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  1. Not at work - might pick up a quarter At work - anything silver. I have a desk drawer full of pennies that doesn't help much with the vending machine here. Silver on the other hand, comes in handy when I am a dime short on an awesome bag of Doritos or something.
  2. I'm guessing it wasn't a metal door. Maybe it was a screen door?
  3. A man accidentally killed his neighbor with a crossbow while trying to save him from a dog attack (pitbulls and bad aim = bad results)
  4. They are dumb. But I guess it is a chance for the new parents to get together and celebrate with family and friends. Whatever. If invited I'll most likely go. But I am a total people person, so any reason for a party and I'm happy to go. My son and daughter in-law had a gender reveal party for their first child. To announce the gender or whatever, a cake they cut into had pink or blue frosting in the middle. When my daughter-in-law cut into the cake she said "IT'S CHOCOLATE!". A great friend of mine (who was the only african american in the room) laughed and nudged me in the side and said "Dad wasn't expecting that was he?"
  5. This thread is hurting my inner voice...
  6. Here is what I brought with me in Ohio.... Existing Driver License, Social Security Card (Partially Ripped), W-2 (because I wasn't sure if they would accept SS card with rip), birth certificate, passport, a secondary state issued ID I have, Utility bill.... I had a couple other things, but I can't remember what they were now. I think they said I only needed the old license, birth certificate and a utility bill (to prove current address)
  7. Actually those got me thrown out on the first attempt to renew.
  8. I renewed mine last year and was confused as to what documentation to bring with me. Our state's website had a list of acceptable documents but they were in 3 categories and some documents were good for this category, but not this one, some were good for these 2 but not the 3rd, etc. I brought so many documents that when I got up to the counter and started laying down things the lady was finally like "Sir... SIR! Don't pull anything else out of that folder. We are good here."
  9. "It was engine failure!" "It was engine failure!" "It was engine failure!" "It was engine failure!" "It was engine failure!" "It was engine failure!" "It was engine failure!" "Alright... You got me..."
  10. Is his identity known? That would suck if true because you are probably correct.
  11. Is it? They killed like 56 pf their own people having a funeral...
  12. On a positive note, the State of Ohio is considering adding "Being a Browns/Bengals Fan" as an accepted condition for medical marijuana.
  13. Got word late last night that he was fine. One of his tank partners was texting my son's wife to let her know they were all good. She asked him where her husband was to which he responded that he was sleeping. Which knowing my son, is pretty typical. He has always downplayed things to the family and quite frankly sleeping is something he never had trouble doing regardless of his situation or location. My daughter-in-law did end up talking to him early this morning and he let her know "he is good". Of course the situation yesterday was nerve wracking... Especially with all the initial news being all over the place... Report of his base being hit, then that being not true... Then a later report of his base being hit in the second wave, which also turned out to not be true... I think the hardest part was the onslaught of text messages and facebook messages from family and friends looking to know he was ok. I'm not sure that in that situation reaching out to his mom and wife is advised. We don't know any more than you guys do. I know the intentions were true and there was honest concern, but that was overwhelming for the family. While sleeping was not the easiest thing and a bottle of bourbon may have been cracked, in the end it is just another day closer to him coming home. It is not the easiest thing to navigate when things get hectic, but we are a pretty strong family and we will be looking forward to throwing a kick-### welcome home party later this year.
  14. My son in law who served in Afghanistan also said early on that these type of attacks usually were directed towards assets such as planes and infrastructure rather than personnel.