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  1. it's a shame Leach and Spurrier weren't in tbe SEC at thr same time. Those would be some fun press conferences
  2. @HailStateFB: Hop on... it's going to be a fun ride! 📝: #HailState🐶
  3. Looked like Newcastle player was off barely. Not sure why they looked at that aspect then disregarded it.
  4. @RedditCFB: If the Big 12 had given BYU a football invite a few years back they'd have a win over the Sun Belt right now.
  5. @tomdangelo44: There is a bright side for Florida State. They became bowl eligible this week.
  6. because somebody thought Dan Mullen was being deceptive by using plain warm up shirts That somebody was probably UGA
  7. Players need numbers during pregame warmups so press/ other team can tell who made trip. eta somebody complained that Gators last year came out for warmups in plain shirts.
  8. @reporterchris: The #NYR send Marc Staal and a 2021 second-round draft pick to Detroit for future considerations. The deal shaves $5.7M in cap space for New York.
  9. @JoeyMacHockey: Hearing Marc Staal has been traded to Detroit.
  10. @ThomasGoldkamp: I found this tweet redundant.
  11. @BryanDFischer: Bijan Robinson shows you what can go wrong on the hurdle.
  12. Cool chart @Bfarrell727: #Gators-Ole Miss win probability chart. Ole Miss hung around until halftime, but the TDs to end the first half and begin the second half really sealed it.