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  1. Old friend. She said she hadn’t seen Michonne in 15 years, before all the zombies. That’s part of the reason I didn’t like the episode. It was literally a person and kids all to get Michonne to go to the fair. It was backstory that had no connection to anything and aside from making Michonne so grumpy it was just trying to be controversial. Makes me laugh at that article trying to fall all over itself to make the current show runner look good when she’s been awful. This season hasn’t been good and there is no way this episode is even close to the best and it pales IMHO in comparison to The Grove where Carol makes Lizzie look at the flowers. There was some build up with Lizzie and I could have cared less about Michonne’s rampage.
  2. Whisperer baby is no go, but making up a back story for the Xs is perfect. Now we go back to the soap opera because damn it, I want to see Cowboys and the old couple watching Shrek.
  3. I understand but it just seemed so forced to me. I can almost see the writing room (with the showrunner being lauded in the article for garbage seasons) where someone mentions Shireen dying in GOTs and then the bring up how awesome the look at the flowers episode was and that’s where the idea of Michonne killing kids came from. I mean she is having a hard time stopping a 6 year old from knifing her and has to cut off his head? Maybe the butt of her sword to the side of his head knocks him out. I like Judith, but it was such a bad back story. It reminded me of the garbage pail kids who forgot to speak English a few months after zombies. Michonne’s good friend turning into a crazy kid taking woman? Even the governor and Negan were just power hungry guys who did what they had to to keep power. I’ll even concede Alpha is the same and probably also has some psychotic tendencies (killing her husband). This, however, seemed like a normal lady who was Michonne’s friend and it was just over the top to me just to get some stupid X and kill some kids for spectacle.
  4. That article was a load of crap. The show runner sucks. This season hasn’t gotten better and to compare this with the show’s best is criminal. Let’s put it into perspective, this show was not even close to look at the flowers which covers a similar topic. I honestly had no emotional reaction because these were just red shirts thrown in there to solve the X marks which frankly I had forgotten about. As far as Inwas concerned it was just a filler episode where she killed some kids because they wanted it to be controversial and be a water cooler topic. How about you just write a good show again?
  5. I checked their channels and they wouldn’t work for me. Wife loves Bravo, so I can’t even think about switching without that.
  6. One bit of gameplay interest to mention. David is now proving what a lot of us said last week. There was no point to be afraid of Kelly finding out when they had an easy 4-3 advantage. How he could think that 3-3 with Wendy was a good idea is beyond me. Also, Chris would be 100% locked in with them seeing the 3 votes he would have gotten. Instead, he’s down 3-1 with his top ally gone and his other ally likely to not make the merge.
  7. Got it. Honestly, if extinction was interesting at all they would show it. As you said it’s been pretty dull so far. They love people like Wendy and Reem. When you are that socially unaware of yourself it creates entertaining scenes.
  8. Not sure but it’s more of a purgatory type situation and I don’t think they realized how boring it is as part of the whole show. There is nothing going on there and no real incentive for them to leave. Also, if it was interesting they would show it. Extinction island is probably so boring. No reason to strategize and no challenges. It’s kind of like the show about the stuff you always hear dumb complaints about in shows like the Walking Dead or 24. When do they go the bathroom and who’s mowing the lawns. I’m pretty sure Extinction Island would be the worst show ever. If Reem wasn’t a complete ##### we’d probably forgotten it existed.
  9. It is. Especially since not a single person has left the show. I don’t want to see Reem anymore. That extinction island is already stupid. They can’t spend much time there or it eats into the real show so it’s just stupid. At least that other time (redemption island or something like that) there was a challenge each show so someone went home out of the people voted off. I’m sure there will be some big twist out of extinction island but it won’t matter because it’s already bad and Reem is just clueless.
  10. Is this new math? $2.8 billion - $450 million = $2.35 billion lost. Is $2.35 billion close enough to call it "over" $1.5 billion?
  11. Agreed. We paid a relatively insignificant amount for some test prep, but still my kids are at an advantage and scandals like this truly show the gap and honestly the amount of privilege that some people feel. Makes me sick that lots of people actually put faith in what some of these stars say and yet the stars couldn’t be more hypocritical. Makes me also feel bad for the kids at such a disadvantage or kids that work their ### off just to know that there are kids paying their way in and taking spots away. You know that there is no chance this is the only circle where it’s happening. Disgusting that a family would spend double the cost of school just to get their kid into a prestigious school, all the while likely not donating a dime.
  12. I agree and I like the locals but I like the idea of being able to watch and record locals not using any of the streams available and Internet bandwidth m. 5 people in the family so it’s key to me to make sure we don’t have an issue. We likely won’t but it’s nicer if I don’t have to pay more per month for extra feeds. I’ve used antennas before, heck I was one of those people who had an antenna for HDTV when Dish didn’t provide them yet and the HD box had an antenna input. The pure HD feed from the antenna (back then) was way better with no compression at all. Not sure if that is still the case since I have used an antenna in a while.
  13. Hmm, I need to coordinate that. I haven’t quite cut the cord but will soon. I was thinking about DirecTV Now, but not likely anymore.
  14. Why pay for locals? Plenty of options/antennas. I’m going to get that Fire Recast box once it drops again. $50-$70 off is likely on prime day. Plus, no real internet use if you have lots of streaming (I have 3 boys, 11 and up).