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  1. Jesus.
  2. Great White- Once Bitten, Twice Shy.
  3. What a horrible idea.
  4. Seems like he fits right in with Bills Mafia.
  5. RE: Marcedes Lewis: @APMarkLong He was not happy that ASJ signed for more $ than he was making and had no plans to attend offseason workouts.
  6. Last year: Robinson- 1 catch, 17 yards, torn ACL- To be fair they got worse here going from Arob to DM. Poz- was all but phased out. Two down linebacker in a nickel NFL. Hurns-39/484/2. In fact, his two year total was 74/961/5. Keelan Cole or Dede Westbrook- both are upgrades. I'm not going to defend the Hayden signing. Colvin>>>>>Hayden. Colvin is an excellent corner and he'll do well in HOU. But he wanted to play outside and get paid as such. Given AJ Bouye's contract and Jalen Ramsey's eventual mammoth contract, they weren't brining him back. Marcedes Lewis can block really well. But he put up 24/318/5 last year and he has 78/919/8 over the last 4 years combined. Not good, Bob.
  7. Lol. As I am sure you'll agree, once was enough.
  8. Marcedes was cut today. Another good dude.
  9. Let me say this- I love Arob and think it was a mistake to let him walk. And I also think they paid too much money for Moncrief's one year contract. But the Jags didn't choose to sign Moncrief instead of tagging Arob. They chose to prioritize the line with Andrew Norwell. Allen Hurns wasn't coming back for $7M/year for multiple years. His replacements are already on the roster and got valuable experience due to Hurns' unavailability. Given the crazy WR contracts handed out during this free agency period, Hurns would have been traded if GM's deemed him worth it. They simply did not. It's also silly to compare multi-year contracts with one year contracts; they're not very relatable.
  10. His playing style won't allow it, unfortunately.
  11. This was always the plan prior to the start of free agency. Pay cut or get cut.
  12. I'm not too sure to be honest. I think they might have panicked a bit.