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  1. Not a spoiler here but watching/skimming through BBAD this year it seems like all these people do is talk game this season, way way more than previous BBAD seasons. Should get more interesting as the season goes on I'm thinking.
  2. Going to try and land in my drafts if at all possible, I'll overpay in a couple but not all of them.
  3. New contract I am assuming with the equipment?
  4. Not sure about that, kids drive the "it gifts". No way my 10 & 11yo are asking for this.
  5. Tiff trying to be all tough with her speech was funny.
  6. I can see myself buying this just for the nostalgia. That said I have already bought most of the good games listed on here on my kids 3DS, some hold up (punch out, donkey kong, Mario games) and a lot of the other ones suck now days (double dribble seems like one that would not hold up but I could be wrong). Excitebike would be fun to play again I think.
  7. What round did you draft moss in? McFadden didn't have a huge season last year, decent but not huge, he had one game over 20pts in my PPR league.
  8. Sounds like they were the first to be wrong. They are still negotiating with him I guess.
  9. Why does one channel say they have them both caught and all the others say nothing like that.
  10. The guy who shot the video is on walking them through it.
  11. Damn that video with the shooter they are showing on cnn is crazy.
  12. Jozie has to be one of the most clueless and arrogant players they have ever let in the house. He's the type of person who will watch those first few episodes and won't even see how terrible and stupid he looked. It will be fun watching beardface, victor and the other couple clueless girls in the house react, weed out those 4-5 idiots and I think we will have some good gamers.
  13. Frank seems to be playing a good game so far, actually all the vets are playing well. Can't wait for Jozea to hit the road, what a tool. Hopefully beardface is next.