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  1. I pronounce it as "GRRRaffe". Because that is how it should be.
  2. They ended up calling me back before our disconnect. Ended up offering $54 off the bill for 12 months, I said not enough. They "found" another $35 off for 12 months and free ST. I had told my wife that it didn't make sense for us to keep them unless they gave us about $90 off the bill per month. I wasn't going to argue over $1. Didn't fight for gift card or free movie channels so the call only took about 10 minutes. Bill was going to be $160 when credits rolled off at disconnect. Now $70. (choice extra, DVR, 4 TVs, after taxes and fees ).
  3. I hung in there until they flew the balloon shaped like a beer bottle and that hispanic dude was stuck under the truck when all he had to do was roll out the other side. I just couldn't do it anymore. It's like the writers aren't even trying.
  4. Called to set up disconnect. They offered to lower me from the Xtra package to the choice package and $30 off my bill. Would only be $15 MORE than I'm paying now. Told them for like $55 I can get Hulu with a DVR package. They needed to get closer to that. They set up the disconnect date for 8/3 the end of my billing cycle. My wife is going to be pissed as she likes DTV. I'm going to convince her to give Hulu a try for a month or so. We can always go back to DTV as a new customer later.
  5. Yes to all. If my house were to burn down while we weren't home it would be a blessing in disguise as all the crap my wife saves over the years would be gone. I keep telling her that all these things she saves that are in totes under the house are just things the kids are going to throw away when we are dead.
  6. I fractured an ankle once, but it felt just like a sprained ankle. Didn't know until they did an x-ray and honestly they treated it the same way as a sprained ankle, so I can't count that... Won't count broken pinky toes since everyone has done that a number of times in their lives... The only actual broken bone incident I can really claim happened a few years ago. I had to move some stuff around in our crawl space. We had a cat at the time that figured out how to get in there and pissed in the middle of the plastic vapor barrier over the floor. I mopped it up and then went into the crawl space. This crawl space is high enough that you can move around in there without "crawling", just have to either be on you knees or squatted down. There is a big I-Beam in the middle of the floor above the crawl space for support that you have to stoop down even more to get under. I was going under this I beam when my right foot hit the freshly wet plastic. I did a complete splits. I swear things bounced off the ground that I couldn't believe. I fell backwards to try and prevent tearing groin muscles, etc. I reached back with my right hand and managed to snap my thumb in the fall. So I guess, 1. While falling on mopped up cat pee in a crawl space while doing complete splits.
  7. I work for a 100% Employee Owned company. We take great pride in being "Employee Owners", not "Employee General Managers"
  8. Wasn't sure if it was Reagan getting shot or the Challenger explosion. Had to look up which happened first. I was 6 when Reagan was shot. I remember it well. I remember watching the Challenger explosion live at school. I was 11 then. To be fair I did a lot of drugs in high school, so my timelines are a little off in my head.
  9. Could have been his inability to see where the strike zone was when throwing...
  10. I'm the youngest of 6. I share the same birthday as my oldest sibling who is 15 years older than me. My son shares a birthday with his grandmother (wife's mom)
  11. April 14th, 2003. Is that the actual date or just the date this board came up? Was on ol yeller back in the day.. Damn... 2003. I bought my house in 2004.. my mother died in 2004.. Started my career in 2007... Have a grandkid now.. Another on the way.. I guess you are right. We are getting old. But I can still drink like I'm 22 dammit! Just have to go to bed by midnight because I get tired..
  12. I just want to criticize the Warriors for even letting this guy play.
  13. Is everyone really so shocked that the fans cheered when he went down? I find it hard to believe that wouldn't have been a common reaction in just about any place in that moment. If you believe YOUR fan base would somehow be above this.. Come on... There are always going to be ####bags at sporting events.