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  1. It was an easily missed development, but Timmons guarantee's went out the window when he went off the reservation at the beginning of last season going AWOL the night before the 2nd game. He lost the guarantee on his 2018 salary as part of his punishment, that and the fact he was a non-factor the second half of the season means he is likely getting cut. Edit: it was the 2nd game of the season, not the 1st
  2. I think its $17M in base salary this year going up to $19M the next two years, with a $9.1M pro-rated signing bonus hit every year. Something like the 11th highest base salary in the league and 4th highest non-QB. IIRC, at the time he signed it, it was the highest paid defensive player in the league and highest non-QB.
  3. Agreed, that $50-$60M was a big overstatement, but they can easily clear enough to fit that franchise tag in. Lawrence Timmons will be a goner in addition to Thomas & James which is $20M right there. Tannehill's contract can be restructured if they want. Suh's ridiculous contract has been an albatross around their necks, though they can finally get out of it this year with some very minor savings. They could also designate him a post June 1st cut and split the dead money hit into two years freeing up $15M this year (it shifts an $11.1M hit into next year but frees up a net $7M overall for 2019.) There have been rumblings since last preseason that they want to move on from him despite him still playing at a high level due to the huge contract.
  4. Today is the first day teams can start applying the franchise tag so there's still some time left for them to work out an extension before the March 1st tag deadline. Seems pretty crazy to trade a 2nd and a solid corner only to let Sammy walk the next offseason... or potentially a major red flag if they do let him walk.
  5. So not a surprise at this point but it has been made official, Cushing has been cut saving $7.64M in salary cap. Puts us in the neighborhood of $64M in cap space and the 5th most overall at the moment.
  6. I'm more interested in what Tampa does now. 'Quizz seemed to be almost totally phased out of the offense at the end of the season. Sims seems to have settled in as just a returner. Barber looked really good, but in a small sample at the end of the season and he doesn't have much of a pedigree. TB seems out of range for Barkley but not Juice and obviously the many RB's that could be available in the 2nd round or later. Perhaps they go RB in the 3rd or later and have that guy and Barber compete for the starting spot?
  7. Unless you can get him super-cheap, I don't see much point in acquiring Garcon right now. As a new owner, you have to hope they A) don't cut him prior to FA due to his injury and bloated contract, B) don't bring in anybody else in FA that is a high or even mid-profile FA, and C) they don't draft anybody in the first few rounds. Any of those things happening would torpedo Garcon's fantasy value. Might as well wait and see what happens, it's unlikely his price will climb significantly even if none of those things comes to pass. You might even get him cheaper if they draft or sign someone that's not a high pick or a high-profile FA and can gamble on that new person not impacting his numbers then.
  8. Can't agree on the Giants, and looking back nearly 2 decades ago doesn't have much bearing on today. In the recent past, since they made the playoffs as a 9-7 WC and won a Superbowl, they've made the playoff's once (2016) in the last 6 years and had 2 winning seasons total. They're not the Browns, but I wouldn't call them a top 5 organization lately either.
  9. Yeah, they'd be foolish and sentimental to not draft Eli's heir apparent there. It's a solid QB class and you don't get a chance to be drafting that early and acquiring a possible future franchise guy that often. Eli is 37 now and they are nowhere near 1 piece away. If they don't draft a QB there, the only other play I could see making sense would be a trade down for a king's ransom that involves getting another 1st next year. A move down into Denver's or the NYJ's range would allow them to add a solid piece on O'line or defense, or possibly still take a QB to groom behind Eli for a year.
  10. Would agree, it's not a wash although not enough of a value difference to heavily influence the value of that trade, I'd call it a nice cherry on top. Really depends on the year and the player pool involved, too. For example, the 1.11 vs the 2.01 in some of my leagues last year meant the difference between Kamara or Engram vs Zay Jones or Njoku. As someone who usually tries to trade his late 1st for future 1sts as well, I would agree that the 1.11 has a much higher perceived value than the 2.01 even if they are only 2 picks apart. It may be irrational, but there definitely is a big difference in some owners eyes.
  11. Hmm, might depend on the time of year you drafted or the scoring rules, but here are some names you left out based on the actual drafts in my various leagues: Michael Thomas, JuJu, Hunt, OBJ, Cooks, Hopkins, Lacy, Bell, Agholor, Hyde, Sankey, Eifert, RG3, Luck, David Wilson, Michael Floyd. Even among the misses in hindsight on both lists, a lot of them held significant to decent value at some point after being drafted. Edit: LOL, I wrote ODB instead of OBJ. Ole' Dirty Bastard!
  12. Interesting take, gonna be a lot of people that will disagree with you on that. It was a great, great show that some people hold in the same esteem as Breaking Bad, but it's not perfect (just like Breaking Bad.) There was a huge thread on BSG on this board at some point, no idea if it got pruned or not. Similar to Lost, a lot of people loved the show to a fault and a lot of others loved and still criticized and debated over the flaws. (I don't remember there being as much schtick as there is these days, like in the threads for Walking Dead and GoT for example.) I do share the same disappointment in regards to how they crafted the story together and resolved it, especially in the final season. IIRC, Ron Moore (head show runner and writer) said in an interview after it aired that he didn't know how to end it so he locked himself in a cabin one weekend and banged out the script for the 3 part finale. Similar situation in that they didn't really have a reason or explanation for what happened with Starbuck's character or who the Final 5 were when they thought up those ideas, they just thought it would be cool to have those events/twists occur. Pretty disappointing for a show that had strung along its audience with an over-arcing sense of a grand plan (which is even referenced in the opening title screens in the early seasons.)
  13. Not far off it turns out. Massive roster bonus in year 1 (almost $29M ), small signing bonus of $7M, partial salary guarantee ($7.5m) in 2019, salaries guaranteed for injury only after that. 49ers have an out every year after 2018 if JG turns into a pumpkin. If he flames out in year 1 (seems pretty unlikely given the high level of play in his limited starts) they'd only be out $51M and an early 2nd round pick. Ideally he stays healthy and plays well and then it won't matter how much they gave him. Worst case scenario is up and down play and/or injuries the first few years so its hard to know what you have similar to Houston when they traded for Matt Schaub. For comparison, the failed Brock experiment cost Houston $21M and an early 2nd round pick.
  14. I stand corrected, I only compared their stats on the absolute face of them, should have compared them across peers for overall standings. I'll edit my original post. Some disconnect on JG's #'s though, Pro Football Reference & NFL.com has his QB Rating at 96.2 for about 10th in the league, 4th in completion %, ranked very highly in Y/A (1st) and QBR (2nd), and 7th in AY/A. PFF rated him 10th overall at QB, pretty dang good for someone with such little experience. If he pans out it won't matter, but I still think it's ridiculous the 49ers are making him the highest paid player in the league based on less than half a season of starts though.
  15. Plus traded an early 2nd for him in the first place. Edit: Removed the info on Brock's stats as a comparison, I was incorrect. Certainly seems like a risky signing to pay a guy with 7 starts that much, but it won't matter if JG keeps up what he's been doing.