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  1. I like how different companions sometimes chastise you for picking up what they think is just piece of #### trash.
  2. In NV, I'd often save just before a decision in a quest, play it one way, then reload and play it differently. I still need to go back and do a playthrough where I am totally evil and join Caesar. IMO, NV had a lot more different resolutions to quests so there was more replayability there. Feel like you mostly have to be a goodie goodie in F4 or F3 (Megaton decision not withstanding.) I think my favorite in NV was the Ghouls at the rocket factory. You could help them out and launch them... or you could rig their ship to crash in a fiery explosion
  3. Same, tons of stuff I haven't found yet or tried. Think I saw the Constitution across the river one time with no idea how to get over there, and while trying to find a bridge I found a random set of Power Armor on a barge with army vehicles on it, hacked the computer terminal to get to where I could put it on, and then accidently fell off the barge and in the river! Took me a while to crawl my way out because the river was so dark and by then had no idea where I was. Totally forgot about the Constitution after that. I almost always get derailed because I am building settlements or collecting every piece of junk I can get my hands on. Worse thing they could have done for my OCD was make everything useful in some manner so now I want to pick everything up.
  4. Talk to Preston, if you are hostile with the BOS it should trigger an additional mission that is one of the best in the game.
  5. Heck of an episode, interesting to see all the alternate "history." So will the majority of the last part of the season take place in the framework? From the episode:
  6. Huge fan, have seen her in concert every chance I get.
  7. You are correct, somehow got it backwards that it was $5M hit to trade him, not a relief.
  8. The update to the article says they are projected only $4M under, which means they still don't have enough space to trade Romo... yet. They will have to continue to make moves to get further under if that is the route they are going (plus they still will need a few million in space to sign their rookies.)
  9. Hoyer got hurt in the latter half of his season with the Texans. At the beginning of 2015 he got benched in Houston for Ryan Mallet, only got the job back because Mallet imploded and there was no one else on the roster. However, as mentioned previously in the thread, there's a difference in a bad QB for fantasy and a bad QB. Hoyer could at least complete passes and move an offense down the field, something Osweiler is incapable of. Hopkins no doubt benefitted from that in 2015 as opposed to 2016. Hoyer could sling the ball passably well but would kill you with terrible mistakes at the worst times, he had a total meltdown in the playoff's turning the ball over 5 times.
  10. IIRC, league year starts on March 9th, the same day as FA. All teams have to be under the cap by the start of the new year and no trades can be made until after the new year starts. So either way, we should start seeing some moves soon as the Cowboys have less than 3 weeks to get under the cap.
  11. Yes, it's hard to say what the market will be for his services. Just stealing numbers from Anarchy99's posts in the JG thread though: So it will probably come down to numbers on what he's looking for and how incentive laden a deal he will he agree to? Those numbers above aren't "Top Dollar" but they are average and they are expensive. In the end, I wouldn't mind seeing them structure something incentive laden if he agrees and take a shot with Romo while drafting someone in the late first (Kizer? Watson?) or trade up from their late 2nd (Mahones?)
  12. Cowboys are around $11M over right now and that is with a projected increase in the cap of about 10%. They are actually the only team over the cap right now because its gone up so much. They also need space to sign their rookies which for most teams is around $5M or so really they are about $16M over.
  13. At least they aren't doing this a freaking week before the NFL draft like last year, that was beyond stupid timing.
  14. I do this with all my female settlers, even the ghouls...
  15. It's a $5.1M cap savings to trade or cut him. $19.6M in dead money which they could spread some of that to next year if they cut him and designate him a post June 1st cut.