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  1. Potentially relevant stat for Sunday Johnny Kinsley‏ @Brickwallblitz Oct 16 Total Quarterback Hits allowed through Week 6: NO: 17 CAR, DET: 18 CHI: 19 LAR: 20 NYJ: 21 CIN: 23 PIT: 24 LAC: 25 MIA, TEN, WAS: 28 BAL, NE: 29 TB: 34 OAK: 35 JAX, SEA: 36 ARI, KC: 37 DAL, GB: 38 BUF: 39 IND, NYG: 40 DEN, SF: 42 MIN: 43 PHI: 48 ATL, CLE: 49 HOU: 70
  2. Welp no big deal. Just the season in the balance in divisional game vs a team that might be a mirror image. Bad OL, QB getting hit a lot, questionable run game, tough run defense. Edge goes to the team that draws the most roughing the passer penalties. (Not that the league protects either Watson or Bortles). But hey at least we have DTWD to look forward to. (Although the beer nerd in me has no desire to rush out for that.)
  3. I dislike the fact that I was prompted to select my favorite NF: team and the St. Louis Rams and San Diego Chargers were in the dropdown. Yes, I looked twice to make sure London Jaguars weren't at the bottom of thelist.
  4. @realTomCoughIin: This is the best thing I’ve seen on r/Jaguars
  5. Succinct Lew Turner‏Verified account @LewTurner 23m23 minutes ago Absolute garbage.
  6. JaxBill

    Jaguars vs Cowboys - Week 6

    Lol sure proving us wrong with this timely post!
  7. JaxBill

    Jaguars vs Cowboys - Week 6

    This is what i don't understand. Unless they're worried Dak scrambles if they play Man @AlfieBCC: A lot of off coverage too. Wash scared of Dallas’ uh *checks notes* speed at WR
  8. JaxBill

    Jaguars vs Cowboys - Week 6

    Embarrassing coverage breakdowns
  9. JaxBill

    Jaguars vs Cowboys - Week 6

    @Evilzorac: Jag question, can you rest on your laurels when you don’t actually have any?
  10. JaxBill

    Jaguars vs Cowboys - Week 6

    Jags rushing 4 and getting some pressure but Dak eating them up on rollouts. With Elliott getting traction wonder if they bring more heat.
  11. JaxBill

    Jaguars vs Cowboys - Week 6

    Yeah you couldn't take that sack unblocked rusher or not
  12. JaxBill

    Jaguars vs Cowboys - Week 6

    @AlfieBCC: Blake Bortles down two scores? Boy, I wonder what happens next!
  13. JaxBill

    Jaguars vs Cowboys - Week 6

    More wonderful news @phillip_heilman: Malik Jackson (hamstring) is questionable.
  14. JaxBill

    Jaguars vs Cowboys - Week 6

    Welp that should be more than enough