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  1. I also wonder how many people in that 30% on the higher end fall into similar situations that I experienced; nice dual incomes for a while and then suddenly down to one income which could be due to any number of reasons: layoffs, career changes, babies, medical problems, whatever. In my case we bought more house than we needed to but was still well within our budget when we were dual income; a few years later and my wife decided she hates her job and wants to change careers which significantly reduced our income. Then she had complications from shoulder surgery and couldn’t work for 9 months. That period of time stretched us very thin as well and we ended up cutting back on a lot of things I didn’t really realize we were spending on when we had more money coming in.
  2. Grasshopper and the Ant at its core. Honestly reminds me of a small part of George Carlin’s bit about the 10 Commandments which was something like: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods. Screw that, coveting makes the economy grow!
  3. Only one data point among many out there but read that Greek 10 year bond yields fell below 1%. A country that defaulted just a few years ago that still has a 16% unemployment rate in a “booming economy” can borrow cheaper than the US, makes tons of sense right?
  4. Have to cut him prior to 3/20 or part of his 2021 salary becomes fully guaranteed ($2.1M.) I did not think they would a few months ago but given that and the ability to spread the cap hit between 2 years if they designate him a post-June 1st cut it's a definite possibility. That gives them some relief this year for the hit plus if he signs somewhere else his new salary will slightly offset what they owe. I can't see someone trading him for him unless they send a pick with him like someone related with Brock Osweiler. They have repeatedly said they won't trade Patrick Peterson but a package deal with DJ would be a tantalizing offer for many teams IMO.
  5. Binged the rest of Locke & Key yesterday, wife and I really enjoyed it. Final episode seemed anti-climactic at first but it had a great ending that sets up a season 2 well. Show is definitely less horror than Stranger Things and more mystery with fantasy elements for a younger crowd. Looking forward to future seasons, they really only scratched the surface on a lot of what they introduced.
  6. Only a couple of eps in but very much aligned so far. To start I’d even say less dark than Stranger Things and more fantasy oriented with some darker elements. There are some pretty adult theme’s in that the mother and children are dealing with the trauma of their dad being murdered (not a spoiler, it’s basically the whole setup to start what’s going on.)
  7. A few episodes into Locke and Key and very good so far, but they definitely went Young Adult on it. The reviews I’ve seen haven’t been kind but the number #1 complaint appears to be its not 100% the comic and #2 complaint is they went Young Adult instead of hardcore horror. Not being familiar with the source material, I am really liking it a lot to start.
  8. Yep, enjoy the ring and the $34 some odd million dollars over 2 years, but time to move on.
  9. Make sure to scan and save receipts, ink fades over time. Some HSA providers will allow you to upload them and store them without redeeming/reimbursement.
  10. I was looking at standard rooms at the Flamingo or Paris, they still have rates in the $250~low 300+ avg a night range but that’s pretty steep for those rooms compared to most other weekends. You’d be close to the action but it’s going to be crowded for sure.
  11. Main stage will be by Caesars, a big NFL Experience in the new Caesar's forum area that is just about to open up, they're doing a big media red carpet thing IN the fountain of Bellagio and shutting down the road down the strip during the day. Debating going, but my initial search shows that room prices are pretty outrageous unless you are willing to stay pretty far off-strip. Caesar's shows zero availability so I assume all the agents and tv people have it booked up. You can find some deals staying farther away (some of which include monorail tickets) but they are predicting something like 700K plus people being down there, good luck getting around or getting a cab I would guess. I can only imagine what table limits and prices are going to be that weekend. Ugh, sound like an old fogey, but since I know I will be bringing the wife, she's not really going to be in to most of the NFL stuff and with it being so crowded won't be easy to do other stuff like bars/clubs, shows, etc. I imagine. Next year draft will be in Cleveland , 2022 not announced, and 2023 Kansas City (might be fun.)
  12. This is a really fascinating story, read an extensive article on it a few years ago. Most people have no idea about it because the news broke something like a few days before 9/11 and it was obviously buried in the headlines and then forgotten.
  13. Got a little dusty at our house watching the final episode, a bittersweet but poignant end. Lots of cameos and callbacks. Ending reminded me a lot of the end of the Golden Compass books, a very similar philosophical side of the aisle that things are defined by mortality and have no meaning without a finite end. I like to think I prefer the route that Tahani took over the others and dedicating her afterlife to helping and bettering others as opposed to walking gentle into that good night so to speak. I only hope I am as at peace when it’s my time to go as the characters that I have grown to enjoy these last few years were at their end.
  14. D+ had some quick teasers during the SB for Falcon & Winter Soldier, WandaVision (which definitely looks to be multi-verse themed), and a very quick look at Loki.
  15. They part out a ton of cars and make a ton of money that way. With many used vehicles these days, the sum of the parts are worth more than the whole.