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  1. Looks like there is one more to do. Not playing board cop...just want to make sure no one else goes down the rabbit hole you did.
  2. Great idea! @heckmanm you may want to do the same in the messages you quoted of mine with the links. Again, sorry for any issues caused. Should know when it is too good to be true, it likely is just that.
  3. Apologies for the wild goose chase. Not my intent to cause issues for any FBG.
  4. No doubt! Functionality wise, what are the recommendation(s) when price is no object?
  5. Anyone finding anything exceptional out there? Guessed with shelter in place orders, folks would be taking the time to upgrade.
  6. Home on Spring Break now and break has been extended a week with plans to resume classes 3/23. Obviously a fluid situation and expect further changes.
  7. PJ @ the Apollo announced. Looks like you need to be a SiriusXM subscriber to get in the door.
  8. Yes...shut out via 10C. For MSG, all seats I saw were behind/side stage with exception of two furthest sections from the stage. Opted to try the backstage route based on that. Actually went fairly smooth for me, but have read on the PJ message boards that others had some challenges.
  9. Landed 2 behind the stage Row 8 Section 112 for MSG. Have heard all the good stories about these behind the stage seats....guess I get to find out myself.
  10. BA here. Not unexpected with only 2 northeast shows, but in new system (along with ability to make multiple show choices,) I feel penalized, as everyone wants to see them ar MSG (or Philly/Boston/etc). So, unless I want to travel to see them. Here's to hoping for second leg that is not just stadiums/festivals.
  11. Same here for both MSG and Baltimore. Since they went to new system, have only won for Temple of the Dog. Sucks that neither seniority or proximity to the shows makes a difference anymore. Congrats to those who scored!
  12. MSG and Baltimore today. The PJ website forums offer some comic relief if you have never been. I get being disappointed to not get tickets, but some people take this way too seriously.
  13. With one Northeast show, guess 10C odds will be <.000000000000001 for that one. Train to Baltimore only 3 hours, but arena is less than desirable if that is where they play
  14. So, naturally, Boone in PPR scores 4.3...knew when he caught his one pass it would haunt me. Even worse, I lost .2 points with Lamar's kneeldowns at the end of the game. I love FF!