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  1. I think if we assume everyone is healthy then I'd bet on ..... Pulisic. Gio. Dest. Adams...........McKennie. I don't think Swag will be on the level of the other 4 and I think with the other 4, if they all stay healthy then you'll be able to argue any of them depending on which position you think is most valuable. I do think the other 3 have quite a bit of catching up to do with how Pulisic has started his career. He's already got a lead in production at the club level and a HUGE lead in production at the national team level. If he got hurt and never played another USMNT game, he'd still make my top 10 list for best USMNT players of all time. What he's done from 17-21 is quite insane. I HOPE Gio is in line to follow those footsteps.
  2. That's a great stat. Thing is... Swag is pretty Meh right now, but that's ok because he's 21. I doubt he'll ever become a world beater, but a good, solid midfielder for years is definitely attainable. The thing about Germany Jones is this... he didn't have the talent that a guy like Weston does, but he had heart for days. He worked his ### off.... for club AND country and it showed. He made big strides in his game throughout his career, so much that he was a better player at 35 than he was at 28 despite not being in his physical prime. If Weston can show that type of grit and determination then who knows how great of an impact he can make in the American soccer world.
  3. It’s really full circle IMO. Guy mentioned yesterday that the difference between EPO riders and non-EPO riders was 10%. Difference between first and last in the Tour was 2%. Everyone was using. His “friends” that outed him were using too... AND got paid to out Lance. They’re just as big of dbags as he is.
  4. Bayern is using him more like a wing back than a true FB for sure. I think that will transfer to a full out winger when he's playing for the Canadian team. His speed on the edges is unreal. I think he's gonna be comparable to TAA within a year or two.
  5. Could not agree more. It's too bad because that was actually a pretty good origin story as far as superhero movies go before that point.
  6. I am Legend... The original ending showed the mutants attacking Robert Neville to rescue the ones he's experimenting on.... which brings into question who is actually the monster in the film, which also brings all kinds of moral questioning into the picture. Pretty cool ending IMO. Instead, we get Will Smith tragically sacrificing himself to destroy the monsters and save the day.
  7. Good luck to you and your son in this endeavor. Peter is lucky to have a supportive family as he goes through this very difficult time. Just remember to be there for him when others in this world refuse to accept him and always let him know he's loved. I also hope that by the time college comes around he'll be accepted as a man and will be through the hardest part of struggling for his identity.
  8. Still have no idea why he chose US over Netherlands, but I'll rejoice every time I read a positive Dest article. Amazing.
  9. State universities are government funded, yet they don't allow alcohol in student housing. Granted, a large portion of those students are underage, but it's still a unilateral requirement regardless of the student's age.
  10. Eh... Those shares would only be worth $134 billion today. I'm sure he has no regrets about it.
  11. Pepsi wins in blind taste tests particularly because it IS sweeter. When taking a small sip of two beverages, most people choose the sweeter of the two. That's why Pepsi wins blind tests. However, when it comes to drinking it regularly, Pepsi is too sweet IMO. Coke has a better balance of fizz, sugar, and cola flavor IMO(and in the opinions of most cola drinkers).
  12. I hadn't played in a few years, but when we went on lockdown I found myself bored. After getting tired of Football Manager and NBA 2k I decided to fire up some Civ. I purchased the expansions, since I hadn't played them before and got to it. I like the Gathering Storm expansion. I think the random weather disasters add more realism to the game. I'm split about Rise and Fall. I like the global eras, but really hate the governor aspect. I agree with everyone who talked about the late game slog. I usually go to about turn 150 and then start over. You can tell by turn 150 if you're gonna win(at least 90% of the time IMO). I really hope that the next Civ game figures out the late game dynamics because it takes forever to finish the game once you get past 1500 AD or so.
  13. I work for a company that tracks our vehicles. A few things. 1. It's completely legal and yes they don't need to inform you of it(federally anyway... your state may differ). 2. They are doing it to get a break on their insurance, not because they want to big brother you. 3. There's likely going to be 1 or 2 guys in charge of monitoring it and they will never investigate it closely unless there is an accident or incident.(usually. There's always some dbags that love to invade people's lives just to feel that little power trip) If you hate the idea of someone possibly tracking you in personal time, then leave the vehicle at work and drive your personal rig in. It's what I do and at first I thought it'd be annoying, but now I actually like it. I haven't done any late night work since I started leaving my vehicle at the office. It's a built in excuse IMO.
  14. I agree with this. Does 20 or even 100 million mean anything to Chelsea, Man City, or now Newcastle? Of course not. However, it likely forces some of the best players from the relegation fodder to be sold for less than market value just to keep those teams solvent. Other than Pool, this year has seen the most parity in the EPL in a long time. I think that's great. I also think it'll be lost this summer as teams like Chelsea, ManCity, ManU, and Newcastle spend 150-200 million each and buy multiple players below market value and create a clear divide between the top 5-6 and everyone else again.
  15. Honestly, the fact that they're continuing to fight this despite making more than the men since the last CBA and rejecting the exact same language as the men's CBA when they signed it is ridiculous. They were able to dupe the media and the public when no facts were out there, but I think the public opinion tide will turn quick if they continue this fight.