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  1. How fortunate for everybody else that the guy who was all set up to succeed decided he missed his kids too much. Mixed emotions about that. I gave up career opportunities to spend time with my kids. But once you commit to the show don't you need to see it through? At least until your food runs out? I get the feeling they'll drop like flies the next few days(real time). Too many folks missing out on meals. Bunny woman was thrilled to get the hare but what does she do after 48 hours?
  2. You have to admire the optimism of Danny Willett with the sunglasses backwards on his hat. Must be some clause in his endorsement deal to bring those out today
  3. Did they have a potato bar at the reception for you?
  4. Joe has had Facebook posts from NYC the last couple days.
  5. Fleetwood with the full Danny Noonan effect this morning. @eamonlynch: Tommy Fleetwood looks like the Portrush seagulls dive-bombed him on the way to the tee this morning.
  6. Weather just a little bit nicer today with Justin Rose in short sleeve shirt.
  7. Doh! @GolfDigest: David Duval posted a 13 (!) during the opening round of the Open after playing the wrong ball. 😳
  8. Now that Gary Woodland won the US Open, is Kevin Kisner the vet player Not Named Ricky you wonder if he'll break through at a major?