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  1. Yes, Jalen Ramsey should have said, "We're just lucky to be here. Hopefully Tom doesn't beat us by too much next week." Yes, Belichick would never allow a player to publicly express confidence at beating an opponent. But he also would not have allowed a public pep rally coming home from a divisional round game.
  2. Jags defense also made the plays when it mattered. Denied two 4th and 1s. Set up one TD on an IN'T. Scored another on a Strip 6. 3 of those TD were perfectly placed throws and/or great catches. Let's not pretend that the Steelers don't have dynamic playmakers.
  3. No, you try again. You're allowed to throw off bootleg action. Don't take my word for it. That was the biggest challenge for him and the biggest challenge for our offense,” 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said afterward. “We had to run more of our offense. We had to mix in some keepers and bootlegs just so we could slow them down, whether they were effective or not. Their linebackers are so fast, you’ve got to keep them off balance. I thought (Garoppolo) did a lot more stuff today that I don’t think he has done a ton of his whole career.”
  4. JimmyG and other teams killed the Jags with bootlegs. Not something Brady does often.
  5. From May 23rd when Pats and Jags announced joint training practices @ryanohalloran: Random Jaguars media member: "Wonder if Tom and Marrone will hold stuff back during that Pats practice to save for playoffs."
  6. If Steelers kick it deep and the Jags get 2 first downs to burn the clock, is Tomlin still getting killed in the media today? "Jags had 42 points, defense couldn't stop them all day, why give them the ball back?"
  7. @FieldYates: Jaguars by season: 2011: 5th worst record in the NFL 2012: 2nd worst record in the NFL 2013: 3rd worst record in the NFL 2014: 3rd worst record in the NFL 2015: 5th worst record in the NFL 2016: 4th worst record in the NFL 2017: Headed to the AFC Championship game
  8. San Marco Theater is on the ball. @AlyssaLang: It’s officially Monday of AFC championship week. Jacksonville is ready. ?: @Chari_FCN https://twitter.com/AlyssaLang/status/952767436490764290/photo/1
  9. @BortlesFacts: Playoff Losses Tom Brady: 9 Blake Bortles: 0 https://twitter.com/BortlesFacts/status/952351790841974785/photo/1
  10. @E_Dilla: Run for 100 yards and 3 TD's and end the night at Waffle House. Leonard Fournette's just like you and me. https://twitter.com/E_Dilla/status/952751921814794242/photo/1
  11. Pats 52 Jags 13 - only good thing is they get a color analyst who doesn't call them JagWires. Looking at you Fouts.
  12. Wait...so comparing this defense to Seattle is bad ( despite the coaching influence and concentration on the secondary) but comparing this defense to a team when Jalen Ramsey was in elementary school is.... something else
  13. Yup. Patriots definitely. Nobody else has a chance. Games are mere formalities.
  14. @MadeByTim: The one true king. ? @jalenramsey https://twitter.com/SInow/status/952739246988722182/video/1