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  1. I've thought about this quite a bit over the last few months. Isolation into one room and seperate bathrooms was the best we really could do. I talked with my wife last week about purchasing an air purifier for the furnace. Wish I had thought of that months ago. It is what it is at the moment. The wife and I are both good and will do what we can to stay that way. She fought and beat cancer. Can't be this BS that takes her out.
  2. He is confined to his room and has exclusive access to the upstairs bathroom. He wears a KN95 mask when leaving his room to go to the bathroom. If he needs food or something I put it outside his door, knock and then run away like a little girl. It's about the best we can do I guess.
  3. I've read that a few times and am really not sure what that all means.
  4. I also agree back to covid stuff... Question for you guys. My son tested positive yesterday. He lives with us. My wife is being tested as I type this. Assuming she is negative and I do not develop symptoms, what is the proper protocol for quarantine length? My wife asked the urgent care and they said if she is positive, 10 days from today. If she is negative, 10 days from yesterday because that was when my son was positive. But aren't we potentially exposed to him for the next 9 days as well? The part I'm stumbling on is this: He is in day 2 of being positive. He clears symptoms in say day 5. But on day 4 I was exposed to the virus and it takes up to 10 days for me to show symptoms. Shouldn't I be quarantining for 10 days AFTER he stops showing symptoms or something? It is confusing.
  5. THIS 100%. I've tried hard to listen to all sides of this. I've experienced all sides of this. Friends and family sick. Friends and family struggling to make ends meet. If there was an easy answer here, it would have already been done. I try hard to not be attacking in my posts. I've debated with some of the posters on here that have rubbed others the wrong way and had some meaningful discussion that has helped me to understand where people who don't agree with my views are coming from. I may have gotten caught up in the moment last night and lashed out at a few people. @MAC_32 in particular addressed my post. And for that I apologize. We need to be better to each other and listen to all sides.
  6. I agree the need for Americans to be healthier is an epidemic in itself. My problem is that the message being pushed by many people is that it only affects unhealthy people and all we need to do is protect the unhealthy and old. The young and/or healthy folks have nothing to worry about. That is a dangerous message. BECAUSE AS AMERICANS WE ARE NOT HEALTHY AND YOUNG. When we push the agenda that it only affects the old and weak, many younger people and others feel like "It is not going to kill me. I'm young/healthy/in shape". While this is true for 99.9% of those healthy or young folks, it may not true for their family members who are not. Although you said it was none of of your business, I was at work because our company top brass don't believe in this virus. "Just wash your hands" is a phrase I heard a lot. We had the ability to work from home for a good portion of our company. But because everyone could not work from home, they didn't want anyone working from home. That caused a couple of outbreaks and people getting sick that may have been able to be prevented. My son has no choice but to work in person where he works. I have never been a proponent of shutting everything down. I understand the financial hardships that result from that. My daughter was out of work April - June. It took time for her job to come back as it was not considered essential. Luckily for her, we were still working and in a financial place to help. I've pushed for mask usage, social distancing and vigilance from early on in this whole thing. I am only mentioning this because I don't want you or anyone else to think that I am out of touch with what people are going through and am one of the "shut it all down" folks. I'm not. My problem with a lot of the posts recently is the lack of empathy for fellow humans. When someone's message comes across as brash or attacking, it usually gets lost. Just because the content of what someone is saying is correct, doesn't mean the sender shouldn't take the messenger into consideration. The whole "**** your feelings" mantra that has happened in recent years (I'm not saying that is YOUR stance, just using it as example of how some of the recent posts in this forum come across) doesn't really help one's message be received.
  7. You guys really do suck. "WELL YOU MADE YOURSELF FAT! MAYBE YOU SHOULD EAT BANANA!" Yeah because everyone who is overweight can just eat a couple bananas and lost 50 lbs in a week. It will take most American's longer to get into shape than to get through this pandemic. "NO ONE TOLD YOU TO SMOKE/VAPE/DRINK" Well, no one told the people who are depressed from being locked down to jump off a bridge or shoot up some heroin. But we are supposed to have empathy for that? What kind of logic is that? "IT'S YOUR FAULT BECAUSE YOU ARE FAT. HEY! WHAT ABOUT THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE DYING IN THESE OTHER WAYS??? THE CURE CAN'T BE WORSE THAN THE DISEASE!!" Take your "I'm healthy and don't have anything to worry about, it sucks for you who aren't" and go pound salt somewhere. It isn't really helping and is only putting your character into a bad light. I'm trying hard to not take the bait on this stuff. I really am. I deal with people like this on a daily basis. But it is in my home right now. And I've lost friends to this and have friends fighting for their lives right now. I can't just turn off my compassion and love for these people because they may not go running on a daily basis or made poor decisions. I've made plenty of my own bad decisions. I think I'm going to have to walk away from this thread for awhile. I try not to get caught up in these type of things but due to my personal situation I'm having a hard time.
  8. Have my son setup in his bedroom on lockdown. He has access to the upstairs bathroom. Gave him some KN95 masks to wear if he needs to go to bathroom. My wife has to get tested in the morning as she has had cold symptoms. My 1 year old and 3 year old that are sick now are getting tested in the morning. The 3 year old has been sick since Thanksgiving with croup and double ear infection. The pediatrician was like, "Yeah... We should test him now." I've been working with some of our users remotely that are getting back online after being down and out with COVID last week. The guy I just got off the phone with is in GREAT health. 100% not overweight, doesn't smoke or drink. 50 years old. He said he would not wish this on his worst enemy. Two of people that I've work with for 20+ years are in the hospital. This has caused chaos in our company and now my wife's company (where my daughter in law works). My mother-in-law who is high risk was around the grandkids yesterday. And now I get to spend the next 10-14 days wondering if I'm next. I'm not in perfect health and my wife is a cancer survivor with a auto-immune issue. So yeah. To say I'm concerned is probably accurate. I get it. Some of you feel this is overblown and sensationalized by the media. I will even agree to a point. But we have another forum where we can argue about that. This thread has been a great source for information and for folks to share what they have been through and know. I don't care if this only impacts unhealthy and old folks. I've lost friends. I have friends and family that are fighting this right now. Please stay safe and don't take it for granted. It doesn't take much for this thing to turn your world upside down.
  9. Here is how frustrating dealing with COVID / COLD stuff can be. Week of 11/16 - 11/19 I was exposed to a number of people at work that ended up coming down with COVID. Starting Friday 11/20 - Monday 11/23 I had a headache, sore throat and congestion. I ALWAYS have congestion though. Take allergy medicine daily. Wed. 11/24 - I get tested for COVID. Awaiting results Thur 11/25 - Grandkids (who live next door and are over EVERY SINGLE DAY) get sick. 1 year old and 3 year old. Mom takes 3yr old to ER on Thanksgiving. Diagnosed with Croup and double ear infection. No COVID test given. This is the Cleveland Clinic hospital and they deal with COVID non-stop. We trust that they did not need to give the little guy a covid test. Friday 11/26 - I get a negative COVID results. Wife comes down with congestion. Assuming it is from the kids. Saturday 11/27 - Myself and my 20 year old son now have congestion. Slight cough. Feeling confident because the grandkids had snotted all over everything and they are not COVID positive. Wife is still dealing with crud. Sunday 11/28 - Son finds out late that a co-worker at Walmart has tested positive. He has close contact with her daily. TODAY - Son still has congestion and slight cough. A second co-worker has tested positive that he works directly with. He is currently getting a covid test right now. It feels like this is going to be the new normal until we get through this.
  10. Glad to see we are back to arguing if it is just something for the old and weak to worry about. We still have two people hospitalized from our work. Yes. The one is an older lady and the other is a guy who has some health issues. But neither of them had the opportunity to shelter in place and not go to work. Someone should have given them the memo that all they had to do was stay home. I get it. I still have people that work in our company who think this is no big deal. Even though we've had folks get very sick, hospitalized and a couple family members die. Everyone is tired of this pandemic.
  11. Got my test results back about an hour ago. NEGATIVE. I figured I was clear as I try to be careful and hadn't been around the infected for over a week now, but I'm not going to lie. My heart got going a little bit as I went online to view the results.
  12. Another one of the people who tested positive had to be hospitalized.