The only thing you can say they have in common is that they went to the same school 7 years apart.
  6. I wouldn't say it's out of the realm of possibility, but they did just restructure Tannehill's contract converting a bunch of money to an up front signing bonus and increasing his cap hit substantially in 2019 & 2020. Obviously that was for some salary cap relief to afford Landry's tag, but I don't think they do that if they didn't have plans on sticking with him at least for this year.
  7. FWIW, Eli has a no trade clause in his contract. After all the vitriol thrown at the previous regime for benching Eli last year it's understandable that the new GM and Coach were given an ultimatum to make it work with Eli if that is indeed the case. Barkley makes a ton of sense given their moves to date. It may not be the best play long-term instead of taking a chance at another franchise QB, but the Giants in particular seem like the types that want to win now and worry about tomorrow... well, tomorrow.
  8. 3-cone was particularly bad, but Treadwell was also worse than Sutton at his pro day on the short shuttle and vertical as well. In comparison, Dez ran a 4.52 vs Sutton's 4.54 and was an inch shorter than Sutton. Dez measured with longer arms, and was better in the vertical and broad jump, but Sutton was better in the 3 cone and short shuttle. As far as athletics are considered, I agree there is no comparison to Treadwell in the slightest.
  9. Texans don't have a 1st or 2nd but they have three 3rds; the perfect spot to take a rookie RB. They've already got an overpaid 27 year old RB on the roster, don't need another one.
  10. How much do people think he's going to be looking for in a new contract? Doesn't seem like there are a lot of teams out there with much remaining cap space this late in the game when you take into account draft slots, funds needed for LTBE bonuses, IR, etc. For example, Redskins reportedly only have 16.8M before those charges, and they have the 12th most cap space in the league.
  11. They've been filming over the last month or so with some minor things leaking on the internet. So probably something like fall of this year?
  12. Derek Newton cut today. Some weirdness going on, he reportedly failed a physical back on March 23rd. Texans refused to pay his April 1st Roster Bonus of 500K but aren't cutting him until today. Newton apparently got a 2nd opinion from Dr James Andrews who said he was healthy, and Newton is expected to file a grievance.
  13. I think you must have meant to quote someone else as I was not speaking to the concept of trading a 1st for the 2.5. He said you could have had Kamara or Hunt with the 2.5 last year, that IS BS. Any draft that occurred in either had a less common scoring/lineup setup like IDP or TE premium / 2QB where other positions are more heavily weighted or it was an extreme outlier. You just said that neither of those guys fell that far in your own drafts. In my own case I traded up from 11 to take Hunt in one league, and somehow Kamara fell to 11 and I was kicking myself because I liked him almost as much as Hunt. I realize you are arguing something different here and I somewhat agree that I would support trading my 1st for a guy I was high on if he fell that far. FFPC and other high stakes leagues that I see frequently mentioned on these boards seem well suited to this strategy. Partly because of the scoring rules as well as the cutdown rules that help rebuilds if you make a mistake, and partly because I am convinced those leagues are filled with a handful of sharks, a handful of seasoned fantasy players, and a whole lot of gambling fools from whom their money is soon parted. (I kid, I kid... sorta.) If we want to go down the rabbit hole of just a generic 2.5 or later pick for a 1st... I just looked back at my prior drafts for the last few years, and here are the only players currently of note drafted at the 2.5 or later: Kupp, Watson, Aaron Jones, Goff, Wentz, Hunter Henry, Mariota, Ajayi, Lockett, Buck Allen, Ty Montgomery, Diggs, Jeremy Hill, Crow, MBryant, McKinnon, Landry, Carr, Garoppolo, Ertz, Kelce, Jordan Reed. There's some definite hits in there, a few guys that had big to medium value early on only to fade away, and there are guys that were dropped at some point by their original drafter but later developed value and were picked up off the waiver wire. The hit rate seems to be predominantly focused on QBs & TEs as well. Even with this list, I think you could argue some of those hits may not even be worth a future 1st right now much less at the time, especially in a 1QB league. Most of the time I have seen someone argue the "I would give a 1st for a 2nd on the clock now" the recent examples have been to bring up guys like DJ or Freeman, well they were gone prior to the 2.5 so this hypothetical trade wouldn't have landed you them either (in my leagues at least. I'm sure there are some out there where they lasted longer.) For the example you gave, ARob went 1.12 in my drafts, not even close to the 2.7. And I don't mean this to sound like my leagues are full of shark studs or anything either, just that these outlier examples are just that, outliers. Very few of us will be in a situation where someone like an ARob falls well beyond his consensus draft spot and even better, someone is willing to let us trade into that spot to take him.
  14. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/755473-official-post-your-2017-rookie-draft/ There are very few examples where that occurred last year. And the few times it did were almost always a league with something like a TE premium or superflex.
  15. Last year Hopkins got $49M guaranteed, $81M total over the same 5 years. Yeah the cap went up a little bit, but yeesh.