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  1. if I am combing Knowledge with Honesty i would say neither party has done much good for the black community. I can honestly say that i absolutely beleive the Democrats have not done much... if anything. And you can put me down in the group that believes that the dependance they have created is a negative, not a positive. It's been rehashed many many many times on here. I'll admit i was trolling a little with the MLK comments.. but to argue the Democratic party has been some great savior is just nonsense.
  2. Exactly. But with the way the democratic party is setup (And especially so in 2016) the democratic machine really can choose whomever they want. The Super Delegates exist to ensure this. And even this year plenty of safeguards were put in.
  3. While i highly doubt that MLK would be a Trump fan, he was an independent thinker at the time and he'd be an independent thinker today. If one makes an argument that the Democratic party hasn't done much good for his people who's to say he wouldn't vote GOP? He'd definately be closer to the Democrats though then the current republicans. Don't confuse conservatives with Trump tho.. just becuase he's the lesser of two evils doesn't mean that people have to like him. Are you that in love with Biden? We still don't even know who any of his supporting cast will be. And it's highly unlikely to be beneficial at all to the black community.
  4. You don't think the party did everything in it's power to make sure these two were chosen? You can argue Biden. Maybe. But Hillary?
  5. The Martin Luther King thing is sort of interesting. He was almost certainly registered as a Republican. But being a republican 50 or 100 years ago has little resemblance to being republican today. People have been arguing this for the last 30 years, and much like the confederate flag the whole history and meaning has been completely lost. And BTW, everything has Bias now, even the sites that check the Bias. FInd me 4 sites that say he was a democrat and i can find you 4 sites that say he was a republican. At the end of the day it doesn't matter. The really scary thing is that there really isn't THAT much difference between the parties. Both of them edge towards more and more control and less and less individual rights. The Right will take your money and give it to Corporations. The Left will take your money and give it to special interest groups, foreign governments, or themselves. Neither will tax the rich becuase rich people are rich for a reason. Rich people, for the most part, don't pay taxes. Neither party is going to change that. It's the middle class that always bears this burden.
  6. Not only do we not have a choice of a different party.. with the Democrats you really don't even have a choice on candidates anymore. Both Hillary and Biden were chosen for you. Say what you will about Trump and the Republicans - the party machine sure didn't want Trump. The people chose him. (And frankly that still baffles me, but hey at least that's actual Democracy. And more than you'll get from the Democratic part)
  7. Most democracies start out that way, but over time they evolve into two party systems similar to what we now have. Historically speaking you can look at Poland's recent history to see how these things involved. Here in America it was never designed to be a 2 party system, but it only took about 20 years to get there. Once in a while the two candidates are SO bad that you might end up with a 3rd party with a chance.. but the odds are so heavily stacked against them that it's almost impossible for a true 3rd party to win.
  8. This is really two separate things, if you read between the lines. One (The supreme court decision) is a basic civil right. It's a great and needed decision. (To be honest, i didn't even realize this wasn't a law yet.. i'm surprised it took this long) The Transgender protections enacted under Obama is a HEALTH protection. This is about cost. My understanding is that this ruling effects those looking for the operation, not for anything else. (I could be wrong on that) For those of you that see this as a no-brainer, do you have any idea what this surgery costs? In Madison WI, the average cost for this Surgery (including pre-op, the Surgery itself, the drugs and everything else involved afterwards comes out to around $800K-1Mil per patient. Yes, i know you can get it done cheaper- this is the cadillac version that Madison WI was providing a few years back until Walker killed it. I am all for equality... but this is an entirely separate issue.
  9. I truly beleive the only reason he ran 4 years ago was to screw with Jeb. But a funny thing happened and everything took on a life of his own. I swear it seems like half the time he's doing everything he can to lose. But he's not PC and he's not seen as part of the "Machine". The same reason he won 4 years ago is why he still has a real chance now.
  10. I've been a Lurker on these boards for 15 years.... and I am a conservative. (I don't particularly care for Trump, but I vote republican in most elections). This board leans extremely left on pretty much all issues, and while I respect the opinions of most of the people posting I have no interest in getting into arguments on this stuff. We tend to be a lot quieter in general on this kind of stuff. I suspect there are a LOT more of us out there than people realize, but we just don't want to get involved in the bickering and don't feel like being attacked.
  11. Wow, so a Madison teacher wrote an opinion peice against the bill? Holy smokes this is indeed breaking news. I'm absolutely shocked. This changes everything!
  12. Is this supposed to make any kind of sense to anyone other than an idiot?It was made to make sense to you. Seriously, ignore the fool.It's all schtickHonestly pack, this is all you have? Your gov and the other pubs are cowards. You apparently support cowards.And here I am drawn back in..... :sigh:Yuo need to get a clue. Walker ran on cutting spending and creating jobs. He's doing both.If Walker is a coward then Doyle was a coward for ramming through $2 Billion in tax hikes that he didn't run on.The real cowards here are the Dems that ran away for nearly a month so they wouldn't have to vote. They pouted, held their breath and stomped their feet like little cowardly girls.Consider yourself .......AGAINI honestly LOL at this stuff. Again, if the pubs had run on the platform of stripping the collective bargaining rights of teachers the debate would have been honest. And, again, they didn't have the balls. Nothing surprising about that. 1st, learn how to post a response. Yes i fixed it for you.2nd, You LOL because you don't know what the hell you are talking about. So I understand your response.Now please, try and read something on this topic so you can try and understand.I'm done with youAgain, this is not complicated. It apparently is to you. Where in Walkers and the other nadless pubs campaigns did they campaign for ending collective bargaining? Be concise if you are capable.For starters, did you see one of the million compain adds by the Democrats? Walkers history was well known and well stated.Left or right, Democrat or Republican, is this really your best argument? C'mon people, you can come up with a lot better arguments then this. The fact that this history was wellknown is regardless anyway. Doyle never ran on instituting the unpopular "forlough" days, but becuase it didn't didn't effect Union coffers or power they let it go with barely a fight even though it was immensely unpopular with the average public worker.
  13. One more small comment... Anything done by Walker right now can be undone with enough support. If the people truly beleive that Walker is truly committing an evil act here, then the republicans will get pounded in the next election and the democrats can go back to raising taxes. The bottom line here is that thanks to Doyle and poor money management for years, the State had a huge budget deficit.... 3.6 billion is the number generally given. By state Statute, this needed to be balanced out and you aren't going to balance it in Doyle fashion by stealing from other funds or state services- it's just too large. You have 2 options: 1)you can either increase revenues; 2)you can Decrease expenses. Walker clearly ran on option 2. Living in Wisconsin, I was well aware of his history with the unions in Milwaukee, and his entire platform was based on reducing expenses. All the "shocked" people out there, what did you expect him to do? If any of this actually surprises you, you must have been living in a hole the entire election campaign. Again, I think Walker and the rebulicans handled this as poorly as he possibly could have, but something needed to be done and this was probably the best of a handful of bad options. The only realistic alternative i've heard that would have accomplished the same effect would have been to increase the sales tax to 10% and I suspect that would have gone over even worse. The only saving grace here for the party is that the Democrats have handled things just as poorly, and it's getting worse not better. Bullying and harrassing right-leaning business's and supporters is not going to help the cause here.
  14. If you are looking for the catalyst of the entire Walker and Republican movement in Wisconsin last year, I think you need to look no further then this train. The claim the state supported this train is nothing short of asinine. The state had the train on the ballot, and it was absolutely crushed in every community it effected between Milwaukee and Madison. The article specifically mentions Waterloo, where the ballot measure failed by 82% Again, 82%!!! This is absolutely an amazing number for a city as close to Madison as Waterloo. Even in Madison itself, a city that has never seen a dollar of someone else's they couldn't spend the ballot measure only passed by 4%. I also firmy beleive that this train was the downfall of Russ Feingold, an admirable man who gave 100% support to this project from the start, and was taken down in flames with it. Referring back to it now as some kind of evil Walker move really shows me that the left really and truly just doesn't get it. As a Wisconsin Resident, you can put me firmly in the camp that both sides have behaved absolutely horrible during this whole mess. Fitzgerald doesn't come accross as a very likeable guy to me, and the Democrats could have really used that to pound their advantage. Instead, the whole lot of them took off for 3 weeks.. the only point they seem to have made is that there is no working with them. Meanwhile the Republicans who at that point had every right to push through whatever they wanted spent the time complaining about the democrats and dealing with oddballs protesting... and when they finally decided to get off the ball and do something they decided to pull it off with no notice and with as much shenanigan as possible. I'm nearly positive this bill will stand, and the people will have their chance in 2 years to show their support or displeasure. The worst thing the Left can do here is simply assume that the protesters speak for the majority of Wisconsin Residents. Learn the lessons the train should have tought you, but apparently didn't.