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  1. Is he using his sneakers as slippers?
  2. Your mouse scroll wheel- do you set it on 3 lines, 6 lines, or by page?
  3. hope this isnt a honda
  4. Friggin midterms I'd love to do SF. Big fan of the one on the aircraft carrier and Warlord.
  5. I can go on tonight. Got promoted to Seargant . Unlocked the PKM and MG36, not a fan of the latter though.
  6. Played a bit after everyone had logged off, and got the Purple Heart ribbon How is the PKM compared to the M249? Deciding between PKM and G3 unlock, leaning PKM.
  7. You need to get on TeamSpeak with us. We saw you join the squad. Corp said, "Who the heck is footballguy f360spyder?" See the first page of this thread for info on how to get on.Done, thanks. No mic as of yet though.
  8. i'd be up for playing tonight if anyone else is i have yet to play 1.4
  9. is there a screen shot of the battle mech anywhere? and how would you personally rate 2142, gameplay-wise, compared to bf2 or 1942?
  10. got 18 kills tonight with the enyx, purely against infantry. cant wait for 1.4 and the infantry only thing
  11. Do you have Special Forces?Yes. I have to unlock it from SF multiplayer?No, but you should get two unlocks at Lcpl. You just unlock the L85, then the G36. You have ot have actually PLAYED Special Forces though. So login and play a map or two.thanks
  12. Do you have Special Forces?Yes. I have to unlock it from SF multiplayer?