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  1. oh those pesky Mexicos and good on my rep McCaul for signing on to this.
  2. nice piece. found this most interesting: "In 1960, public goods had accounted for about 75% of federal outlays net of interest payments on the debt, while 'payments for individuals' were the other 25%. By 1970, payments for individuals had grown to 35%. In 1986 when Pat spoke, payments for individuals had become dominant at 55%. Today they are 75% and still growing; public goods are now the residual 25% of our national government and shrinking."
  3. I can't seem to find the actual study. maybe its not available online yet. it certainly caused quite a stir, on both sides. here's one rebuttal
  4. nope. I’d never admit to having Coors Light in my house
  5. 17 years old, still true
  6. Pete's got the "outsider" advantage going for him right now
  7. SNL portrays politicians through hyperbole, exaggerating some aspect of their character, appearance, mannerisms, etc. If you’re SNL, what do you exaggerate about Pete?