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  1. what if you were one of the "human scum" republicans?
  2. yeah a know a caddy......jock.
  3. is your vote driven purely by self-interest?
  4. and already implemented on a smaller scale in this country
  5. i kind of like jvd's somewhat extreme takes. kind of balances out the "what about the people that die every year from the regular flu!?" static.
  6. hey, he was efficient, killing two birds with one stone. that's ok, right?
  7. it is interesting. at least once a week i take step back and consider the possibility that Trump is a misunderstood guy that simply misspeaks occasionally and the media spins every story in a negative light for him. after all that's certainly a possibility. it's also possible that he's a narcissistic sociopath and a pathological liar. as i consider the two extremes, i usually rationalize that the truth is probably somewhere in the middle, maybe exactly in the middle. that seems like the highest probability. then 20 minutes later he tweets or says something so awful i realize which one is right again. see you next week.
  8. Bernie would do fine against Trump in a debate, if for no other reason than he’s an order of magnitude smarter. And while that doesn’t guarantee good debate skills, he’ll know how to push a Trump’s buttons.
  9. yeah but I think this guy’s wife’s cousin’s brother-in-law once attended a Hillary speech, so....