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  1. Twice! He got an Uber to cross from NJ to PA and one from Chambersburg PA to Hagerstown MD.
  2. CAUGHT! @IntelDoge: #Update: Washington County PD arrested Peter Manfredonia at the Pilot Truck Stop in Washington County, MD. (@TasminMahfuz)
  3. yeah definitely unsettling. Only explanation I can think of is they're trying to butter up an unstable heavily armed person to limit more killings.
  4. So now they're saying he made it to Hagerstown Md yesterday so who knows where he is by now. My guess would be WV mountains into Western NC mountains ala Eric Rudolph
  5. Background- Apparently he is from Sandy Hook and has had some psychological issues. @BigEastPow6r: This is apparently the bedroom of Peter Manfredonia, the soon-to-be former UConn student who is now a double murderer. It's crazy to me that nobody saw any warning signs. He's from Sandy Hook, so I can only assume "we saw what happened when Adam snapped" refers to Adam Lanza
  6. Latest news- @PSPTroopNPIO: 🚨UPDATE🚨 New Tip puts MANFREDONIA in Hagerstown, Maryland. The stolen Hyundai Santa Fe WAS recovered in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. If seen, DO NOT APPROACH, HE IS CONSIDERED ARMED & DANGEROUS, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY! ⤵️
  7. I've been following this story since Monday and surprised at the ease he's getting from place to place. Cliff Notes- College student Pete Manfredonia allegedly has killed 2 people, injured 1, kidnapped/released 1 and has made his way from Connecticut to now Hagerstown, Maryland.
  8. I want to see them empty the fuel tanks
  9. hmmmmm @krzyzanowskim: Given you know the quality of Tesla software. Would you volunteer to get into SpaceX rocket and trust your life with it?
  10. Just in time for Happy Hour - "Go for Fuel Load"
  11. Pouring in the area currently. Storms are supposed to move off in time.
  12. Officially official @NHC_Atlantic: Tropical Storm #Bertha has formed near the coast of South Carolina this morning. Heavy rainfall will be the biggest threat, along with tropical storm force winds along portions of the South Carolina coast