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  1. Played poor last year from the sounds of it but solid the two years before. Hopefully he’s an upgrade from remmers. Contract looked like it was priced right and much cheaper than remmers.
  2. Yea I was assuming the commercials went right over the show and I missed some of it. Good epsidode for the most part, (standards are low here) but it was cunfusing with the commercials.
  3. This is true. But you know the tribe swap was thrown in there to try and make it more interesting and it totally failed. extinction island is so stupid, hopefully they change that up pretty quick. I have no clue but I am assuming that will end when the merge comes which should be coming soon.
  4. No better or worse than Atlanta imo. Which isn’t really good. Seems like a guy that’s always going to be taking up space on my roster. Going to try and move him.
  5. Sundays was the best episode in a long time imo. Yes there were parts that you had to ignore obviously (like how they tied the stupid movie into recruiting the new gang or the guy in the civil war outfit complete with musket). But overall it kept me off my phone while watching it. I am hoping I will like some of the new guys/gang. I am riding this sinking ship out until they cancel it dammit!
  6. Yep Totally acceptable. So much for the Steelers getting all they could for him. That’s bad compensation imo
  7. Moorhead plays all those good cities teams throughout the year though? Anyways I thought the bottom four teams were legit randomized but maybe I’m naive.
  8. All the chatter is people complaining how bad the show is or making fun of it. All warranted too.
  9. Holy creepshow. I mean I always thought that, but that show was just awful and gross.
  10. yea this show is gonna suck when its all the UK people left. They have such a big majority now why wouldn't they just pick off the vets.
  11. Do you really feel that way? Or do you just feel any deal is fine as long as they are doing something? As a wild fan I am pissed anyways. He has 185 points in his last 220 games. And he’s actually really good defensively. The guy we traded for is -11 on a team where almost everyone else is a positive.
  12. Could he be fired in less than a year? I am thinking so. Granlund for Fiala? I thought the nino one was bad, this totally tops that.
  13. Honestly; I must have been playing on my phone or something because I have no clue why they were even looking for that bulb or what the point was. The music and killing zombies worked though..... And also how the hell did they get a projector running at the end?
  14. Parts of that was actually really good. And other parts were so very bad. Someone kill Henry already please, what a terrible character.