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  1. Even then I think this is going to be pretty situation specific. A 600K vacation home on some random lake that you rarely can rent out? Sure, that might be a labor of love as opposed to a financial money maker. A condo in Vail on the other hand... But I don't think most people buy second homes/vacation homes thinking that they'll use it every major holiday and 25% of available weekends and rent it out the rest of the time and it will pay for itself. Or at least I hope they don't think that... Now that I think about it though, that may be just the kind of people Chadstroma was referring too. (Reminds me of my wife the first time she brought the idea up and I had to explain to her the reality of the numbers.)
  2. Yeah, I'm in Colorado, having ski properties or a small place in the mountains is pretty common (among those that can afford it... so your average FBG.) My own wife has mentioned this to me from time to time so I figure if I can hold out 10 years or more before we buy one I won't mind the expense by then. Now I don't know how common the people are that live here and also own a beach house all the way in Florida and regret that beach house for example.
  3. There was a lot of discussion on him pre-draft compare/contrasting him to the 1.2 rookie pick. This was before Guice took a tumble in the real draft though. He seems to be valued significantly above AJG despite being only 6 months younger. Julio's team situation is much more stable though, whereas Dalton and his o'line struggled mightily last year. I do think he's a great sell high if you can get good value, even the slightest hiccup in his production and people are going to start noticing he turns 30 at the end of the season. Alternatively, if you can get him for a reasonable price, he can still be a difference maker for a team in the title hunt that can ride him until the wheels fall off and not worry about exit value. Only 3 TDs last year (2 in one game) is concerning though.
  4. I've got the pre-order and BETA code for Xbox. Looking forward to first impressions during the BETA and more info coming out. Also worried about the multi-player aspect so hopefully my BETA experience will help ease my concerns.
  5. Don't know yet, for now you register on Bethesda's website with the code you are provided and it basically says we will contact you with more information when the BETA is ready to go. Apparently, the BETA will be rolled out to XBOX One players first, that's on Bethesda's FAQ's for the game.
  6. OP asked about clothes and food, we rarely went out to eat at a restaurant, that was a big treat when we did. I spent nearly every Sunday morning at Church and then at my Grandmother's for lunch with the extended family. Thinking back on most of the fashion trends, the clothes sucked but were at least quality made. I had a pair of Girbaud jeans that probably lasted me nearly 7 or 8 years, now I buy a pair of jeans and they wear out in like 6 months. Loved the spandex era of the 80s, kind of like yoga pants these days. But the late 80s and early 90s with the flashy colors, parachute pants, etc. were pretty ugly. High waisted jeans on women were popular then and bleh too (these have come back recently apparently.) Hated the trend of skirts with something under them like jeans or shorts. The grunge era was comfortable with all the flannel, but the women all dressed like tomboys. Overalls and such on women were super popular for a time as well and not very flattering. Most of those trends probably came out of the safe sex craze, everyone was scared of HIV and STD's everywhere and there was a lot of backlash to the freewheeling days of the 70s. I can still remember what a huge deal it was (especially for guys) when the first season of Friends came on and Jennifer Aniston wouldn't wear a bra under her shirt in some of the episodes. It took quite a few years for society to get past the being scared of sex and for lack of a better word, slutty/sexy, to come back in style. GB Paris Hilton, Britney, etc. for coming along and popularizing the short skirt, no panties, shaved hoo-ha look and freeing everyone from the puritanical fashion trends.
  7. I think cultured meat will eventually become commercialized and accepted by most consumers, at which point animal slaughter for food will become something more fringe like such as how hunting is looked at today. If most people visited a slaughter house they would instantly become vegans. This would have some pretty impactful changes to society, the economy, and the environment.
  8. I agree with this as well. Although I also think that said birth control will be mandated in many countries due to overpopulation and environmental degradation.
  9. This is one thing I really love. In the old days my dad had tons of Time Life book series and I would spend endless hours reading through the volumes on the Civil War or World War 2 and such. Outside of school or a library, that was one of the only avenues to learn more about stuff like that. I also really love just being able to google just about anything on repairing a sink, fixing a toilet, building this, repairing that. Back then if your dad or friend's dads didn't know how to fix or build something you just had to kind of wing it and hope it worked out.
  10. I was thinking about this a few weeks ago, that I never listen to full albums anymore. I know the audiophiles will :smh: at that, but who has time for that anymore? Some of my favorite music was the stuff that as you say, I listened to an album over and over again and a particular song really clicked with me or spoke to me in some way. Since then I've been trying to force myself to take the time and tell Alexa to play the full album of so and so, instead of just endlessly shuffling different singles together.
  11. A lot that was similar to what's been posted: spent a lot of time outside, you either made plans in advance or you hung out in certain spots until you ran into somebody else. It really wasn't that unusual to just hang out by yourself sometimes if you didn't run into someone and just spend the time living in your imagination. In my teen years, there were certain spots like the local Sonic that you would drive by to see who was there, stop if it was people you liked or fit in with, keep driving if there wasn't anyone or people you didn't like there. I grew up in a small-ish town of 10~15K at the time in a national forest, so spent a lot of time in the woods, hiking, biking, building forts with friends, playing pine cone wars, etc. As you got older, said forts would be the hiding place for found/stolen playboys and such. Directions from people to new places usually consisted of "go to main street, turn right at the grocery store, go two blocks, turn left, 3rd house on the left" type things. Nobody talked on the phone (guys at least) until you got a girlfriend in junior high or high school and they always wanted to talk for hours. Prank calling people with friends "do you have Prince Albert in a can? Well you better let him out!" Or getting random calls from younger girls who had a crush on you and were dared by their friends. I was laughing the other day, because I was just scrolling through Netflix over and over again and it reminded me of weekend's with my dad where we would hit the video store and walk up and down the aisles for like an hour trying to decide on a movie to rent. No rotten tomatoes or other websites with reviews and such, just had to read the back of the box and hope the description sounded like something good. I was a and read a lot, wasn't unusual for me to spend an entire day listening to the radio while reading LOTR's or tons of other books. If you couldn't afford to buy much music, you listened to the radio a ton. GB the day I got a cassette recorder stereo hand me down and start recording songs I liked off the radio and making mix tapes. Used to have to time it just perfectly to get your song as soon as it started and cut it off before the next song started or the stupid dj started talking. Have to listen for hours just waiting for that one song you loved to be played again to get a copy of it. I still have a bunch of old mix tapes in a box in my basement, when mp3's 1st became a thing I used to look them over in search of certain songs that I couldn't find anywhere else. Still a handful of songs on some of those that I can't find on streaming sites and such. My mother had a modem at her work office and I convinced her to give me the security codes to the building so I could use the computer and the fledgling internet my last year in high school. I'd finish my homework or writing my paper in no time and then spend the rest of the time playing computer games or surfing for porn (just some grainy, usually scanned pic's, no video's yet.) Had one girlfriend my senior year that we would regularly "go to the movies" on Friday nights when really we were parked on some dead-end road in her station wagon. I'd look up the movie on the internet before our dates and she would tell her parents the plot when she got home so they could be sure we went.
  12. Pre-ordered Fallout 76 to get into the Beta, that way I can try out the multiplayer experience before the full game comes out. Also missed the news about a full remake of Resident Evil 2. If it's half as good as the RE:1 remake back on the gamecube, it will still be awesome. Can't wait to play this one again, one my favorite games ever. I can still remember playing it late at night with some buddies in our dorm room, the sight of a licker through a window just before you encounter it was one of my favorite scary ### tension building moments from a game ever.
  13. I'm not overly high on Tennessee's passing game, but I can't penalize one guy for a bad situation and then turn around and say another guy has top 5 potential based on playing for the Cleveland freaking Browns. No matter how much it may seem in an offseason that they have improved on paper. I like Chubb but I'll be looking to possibly buy during the season or next offseason after Duke continues to catch a bunch of passes and Hyde most likely steals a bunch of touches. Based on that most recent article Faust just posted confirms a lot of what has been speculated since they drafted Chubb, that this sounds very much like a RBBC mess. Chubb looks like he's going to have Mixon type first season and you will have to hope that he gets in there and has a breakout game with the majority of the carries at some point to see a light at the end of the tunnel.
  14. I missed the McKinney news, that's a good deal. For comparison, Cushing got almost the exact same deal (slightly more at 55M total) over 6 years in 2013! It's also slightly less than the deal Lavonte David signed 3 years ago, nice hometown, early extension discount.