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  1. Yeah was specifically thinking of Malcolm Butler if the Pats let him walk. Agreed, atm the O'line crop looks weak, Solder might be the best guy out there and he's pretty up and down as a LT for the Pats.
  2. We are projected for something like $29M under next year with no increase in the cap without accounting for about $7M~8M in rollover from this year. You can free up another $8.5M by cutting Cushing, $5M cutting Allen, and if so inclined, $7.75M for Kareem, $4.75M for Lamar Miller and $9.75M if Duane Brown is traded. That's a ####-ton of cap space whether they actually make any of those moves or not. I could see keeping Kareem & Miller and Brown if there's no trade partner. IDK if Smith would have the stones to cut Cushing and Allen and admit the mistakes he made there. I can see them resigning JJo for a modest amount, maybe resigning both Gilchrist & Pleasant at safety, old man Lechler at Punter, extending Clowney... which is probably something like $11~$12M total. Unless they suddenly pull a 180 the rest of this season, I can't see them resigning Sua'Filo, Chris Clark, Giacomini, Alfred Blue. Hopefully there are actually FA's worth signing with that war-chest. I could see spending big on a corner or safety but hopefully also a guard or RT. I wouldn't be opposed to bringing in a decent 2nd or 3rd tier WR although WR's are pricey in free agency and IMO, not usually worth the money.
  3. Almost anywhere in Colorado would fit the bill. There are some areas where access to fresh water 20 years from now as well as occasional wildfires due to drought would be an issue. Only negative about Denver would be cost of housing has risen by a huge amount and the city itself has boomed so much due to population influx that the infrastructure has trouble keeping up (although a top notch rail system can get you around the traffic.) You are less than 70 miles from skiing in the winter, and hiking, biking, kayaking, etc. in the summer. Amazing craft beer scene. If you don't want the big city then someplace like Boulder or Colorado Springs would probably be ideal. Or most any of the mountain towns/resorts if you like your space. My wife's parents are looking for a piece of land near Divide (west of Colorado Springs on the Continental Divide) to eventually retire to. One of many beautiful area's in the state that's also not super expensive like the ski resort areas.
  4. Yeah, not sure what Brown's end-game goal is. I can't see any scenario where the Texans wouldn't have paid him his 2018 money and probably would have been talking extension next preseason had he reported this year. But now? Who knows. With the state of the offensive lines out there with so many teams, I'm thinking more and more that he ends up getting traded either this year or next offseason to recoup some of those picks we lost. And McNair will probably credit Smith for sticking to his guns and not renegotiating the contract... In the meantime us fans get to watch another season down the tubes.
  5. They spent a chunk of that saved cap space on Hopkins new extension so I don't agree that we threw it away. I also think Romo would be in the morgue after these first two games with the state of the offensive line. I know you were anti-paying Hopkins but they were able to resign him and still have a lot of free cap space next year to sign FA's when we won't have any draft picks. Some of that will likely be taken up by resigning a few guys like Joseph and a Clowney extension, although it shouldn't be much extra cap space as Clowney's base salary next year is over $13M as a former #1 pick. They can also clear a lot more space cutting Cushing, Jeff Allen, and/or Lamar Miller (who knows if Smith would actually make any of those cuts though.) Some media rumors that a few teams have contacted the Texans about trading for Duane Brown, most notably the Seahawks. Probably a pipe dream, but if they could trade him for a 1st or a 2nd, I'm not sure I would be against that. I would guess no one has offered anything close to that though. Who knows for sure, but I would guess this holdout has caused a lot of bad blood though. While the prospects weren't bright for this year, Brown's holdout likely cost us the Jags game and his presence would at least make us competitive in the Titans, Chiefs and Seahawks games. With no Brown, I honestly don't see us winning any of those 3 (it would be a tall order even with him of course.) Even the Browns game might be iffy as they are much improved.
  6. Was offered Watkins in one dynasty league. I've tried to buy Watkins low from this owner multiple times over the years prior to the trade to the Rams, but easy pass for me now.
  7. Lot of non-Hunt believers in the dynasty trade thread, barring injury, I expect him to be valued as a top 5-7 back in dynasty by the end of the season. I think Fournette will be the only rookie valued ahead of him and it will be because of pedigree. I like Cook and own him too, but think he's going to struggle at times on that offense. CMC will have his fans that rank him highly but i think his upside will be capped by Cam and short-term by Stewart. Mixon I think will have a lost season with too much competition, bad o'line and terrible offense and will be cheaper to acquire at the end of the season than he is now. I wasn't able to pry Hunt away in one of my dynasty leagues :-( but traded up for him in another this past off-season. He also fell to me in redraft, I am hitched to this train for better or worse! As for today, Philly has a good run defense but has struggled against zone run schemes in the past, i would guess something like 16 carries for about 70 yards, 5 receptions for another 40 ish. Hopefully a TD but I feel like Kelce will get his today.
  8. Definitely. Unfortunately after last night, I am now worried that Watson will show/win just enough that it gives Smith another season.
  9. Agreed, gotta hope Watson can progress, then the lost picks won't matter as much in the long run. Duane Brown will be back in the fold after week 9 at which point the line play should definitely improve for the back half of the season where there are much easier matchups. If you can end the year on a solid note and hopefully make some good FA acquisitions to fill holes (on the O'line please!) and then next year I think we are right back in the thick of things. This assumes Watson doesn't get hurt with the pressure he's getting now and manages to take some steps forward.
  10. Still have 2 games each against the Colts and Titans, the Jags again, the 49ers, the Cardinals (sans DJ), the Rams, the Ravens and the Browns. Go 50/50 on those and that's 5 wins with a pick somewhere in the 6~7 range. :confetti:
  11. Agreed, that had all the makings of an epic blowout, not only a horrible O'line, but all 3 TE's out, only 3 WR's dressed, they lost 2 starting corners during the game. They put enough pressure on Dalton to rattle him and the Cinci defense dropped some easy picks, but they did enough. I don't think anyone is going to be as upset now when we get blown out by NE next week. The sky is no longer falling but I would still put the over/under on games won this season at 5. Unless a miracle happens and they can fix the o'line, get some guys healthy, especially at WR/TE, or Watson makes a quantum leap in his development.
  12. Not sure where you got your numbers, but Adams had 7 targets, not 3.
  13. I'm sitting him for Evan Engram, which probably means Eifert gets two TD's tonight.
  14. He was great his first 3 years despite the PED suspension. DPOY and 2nd team All Pro his third season. Problem was and is the same thing that usually comes back to bite Smith, his MO is to extend guys early so he can get them at a "discount." But then you screw yourself as they don't have a track record or they get injured. Cushing blew out his ACL in his 4th season and then again in his 5th season, never been the same since and nowhere near worth the money. Same thing with Fiedorwicz right now, there was no need to give him an extension yet. He only put up some numbers last year because of Captain Checkdown Osweiler.
  15. Seems like the only non-crooked locals with any screen time were the hot bar owner, the oblivious preacher, and the dunderheaded real estate agent.