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  1. Survived with Washington...sheesh! On to week 7
  2. That's the plan. With Callahan saying he wants to be run heavy, think that is the play. Plus Brown is starter, Thompson 3rd down back.
  3. Just saw your update in Gurley thread. Think I roll with Brown, despite the Henderson noise.
  4. Deciding between him and Malcolm Brown. Wish both games started at same time.
  5. Couple of points to raise here: - game vs NYG was a Giants home game and Giants played well second half of the season - I am in a large pool like massraider and sometimes you have to take some risk in order to move on Highlighted CHI as a choice earlier in the thread, so maybe just happy someone else sees them as an option
  6. For those with mulitple picks to make, anyone considering CHI? Know London games aren't the best to choose, but thinking defense travels better than offense and hard to see what the Raiders will muster against them.
  7. Going Chris Thompson over Dwill based on Shady news and Fisher being out.
  8. PPR - need two flex Chris Thompson Darrel Williams John Brown Tyrell Williams
  9. Have to choose between Darrel, Chris Thompson, John Brown, or Tyrell Williams for two flexes. Leaning his way, but will see what the early morning reports are on Shady before making a final call.
  10. What do folks think about the SF D? Have DAL and may hold onto them vs NO based on what is on my WW. In projecting, here are the matchups going forward Wk 5 - SF vs CLE WK 6 - DAL @ Jets WK 7 - SF @ WASH WK 8 - SF vs CAR WK 9 - DAL @ Giants OR SF @ ARZ WK 10 - DAL vs MIN OR SF vs. SEA Wk 11 - SF vs ARZ Week 12 is where the wheels fall off, as DAL @ NEP and SF vs GBP, but that is not a bad stretch if SF D is for real. Thoughts?
  11. Rod Smith was one of their late cuts so, in theory, knows the playbook a little
  12. Where is Lockett...supposed to be Mr. Target for Wilson