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  1. Interesting and it wouldn’t surprise me. I don’t doubt that Kellee was 100% uncomfortable with Dan and that others were less comfortable but I’m surprised there wasn’t more shown. The cameras are on 24 hours and they showed him spooning with Missy and his arm on her at least 3 times just last night. Dan is absolutely creepy and over touchy to the point where it’s inappropriate but I do wonder how much Survivor was trying to make it a bigger issue. I don’t for one second think that they weren’t thinking about ratings and all the discussion off show.
  2. That’s so true. Finding idols is more like trick or treating now. I still think that some get (handed out) placed for people to find. On the outs with the tribe but an important person to start interesting TV squabbles like Janet? Ooh, look and idol right there.
  3. Why does he owe her anything? It’s a game. She saved him for her own purpose and she got voted off because of it. Do you think her name comes up at all if it weren’t for Noura spilling her plan? I know all the metoo discussions owned through episode but I think that pre-merge discussion was a lot bigger in that vote than we saw. Kellee was an absolute moron not playing her idol, just based on that.
  4. I don’t want to label, but I think there are Disney fanboys who will put them on a pedestal. I love Marvel and Star Wars but Disney+ is extremely limited right now. If I or my boys want to rewatch a movie, it’s fine but there’s nothing new. I’ve watched the only new episode I can watch.
  5. I was definitely underwhelmed. I’ll continue to watch, but I may cancel quicker than I thought. It’s a nice movie library, but that’s it if that show stays more Return of the Jedi cute, like the old guy and fat horse.
  6. I’ve got all 3 (using Hulu live) and Netflix is not the one I’d drop for the other 2. If you don’t like most of those shows then you’ll never like Netflix, but Disney+ is more like a movie library right now for me and not having to buy movies. I watched Mandalorian and I hope it gets better but that’s one original content show I’m interested in whereas there’s still a bunch I haven’t gotten close to watching. I also get HBO Go for free with AT&T so I’d drop Hulu first (if it weren’t free) and then Disney+. Might change over time but I’ll likely keep them all because I’m only really paying $20 per month for HBO, Disney+, Hulu, Netflix and Prime.
  7. It was really stupid. They also have him a pencil, not even something to match every other note in the game.
  8. I may be wrong but I though Liz after talking to Janet said (to the producers/camera) that it didn’t really bother her. Out of all of them, she did mention that it wasn’t a big deal to her. Kelly absolutely was bothered by it 100% and I think Missy was as well but I recall Liz sort of telling Janet what Janet wanted to here but then saying she didn’t really feel that way. A bit on the skeezy side but being part of a minority at the merge she didn’t want to rock the boat if she knew Dan was going instead of her.
  9. Yep, everyone has their internet access so it’s really the middle man cable/satellite wise that goes away. I guess it’s kind of the same model just that the aggregator is your internet provider. That said, I do agree with @Sinn Fein that we’ll eventually see more aggregators come back so that the little guys can be bundled together or they’ll wither and die or just be niche providers to a small audience.
  10. I believe Netflix is a big user of AWS. I think he may be saying content wise. Combine Prime and Netflix content under one label with a merger. It would probably save a lot of costs on the Prime Video side by just having that content in one location.
  11. Hulu won’t fight D+. Disney is the majority owner of Hulu. That’s the reason for the bundles. Disney owns ABC, ESPN and Hulu.
  12. Apples to Oranges. Blockbuster went away because unlike Netflix, they never moved to digital. Netflix isn’t behind technology wise. It’s all about content. I don’t know if you have young kids but I looked through Disney+ and aside from Star Wars and Marvel, there’s very little that I would use them for over Netflix. I don’t have young kids anymore, but I’m willing to pay for it to not have to buy new movies (90% of Apple movie buys for me are Marvel/Star Wars) and for shows like Mandalorian. I don’t think there will be one winner in all of this. I can see some losers, but Netflix is better positioned than you think for long term.
  13. Completely disagree. I just signed up for Disney+ so my oldest could watch some stuff. I was planning too, just hadn’t taken the plunge until today. Anyway, lots of good movies and such, but very little show type content for adults. My kids aren’t Disney channel kids anymore and they love Netflix. I’m sure Disney will keep adding but there’s no doubt in my mind that most people will have both and probably Prime (basically free since I didn’t join for movies). For $65 a month, I’ve got so much content I don’t know what to do with, but I sure as #### wouldn’t turn off Netflix for what Disney+ has.
  14. I liked it but definitely seemed obvious in places and in others you felt like a bit more back story would have been nice. I’ll definitely keep watching because I like stuff like this even though I didn’t read the books. I didn’t realize those movies were about the same story although I can say I only watched them after theaters and didn’t really like them or pay attention.
  15. Me too. It was a fun ride. Of course some silliness like the boat guy's adventure but sort of needed to get to the camp.