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  1. Thank you very much guys!
  2. Wow, the experts must have scored poorly on average to have 350 beat all 3 per week
  3. Does anyone know how many entries have qualified so far?
  4. I agree that FBG has some great staff. As has been pointed out, Bloom is top notch and so many of the others are good as well. There is a lack of love for one guy that surprises me--Maurile Tremblay. That guy is on the money and anyone who plays daily fantasy needs to check out his stuff. He is on it!
  5. As I look at it, everything seems to line up for Connor Barth to have a big day today. Dodds has him pretty lowly ranked though. As I thought about it, I realize that Dodds is working from a much greater breadth and depth of information that I am. It makes me wonder what he is seeing that I am not. I have noticed that some coaches are more likely to kick the field goal on 4th and 2 from the 33 than others. Obviously, lots of factors play in, but one of the factors is coaches tendencies. With that in mind, I was wondering who are some of the more field goal happy coaches in the NFL and who are some of the more field goal averse. Any thoughts?
  6. Voice of Reason: Sell!!FBG mentality: This baby is going to $6.00!!No kidding, you guys are playing with fire now.
  7. Staying away is the hard thing. Playing these things is like picking up quarters off of a railroad track. You can get some good gains if you time them right but they can also bring a world of hurt. To stretch the analogy further, eventually you are going to get reamed with both.It is hard to justify playing things that have such a woeful performance over time.So why is the temptation so strong. It is like the sirens of mythology! Gonna help ya out if I can. Since I am usually wrong, I think you are in a world of #### with FAS.I bought in at the end of the last rally and I'm still stuck in at $7.20.If I had free money right now, I'd jump on FAZ tomorrow and unload on Friday. It seems like Friday's have been "down" days. It's almost like the traders want to call it a week and book all of their profits and then start new on Monday.The 2 are simply red/black on a roulette wheel. Place bet at 3:59 pm. Wait overnight to see if your bet hits. Sell at open.I think you're correct here, I missed this one. Have a stop loss set at 6.00, probably will hit today. I've got to stay away from these things.
  8. Head to bed? Have you been up all night?
  9. Congrats on the GLD picks. Personally, I think gold might be putting in a short term top here but I could be wrong.
  10. DD, were you able to get in on some of the SCO action before pre-market this morning?