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  1. 51% FT shooting? Shame there's no way to practice that.
  2. Seems like Wagner exit led to Michigan run. Cue "Ride of the Valkyries"
  3. Friday night... @Duckscolorman: #NHLDucks and #LAKings, locked in a virtual third-place tie in the Pacific Division, will share the same Edmonton hotel tonight.
  4. I think ClemPson defender was called for being in position to receive an aggressive hand check.
  5. TFW you call timeout with 3.3 seconds to run a play that results in an airball.
  6. Why buy an omelet when you can get the eggs for free?
  7. That FedEx employee in the pic must have mixed emotions.
  8. Dammit. The subcontractor could have sponsored the St. Pete Bowl at least.
  9. Did BillsMafia provide a flaming table to break his fall?
  10. I was waiting to find out there was a rotted Turkey in the cooler of the boat.
  11. @RyanMaue: Nor'easter Number 4: NWS "adjusted" forecast snowfall amounts for New York City -- now 14-16" with almost 15" expected in Central Park. 12-inches or 1-foot in Boston. https://twitter.com/RyanMaue/status/976070323572441088/photo/1
  12. Sorry, Florida's full. The Burmese Python at the front should have told you.
  13. I always thought impinge implied physical restriction.