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  1. This was how I assumed it already went down anyway. Why would your brain stop instantly with your heart? It would take a few minutes from lake of oxygen and what not to your noggin for it to stop functioning.. #NotDoctor
  2. I voted no and no. But it really does depend on the age of the kid. If we are talking "close" to the cutoff by AZ (14) and they aren't going to cause a ruckus, then the bar area would be fine. I wouldn't want to take a little one to the bar or bar area as most people in those areas are there because it is generally known as an adult area. More about respecting the others in the area than worrying about the environment for my kid.
  3. I've changed my views quite a bit over the years.. Gay marriage - Used to be opposed. Now I support it 100%. A lot of it was because of a religious upbringing... Abortion - Also against it, but not hardcore. Now I would never support it for birth control reasons, but I oppose the government making that decision. That is a person decision people have to live with that make it. Gun Control - 100% in favor of gun control, then as I got older I went completely to the other side and opposed any new gun control as it is silly to add new laws when we aren't doing enough to enforce the ones we have. Now I've softened my stance on that as I support things like universal background checks across the board. I still believe that we do a terrible job of enforcing what we do have on the books, but I'm open to new ideas and suggestions. Climate change - As a teen I was fully on the side of "we have to fix it now at all costs" side of things. Now, I realize the issue is much more difficult than that and don't support imposing things that will make our businesses not on a level playing field with the rest of the world who isn't following suit (China for example). War on drugs - Growing up in an area decimated by crack I was 100% for the war on drugs. But now I've changed that view as so many people end up in prison for non-violent drug charges and overcrowd them. Not to mention that it has been historically much more skewed towards minorities.. I'm not for legalizing ALL drugs as some are just too damaging. But what we are doing is not working and some drastic changes are needed. Legalize weed. Start there and work forward. I've never voted "down party lines" either. I've been both a registered democrat and a registered republican over the years. I think I first voted in 1996 for Bill Clinton, then for Al Gore in 2000, GW Bush in 2004, Obama in 2008, Gary Johnson in 2012, Trump in 2016.... Most of the votes have been a "meh, I guess this candidate is better than the other one" type vote. The last President I was excited for was Obama in 2008....
  4. Many years ago a group of us were camping. At least 6-7 couples, all of us grew up together. This campground had a tent camping area that was down in this ravine and away from all the trailer campers. This entire camp area was us and this one other campsite with 2 guys and a girl. The one guy was a nice enough guy (and obviously the 3rd wheel) and ended up hanging out with us most of the night drinking and bull####ting with us. At one point in the night the conversation went like this: Our friendly camper with a heavy southern twang: "Hey... Who here is racist?" We all kind of looked around uncomfortably.. Now I'm sitting next to one of my best friends who is bi-racial. A lot of people don't realize he is bi-racial and obviously this guy did not. I said "Uh... no one.." He proceeds to tell a racist joke of some type. I don't remember exactly what it was but I do remember it did not have the N word in it. When he dropped the punch line he looked around with a giant smile on his face waiting for the laughter. No one said a thing. Watching his facial expression as he realized that his joke went over like a lead balloon was one of the most uncomfortable things I saw someone go through. He went from all smiles expecting the laughter to looking around like "oops... Yeah.. That didn't go over like I expected." After a few moments of the uncomfortable :crickets: he looked down and said... "Daymn... I'm sorry yall." It wasn't long after that that he called it a night and went back to his site.
  5. I have heard that before and "Mondays"... People try to be clever with code crap....
  6. Voted never because that was the closest to reality. Used to hear it a lot growing up in the early 80's. My father was very racist before I was born and has gotten progressively much better through the years. In the 60s he left the house because my oldest sister had invited a black girl to her birthday party... One of my best friends in high school was of color. I think that started to turn my old man around. Over time he dropped racist stuff less and less... I dated a girl who was 1/2 black, 1/2 mexican and teased my dad that he was going to have some mixed grand babies. A few years later when I met my the woman who would one day become my wife, I had a child from a previous relationship and she had a child from a previous relationship. My step-son's father was mixed race. I believe that also softened him up. Fast forward to 2 years ago. My father is 82 years old now and has been giving my oldest son a ride home from high school. Along with his best friend who is black. He's telling me how he gave another kid a ride home that was friends with my son but kicked the kid out halfway home for making racist comments to the black friend. Me: You threw someone out of your car for racist comments? Dad: Hell yeah! I'm not going to tolerate that type of behavior in my car! Me: Was it you? who drove? Dad: Very funny. I told him "You know what? If you are going to talk like that, go ahead and walk from here and don't bother getting in my car again." Me: Who are you and what did you do with my pops??? I guess the point of the story is that I have heard less and less of that type of talk as time has gone on even from the people you least expect to change.
  7. I don't see a big problem with this approach. If I were the middle seat in that scenario I'd be happy to switch to either the isle or window. It's not the same as your other scenarios where you are booking crappier seats hoping someone will feel sorry for you and give you their nicer seat.
  8. Made boneless chicken breasts in ours yesterday... Salmon today (excellent).. It works for just about anything. I'd say 9 out of 10 meals we cook in there are not breaded either. It is just super convenient to cook a boneless chicken breast in like 12 minutes.
  9. Just set the tree on fire while screaming at the top of your lungs over and over again... "SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO NEIGHBORS????!!!!!" No one will ever report you for petty stuff again.
  10. What is the hell is going on in here? I can't believe the atheists would get so upset over the Jesus comment or the God folks getting so upset over the no god (potential) conversation. I have enough stuff in my life that pisses me off I'd never let a wacko grocery store clerk get me that upset. If I ran into that situation with someone that had opposite views than my family I'd use that as an opportunity to have a conversation with my kids about why that person was they way they are. Unless they were being rude or something, I'd just roll with it. But then again, I'm pretty easy going....
  11. If I were the owner of the grocery store I'd probably tell the clerk to not make those comments as to not offend someone who doesn't believe the same as you. But if I were the customer, it would not be something I would even bother to report. People's beliefs that don't fall in line with mine don't really bother me.
  12. I get 2 calls a day offering me health insurance at a great rate. Um... I actually have phenomenal, 100% company paid health insurance scammer guys... You are barking up the wrong tree. I actually kind of miss the "This is IRS. You are being sued. ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US" phones calls.
  13. Interesting. Did not know that. I've already starting transitioning all my power tools over to Dewalt, but I still have some Craftsman stuff I will be hanging onto that have batteries. Good to know that I might be able to get a battery locally if needed.