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  1. Man cooper is terrible
  2. Football player should have read that poor job of acting on the goof balls part. It seemed pretty obvious he was putting the target on himself. Man that guy is a tool shed Yes Desi is gorgeous, she looks like she's wearing makeup but she's not. Super hot
  3. Gotcha, thanks for clarifying. I agree Farve and Rogers have made some average receivers look good, that said I am in the camp of Jordy and Adams are real good players no matter where they would play. Would I rather have Rogers throwing to my FF receivers, yes of course, that said I don't think a person needs to bail on Adams for fear of him going elsewhere unless you get a deal you really like. He seems like a much better player than say Walker or Jones IMO.
  4. Didn't walker basically beg GB to trade him and said he didn't want to play there anymore? I thought they resigned James jones too after his first contract. Maybe I am off there but they both seem like bad examples.
  5. dammit I've spent 10 bucks picking up and dropping DMC the last month. Now I wanna drop him again LOL
  6. 12 team ppr - start 1-2-3-1-1-1 Carlos Hyde for Curt Cousins
  7. yea I'm kicking myself for not selling in the offseason. I'll say a prayer with you, we need some big games so we can deal him.
  8. exactly, that play happens all the time in football. Rogers just landed on a bad spot unfortunately
  9. yea I liked the cookie thongs and the pickle jar bits, I could relate to those things. Plus the episode had just the right amount of Leon screen time. This week needed more Leon, the blonde chick was pretty funny though talking about her cat.
  10. To early to say he will be ok. I didn't think he looked very good anyways at first glance. I do agree Division is wide open now.
  11. Gotta be stacked at wideout and in win now mode with zero tight end
  12. yep - In my case I don't even need another back but I figured McFadden is better off on my team than my competition. They can keep scrounging
  13. Seems like selling way low on Ajayi and also Newton. also seems like a lot to give for AR. I look at it as you should have been able to get AR for newton and larry (assuming this guy needed a qb). And ajayi and Olsen for meridith feels like a huge overpay. You can flip names around in that senerio and it just doesn't work for me anyways. Good luck regardless
  14. Pickup up McFadden. Don't need him now but worth the 5 bucks to see what happens. (Morris was rostered, dropped ferguson)
  15. Quit the league then if its such a huge deal, the dude forgot and you weren't able to take advantage of that. Not sure what's the bigger joke here....