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  1. Maybe if they hadn't of pruned the boards of those old threads we could actually point to them with real facts instead of one person arguing a recollection vs another person's recollection. However, Reggie Bush was the most hyped RB in draft history, there was a giant circus for years around the Texans passing on him because of how can't miss and how amazing a prospect he was... so I'm still calling
  2. LOL, there was a media, fan and internet ####storm for months to years when Houston passed (correctly) on Bush. Multiple sports analysts called it the biggest mistake in draft history. Even late night comedians and people who don't follow football were making fun of Houston for such a "dumb" move. He was routinely drafted in the first round of initial dynasty drafts and called the second coming of Gale Sayers on a regular basis. He was second only to Peyton Manning in endorsement deals and 2nd only to Tomlinson in jersey sales... as a rookie! There may have been some doubters (mostly Texans fans), but lots of detractors my foot. There has never been a more hyped RB in the history of the draft. Peterson had a ton of detractors due to his ankle injury during his sophomore season and the broken collarbone his junior year. There was even a long thread on here where some people were arguing you should take Lynch ahead of him. Plus many folks were burned on Bush the year before as even though he was a PPR darling, the cracks in his game had become readily apparent in the NFL (dancing in the backfield, couldn't relegate Duece to the bench, an inability to run between the tackles, many, many negative yardage plays, etc.)
  3. Might be just doing their due diligence on him, getting his side of the story, or whatever. There is also a school of thought that some teams interview players they have no intention of drafting just for smoke screen reasons.
  4. Bush was traded for a safety and a late round pick swap, but more importantly got rid of his 16M salary for a part time, basically 3rd down RB in NO's scheme. There were rumblings at the time that Bush was upset he was never given a more featured full-time RB role in NO.
  5. Indeed, this thread isn't even a week old yet and was on like page 2: congratulations-sb-lii-champion-new-england-patriots/
  6. Pretty standard 12 team PPR 1-2-3-1-flex Wentz for the 2.01
  7. Teams have until May 3rd to exercise options for the 5th year.
  8. Well there were "rumors" Houston was going to trade the #1 overall for Mallet, and then on Day 2 it was the first pick of the second round or third, then on Day 3 it was "they might still work out a trade despite taking Savage..." If he's not traded during the draft, just wait until preseason when some QB injures his toe or struggles for one quarter of football. Media will milk this for a long while.
  9. Jackson coached Palmer at USC and again at Cinci and was intimately familar with him. Palmer was a former Heisman winner and 1st overall pick with decent success for being stuck with a historically dead-end franchise and he retired when they refused to trade him out of that steaming pile situation. Similar to last year when Bridgewater went down and the Vikings were desperate, the 4-2 Raiders starting QB in Jason Campbell went down and the Raiders were desperate to salvage their season and got hosed on the trade. IMO, its not at all comparable to talking of trading for a guy in March. Jackson lost his Oak job in large part because of that terrible trade, I doubt he'd be inclined to do it again.
  10. Ouch, not good. Oh well, win some lose some. Ravens aren't a bad landing spot for one of the stud rookies.
  11. There's a lot more to O'lines than just sacks. PFF graded Dallas line 2nd overall, Houston 19th at the end of the year. Granted that Clark was forced into action unexpectedly when Newton went down but there is currently no replacement on the roster. Basically PFF said our two Guards and our RT sucked and were bailed out by Duane Brown and backup Center Greg Mancz. Mancz might get moved to guard when Martin comes back which would help, but they have to find a RT or Romo would be in a hospital wing by October.
  12. Good point about Hopkins extension, it's going to be expensive.
  13. Agreed, Romo couldn't stay healthy behind the best line in football, he would be destroyed with us currently as our line stands. Wondering why we haven't cut Newton yet. Is it an injury settlement type thing? No way they can be counting on him coming back in any way after that injury. Pencil us in for every mock draft with at least one DB in the first 3 rounds.
  14. Trading him saves them $10M in cap space this year as his $16M salary was fully guaranteed and the Browns would now be on the hook for that. Releasing him he was still owed his guaranteed salary and you add his prorated salary bonus from last year for a cap hit of $19M with $6M they could have deferred to 2018, trading him changes it to a $9M dead money hit this year. So: On the roster or cut = $19M, trading equals $9M. This assumes the numbers reported on Over the Cap, Sprotrac, etc. are accurate.