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  1. he's getting 10 less carries a game this year....
  2. gave up on the phone. went to the chat, told the person what had STMAX free. nothing else, that's all I want.
  3. they hung up on me after agreeing to yet another deal. jesus christ
  4. been on the phone for 1.5 hours. most of it on hold...this is terrible this year, usually I have no problems getting a deal. First time I called, went through 3 people. Finally on the third guy, i agreed to STMax 4 payments of $40, and a free genie. Call gets disconnected. I call back, of course I can't get the person I was talking to. They can't seem to get me the same deal? wtf? So now, I think I'm getting just ST, no max or redzone, for free, and a genie free. I'm not even sure though, because I keep getting put on holds for 10 minutes at a time, or longer..
  5. Been using Tmobile $30/mo plan with unlimited data/text 100mins.for me, the coverage isn't as good, and some things like I cant mms while being on wifi bother me, but $30 is worth it.
  6. Seems that way. I just updated my iPad and wanted to check it out. My very own street is wrong as are the gas stations near by. Also whereas google had the lot lines drawn, imaps is just a big gob of land. I wish I didn't upgrade the iPad to ios 6. I doubt I ever use Siri on it. What else does it do for iPad even?Do you people live in flyover country or something? Apple Maps is even spot on in down here in hickville, TN. Maps comparison Bowling Green Hometown It's terrible now.
  7. Straight Talk doesn't support 4G does it? Plus do you really save much money after having to buy the phone up front?Breakeven point is ~8mo into a 2yr contract.That's not bad. I remember looking into them but something kept me from it, was probably lack of 4g
  8. Straight Talk doesn't support 4G does it? Plus do you really save much money after having to buy the phone up front?
  9. me too.I thought about starting a thread about it, but I didn't get much feedback around the FFA.I've been playing for about 6 months and still love it. can't stop unlocking champions... Heimerdinger!!
  10. Can't wait for Planetside 2, loved the first one. I've been hooked on League of Legends
  11. Was at the store the other day, and Innova has a new formula it just introduced this month. So be aware in case you see changes in your dog..