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  1. I still don’t get how a company can be down 90% in revenue, have a ton of debt and be at ATHs. I can get being off the lows nicely if the future looks good but they bought 36% of Barstool (they don’t even own the whole thing) and it was valued at $450M. Their market cap is up $3.5B since the acquisition and it so far hasn’t helped the top and bottom line in 6 months. This is all based on a hope that they can setup an online betting app that will best out the other ones available. MGM just popped last week over the same thing and Draftkings and FanDuel (probably others I don’t know about) are still there. And then we still have the tons of debt and a complete horror show on revenue. At this price, I would let come close on vapor ware and a prayer.
  2. It was solid. I enjoyed both seasons, probably liked the first season more. Not by much, just because it was so new/different. Looking forward to the next season. I actually hope it’s not a stop the bomb arc, would be interesting to see where they go with the ending. I think if it’s a brand new arc then they could easily keep it rolling. That said, this might be based on a book or comics, I have no idea.
  3. VRM beat CSCO’s bad report with a baseball bat. First quarterly report after the IPO was a doozy.
  4. I’m not going to say no, but my point is his main focus shouldn’t be on investors or shorts unless he’s worried about up-listing. I think there’s been just as much harm due to too many press releases. We need approval first and foremost.
  5. Disagree. His job is to get the FDA to understand. If he can do that then he’s done his job and the stock price will follow. Feels like they’ve spent way too much time worried about shorts and stock price. Stock price only matters if it’s not high enough to uplist.
  6. Or download TurboTax. I’ve got pretty easy taxes, but I buy it at Costco when it’s $10 off, download it and it takes me an hour at most. Most transfers from the year before and some W-2s and investment transactions just download automatically that it’s really easy. I do my oldest son’s as well as his is cake.
  7. It is amazing when you look at the drug that is the standard of care in the US. Then that tocilzimulab (I know that’s wrong) failed to show any efficacy. I really hope the FDA moves forward because it’s scary what’s out there. The president praising a doctor touting hydroxychloronique because we bought a lot and she’s a conspiracy quack too. Still losing a lot of real people every day. So sad.
  8. If you read the press release, the CEO promised to invest a quarter billion in stock repurchases and a quarter billion in gold or bitcoin. He chose bitcoin. Parking in cash has effectively 0 ROI. He’s taking a shot because at this point shareholders are antsy, especially sitting on a pile of cash while the stock continues to drop. What honestly would have been best is if they could have invested that in something to create some revenue growth. It’s not good that that wasn’t an option. They may or may not make money on the investment but it’s not a stock I would buy for the bitcoin investment or for future share price appreciation. The bitcoin investment would be better served getting 100% return on any gains instead of it being muted because the company’s revenues continue to decline. Even OSTK at least had a chance to benefit from all the folks who needed to find an outlet to spend some bitcoin. There’s no real benefit for the company. They could have bought $250M of Apple stock as well.
  9. Have rates risen yet? I know there can be a disconnect in some cases with the 10 year treasury, i.e. they usually align but not always. I’d think that there might be a disconnect seeing as how rigorous the application process seems to be now. It’s not surprising at all given the high unemployment that delinquencies are up. It seemed like a foregone conclusion to me.
  10. What’s happening? Stocks going to have a good day or some other event?
  11. Thanks. I need some non tech investments outside of my 401ks which are more index funds already.
  12. I think they are making a bet because they aren’t growing. Their revenue has been slowly leaking for years. It’s very similar to Overstock’s bet which worked for a short time during the run up and fell apart until Covid. If not for COVID, Overstock would be treading water as well. Their revenue double last quarter. I do think their stock is overvalued (getting hit today) because unlike some of the other work from home/cloud stocks, I think they’ll lose a lot of what they gained, which is why they are selling more stock while their price is up. I do think Microstrategy is in worse shape because they aren’t benefiting so unless bitcoin goes through the roof they will continue to lose revenue and share price.
  13. That was my premise. When your stock is down 30% over 5 years and the market is up 70%, you get desperate. There probably will be, but something tells me this pop will wear off because they have been treading water for years and people who bought the stock thinking bitcoin will realize that if you want to invest in bitcoin you just invest in bitcoin. Their marketing is working. I’m not in the bitcoin community and people (you) in the bitcoin community have spread their name. I would have bet even money that they didn’t even exist anymore.
  14. I know that he’s doing it to get press and potentially get people like you to buy his stock. I find it funny because I know the company and know that they are doing it for marketing more so than anything else. Heck, I have no idea who they bought bitcoin through and don’t know if they got a bit of a sweetheart deal. The quotes reek of reading a press release written for him. My LOL was directed at Microstrategy not bitcoin. I think it’s a move to try and get their name out there and that’s it. They’ve been limping along for years. I was shocked that they were still around given how “hot” they got way back in 2000.
  15. Lol. Do you know anything about Microstrategy? I had a buddy who worked there before they started the dot com bubble pop. They ran up a ton and then reported some accounting irregularities and pop. Stock was worth 10x what it is now 20 years ago. Not on the level of Enron and Worldcom but one of the first signals that a lot of inflated accounting. Pretty sure it’s still the same CEO. They have real products but nothing special. Buying bitcoin for them is most likely an attempt to jump start the stock price which is down about 30% over the last 5 years. By the way, this has nothing to do with my opinion on Bitcoin, more an opinion on Microstrategy’s attempt at making news.
  16. Gambling has moved to the stock market.
  17. Dude, I’m completely at a loss. This volatility is crazy.
  18. Well, @BassNBrew at least Alteryx was up today!
  19. If I bought a while ago I’d be fine but I have no clue who will “win” and at this point I think there are way more losers than winners and it’d be throwing darts so I’m not willing to risk it.
  20. I’m sure the results say it’s way better than Remdesivir or Hydroxywhatever but it’s a good question about EUA.
  21. Damn it if somehow my reply got whacked. Don’t feel like typing it all out but you’re preaching to the choir. I’m only down 1% today so not a big deal. I’m still thinking long term just happened to be having a great year. That said I agree with you that Q3 isn’t going to be much better and think about someone like Disney. They could lose out on $5-8B in profits. That’s not chump change. Even if things start to get closer to normal, that’s a lot of money on the balance sheet that can’t go to building new parks or funding more movies, etc. There’s a rotation but it’s not just Dow dogs, it’s going to companies who’ve truly been financially hurt. It’ll be interesting from here. I don’t want to panic sell and miss the companies who probably will do the best in Q3 and Q4.
  22. I’m starting to think it may be real but I don’t know if I’m going to sell into this. I mean the earnings and revenues of the companies popping right now are awful. This isn’t a normal rotation into a sector that’s just underperforming share wise it’s a rotation into stocks doing legitimately awful. Look at Disney. The expectations are they’ll be right back at normal but their stock is just below the euphoric February high which may have already been frothy and they just reported a $10B revenue shortfall a week ago. I’m definitely tech heavy and it’s done wonders for my YTD return. My IRA would be an easy sell as there are no tax implications but some of my taxable stocks would be a short term tax hit and that’s a big whack for me since my wife works as well.
  23. I think all will take a hit. That was likely to happen at some point. Not all of them can be the cure/vaccine. There’s just too many companies whose stocks went way up.
  24. Not sure why I bought any of that. Didn’t learn my lesson from CYDY but I did buy way less.