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  1. Hugo's Cellar is great. Cool, speak easy type atmosphere and the steaks are very good. Vic and Anthony's was probably the best steak I've had in Vegas. Pretty spendy though.
  2. It's exactly what every politician should be. Viewing a subject in the context of its legality in the constitution instead of following a personal belief is now considered mildly crazy?
  3. Just read that this is the first Bundesliga shutout for an American keeper in over 12 years. Kasey Keller! was the last one to do it.(for Monchengladbach) Glad to see him excelling!
  4. Matt Miazga with an injury time game winner.
  5. Agree. He brought Chelsea a lot of directness when he came on, which is exactly what you need a sub to do in a tie game. Great shift by him and he's unlucky to not have a goal and an assist in there too. That save by Yedlin was one of the best I've ever seen. He might be the only player in the EPL with the speed to make that save too.
  6. It's even worse when considering how we played in the Gold Cup. Roldan was easily the worst player on the field at that time. Take him off, move Pulisic to the 10 and let him and Nips work/move off each other like they did all summer and we might find something. We clearly needed a change of formation/style at that point, not a player for player replacement.(especially a worse player for player replacement)
  7. I think Green and Bacon in particular could both thrive in MLS. Could be a pathway back to the USMNT for either of them.
  8. It doesn't matter anyway. Gregg will be our head coach until at least next November, even if he loses every game from now until then. It would take a 4 or 5 goal loss to Cuba next month for there to be any possibility of it happening then. There is no way Jay is firing his brother unless there are a million fans with pitchforks outside his office window demanding it. The issue isn't really GGG being a terrible coach(although he is). The issue is much much deeper than that within USSoccer and I can't see it being fixed anytime soon.
  9. Just ask the cabby to take you to the closest/best one nearby. They'll know where to go. There's one just across the freeway on Flamingo headed towards the Rio. Probably the closest to Caesars. Agree with the guy who said to hide it from security. Get gummies if you're gonna use it inside Caesars.
  10. It was Berhalter covering his ### is all. Pulisic said he was fine and didn't want to come out. Pulisic clearly wasn't happy about being taken out and Gregg realized he was gonna get flak for it. Flu-like symptoms is an easy cop out.
  11. I've only ever had 2 dogs. My first was a Great Pyrenees/Samoyed mix. Incredible dog. One of the smartest dogs I've ever met. Figured out how to open the door to the backyard. It was one of these styles. Learned after the first time he did it that we got mad if he left it open, so would open it, then close it himself. Super strong dog. Would literally pull grown men off their chair while playing tug. Was also super affectionate. Loved to hug/cuddle. Would lay with his head on my lap on the couch all day if allowed. Was a really hard day when we found out he had cancer. Choosing to put him to sleep was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made. Current dog is a Husky. It was my sister's dog, but she moved to a new city and couldn't find a decent apartment that allowed big dogs, so I inherited him. He's an idiot. Really, truly an idiot. I have a door in my house that isn't level. It closes itself. My previous dog got stuck in there once. Once. After that he never went back into that room(it's just a storage closet.) This Husky gets stuck in that room almost every day. And you know because he howls at the top of his lungs in the most offkey, horrible sounding howl you've ever heard. He also hates hugs/cuddling. He'll let you hug him for about 1.2 seconds then shoves against your chest with both front paws and takes off at a sprint that usually culminates with him running head first into a wall. He's literally the biggest derp I've ever seen. Still, I've had him for a little over 4 years now and love him for what he is.
  12. Really wish there was a "#### NO!" option.
  13. Last October? Absolutely. Now.... doubtful.
  14. After THAT display? Bill Bradley might be a step up.
  15. We not only wasted a year waiting to hire Greg, but we DIDN'T EVEN INTERVIEW guys like Tata, Vermes, or Marsch. Meanwhile, the 'interim' guy that was supposed to do nothing but be a holdover showed more tactical acumen than the "tactical genius" we finally did hire(who also was apparently the only coach interviewed btw.) The USSF might be an even worse organization now than it was under Sunil.