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  1. I would. They don't score that goal without his drawing the penalty. While he wasn't super sharp, Chelsea certainly turned the tables when he came on. Kras was looking tough for a good 20 minutes of the second half and then the subs came on and it was game over. Now, Mount and Kante added their part to that, but Pulisic is still the forward driving force for that team. He is so direct it immediately puts the defense on their back foot. FYI, it's really not fair when you can bring on Pulisic, Mount, and Kante as your subs. That Chelsea team is stacked.
  2. Pulisic gets his first goal of the season. Nutmegged the keeper.
  3. Surprised by the Kova thing. I think he's one of the best in the world at connecting the backline to the attack, yet despite Chelsea struggling to do this so far this year, he's been absent. Strange. He was easily their POTY last year too IMO.
  4. Honestly surprised that Chelsea isn't sitting more of their preferred starters. Pulisic was a certainty given he's coming off an injury, but I thought they'd rest Werner and Havertz too considering the minutes those two are putting in.
  5. Marsch deserves that chance. God I'd love to see what he could do with a lineup like Dortmund's... I think he could really push Bayern there.
  6. Really quite boring ManU vs. Chelsea game. Was expecting to see some amazing attacking players, but was left watching two teams too scared to get out of defensive position to try anything. No idea how Maguire's tackle on Azpi in the box wasn't a penalty though. It would've been had it been the other way around for sure.
  7. I've listened to more than a few of those podcasts. That sucks. He was young too. COVID? Cancer?
  8. Not sure what Lampard is doing right now. Pulisic started at RW and Chelsea's attack was pretty stagnant for the most part. For the first 5-8 minutes of the second half Pulisic switched with Mount to the LW and Chelsea spent the majority of that time in the final third and looked sure to score soon. Then Frank yelled for Pulisic and Mount to switch and Chelsea's pressure on goal fell off again. No idea what's going on. FYI, Pulisic looked absolutely gassed when he got subbed in the 90th. Kinda hope he gets a sit this weekend as his legs clearly aren't there yet.
  9. That's not surprising to me. I remember last year when Chelsea was in the group stages of UCL Pulisic wasn't even on the bench. Lampard was asked why he left Pulisic off and said some BS about picking a side with Champions League Experience. Pulisic, at the time, had the 5th most minutes in the UCL of any Chelsea player. Mount, who started every group stage game including 3 at LW, had zero before last year. Pulisic, of course, forced his way onto the bench and eventually into the starting lineup by just being WAY better than any other attacker on their team last year, but it was pretty clear that Lampard didn't consider Pulisic's Dortmund UCL minutes as experience.
  10. Man, it's been awhile since I've heard his name or seen him play. How long was he out? More than a year right?
  11. Sounds like a problem for a lot of the top teams. Wonder if United will compete with Chelsea for Declan Rice next summer.
  12. Certainly. However, Grealish starts for almost every top 6 club IMO and certainly gets significant playing time at all of them. The only reason Barkley wasn't starting at Chelsea was because Frank Lampard preferred Mount(which has been talked about a lot on the internet) and they added Havertz who is likely the best young 10 in the world. He'd also be getting big minutes at most of the top 6 teams, unless he was taking playing time from the boss's son of course. That's a great midfield and one that can flip from defense to attack in a heartbeat. I think AV will easily be top 10 this year and definitely push for Europe.
  13. They aren't wearing masks, they aren't social distancing, and with highs in the 30s and 40s, they are packing indoor spots like bars with zero rules on capacity. I feel like we'll get a close up view of whether herd immunity can be achieved and what it will look like if things don't change there and soon.
  14. I think schools being fully reopened and no restrictions on gatherings, including bars and restaurants, with cold weather forcing everyone inside is likely more responsible. Also, if you go anywhere up there you won't find a mask in site most likely.