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  1. It’s not that bad. I had no problem following along. It can help to make sure you have the characters aligned but you don’t need notes. If you miss something I’m sure their are recaps but again, it’s not that hard to follow. It’s not like they try to explain quantum mechanics and you can’t understand what happens without a physics degree. It’s a great show and unlike some in here I liked watching the dubbed version. Made it easier to watch everything without pausing to read and maybe missing something. Dubbed might help.
  2. Yep. I would never invest in airlines but the key to their stock is solvency. Everyone knows they aren’t making much money now but the stock is based on whether they go bankrupt or not or if CYDY comes through!
  3. I’ll take a slightly different view and say that I don’t want politics in here unless it’s truly going to a thought that explores an impact on the market. Also, in terms of advice in here, no one should be losing money due to that. Everyone’s a big boy and if you aren’t doing your own homework and research then it’s your own fault. I don’t see any issues asking but you can literally google anything these days and find a reputable source/answer. Depending only on this thread can be hazardous to your bottom line. CYDY and others have been great tips but still, do your own due diligence even if your green. I do agree that there’s no need for people to be asses but we do seem to do a decent job of making corrections.
  4. Dude, aren’t you a lawyer? Those guys are ambulance chasers that post this on every stock that drops. Every one. Remember when ZM got hit with security issues when it was at 150 and dropped to 120ish? Same thing happened there and it’s at 250 now.
  5. I already covered that a few posts up as the ending of that movie is exactly what happened today sans the false rumors and for oranges instead of LeBronLimeade.
  6. Selling a million (or 9) shares moves the needle. If you’ve seen Trading Places, Dan and Eddie basically did the same thing. They sold orange contracts high and then bought contracts way low after the bad news. They didn’t own orange contracts before they sold them but that’s why they had to buy later so they could settle and bankrupt the Dukes who weren’t able to settle their contracts. Now Dan and Eddie were at least not spreading false info, they just had the crop report.
  7. It’s a great show. I didn’t mind the dubbing but it bothered some. It’s a little slow to start building everything up, but absolutely worth it. Definitely a sci-fi show.
  8. There was one earlier this year. It’s basically like seeing the injury law ada on the side of the road. I saw them on ZM after a drop when the stock was at all time highs. They are not an impact at all.
  9. Days like today suck but since my cost basis is around $1.70, it’s easier to stomach, especially since it’s still way up from a week ago. Just sucks that people can manipulate it so easily and lose days of huge gains. Maybe if I wasn’t on vacation I would have sold some around $10. It was in the 5s the first time I looked after opening jump.
  10. @eaganwildcats I guess I was right, huh?
  11. Yes. I was just guessing. Posted before the post of the 9M share sale. My point was that there is still risk and I was right to be worried.
  12. Remember when I said I was still worried and you questioned me why? This is why. It’s an OTC stock and easy to mess around with by shorts. They got it by the balls.
  13. I’m not worrying about short term tax. I’ll get destroyed in my taxable account since my wife and I work, but this is about capturing the gains not waiting a year. The results would have to be epic to the point where you felt like it would be a long standing biotech company. I wonder if there was a buyout if we’d be stuck with short term taxes regardless. I’d say PFE bought them and we got shares of PFE instead, are you automatically stuck with short term gains and the cost basis starts over with the PFE shares? Or, do you continue the progress towards getting long term because you didn’t technically ever put in a sell order? If it’s the latter, some of us might actually welcome a buyout because it’s less risky to hold a giant company like PFE for another 6-7 months to reduce the taxes 20-25%. 2/3rds of my shares are in an IRA so that I’ll sell whenever necessary. Darn, I checked and an acquisition would hit us all with short term taxes on anything not in an IRA (Roth or traditional) or other self-managed retirement vehicle.
  14. 16-1 so it’s technically still down market cap wise and if you had 16 shares you now have 1 worth less than the 16 you had yesterday.
  15. I posted what he said a week ago. I really hope he lost a #### ton of money along with that Omar from Brooklyn. ##### bags.