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  1. Loved the ending. POTUS was one of the weaker characters, but I think that was the point. He was able to manipulate him easily.
  2. Geez, up almost 4% overall today. TTD being up 15% helped.
  3. There’s a lot of temptation but my dabble yesterday is flat. One went up nicely due to beating earnings. The other down about the same on no news just because. Going to watch a little longer maybe spend some time over the weekend figuring out what else to dabble in next week. TTD is killing it for me today. Beating the S&P by 4% today so I’ll take that instead of another ### kicking. Too bad AMZN is my biggest holding. Was rolling and not so much anymore. I see the supply chain issue but man it’s in the sweet spot of people not wanting to go out with Prime Video, Prime Delivery and AWS.
  4. Grabbed some more at $1. What the heck.
  5. Travel/touristy stocks are a hard avoid. I knew about this for a while, but then again one of my huge clients sends me corporate emails and it said the same thing. Even my smallish company already sent the same. If this wasn’t Amazon it wouldn’t be news because it’s pretty much everywhere. That’s why ZM (until today some profit taking) has been on a year. TTD actually has me up today. Up well over $10k on it alone.
  6. My wife and I both work so that’s a 20-25% difference in gains. Basically, my stocks can go down 20-25% and if I wait a year from purchase I’m at the same result. I’m willing to wait it out and buy some bargains whether through DCA or my cash, which was about 15% when this started. I’m up my purchases yesterday and actually I’m up 1% overall today. For instance, my second biggest holding had gotten whacked but it was still up 50% since October and after earnings is up 10% today. It’s highest growth area is tied to Internet TV so it actually may do better. My ZM is off today, but it’s still up 60-70% over the same period and it’s for avoiding travel which is why it’s up since the #### hit the fan. Lots of different circumstances but if I’m OK with my stock now, I’ll ride it out and add more to new ones I like at a nice discount. I’m not buying beaten down stocks that could implode if more #### hits the fan.
  7. I’m seeing some stocks getting around levels I was happy to look at months ago. May dabble a bit more.
  8. Only down a tiny bit today. One of my buys is not looking good, other is up nice. TTD earnings coming through helps. Still lots of cash to play just not sure when. Oh, ZM has been wonderful. Actually, I’m up almost a percent today.
  9. Agreed, but usually they weren’t bottom feeders. Some of these mistakes are inexcusable. Asking for help to get an advantage when all he can do is put ash on your face in the dark? Showing another person how to find an idol so they find it? Suggesting giving half your idol to Parvati? Telling a minority group’s lead person you want their help to vote off his #1 when you’ve got them 5-3 and doing it without telling the other 4? And lastly, not voting off Sandra, Rob or Parvati in the first 4 votes.
  10. It makes you realize sometimes how dumb the non-winners of those seasons are. These winners making just awful decisions is fun to watch.
  11. Looks like TTD is now up more than today’s loss (up 8%) and my other stock is up 5% after both earning reports today. That’ll help a little.
  12. I’m not taking an income tax sized hit on gains and I’m way more long term than you are. If my stocks are still growing like gangbusters and I’ve got a 10-15 year timeframe, I’m not jumping ship and potentially missing a recovery. And by recovery, I’m not talking next week. Not sure how long it will go down but just 401k and matching wise my wife and I should be investing another $40k+ so it’s nice to have some DCAing going on. I sat through the ####ty 2000s, so I’ll have no worries even if this lasts several years again. That just means my cash on the sidelines and my new 401k investing will be buying low for the next cycle. That said if you pick the right stocks they’ll hopefully be beating the market.
  13. It should based on estimates but again this isn’t something I’m selling any time soon. It’s my highest holding behind AMZN. DCAing some more 401k money tomorrow! That helps with a little of the sting. Looks like the two stocks I bought are up after hours. One had a good earnings report so glad I got it at a nice discount. Sit on it a while now.
  14. My TTD is up nicely after earnings. That said basically right where it was before today.