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  1. yeah that phrase still sounds weird to me, and i hear on conference calls 2 or 3 times a week. hard to get use to.
  2. i wish i could make 48" fit. it just misses.
  3. Yes I found that site too. Thx. my main TV is an 65” LG OLED and if I could get one at 43” I would. They’re awesome.
  4. complaining about the commentators. and here I thought we wouldn’t be back to “normal” for a while .
  5. Looking for a 43” LED for my new bar room. Any thoughts on the a Samsung QN43Q60T or an LG equivalent? Those are my two preferred brands.
  6. great news. Lisa Murkowski is “concerned” about the recordings. no word on Susan Collins yet
  7. probably some more conspiracy charges coming too. this didn’t just happen. there was a plan.
  8. he might literally name a random squirrel