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  1. Nothing super earth shattering but will put in tags:
  2. Some big reveals for characters involved in certain movies like Thor 4 and Dr Strange 2. Also MCU reboots of Blade and F4 are big news. But they definitely focused on the 5 new marvel tv shows on Disney+, not just Loki and Falcon+Winter Soldier. But also WandaVision, Hawkeye, and “What If’s.”
  3. I love the Springs but I definitely get it. It's routinely been ranked as a top 5 (sometimes top 2) city for great places to live/move to, etc. the last few years and is booming faster than the local roads or city council can keep up with. A bit of the "nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded" type of thing starting to take hold.
  4. Looks like a Corvette merged with a Ferrari IMO, which is what they are going for. Supposedly they just couldn't squeeze any more performance out of a front-engine car and keep up with the other supercars. I think it looks awesome, but I understand some of the negativity. In addition to the mid-engine move, they dropped the manual transmission as well.
  5. Went to a concert last week and instead of beer I had a Sprite... because it was a Thursday night and I had to go to work the next day and be functional. Told my wife as we were walking out it was weird being stone cold sober and listening to all the crazy conversations the drunk/high people were having.
  6. When I heard they were making this, made me pause and consider keeping HBO with GoT gone. Based on the trailer seems like they are going full book 1 for the first season. Wonder if it’s going to be a limited series then? Hopefully the religious community doesn’t raise a giant political stink about the series the way they did with the movie a decade ago.
  7. The line about him still being a dinosaur and stuck at Captain and not making Admiral is pretty dumb if one has been in or even knows anything about the military. but who cares? Shirtless volleyball!!!
  8. About the only reason I will see it. There have been some articles about the technology for filming being super advanced with some things never done before. Plus “supposedly” the vast majority of the movie is practical effects with real flight being filmed, not cgi. Plus Jennifer Connelly... I’m sold! 😍
  9. Agents of Shield panel today at Comic-Con. The big MCU panel won't be until Saturday when it's thought that we will get a lot more info on Phase 4.
  10. Rumors were that the Texans wanted Gordon in 2015, the Chargers gave up multiple picks to trade up two spots to get ahead of them to select Gordon. However, given the Texans are going no General Manager for the season () I think it's pretty unlikely they trade for him. They'd be a prime destination spot for Gordon as a FA next year though as they have tons of cap space and Lamar Miller's contract would be done. While the fantasy community is down on Miller, I think it's unlikely they'd trade for Gordon right now and sign him to big money and cut Miller. But who knows what the Texans will do since they are in front office limbo right now.
  11. After Bell used the nuclear option last year, I’m not sure of anything any more. I wouldn’t touch Gordon with a 10ft pole in early drafts.
  12. Chemicals weren't explained AFAIK, my guess is either they were needed for attacking Eleven to take her powers or so that the bodies would break down to join the creature. Rats exploded so they would break down into their composite flesh and goop in order to join the creature and make it bigger. Assuming the army was to hide in plain sight, and grab more bodies, and they were then sacrificed and broken down to absorb into the creature to make it huge. Couldn't absorb everybody right away or it would have been too big and unable to hide until it was ready to attack.
  13. Some speculation on the internet about the after credits scene...
  14. Also, totally makes sense they had to delay the airing of the season for special effects reasons. The creature effects were pretty gory and front and center in the story nearly every episode unlike a lot of the more suspense type scares they had in the prior two seasons.