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  1. Agreed, also just the regular business cycle is a factor as well IMO. The auto business has always been hugely cyclical with massive ups and downs, people always seem to forget that. I can remember Peter Lynch talking about it decades ago in some of his books. As someone who once owned BMW stock right as the bottom fell out on up-cycle, I remember the lesson well. Auto's have been propped up and extended further this time by extremely cheap debt, lax subprime borrowing conditions, and increase in term (6 and 7 year auto loans now the norm.) Think I read the other day that the average auto loan term is now at close to 70 months, the longest its ever been. 6 & 7 year loans make up something like the bulk of the new loans written, that's just absurd. If you can't afford a vehicle without borrowing for 7 years to pay it off, you probably shouldn't be buying. Which is probably why there's also a ####-ton of leases out there too.
  2. While anything can happen in Game Of Thrones, I'm not buying it, most of those theories are pretty filmsy with nothing more than someone's interpretation of a scene or vague passage backing them up (such as Bran caused the Mad King to go crazy because he caused Hodor.) In some cases they are citing non-canon sources such as dvd extra's of storyboard art that wouldn't necessarily be considered canon (the drawing of Bran the Builder being on a litter) or they are ignoring stuff that people already figured out like that the 3 Eyed Raven is actually Brynden Rivers. Still, the best of those links had a good note about how there are so many fan theories out there that sometimes people get it exactly right, apparently, someone, somewhere figured out that Hodor = Hold the Door.
  3. Thanks I appreciate the insight and it kind of jives with what I was thinking as well. 8 years is pretty long for an expansion. Things in Denver have slowed from crazy increases the last few years to closer to about 5% over this time last year (depends on the neighborhood of course.) Wife took a client to a showing yesterday and the client liked the house, but looking at comps it was probably about 100K overpriced, client also inquired about a "lease to buy" offer he saw that sounded like a terrible deal. Couple of houses down the street from us have been on the market a few months mainly because they are overpriced. Makes me think things have gotten too frothy, hopefully we are in for a soft landing.
  4. What part of Colorado you in? If anywhere near Denver, my wife volunteers for the Dumb Friends League. They are a great rescue organization, extremely well run, more than 100 years old.
  5. About the least surprising, "surprise" announcement they could have made. There's a definite element of PC pandering IMO, but that doesn't mean it can't also be good Dr Who. Cautiously optimistic, a new show runner, a new Doctor, lots could be changing, maybe for the better. As mentioned before, the new showrunner did a great job with Broadchurch but also wrote some god-awful episodes of Torchwood. Will be interesting to see who the new companion will be, do they go male companion with a female Doctor?
  6. Nothing official on a Season 8 Premiere episode yet, but they did announce that the back half of Fear the Walking Dead starts on September 10th (they have wisely scheduled their break around Game of Thrones.) So that likely means the season 8 premiere which is also the 100th episode of TWD will likely air Oct 29th. Mirrors the very first episode which aired the night of Halloween, seems like only yesterday!
  7. It was already picked up for season 4 just before season 3 aired, however they are changing the showrunners so maybe it gets better? Also, y'all know that this was only the mid-season finale right? Still the second half of the season to go. They smartly scheduled this to break just before Game of Throne starts and it starts back after GOT's ends. However that will push TWD premiere back to close to Halloween, which would be cool for the 100th episode.
  8. No wonder he couldn't make good on all those bets.
  9. Was always partial to Heather Graham in Swingers with the 1940's look, but she looks great in a lot of movies.
  10. Not sure you get my point, she sends the Frankenmountin to keep him from leaving and going to the Sept because he was supposed to be at the trial. Frankenmountain is not going to be doing much consoling of the feelings of the child king.
  11. Welcome to Debbie Country!!!
  12. In the commentary for Winds of Winter, they said the following about Tommen's demise. I think it speaks to Cersei's fatal failing which is her pride, she'd rather drink wine and revel in her victory of the Sept blowing up taking a lot of her enemies with it, that she never thinks what it might do to her child:
  13. Yeah, didn't want to get into all that since this is the tv only thread Seems to be another departure from those things that shall not be named.
  14. I do think the 3-eyed raven said he had been waiting a thousand years for Bran. But now he's dead thanks to Bran...