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  1. 15.12 Super Bowl XLII, New York Giants 17, New England Patriots 14, Greatest Superbowl Gotta think the reason not many have been taken in this category is that there really is not a lot of consensus on the top spots, but this one stands out to me.
  2. met her at Augusta in (i think) 09 when she was dating and following Greg Norman. she was hot even then.
  4. great pick. real value here. if I didn’t have Bird I’d have taken him 4 rounds ago
  5. this draft made me remember how much i love baseball history, even though i'm not a huge fan of the game today. re-watching Ken Burns' series on Amazon prime. it really is good.
  6. more like saying their whole pitching staff was right-handed and were lucky enough to not have to face any good left-handed hitters
  7. surprised it lasted this long. i went back and forth between this and Bobby Thompson. of course my interpretation of "moment" was obviously different from others.
  8. youtube TV just picked up Epix. they've had some good movies so far.
  9. #### I didn’t even know I was up. sorry about that. 14.05 Roberto Clemente, Greatest Baseball Outfielder
  10. The Fare on Amazon Prime. Kind of freaky, like a slightly longer Twilight Zone episode. Only 80 minutes. Not bad though.
  11. I don’t think France is decreasing, unless I’m looking at the wrong data. edit: you probably meant Sat-Sun, but they’re back up today
  12. 13.12 Roger Clemens, Greatest Baseball Starting Pitcher 3rd highest WAR for a pitcher (not including Babe). 354 wins, 3.12 earned run average (ERA), and 4,672 strikeouts, the third-most all time. An 11-time All-Star and two-time World Series champion, he won seven Cy Young Awards during his career, more than any other pitcher in history @Kal El
  13. Has NY reported their evening numbers yet? If they have their daily #s are down! :hopeful:
  14. that’s absurd. of course you can. any functioning non-narcissistic sociopath could do it. oh right....
  15. Sneegor is Don’t Noonan right? Or Beaver? I forget
  16. 12.05 Tommy Frazier, Best Offensive College Football Player He is arguably the greatest option quarterback of all time. Frazier was the ultimate winner at quarterback for the 1990s Nebraska dynasty under Tom Osborne. He was 33-3 as a starter and led back-to-back national championship runs in 1994-95. Of course, it's that run against Florida in the 1996 Fiesta Bowl — the one where Frazier keeps churning through the Gators' defense until he breaks away down the sideline — that nobody will ever forget. He was the leader of a relentless rushing attack, and he piled up 3,521 passing yards, 1,955 rushing yards and 79 touchdowns.