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  1. I guessing that wasn’t his point
  2. Sports center just ripping every single play we are talking about. Breakdown of the fix
  3. I didn’t bet $100 on this game. It was for the pick em league I’m in. And you need to get you eyes checked or stop trolling
  4. Dammit I really wanted to win the picks. #### you refs
  5. #### sucking refs are going to cost me the picks and a hundred bucks. So lame
  6. They arnt going to get the ball back though
  7. Hahahaha omg you guys are hilarious. They would have had to punt with 9 mins left down by 2 scores. Just call it a gift from the nfl and move on lol
  8. I can tell if you’re serious. So you really think he was holding his neck on that terrible call that saved the packers?
  9. Terrible terrible game changing call. He wasn’t choking him at all either
  10. Refs bailing out the pack. Total crap
  11. No they don’t. I was hoping they would stick with the call and screw the pack over lol
  12. Seemed like actual catching part was missing