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  1. In my couple leagues the owners who had hill who are the kinda lazy, don’t do much owners just kept him and didn’t take any offers. The other two leagues with the active owners sold him for 1st and 2nd round picks.
  2. I hear you. But compared to say Adams, Hopkins and a few others towards the top last year he could and should be considered inconsistent (none of them had 6 weeks of 13 or less points). I like hill but I like 5-6 guys more going into this year.
  3. I think the point he is trying to make is last year it maybe felt like if he didn't score 40 points he felt fairly average. 7 weeks of 7,14,10,12,6,8,13 scoring will do that. Granted 40 point weeks win you that week so there is that....
  4. I tried to pry him away from the owner in my league (late first offered). He smartly did not bite. I should have offered more...
  5. I would pick Harry myself, and be pretty happy about it.
  6. I have OBJ and I would take that for sure if I needed a running back.
  7. 12 team ppr. T. coleman and Gus Edwards for pick 2.2. I needed to cut one or both to get down to 19 players so I am happy with the return.
  8. I was wrong, they are equally terrible at this point. Love island is terrible and is on TV to much, I thought it would be way more train wreck drama, but everyone is nice. I'm guessing I'll tap out on BB probably in the next two weeks too.
  9. Love island actually looks like it should be better than BB
  10. Matt Cullen retired today, quite the career. He had a pretty cool retirement video on Hoping he coaches my kids peewee team next year now!
  11. I was fine with whoever won, but teams helping each other on the final legs of the race totally annoyed me. Why you would want to help the dentists out makes no sense, no matter how much you liked them, I was glad cory and tryler lost because of it. I was actually rooting for the afghanimals after that, to bad that dude couldn't figure out a lock.
  12. Dang you're 12u teams must be a heck of a lot better than ours, no way catchers are giving signs around here at that age. lol I voted for not unsportsmanlike, if the other coach has half a brain he would just change the signs up or use it to his advantage.
  13. Every hockey season (ok the last 4 years of my kids playing travel) I've seen at least one set of parents get thrown out of a rink for swearing and yelling at each other. I always think how embarrassing that has to be. I've never seen an actual parent fist fight yet, they have happened in our town though. Usually Canadian teams parents are the craziest for some reason.
  14. Someone in here last week said that deal was ending last week. I'll have to check if it is still going, thanks! I did the $1 game pass for 3 months awhile back, the kids and I have actually been using it so I'd be all over that deal.
  15. agreed this class of women scares me at first glace but I'm sure I'll come around to some of them. I had to goggle the chick with the giant rack. Apparently she's a semi-popular plus size model Kathryn is the typical hot chick who has never seen the show before and is looking to get her insta followers up. Why they cast these people I'll never know..... Please please BB do not bring back anyone from last season. I heard some rumor about swaggy coming back but it looks like they have 16 already (unless they boot one out right away before they get in the house and bring someone back)