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  1. 100% agreed. Loved season one and I loved the park aspect. I haven’t watched the trailer but you could tell last year they were about phasing out the park aspect and going full on rogue robots.
  2. Seen he apologized to Big Ben today on insta. next week I’m sure he will rip him again lol
  3. Between the weight guesser, ted danson, Leon jumping on the phone and handling business that episode was so good. I am loving this season.
  4. Pretty sure reading this thread actually made us change our trip completely from Disney land to the Caribbean. Once we started planning Disney between the cost and reading about it here I did some major talking out of going there. (And I like amusement parks for the most part) not regretting it, it sounds like so much work and planning (and money, like 3 days staying in the park was as much as a week at an all inclusive for 4!) ! I’ll send our teenage boys to an amusement park this summer on their own lol
  5. Does he come in on a rookie scale contract and take a pay cut from the K? Or the wild need to pay up just to get him to come over?
  6. Seems like a decent haul for the wild. Zucker has always been so hot and cold, (ice cold lately), that said he’s a good player and has a few years left on his deal. I hope he does well in pit. I like the Addison upside and the expiring contract the wild got back. (Not to mention the pick).
  7. high probably yes. lets see where jacobs and deebo are in a couple years. not to mention Julio has 3 years left minimum imo,. That said rule change needs to be in place, software goes through with accept and its dopne. Any and all lineup changes are on the site/onwer, I don;t change anything. Had a guy call at 12.13 this year saying he changed his lineup and the site didn't take it through the app. told him he is SOL, games are going, same goes for trades that go through.
  8. Gotcha. I guess I missed that. Besides Sherman the entire team seems like a good group to pull for from an outsider like myself.
  9. Why do you think everyone hates the niners? Between this and your thread title it seems odd. What am I missing?
  10. reminds me of AB out there. Guy is going to be really good imo, some of you guys think to much about situation. I doubt he is even with san fran when he hits his prime/really good years.
  11. This. I think it goes both ways in my experience. You are going to win and lose some.... That said I go into year one as not expecting much if I draft a WR early, I do expect to see some flashes hopefully. Someone brought up parker, he seems like an example of how long are you actually going to wait? He looked pretty bad for years so i can;t blame anyone there that moved on from him, it happens.
  12. Yea I can even remember when he threw shaq under the bus to the cops. I’m not sure how that makes shaq more genuine per say but they seem to had gotten past that stuff anyways.
  13. Yea I never heard it brought up one time on the TV anyways, not even a mention. That said I didn’t even realize that he meant so much to so many people. (I hate basketball and actually try to not follow it) I just thought he was good at basketball and played like forever. Just another celebrity to me anyways.
  14. I know nothing of the book but I am liking the show so far. I am assuming if you read the book you know how this all plays out? I will probably stay out of here to avoid spoilers.....
  15. This pounding has to be just crushing joe buck inside.