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  1. dude that's interference 100%. to pick that flag up is a joke
  2. clearly interference there wtf
  3. That was my point too. I am fine with the cliffhanger ending and how they did it, just don't come back and kill off a nobody (which I'm sure they won't)
  4. I watched that recap of all the seasons last night. So pumped for Sunday. I will be disappointed though if Neagan bashes the recruiter guy from Alexandria, I want a main character to bite it.
  5. I'm sure they knew he was leaving to be on survivor. Just didn't know where they were shipping him...
  6. Anyone watching the Dungeon Cove? I like it, the other one was getting pretty stale the last few seasons.
  7. Agreed. This was one of the main reasons I didn't re-up this year.
  8. What did you get? I saw him moved for Moncreif around that time. Just curious
  9. 10 team money league, I picked him up last night after he was cut last week. Bid 4 bucks, no one else bid on him, Charles owner must have been asleep at the wheel there.
  10. Terrible move by Dave, even Ken was like WTF was that.
  11. I always thought that too. First year this year in 7 years I havnt paid them. Do not miss it one bit, there is so much free stuff that's just as good or better out there.
  12. That is bad. I get a kick out of the redzone channel when there is like 5-6 games on and they are all on commercial break at once. Even the announcer guy is all annoyed and can't believe it.
  13. Have the under. Loving this game lol
  14. couple money leagues I'm in owners cut bait this week redraft.
  15. agreed. wide outs rule dynasty no matter how much the DJ lovers want to spin it. Plus I could see AZ turning to crap come this year and next which isn't going to do DJ any favors.