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  1. Dumb. Not even Tebow could him there
  2. How far behind is TV?
  3. Nice news dump. Late Saturday night pre ASG. I was surprised he survived last offseason.
  4. @CapFriendly: With that trade, we now show the #Coyotes with roughly $10.1.M in cap space remaining, & a 23 man roster (14/7/2) However, despite spending nearly $69.3M against the cap, with Bolland & Hossa contracts insured at 80%, Arizona is currently paying out only $57.9M in actual salary. https://twitter.com/CapFriendly/status/1017505369164312576/photo/1
  5. And the finest stadiums that forced labor can build.
  6. While i agree that the 3rd place match is mostly meaningless, i think England is the one country that would be determined to come home with something given their past WC failures.
  7. @CharlesRobinson: Updating the LeSean McCoy story, the Milton Police Department in Georgia is still preparing a police report on the alleged incident. Extremely early in the process of investigation. Department has already been contacted by #NFL and #Bills.
  8. Thar USA today link still works and was updated with quote that Bills are looking into it. Obviously that does not mean that the accusations are true.
  9. Disturbing instagram post surfaces. https://billswire.usatoday.com/2018/07/10/photo-surfaces-accusing-bills-rb-lesean-mccoy-of-domestic-violence-ped-use/