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  1. agreed, he doesn't;t need Michonne giving him tips though a pipe to take out that walker, I swear they stole that scene straight out of return of the jedi.
  2. after I finished up the main storyline I have no problem pulling up my phone with a map and look for icons that are missing on my pip boy map, I am going to find everyplace on that map and then get into the DLC. I don't think I could start over with how much time I have invested already.
  3. Finished the game up about a month ago. now I'm pulling up a map on my phone and finding out how many spots I have missed while playing. More than I thought!
  4. as a Vikings fan I can already see Walsh knocking us out of the playoffs next January, again.
  5. that backside looks ridiculous to you? Like ridiculous in a bad way?
  6. I remember that 6 dollar case of hackstein I bought a few years back lasted about two years. (it was a case of beer for 6 bucks! which is the cheapest I can remember ever seeing, I had to buy it). Any beer with the word hack in the name should be avoided. you really haven't lived if the worst beer you've ever had is Budweiser, busch light, natty ice, Ole E ect ect
  7. I happened to walk by as the wife was watching right at the part they had shown on the commercial. Said let me guess they found some more wood. Even the wife who has been all in on this show from the beginning is starting to figure out its a waste of time...
  8. NW Minnesota. Its gotta be bad, like 10+ inches of snow and blizzard conditions bad. Otherwise school is normally on, one late day and one cancelled so far this year. late day was for an ice storm, other was a blizzard and -20 temps.
  9. back end of the first when it all shakes out I would bet. Not thinking he would get into the top 5 with the rb's and wr coming out.
  10. I managed to stumble upon the cheers bar, but can't find this stuff right in my own neighborhood!
  11. The kids from the goonies would have had found the pirate treasure in season one. Booby trapped tunnels underground that fill with water
  12. I've had the sanctuary as my main base for 100's of hours of play and never found that root cellar
  13. I may have to pickup RE4 on the cheap it sounds like. I played the first one way back when (I think it had two discs if I remember right)
  14. My Vikings could move anywhere in the state of MN and it wouldn't matter to me. That said I am pretty sure it a different feeling for states with multiple teams based on specific cities they play in...
  15. Man I feel even worse for Charger Fans after seeing that logo.