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  1. Horrible luck, believed to be a torn Achilles on the same play where he scored his first career TD. MRI tomorrow to confirm.
  2. Kudos. Chiefs deserved to lose, godawful play calling. Reid learned nothing over the bye. Should have known a tiger doesnt change his stripes over one week.
  3. Was thinking the same. Immediately grabbed the back of his ankle on the ground. Hopefully just a sprain.
  4. Texans try to run a hurry up play on 3rd and 1 in the RZ with about 15 seconds left in the half that is rushed and has no chance. Guess they forgot they had a TO left. :smh:
  5. The team that just gave up 31 to the 49ers is going to hold the Chiefs to 10? Obviously not out of the realm of possibility, but that certainly would be an interesting turn of events.
  6. Wow, all these hours in the game and still learning new stuff. Had no idea you could do that now.
  7. It's now down to 37% which is in pretty bad territory. No doubt it will still makes gobs of money but sounding like its another cgi, action packed fest with little else to offer. Sounds like I will be waiting for it and not catching it in theaters. Too bad they couldn't continue off to build off of Wonder Woman, that was actually a very good movie.
  8. I had similar sentiments, with a few games left in most leagues its hard to know for sure who will end up with the 1.01 in many cases. Especially in leagues with a lottery system or some sort, you'd be paying for the chance to hit on the 1.01. However, once the 1.01 is established it may be more expensive to pry it away at that time.
  9. Did some work over at Croup Manor this past weekend. There is a house just down the road with a boat dock behind it that is filled with Supermutants. Fast travel back to Croup Manor taking a load of loot back and hear the familiar sounds of rotors coming near. I look out and see 2 vertibirds coming from the west and then a 3rd from the south that converge on that house and go to town with their mini-guns! I head over and find about 6 or 7 dead BoS soldiers on the ground along with a lot of dead supermutants. Thanks for the many, many power armor pieces!!! I just need to buy a bunch of frames and build my army. Game has gotten to the point where I kill most things easily again, need to up the difficulty level once more.
  10. You just described me to a "T." I'm lucky if I get a single few hours in a week, have a stack of other games I still haven't gotten around to. Gone are the days I could sit around all weekend and just play a video game, wife would kill me. Even my days off from work are usually filled with things like going to the dentist, getting the oil changed, raking leaves, etc. Being a grownup sucks.
  11. Mods are still free on consoles, but they void any achievements (whoopeedoo.) The new Creation Club is basically mods approved by Bethesda that you have to pay for (so they don't void achievements and such and supposedly run better in game.) It's a setup where a modder submits it to Bethesda who test it in game, pay the modder a one time $10 fee, and then Bethesda sells it in the Creation Club and keeps all the profits. Basically they tacked on micro-transactions, which is dumb, dumb, dumb.
  12. So getting to that point in the season where I've started seeing teams finally willing to move their 1sts next year. What would you pay for a shot at Barkley and/or Guice/Chubb, etc.? I know many were already slotting Barkley as a dynasty 1st rounder without knowing where he will go, is that still true with the downtick in production his last few games? How would we value him against this years rookie runners? Would you trade away an injured Cook (with McKinnon lighting it up), a disappointing Mixon or PPR machine but poor running McCaffrey? Obviously no one is trading away Fournette now, and Hunt/Kamara would probably be situational to even consider (if someone is out of the running.)
  13. 1st trade is stellar IMO. 2nd comes down to personal preference IMO. Although if you are out of it, having Zeke suspended for the next few games definitely has some value.
  14. Rotten Tomatoes is delaying assigning a score until tomorrow (they just so happen to be a subsidiary of Warner Bros.) However it got leaked onto the internet that it is at 47% on the early reviews. Better than Suicide Squad and BvS, but worse than MoS, obviously that score will move as well as more reviews come in. Edit: The reviews I've seen are a pretty mixed bag. Most mention that it seems disjointed and mish-mash of dark and humorous. No doubt due to them bringing in Whedon towards the end of production to lighten it up from Synder's darker tone after the panning of BvS.
  15. All of those defenses are below average in run defense rankings. In the Giants and Raiders case, bottom of the barrel. Buffalo is starting a new QB which could be disastrous. Miami & LA will be out of it by the time they play. Assuming Reid actually gives him some touches, Hunt should be able to get back to putting up some strong numbers the rest of the season.