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  1. Nope. Never locked up the beer or liquor when my kids were in high school. They were always too busy to get into trouble. Now that my oldest has graduated college and moved back home, I might have to lock up the good bourbon and leave him the Beam though.
  2. Cowboys just missed FG. Instead of a 2 possession game it's a :checksNotes: 2 possession game.
  3. Jags might stink but at least their games are over early. #runtheclock
  4. @APMarkLong: Wow. Jaguars TE Geoff Swaim knocked out cold. Saints LB Demario Davis with the hit and reacted in concern
  5. Huge stop by Jags to force FG. Taysom Hill continues to "contribute" to Saints red zone offense.
  6. Saints TD called back for Michael Thomas hold
  7. Jags have long drive that is Chark and Founette centric but opt for tying FG from the 3.
  8. They just went to Chark on a very under thrown ball and Lattimore had him blanketed.
  9. Last 3 plays all went to Kamara for minimal gains. Run pass pass. Saints punting
  10. Another 3 and out for Jags. Saints punt returner ran about 60 yards to lose 8. Nice toss to Ginn for 25ish yard gain.
  11. Saints kick FG after winning field position battle. Neither QB looking especially sharp.
  12. Jags finally bring pressure and Bridgewater misses an open receiver. Jags defense playing a lot of 2 deep safe zone with Ramsey inactive again