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  1. 12 team PPR Tyreek, 1.01, 1.13 (bonus toilet bowl pick) Josh Allen for Chubb and Calvin Ridley
  2. Year and a half if this situation turns out this way IMO. People will be wary of TMZ finding something and putting it out there like Hunt who seemed in the clear until the video got out. You know they have got their dogs on this right now trying to get whatever they can. Once he’s thrown up stupid numbers with Mahomes again, many will forget. The last of those holding out will want to see him get thru another offseason with no bad news and see if the Chiefs give him the big extension. But this is a total hypothetical since we have no idea what’s going to happen.
  3. I agree as well on the team building. It makes me wonder if there are any clubhouse disagreements on these personnel decisions. Gaine seems to be taking a very long-term approach, that like you said, is the preferred method if someone drafts well. Gaine is newer in the role as well so probably has a longer leash and looking more long-term. BOB has to be wondering about his job unless Cal McNair has some sort of understanding with BOB that we are looking long-term even if it means a step back this year. It might explain why BOB was given a multi-year extension last year at the same time as when Gaine was hired despite mediocre results. Still frustrating as a fan, if they had made at least one move at O'line I think I'd feel more confident in their plans. The casual fans and internet pundits are crucifying these moves, although I think it's mostly bellyaching. For instance, read one article talking about how stupid we were to not even offer kareem an extension. Dude absolutely sucked in coverage, I don't care how elite PFF graded him against the run. He is known for having career season in contract years and then falling back to middle of the pack, I think Denver will regret signing him.
  4. Pictures were published by TMZ, Peterson's 4 year old had lacerations and bruises all over his body and on his genitals. It clearly went well beyond simple discipline and Peterson was rightfully suspended for it. I am not the one trying to minimize one heinous act over another or clearly acting out emotionally on a message board making assumptions about others.
  5. If true, why were they reportedly working a mega-deal extension with him as recently as a week ago? Maybe they heard about the 1st incident somehow? This 2nd incident only occurred yesterday.
  6. Seems likely, Peterson beat a 4 year old and got a year. Unless it comes out there was an accident or it wasn't Tyreek or something, but seems unlikely given Hill's past. About the only "good" news is that we should know well before the season starts.
  7. A few days ago there were reports the Chief's were working on a mega-deal extension, agent is probably seeing millions' of dollars going up in smoke and
  8. I own all 3 of these guys in various leagues so no bias here, but I don't see Chubb sustaining his '18 second half numbers with Hunt there in the second half of the '19 season. I think Hunt is a talented guy that can still thrive outside KC's great situation. I could easily be wrong of course. I am trying to acquire Chubb in more leagues after the Hunt news so I'd be happy to be wrong if I can get him in more places. Edit: And I shouldn't have typed "distant third" maybe more like easy third, for me at least.
  9. Have read that one of the reasons they went with Gipson at Safety is that he does not figure into the comp pick calculations so we will get a 3rd for Honey Badger. So I like the moves from that standpoint. Kicking the tires on a few cast off corners makes sense too. But I too am wondering what they are saving the cap space for? I just read that Indy has only 17 players under contract for 2020 so I get why they aren't spending money, but we have the most players under contract for next year at 40 and still a projected 88M under the cap before rollover. Supposedly we were in on Saffold and got outbid, why not pony up after you saved money on the two big signings that you did make? Watson doesn't need to be extended for another 2 seasons at least. Are they saving for a big Clowney extension? If you aren't going to address O'line at all, then another decent corner signing would be ideal and at least try to address the lack of inside pass-rusher in some way. Then use the 1st and one of those 2nd's on o'line, maybe the other 2nd on a rookie corner since the DB's we do have are all question-marks.
  10. I have read that Houston will be in line for a 3rd for Honey Badger's contract. One of the reasons they chose to sign Tashaun Gipson at Safety instead of a different FA like Earl Thomas (besides $$$) is that Gipson was cut by Jax so he does not figure into the comp pick calculations.
  11. It'd be tough for me to choose between Mixon & Conner if it's PPR. Conner outscored him by about 4 PPG, but I don't think we've seen Mixon hit his ceiling yet. I would put Chubb a distant 3rd since he's not going to catch many balls and Hunt is still a threat IMO. Julio slightly behind Chubb due to age and RB scarcity.
  12. Gruden was quoted a few weeks ago saying that Guice is a 3 down back and won't come off the field in 3rd downs. Take it for coachspeak, but there were a lot of similar comments after OTA's and in the pre-season. Thompson is in the last year of his contract extension and turns 29 this year so I don't see him as a threat to steal catches for much longer. Peterson was never known as much of a pass-catcher either.
  13. Former Rams' OL Rodger Saffold intends to sign a four-year, $44 million deal that includes $22.5 million guaranteed with the Tennessee Titans, per Schefter