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  1. Poor guys season is done making that catch and the NFL says nope, too bad for you. Nothing s gonna get gone about it though.
  2. They guy pretended to have a social anxiety disorder, just seems like a hotheaded jerk.
  3. If it didnt take so long to get to the LOS he would have slipped after the first down marker. I dont get the logic of it.
  4. 3rd and short, shotgun formation. Deserve what you get.
  5. Oh, a penalty negating an impact play. How shocking.
  6. Love it when the announcers break down and get brutally honest.
  7. One of the worst things about the insistence of promoting the passing game is the constant 3rd and 4th and 1 shotgun empty backfield sets. Just line it up and run it a few times!
  8. After the pathetic attempt at football vs the Jets last week, the Dolphins have shown they have zero heart, nothing in this game has changed that.
  9. According to Winters he admitted it to him at a reunion.
  10. Im all for being a good solider but not a big fan of murdering unarmed POW's.