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  1. I sold in dynasty last year, kicked myself after seeing him rebound in value in the 2nd half with a lot of meaningless games racking up yards. We'll see if he has flipped back to a buy. I doubt it based on how highly valued he was this offseason, many were saying Burrow would vault him up into the Zeke/Barkley/CMC tier.
  2. I don't see anything wrong with the 1st one. In fact, I would lean the other side in a start 1 QB league but I happen to think Lamar is way overvalued. Are people sticking a fork in Sutton since he's out for the year?
  3. Just a minor nitpick, but 4.1 ypc is "impressive" with that o'line?
  4. Nicks had a solid season after he suffered this so not necessarily the kiss of death. If they caught it early he should be okay but still pretty concerning.
  5. Yeah, I got a thing from Amazon for an early invite to Luna but it was still like $6 a month even at early invite prices. If I didn't already have Gamepass I would probably try it, but that's not enough to entice me. It is interesting they have partnered with Ubisoft but supposedly it is a "channel" so sounds like extra $ to get it. I think Google has a cloud gaming service called Stadia that's been out for a little while too.
  6. Microsoft is 100% going this route. It’s being said they don’t give a crap about selling consoles, that’s just a gateway to get people interested in Gamepass. Which is also working cross-platform on PC and may eventually be on PlayStation too. They are pre-emptively doing what Netflix did as they want to be the content provider but also don’t want to get locked out of the content creation so buying up the publishers. Amazon just announced Luna not long ago, their response to Gamepass. They see what’s going on and want to get in on it too.
  7. Also, LOL last week with the “the Joss rewrites are going great” line or whatever. Loved the in-joke there and nod to Justice League.
  8. I got the impression she was genuinely afraid of him. There was the line about him being Vought’s dream realized, and he’s supposed to be The Boys equivalent of Superman and the most powerful Supe. His laser eyes did hurt her, just didn’t cut her in half immediately, no doubt he could take her out if he wanted. Also that episode was awesome.
  9. Gamepass had a ridiculously cheap deal last year I believe where you could convert up to 3yrs out of a prepaid Xbox Live Gold membership to Gamepass for like a dollar. I was able to play some games like Outer Worlds and Sea of Thieves for free that I would have otherwise spent money on. Hopefully they bring back some similar deals with launch of the new Series X.
  10. Zero interest in the one league I still have him in, most people have given up on him staying healthy and resigning for next year. I sent some offers out and one of the counters I received was a 3rd next year. I’ll continue to hold and hope he can stay mostly healthy.
  11. Good lord, finally closed yesterday!!! Every step of the way was a delay but finally across the finish line. I had a HELOC that I wanted to keep on the house and KeyBank stretched out the subordination approval forever and ordered their own 2nd drive-by appraisal for some reason. Lender needed extra time and had talk with them to waive some extra fees they wanted to throw in because the 1st appraisal came in slightly lower than expected as well as my rate lock expired due to all the delays. Title company did a terrible job communicating close date and times. But all worth it in the end, 2.875% on a 30 year, self escrow, "skipped" 2 payments. Saves me roughly $600 a month when it's all said and done. Thanks @Chadstroma My guy wanted your name to know who referred him, I kept telling him it was a dude I play fantasy football with online which kind of blew his mind a little bit.
  12. By the same point in their careers BOB is 52-44 with 6 playoff games and 2 wins. Reid was 64-33 with 12 playoff games and 6 wins. Reid may have been wrongly criticized as a coach that can’t win a SB in the postseason, BOB is criticized as a coach that can’t get out of the wildcard round.
  13. A good classification, he’s definitely in the Marty Schottenheimer league of coaches. Good enough to get you to the postseason but perpetually wasting talent and blown out by the best of the league.
  14. BOB’s a mediocre coach and shouldn’t be on the list, a lot of 9-7 seasons in a weak division and blowouts in the playoffs. His worst areas are in-game adjustments, clock mgmt, and player relations. He’s a colossally bad GM though.
  15. Now that I think about it, I believe the alleged victim suing Prince Andrew and the former security guy for the island both allege that Clinton was on the island but the security guy didn’t say he saw any bad behavior at that time. Clinton, I believe, still claims he never visited the island and the leaked logs don’t show that he did.