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  1. not every single season obviously but I like the returning players being part of the show. Seems like they do it somewhat every other season which I'm fine with.
  2. Its the middle of the day at like 12.30. what else is on any channel that time of day? (I kinda like that show actually)
  3. Never liked pulling the goalie with 2 mins left when down by one goal, too early IMO....
  4. If I was anywhere remotely close to Nashville I'd be hitting a game for sure, god that place looks fun. That said I'd be wearing a pens #7 jersey.
  5. Dan foley just posted facebook pics of himself there, he said people were already in line....
  6. yep one of the older ones if I remember right
  7. Might have to throw in road rash on the old PlayStation tonight. Had some good sound garden tracks on their while playing. Remember it well.
  8. I was loving the stupid look on Ciries face when Sara quickly shot down her plan to screw her over. Even better when Jeff made her read it out loud. Brilliant play by Sara, she saw that one coming a mile away, great way to set her up.
  9. Damn sierra cleans up nice. Debbie must feel super ugly on that jury right now sitting around with those three chicks. Michaela exit interview surprised me, no tantrum or ranting...
  10. Those damn black yoga pants never turn out great or not as good as in person anyways
  11. That's is correct, but that said he has not been getting those shifts any other games, hence my pleasantly shocked comment. He should be out there
  12. was pleasantly shocked to see my boy Cullen out there with a few shifts in the last 4 mins. Go Pens!!
  13. If you don't do it for them she will take it as you don't like her and don't approve of the relationship and you will get that wedge regardless. You're kinda stuck here, you told him your peace, he needs to make his own choices like the poster above said. I am assuming he's not some 18-19yo kid. So that said I'd just do it and hope for the best, its his life...