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  1. @TSNBobMcKenzie: Not official but hearing the trade is Coyle to BOS in exchange for Ryan Donato and a fifth-round pick. Details to come.
  2. @billmeltzer: The NHL has suspended Radko Gudas for two games for the high-sticking incident with Kucherov last night. He will miss Thursday night's game in Montreal and Saturday's Stadium Series against Pittsburgh.
  3. @RussoHockey: Being told by multiple sources that #mnwild forward Charlie Coyle has been told that he has been traded but not to where yet. Has been told not to get on his plane, his equipment has been taken off the truck @Bill Brasky
  4. JaxBill

    Sober February

    After today, I'm down to single-digit days left.
  5. @Prospects_Watch: Another flying puck incident, this time Pierre McGuire dodges a bullet. #GoBolts #CBJ #HockeyTwitter
  6. JaxBill

    ⚽ Soccer Match-day Thread

    At least ESPN+ gets you multiple leagues and sports NBCGold has a different package you have to pay for per sport.
  7. Your work probably has a Spam email account that you're supposed to forward it to. In fact some companies send them out to their employees to "test" them on their annual security training. :partyPooper: :theEmailIsComingFromInsideTheBuilding:
  8. Ha! @EdmontonOilers: The #Oilers have placed defenceman Brandon Manning on waivers for the purpose of assignment to the @Condors.
  9. OMG that Barkov goal @GeorgeRichards: Even tha Canadiens fans are cheering on Sasha Barkov’s fancy pants goal...charged in on Price, went between the legs then flipped top shelf. Beauty. @jaredbook: Aleksander Barkov are you kidding me? Wow.
  10. @BroadStHockey: Carter Hart is the absolute best.
  11. @sdutKevinAcee: I don’t know the years. But my understanding is offer to Machado is for more than $250 million.
  12. JaxBill

    PGA Tour Thread: 2019 Season Begins

    In his defense though they said this group is waiting on every tee (3somes on split tees is going to be slow) Just painful to watch the whole routine.
  13. JaxBill

    PGA Tour Thread: 2019 Season Begins

    If JB Holmes wins is he going to have to circle the Genesis chairman 2x and plumbob the trophy before he picks it up? #slowplay
  14. JaxBill

    PGA Tour Thread: 2019 Season Begins

    JB Holmes getting relief for plugged ball on bunker lip seems kinda shady to me. Follows letter of rule not sure spirit.
  15. Colonoscopy prep is worse. Teaching your kid to drive is worse. Getting caught in middle of Wife/MIL dispute is worse. Watching ABInBev buy up craft brewers then have Bud Light commercials where rhey mock craft beer nerds is worse. So. Yes