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  1. I sent a currently serving Republican member of Congress text message begging him to put Trump on blast. He responded with the date of his state's primary filing deadline plus one day. That is the Trump Republican Party in the most perfect, ####y nutshell. - Tweet from Rick Wilson
  2. good golf courses good friends to golf with good weather for golfing not overly religious good food after golf
  3. Every new President faces challenges. Obama had a global financial meltdown. Trump had donors to bribe.
  4. Seems there were several versions, each facing opposition on both sides. The original recommendation never received a supermajority of the commission so it never got a floor vote. Saying Obama had a chance to implement it and didn’t seems oversimplified.
  5. Jut reading some history on this. I’m not sure I would reach the same conclusion.
  6. here’s the study if you’re interested. Not sure why you think the bolded.
  7. based on who liked your post, I’m fine with the one you quoted
  8. agree. combat not solve. just hate the “this will cost us trillions” schtick