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  1. Don't know how accurate it was, but remember reading something years ago saying that STD rates were skyrocketing because no one was afraid of HIV anymore and also because of the advent of the morning after pill being available without a prescription which had lead to greatly decreased condom usage.
  2. Simultaneous implosion? People have been saying these guys suck for multiple seasons now.
  3. Cheap for Thomas if those look like obvious late 1st’s. He’s arguably the #1 dynasty WR right now, very hard to pry him away from owners.
  4. All drug commercials are terrible but saw an ED one that really set a new low. Bunch of random older dudes holding different shaped vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, etc. turning them around in their hands staring intently at them as stand ins for their junk. What were these people thinking?
  5. I guess the double digit receiving TDs, but Freeman caught 77 passes a few years ago, he’s a darn good receiving back.
  6. Whew, hopefully dodged a bullet on Howard. Line has played much better after swapping Howard to RT and Scharping to LG. Not sure what clicked overnight but Watson is getting the ball out faster too. Hopkins as that 3rd down relief valve really worked today, still left a lot of points on the board though. True test for the division lead comes next week. Any word on Roby?
  7. It was, the Bergman call an inning or two earlier was terrible too but that wasn’t with 2 outs IIRC
  8. Nope, they were showing the argument with the ump, cut to the pitch halfway through the throw
  9. Holy crap! They barely came back from commercial. Great job broadcast
  10. MS hasn’t released much at all about Xbox Scarlett so don’t know how anyone can say anything definitive either way unless they’ve got a bias. Both are going to have SSD’s which will probably be the biggest improvement eliminating load times on a lot of games. Personally, I don’t see much reason to upgrade at all for a while after the mid-cycle PS4 Pro and Xbox One X versions.
  11. HOU offensive line is Swiss cheese, the game itself may or may not be close but for fantasy purposes the NE Def shouldn’t have much trouble getting some points thru sacks. KC showed themselves to be actually human if you can get pressure on Mahomes and their offensive line has struggled the last few games. A few years ago there was a long dynasty thread on here that started out with somebody bragging about paying a high price for a defense (Broncos during the No Fly Zone era maybe?) it paid off short-term but I seem to recall their scoring fell off later in the year when the cupcakes fell off the schedule and games got colder and the passing slowed down. Edit: good info on the Jets Def
  12. I wouldn't say I loved the first one, but it was a heck of a lot of fun playing co-op with friends. It had too many fetch quests and other repetition type issues. The decision to make all enemies level with you was neat at first but ended up making it a slog to backtrack through the same areas over and over again since enemies constantly respawned. Some of the end game missions became near impossible to beat if your character got too leveled up too, kind of the opposite of many other games.
  13. Been in development hell for years. Original developer for the first Dead Island decided they didn't want to do the sequel and did the game Dying Light instead. The publisher found someone new and did some preview stuff like 5 years ago but then then they were fired a few years later. It then moved to another developer who has since also been fired as of a few months ago. It's on its 3rd developer now. Obviously doesn't bode well for the game.
  14. PS5 officially confirmed by Sony for "holiday 2020" in the US. SSD and a new controller. I still don't have a PS4, should have bought the Spidey one around this time last year. Wondering how good a deal PS4 Pro bundles will be this Black Friday or if I will need to wait another year for another big price drop.
  15. I think Wells Fargo has an 18 months 0% interest with 3% fee card. And you probably get a few free checking accounts along with it!