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  1. Can't believe this show is still running strong after so long. Ratings are still good (for the CW) and it already got renewed back in January for a 13th season. Honestly felt like this season (12th) was one of the better ones after some meandering seasons prior to this (Mark of Cane season was pretty up and down, IMO.) Loved the nod to Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan character in one of the episodes a few months ago.
  2. Based on the original post: "(could be anywhere but best guess is in the 4-7 range with upside if he bombs on some of those picks)" Law of averages suggests he WILL bomb on probably 50% of those picks. And I am assuming that if the poster is projecting it there already that far out that the rest of that teams squad is weak. If you like, change that to 2019 1st = 7, that leaves Bell >= 2 & 5. A lot closer, but I'd still lean towards Bell.
  3. A little light for Bell. Seems like people really forget that rookies bust at a rate of 50% (its actually higher than that IMO) and even when they pan out, they don't typically put up top 2 RB seasons like Zeke did in year 1. The outlier isn't what Oz posted, that's the most likely scenario where you end up with 1 good to great player, 1 ok player and 2 outright busts. Ghost's example of Bell and next year's 2 (was that spent on Evans or Sankey?) was the true outlier (even Bell wasn't considered a true stud right out of the gate with his 3.5ypc, which coincidently allowed me to acquire him after his rookie season.) IMO: Murray =< 10 + 2nd (likely late it looks like) 2019 1st = 5 (highly unlikely most of those rook's put up big numbers right away, especially if it is Davis, McCaf, Howard and Engram as someone proposed) Bell > 2 + 7 Other team shouldn't have given up its future first along with the players, worst thing you can do if rebuilding. Even great players are rarely fantasy forces their rookie seasons.
  4. I'm sure there are pockets of nicer stuff, but basically want to stay away from anything northeast. So out past Commerce City, east of Thornton, North of Aurora. Basically most anything close to the airport. There's a ton of new housing developments out there, row upon row of cookie cutter houses with nothing but empty space around the development.
  5. Yeah, it's kind of dumb. They did that because apparently JJ-Verse / Abrams-Verse had a "negative connotation". Plus Star Trek nerds are really, really
  6. A move to Fridays might be good for the show, genre shows do well on Fridays. Liked the Doc's last scene too. They didn't wrap anything up with the Mad Russian android, will we see him again next season?
  7. Loved the finale, tugged at the heartstrings in multiple scenes. Iirc, on the Skrulls, they are part of the Fantastic Four rights so that wouldn't be it. I could be wrong but swear I read that somewhere when they talked about using the Chitauri in the Avengers.
  8. Meeting I was in earlier this week threw out a number that was 75M millennial's between the ages of 20 and 36, about 15% more than the entirety of Gen X and about equal to Boomers. It had the next generation (some dumb marketing group has coined it the "Edge" generation) estimated at 74M.
  9. Prime refers to the TOS and all the following series and movies. Kelvin timeline is what they are now calling the Abrams-verse/alternate universe/reboot movie series timeline. Comes from the ship that Kirk's parents are on and is destroyed when the romulan ship goes back in time and altering history. It was named the USS Kelvin.
  10. That is a good point that if someone is a water bug, this is not the best place for them. I think you are overselling the desert aspect though, it's definitely arid but everything's relative I guess. Its much greener here than many of the other areas I was familiar with before moving here like west Texas. I do miss trees (can go up in the mountains for that though), and the hail storms here are ridiculous. And no offense if someone lives there on these boards, but you couldn't pay me enough to live up on the northeast side of town where it's all plains and flatland. They are building a lot of cheaper, but "nice" housing communities up there but your miles and miles away from anything worth moving here for.
  11. Heard a bunch of rumors a few months ago of a lot of retooling. Hard to say if it is retooling or if they are just still working on defining what the show will be. What they showed in that footage fits with the rumors/leaks to some extent. For those that are curious I'll put in spoilers, although who knows how true it is at this point. I like the production value but not a fan of some of the re-envisioning such as the look of the Klingons for example. I don't see how I'll ever get to watch this though since I'm not going to pay for yet another streaming service subscription.
  12. It's definitely on my list of "someday" toys. I think it also depends on your history as well, I never had to deal with snow at all when I lived in Texas so its still kind of a novelty to me and kind of fun. After a bunch of years I could see a point where someone would never want to shovel snow ever again.
  13. A shovel for me. A few neighbors have snow blowers which would fall in the "nice to have, but not essential" category IMO. Occasionally get those heavier snowfalls that are a pain to shovel but that much snow in a short time doesn't happen often. One of my neighbors put in one of those heated driveways because she got tired of shoveling, annoys me because the melted snow tends to pool right in front of my driveway/sidewalk.
  14. Yeah, a little annoyed since I turned my sprinklers back on this past weekend. Now I'll have to drain them again tonight as well as cover the garden and some plants. Late spring snow is a definite thing here, got about a foot 3 weeks ago, and it snowed on Memorial Day weekend two years ago! Its so sunny here that it melts very quickly in Denver. That 6 inches to 1 foot Thursday will be melted and gone by Saturday. Now the mountains/foothills on the other hand which are expected to get between 1 to 3 feet, if you plan on living up there (and why wouldn't you, it's beautiful) you need to own your own snowplow or have provisions to be snowed in for days on end.