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  1. 100% payouts. mfl's only 90%. biggest difference is them mfl's can really get slow with time out after time out after time out. I can't believe this has not filled yet. mfl-50's fill every 4 days and 10's every few hours and only 90% payout yet this 100% payout has not filled in 2 weeks? 3 spots left and we can have as many drafts as we can fill in the addicts draftmasters.....(best balls as roto calls them) 300 first...200 second and100 third =600...12x50=600 collected. NO HIDDEN SNEAKY FEES AND 100% TRUSTABLE AND RELIABLE COMMISH PROVEN OVER MANY YEARS! WHERE R U? I realize it's only june but if them 90% mfl-10 can fill every two hours and the 50's average every 4 days and knowing from experience this blows them away every which way....therefore I have no idea why we still waiting for first league to fill? if it takes 2 hours to fill a mfl best ball it should take 2 seconds to fill this. And best reason yet TO JOIN makes for great FPC practice!
  2. the bud light 4 pack at his chair told me all I need to know about his future as a Brown and his rehab success!
  3. can't believe we have not filled first league yet! these leaguess blow away the MFL-10'S in every which way plus you get a rare chance to beat the mighty BUCKEYEDAWGS!
  4. holy ####!! you%re ####### crazy!!!