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  1. I feel I'm basically guaranteed to move on this week, just for the fact that all of my players are still in play (and they'll almost all count) and I have 6 of the 8 starting QBs this weekend. However, beyond that it will depend on who wins this week's matchups and who ultimately ends up in the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, even if I make it to the Super Bowl round, I probably won't have enough firepower as I only spent $133 for 5 players on my 2 SuperBowl teams, although I do have some of the obvious heavy hitters for LAR and KC: Mahomes $40 Williams $22 Goff $27 Gurley $34 Reynolds $10
  2. Well, correctly predicted all four Wild Card winners so I still have everyone going in week 2. Don’t know how things will go after that.
  3. I was a Mahomes/Gurley/Barkley owner, but I was doomed this week by .15 points. Ugh!
  4. Yep, or if dipwad Shurmur wouldn’t have completely ignored Barkley in the second half this week.
  5. It’s quite simple in our league, passing TD’s are worth six points. Boswell had a passing TD. Boswell gets six points. Luckily for me, I have Boswell as my kicker, I get six points.
  6. It’s not looking good. actually Matthews can’t help him either since he’s a Jet now. That’s all she wrote.
  7. I’m one of them, hoping to squeak by but I’m only 4.6 above the cut right now with only Fairbairn left (-12.1), unless Fuller miraculously returns tonight!
  8. Placed around 50th and only have Mahomes and Gurley on bye this week. Need Winston or Bortles to cover for Mahomes, and then I need Barkley, Connor, Breida and R Freeman to cover for Gurley and an injured K Johnson.
  9. Sitting at number 14 with 191.05 with Mahomes and Gurley left. Pretty good week.
  10. Still cruising by the cut lines, thanks in large part to Mahomes and my RBs (Gurley, Barkley, Connor, Breida, K. Johnson, R. Freeman) and I've used everyone on my 28 man roster at this point with the single exception of EQ St. Brown ($2) and there's still at least a small chance for him. Lost Fuller for the rest of the season but the rest of the squad is mostly healthy. Some of the young talent I went with is starting to emerge, so there's hope. Need some of the young receivers like Golladay and Ridley to amp up their games again.
  11. Currently have him in over Marvin Jones and Tyler Lockett, but still trying to decide if I should go with Lockett. Could also go with Freeman or Clement but those guys aren’t doing much these days. Where for art thou Julio?
  12. I hear ya, I definitely got lucky so far with those two.