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  1. National guard deployed to Cleveland. I never thought I'd be happy my son was deployed to the Middle East and not dealing with this nonsense.
  2. Burning random people's cars now. Come on CLE. We can be better than this.
  3. Still getting a little scrappy down there..
  4. Cleveland getting in on things..
  5. I like this plan. I'm going to swing by wallyworld and grab some oils on the way home.
  6. Well... that sucks. How the crap do I kill the spiders but not my grandkids in a friggin mulched in play area?
  7. I thought about puffing that stuff all over the playground, but that seems like a bad plan too.
  8. I'd park that sucker in the middle of the yard on lawn mowing days. "You told me to move it out of the driveway!"
  9. I put in a rubber mulch area for the grandkids 2 years ago. It has a couple playhouses, picnic table, various outside toys. I noticed this year that my yard is friggin full of spiders. I plan to spray this weekend with lawn pesticide cutter that I've used in the past. But I don't wan to spray that in the kids area. I feel like the rubber mulch will hold the pesticides and I don't want the kids in that. Looking online it looks like Diatomaceous Earth is recommended as a safe organic alternative. Stuff is food grade but kills all kinds of insects by dehydrating them. Anyone ever use this stuff? What is the practical application of it in a rubber mulch playground area?
  10. I know 4 people who have died. Two were 70+, 1 was in her 60s, the other 52 but with underlying health conditions. 18 other people who have had it and recovered. All but one of these cases (1 death) were all related to a an outbreak we had at one of our facilities in our company. Cleveland, OH area.
  11. Gorillas stick to a mainly vegetarian diet, feeding on stems, bamboo shoots and fruits. Western lowland gorillas, however, also have an appetite for termites and ants, and break open termite nests to eat the larvae. Huh. Learn something new every day.
  12. Absolutely! No way I'm taking on either. But if I had to choose, I'm going after the one who eats leaves. That being said, I would get my butt kicked by either at my age and out of shapness.
  13. Fair enough. Anyone from the "COVID deaths are being reported too high" perspective want to take a stab at this? ** Didn't remember there was an entire thread on this in the Political forum... Going to head over there to read some perspectives **
  14. Since COVID deaths are such a touchy thing.. Anyone want to define what a COVID death is? I hear all the time from folks "Guy had COVID and had a heart attack! They classified it as a COVID death! WTF???"