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  1. Sorry if posted already, didn't see it. Nice article in todays paper anyways.
  2. couple redrafts I'm in he has been dropped already.
  3. Have we seen the last of AP in purple? Kinda looking that way
  4. to much here imo. Asiata will be used quite a bit and probably at goaline.
  5. I've never liked the guy ever and always thought he was overrated. That said watching hard knocks he seemed like a good guy and you could tell at one time he probably knew what he was doing. That was a long time ago though.
  6. Would be a real good game if not for Taylor.
  7. Quite the contrast between page one and page five of this thread lol
  8. Terrible. Upgrade made this site so much worse lol
  9. wasn't west hurt most of training camp?
  10. well you're insinuating that's why you chickened out. At least that's how I read it. Seems like it could be valuable info to us.
  11. why can't we know what the undisclosed info was that happened to her?
  12. Unless ware plays like crap or west gets a bunch of touches, either could very well happen :gasp:
  13. With Andy Reid this could absolutely happen imo
  14. 12 team ppr - start 1-2-3-1-1-1 S. Ware for Moncrief (to Charles owner, who is stacked at wr)
  15. sorry if this has been discussed. Dynasty value? High? or still to much of a question mark to gauge it?