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  1. Just this weekend the first house on the main road into our neighborhood tore down his HOA compliant 3 foot, see thru fence that backs up to open wild land green space and built a DIY 6 foot solid wood fence that was not done very well (pickets out of alignment, top rail visible) First thing my wife and I both said to each other as we were driving by “I guess he didn’t read his HOA docs when he bought the place.” I won’t report him, but I fully expect his new fence will be coming down in a week or two and in this case I am fine with it. On the other hand, I was a little annoyed when I got a letter in the mail that my trailer with a load of landscaping mulch was left out in front of my house for more than the allowed 3 days (it was 4 as it took longer to unload than I planned.) I live in a small tucked away corner cul de sac, a neighbor had to have reported me like the morning of the 4th day.
  2. Season 6 & 7 were greenlighted at the same time after 5 when they decided to make it a summer show with a shortened number of episodes. Looking forward to this final season and will be sad to see this little red-headed stepchild Marvel show go. Will be interesting to see what the ratings are considering COVID and nothing else new on tv right now except bad reality. Would be ironic if they can put up a strong ratings rebound in their final season. Also ironic they have outlived every other Marvel tv show pre-Disney+ after so many wrote it off in the first half of the first season.
  3. Interesting, everyone has their preferences but I wouldn't take Metcalf, Lamb, ARob, AJones, Julio, Akers, Cooper, Beckham, Ekeler, Lamar, Swift, Henry, or Dobbins ahead of him. That's a full round worth of guys just right there.
  4. I think this is pretty likely too, especially with the rumors in the other threads on Cooks/Gurley, etc. about the owner being broke and them jettisoning salary no matter what the consequences to the team.
  5. I don't pay for fantasy data anymore so don't really have access to it but is this accurate for Sutton? The few startups I had seen this year he was going mid-2nd to mid-3rd at the latest. I certainly couldn't list 42 guys I would like more than Sutton unless its superflex. I started struggling with names looking over rankings that I for certain would draft over him in a startup when I got to around 20. Edit: I also wouldn't take Mixon or Chubb until the early 2nd round but I am down on both compared to consensus.
  6. I was offered the 1.12 in one league for Hunt and passed. There are some WRs I like going in that range but I still much prefer Hunt to them. In another league I tried to buy and was told they wouldn't have even taken my 1.7 pick for him straight up.
  7. Abdullah looked pretty promising until the ligament tear that turned out to be a LisFranc. Those vary in severity and aren’t always the kiss of death but one does wonder how he would have done had it not occurred (and had he not been a Lion.)
  8. Hunt, not close. Saw him change hands in multiple leagues for mid-late 1sts prior to rookie fever season.
  9. There was a lot of noise about the Redskins seeking a true #1 this past offseason to pair up with McLaurin. Rivera admitted 2 months ago that they threw a ton of money at Cooper but he elected to stay with Dallas. However, McLaurin made it through FA and the draft without any significant challenges so maybe those fears are unfounded.
  10. Original series was really good although its a step down in season 3 after the network got involved and forced them to change their format up. Did not like the movie (although seeing so many of the old characters/actors back was fun) or new season much at all. Chicks dig bad boys and all, but the showrunner/Veronica's constant infatuation with Logan is beyond dumb... and the way they finally resolved that was even worse in the new Hulu season.
  11. I've been playing the base game a lot lately since working from home. Base game is broken (I turn off Science & Religion victories) but still fun and I refuse to shell out more money when I pre-ordered this and they had taken out tons of features that should have been in. Like some previous posters, I get to about turn 200 and generally find myself starting over with a new map. The early to mid game is a lot of fun, the late game is always a slog. The AI is so land grabby and warlike (a constant Civ game issue, but much more so in this iteration.) I constantly get surprise declarations of war and then the AI is suing for peace 10 turns later after I have plundered most of their countryside or taken a few cities. Or in the mid-late game, one of my friendly neighbors sneaks a settler in between two of my perfectly spaced out cities stealing a few resources.
  12. Personally, I have it CEH small gap Taylor/Dobbins Huge Gap Everybody else through about pick 18 small gap Leftovers Put Akers and Swift at the front of that 3rd Tier since the RBs after them are a big step down. The WRs are very deep and I don’t put the earlier drafted guys that much far ahead of guys you can get in the mid-2nd rookie round. The 1st rounders this year aren’t appreciably better chances of hitting than many other mid-late NFL 1st rounders that have busted at about a 60% clip the last 10 years. IMO, if sitting at 6 or 7, get someone to pay extra for Lamb or Jeudy and move down, that’s what I did in one league getting Pittman at 13 and an extra 1st next year.