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  1. Similar to the Beatles thread, I will share my back story with respect to the Stones. As I was born in '65, my initial access was via my older cousins, who were much more in the Beatles camp than the Stones. So would say my early exposure was through the prism of their hits vs. LPs (think Hot Rocks for the assortment). My own plug in to the Stones started with Some Girls and continued through Steel Wheels, so it is unfortunate that I likely have some affinity for their slow decline downwards more than others. Of course, this was bolstered by digging into the back catalog, but even there, beyond the big 4 from Beggars thru Exile, my memory is spotty. So, will share where I can (and may be embarrassed to), but look forward to learning some new stuff and being able to associate the song titles with the tunes (has already happened on a few occassions so far. On with the show...
  2. How was Lanegan, as he is playing in my area this coming Thursday and debating whether to go...
  3. Are you paying for this? When I go through the setup, it brings me to a page where it says it is $2.99/mo if I select the "Subscribe Now" button
  4. Thanks for the tip. Got the same message even though their webpage says my phone is compatible.
  5. Anyone else having issue finding Verizon Call Filter in the Google Play Store? I have Caller Name ID in the Verizon bundle on my phone, but not clear if that is the same thing.
  6. Going to see Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley of Drive-By Truckers (billed as The Dimmer Twins). Believe it is an acoustic show, so interested to see what they cover in their set.