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  1. That’s what I’m fighting. I bought a little early this week although IPHI getting acquired softened that. I will likely add and save some for a further dip.
  2. It’s happened. LVGO is done trading. No idea when it will be settled. If it settles today, I’m thinking of just throwing all the cash back into TDOC. ETA: TDOC under $200 looks interesting.
  3. Love this market. I’m getting killed and I don’t think any stock I own has not beaten estimates. Amazing that AMZN is crushing me (just today, I’d have screamed like a little girl if you told me in January it would be over 3000), and they beat revenue estimates by $4B and beat the earnings estimate by 75%. I mean you can’t destroy estimates any more. A company with over $300B in revenue growing at 37% and the market doesn’t like it? If I didn’t own so much, I’d buy a lot more. Not sure if I want to throw another chunk of cash in the ring today. What do the technical guys think? Is this going to keep going down? I’ve got a lot of cash to play with even though I’m pretty well invested.
  4. Yes. I know how chess is played, but I’ve never played it outside of a handful of times when I was young. They don’t really do anything that goes over your head in any way. Honestly, people who love chess might be more disappointed that they don’t fully explain some of the winning moves.
  5. Well, got BL earnings pop right and ATVI wrong even though they beat nicely. Definitely hard to figure out and still why I’m puzzled on PINS huge pop after running up so much due to SNAP. So many good beats but no real pattern to up or down.
  6. It’s almost silly. Last year they grew AWS 35% YoY in Q3. 29% this year. That 29% is on top of the 35% last year. They almost doubled the earnings estimates and had an extra $4B in revenue. That’s crazy. They were at a $321B annual revenue rate before these results AMD grew 37% YoY. That’s insane for the revenue they are already at. It looks like their estimate for profit in Q4 is lower than expected due to spending on CV-19. I wonder if that’s a rouse because they are projecting $112-121B in revenue for Q4. How can their profit be less than Q3 when they are adding another 15% or so in revenue? Free cash flow was almost $30B this quarter. @Capella is right, I think they’ll keep going up once people really digest.
  7. Really solid and the best part is while it’s not as upbeat as say Ted Lasso, it’s not horribly depressing like so many new shows. It’s got its tug at the heart strings moments and difficult situations but you actually like the characters you meet. In 2020 it’s a great show and you don’t feel miserable afterwards.
  8. Get your mind out of the gutter man!
  9. I think I’m at 60 now, but probably have 10-15 of those SPAC/small risky bets. Gotta give those a bit more time to see whether I’ll keep doing that. So far, still about $50k up this year on this risky stuff but the bulk is in CYDY. Might not be worth it unless Chet comes in here with another one. Chet’s got the contacts to get you in pre-pump.
  10. I was just joking but I’ll be honest, I couldn’t see myself spending $45 on each lightbulb. I’d just find the bulb you like and go with that. I’m not that particular except that I’m not a fan of the cool white.
  11. Want to know which bulbs die quicker? The fancy dancy $45 a piece bulbs. I’d never spend the time or effort to play around with those bulbs. I don’t like the too white bulbs. I just get the warm white ones and put them in. I got two smart bulbs for free but I have no idea where I’ll put them because there’s no way I’m spending more money to replace all my current can lights to match.
  12. A lot now. Too many sort of short things but probably 50ish now, maybe more.
  13. I meant to buy at 43 (after not buying it well before) and was even going to add some at 49 yesterday. Bad calls. That SNAP earnings messed me up, had no clue that was happening or the impact it would have. I knew the market would drop a bit but that hit way earlier than earnings. Basically made me reassess and pause. That said, I did some digging more to see if I still would buy in but I’m good with other stuff now. Maybe if it trends back down into the lower 50s. Just something about it being 25% more than the combined LVGO/TDOC and 15% more than FVRR+LVGO (or TDOC)+ETSY.
  14. See my post above. I don’t like their short term price. There’s other stocks I’d rather own at that price. Monetizing as an e-commerce platform isn’t easy. How much of FB’s revenue is advertising compared to e-commerce? Anyway, that bump completely scared me off. LVGO, FVRR and ETSY have run even more than PINS this past year but I still believe in them. I think PINs had a much higher IPO market cap to start hence not quite as much pop this year until the past two weeks. If it calms down a bit I might bite. I’d stick if I bought it when I should have, but the numbers now far don’t make it as attractive. In 5 years, I don’t believe it will be worth more than those 3 combined. I could be wrong but I think it’s a much bigger risk on the PINS side.
  15. Yeah, if you really look into the numbers, I don’t get why PINS is up over 50% in two weeks. They popped half because of SNAP and half for their earnings. I don’t see their beat after two down quarters (Q2 was 4% growth YoY) being that much more impressive than FVRR, LVGO and ETSY but they are all flat to down after earnings and all of them had 90-120% revenue growth compared to 58%. The quarter for PINS was only 10% above Q4 of last year. Anyway, PINS is now worth $5B more than LVGO, FVRR and ETSY put together even though it’s less profitable had about $200M (600 to 400) less in revenue last quarter and has half the revenue growth. I liked PINS in the low 40s, don’t like in the high 60s. I’d much rather stick with owning the other 3 for the next 5 years.