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  1. Adductor injuries are the hardest to predict. You really can't play until you feel good enough to run and that can be different for every person when dealing with the hip/groin region. Hope it's soon though.
  2. Your time or expense. You get one. You chose time. Most people don't have the luxury of that choice.
  3. Deserved. I have no problem with players "taking the piss" as it were when guys so obviously flop. It should be pointed out and ridiculed. Diving is the worst thing in the sport.
  4. Honest advice... there's a lot of jobs out there. There aren't a lot of jobs that you'll "love" going to work for. If this company is a job that you actually love, give them a chance to make it right. Your "Big Boss" claims he is going to get you the promotion officially. Give him the chance to do it. If he doesn't come through, then yes... time to get the resume out there. Even if he doesn't come through, I'd still sit down with the new Big Boss and have an honest and open talk about what happened and why it doesn't sit right with you. Give him a chance to make it right too. Sometimes a new perspective like that will help see the truth of how you got screwed by the current management and might make it right. Most likely though, if your current BB doesn't get you the promotion, it means it isn't coming.
  5. Yeah, but if he contracts the virus at the beginning of the line, he'd likely keel over before he got to eat that brisket.
  6. Always double check. Some jurisdictions would make you get a permit since you're changing electrical, even if you're not adding indoor square footage.
  7. The USMNT's own personal Bobby Bonilla contract!!
  8. For country it's gonna be hard for either of them to catch Pulisic. He had the timing of coming to the USMNT when it was in a shambles and has been its best player for 3 years already at the age of 21. Gio isn't going to be the best player on the team the moment he arrives, so while his contributions can and hopefully will be huge, he's starting behind Pulisic on that track for sure. Adams has never been healthy enough to matter to the USMNT yet, unfortunately, but his ability to control midfield might end up as more important than either attacker. For club? Injuries/form/luck will have a lot to do with that. I think Gio has a chance to be the best all around player of the three, but Adams and Pulisic can both be world class too, so a lot of other things will factor into who has a better career.
  9. It was great awareness too.... First for the immediate turn while receiving the pass, knowing he had a lane to beat two defenders, then feeling the defender coming on his right he played a nearly perfect pass to the hottest goalscorer in the world right now. It was just good football.
  10. I noticed his skill too. I was surprised they brought in a 17 year old in such an important game(and as early as they did), but it was obvious that they have good reason to trust Gio. This is only the second time I've seen game action of him(and not just highlights). What impressed me most was his defensive prowess. Usually the reason that 17 year old wingers aren't played in important games is due to their defensive liability. It's actually one of the reasons Pulisic wasn't played in some of Chelsea's early big games and he's 21. Gio showed today that he's not only willing to put the effort in defensively, but is actually a decent defender for a winger. He had a couple of big tackles and even dribbled it out of trouble in his own end a few times. That's gonna go a long ways in gaining his coach's trust. He's way ahead of where Pulisic was defensively at 17, and honestly might be a better defender than Pulisic right now. If he can reach the offensive prowess we think he's capable of.... he'll be a better all around player than Christian.
  11. And it was his non dominant foot. Halaand is incredible. Have no idea how Dortmund got him so cheaply.
  12. Gio with an assist to Halaand... who scores a golazo!
  13. Just came on in a 0-0 game with 25 minutes left!!
  14. Yep. Said no red. IMO it was just as bad(if not worse) than the Son kick earlier this year. Especially as it was in the groin.