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  1. It makes no sense. Is the Smart TV the same speed wise? Maybe it’s a bad Firestick. I’ve never had a picture quality issue, but I have to assume that there are some bad ones out there.
  2. Do you have the Firestick plugged into the wall/outlet or into the TV’s USB? You say the smart TV is bad as well so that’s really weird. My Firestick on my 3rd floor works great and my router is two floors down even before I got my new mesh router yesterday.
  3. Thanks. I added a question. Does it allow you to change the input? I can do that with the cube by voice and it can also do volume by voice but I like it on the remote better.
  4. Kind of pissed about the new remote. I bought one of those remote attachments that worked but damn, I would have loved that. I wish they sold just the remote for people with the older Firesticks (got them on Black Friday, so not even a year ago). I really like them so I can’t complain too much but that would have been perfect. ETA: One question, does it have a TV input control? That’s a must have since I still have Dish. I need to dump that.
  5. Interesting. As soon as I set it up there were 17 devices connected and my boys and wife (and their phones) were out of the house. I have smart TVs but I actually got Firesticks instead (way better UI) and those had no issues. I like the Meshforce though. It honestly took me 5 minutes tops to have everything in place and working. Highly recommend it and I’m sure the new mesh ones are probably all similar. I think the extenders with an existing router are rife with issues as I’ve experienced.
  6. How many millions of users is Leo serving? Not trying to be a ####, but I’d bet the number of people using pirated stuff is way smaller than the top service providers. Not saying there isn’t an issue. Also, let’s be honest, people don’t complain when paying nothing and knowing it’s pirated. There could be similar issues but mentally one is OK and the other is not.
  7. Still using it? I just noticed “liked” instead of “like.”
  8. Well, got it yesterday and hooked it up. Easiest router I’ve ever setup. Downloaded the app after connecting router and turning off old one. Log into router and then one step on the app to assign the network/password (just used the same so all devices connected with no changes*). Plugged in the satellites mesh thingees and they turned green after 30 seconds/1 minute and all done. So far, so good. I’ve noticed that it’s definitely been better than my Linksys and that was a Mack daddy. I think the extenders we’re screwing things up but that’s why I went mesh. Definitely seems a lot better because it was obvious when you were getting drops and either reconnecting or bouncing off a bad extender. Anyway, I like it a lot so far. * Do yourself a favor when setting up a new router. I’ve got devices all over and multiple iPhones. Turn off the old router and setup the new one with the same ID and password and you have nothing to do on the devices.
  9. I’m sure there are way more than you think. I care more about not working than it somehow hurting my ego.
  10. It’s hot here I’m Charlotte. I can only imagine how bad it is down there.
  11. Bingo. I’m not insecure enough to care if it helps me end this since I was in high school grind.
  12. I know what he’s saying. Their is kids around here that don’t know nothing.
  13. So she now makes close to what you make. 0.25*(x+y)=0.5*x or 0.25y=0.25x Nothing wrong with it being close. I make more salary wise but less with the stock grants and I couldn’t be any happier. I’ve been the bread winner for 20 years (half as only income) and I’d be fine sliding into the recliner in the next few years! Girl power.
  14. Sounds like your concerns were absolutely valid. If you hadn’t stepped in after she sort of mentioned it in passing then she would have let a 50% raise go right out the window. Congrats to you on a job well done.
  15. You too. It would be nice if it worked well. We’ve added more stuff over the past few years so I think the extended/router setup can’t handle it.