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  1. Elliot will probably be fine, I'd feel a lot better about it with romos throwing the ball though. The volume could actually go down if they are going three and out a lot more. I see no way this helps anyone.
  2. I offered Brown and was rejected (dynasty). I was shocked honestly, maybe I shouldn't be.
  3. I don't see any of the chicks winning that comp, it will be paulie or vic is my guess. Hopefully not paulie for the simple fact he wore those shorts.
  4. no doubt, that was the most bitter jury house I can remember. yes Paulie can be a dbag but he is not even close to some past guests as far as being a jerk. They were just feeding off each other
  5. 12 team PPR - 1-2-3-1 Kelce - Pick 1.11
  6. According to ESPN Seahawks reporter Sheil Kapadia, "by all indications" Christine Michael "will have role on offense once the regular season starts." Kapadia's article (linked below) has numerous quotes from teammates and coaches citing Michael's improved maturity and on-field performance. Despite poor work habits and preparation to this point, fourth-year RB Michael has averaged 4.7 yards per carry in his career. He has averaged 5.82 YPC on 17 preseason totes while showing dramatic improvement in the passing game. Michael may not be a threat to Thomas Rawls' Week 1 starting job, but beat writers and coaches anticipate C-Mike logging significant playing time. Source: Aug 19 - 1:53 PM
  7. Thanks that sounds about right, I don't think I could stomach burning my second on him when it came down to it
  8. What round did you get him in? Was thinking about burning 2.5 on him. I had him last year at one point too, but cut him
  9. 12 team ppr 1-2-3-1 lacy and julious Thomas charles and 2.4
  10. it did dry up around this time last year, at least the GC did. Did you call the number listed in this thread?
  11. So if they boot the ball and it goes over the net or wide they count that as a shot? I am pretty sure they said the keeper had two saves all game.
  12. Didn't they show the saves as 2 for brazil and 9 for Sweden? is that a lot? During the one of the OT's I thought it said Sweden had 4 shots all game.
  13. married at first sight. Just try and top that one, it boggles my mind she watches that crap. That said it just gives me an added excuse to either hit the garage or basement and watch whatever I want.
  14. Mine was shut off for three days and no one called (I was out of town so I didn't care, the return empty boxes actually showed up today), others have said they got a call beforehand. when I called them to turn it back on it took a total of 8 mins on the phone start to finish. Just call and cancel it tonight, I waited last year to long and missed out on the GC but got the other discounts.