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  1. Read an article recently that indicates he was one of the harmonies on the records. Not sure how the live harmonies were (a little toasty I am sure) but never saw them live πŸ˜” so will need others to weigh in)
  2. Have to decide between him and Lamb (if Dolphins did not play Thursday, may have say Parker for both of them). Still leaning Lamb based on matchup (Seahawks struggle covering the slot, and struggling defensively overall; Bears still solid D, especially in secondary). Anyone else have the same decision to make?
  3. I have not gotten started on the yoga front, but have kept up the daily walk along with the 100 pushup program. Thinking I am best starting at the Yoga for Beginners track and catch up with you all, but welcome alternate thoughts (have done yoga a handful of times in my life). FWIW, I am at the last cycle of the 100 pushup program (wk. 6, 3rd column; have older version from years ago, so not sure if there are changes in the weekly reps). In this process, I have well gone over 6 weeks as I waited to move on until I was reasonably solid completing the full set with no breaks. Part of the reason the pushups are becoming stale and I seek something else. Curious from those also doing this how they have approached it. I am fairly sure I could do 100 without a break fresh...guess I should try that someday:)
  4. Finally able to post pics of the awesome package sent by Drunken knight (accompanied with a great letter detailing some background information and details on all the beers): Beers Hats/Swag Shirt 1 (front) Shirt 1 (back) Shirt 2 (front) Shirt 2 (back) Shirt 3 Once again...Drunken knight...well done!
  5. Had a real #### day yesterday, so waited to open my bounty until this morning. All I can say is ...BLOWN AWAY!!! Master pack job (everything made it in tact) along with a great note describing all content, which is a generous amount. Crazy day ahead but promise to get pics up as soon as able. Drunken knight - well done!
  6. Package just arrived. Of course, today is the day I have back to back meetings through the end of the day. But will get pics up as soon as I can. :ChristmasinAugust:
  7. Is there a post with a link to the "first day" options? Assuming once you start, the subsequent days show in the "up next" section?
  8. Wow...step away for a weekend and a lot to catch up on...😁 Recently read the "Inside the Breakup of the Beatles" article from Rolling Stone was news to me that none of the members really thought that was going to be it. Obviously, never came to be (guess $3K from Lorne Michaels wasn't enough to do it and recently read another article where they were presented with a boatload of money offer, but turned it down due to the opening act being a man wrestling a shark). But, I like to think they would have collaborated at some point in time (recall the rumors flying during the Concerts for Kampuchea; Live Aid could have been another likely spot). Would also be interested in the evolution of his music. Obviously, as highlighted early, Yoko's Double Fantasy material was a bit ahead of the curve, so would have been interesting to see what paths she may have guided him to. And Double Fantasy was meant to be a reintroduction, which led to the commercial sheen of the project. But there are outtakes (believe some released on expanded issues of Double Fantasy and Milk and Honey) that showed him rocking a bit more. Sadly, we'll never know The Yesterday scene was a pleasant surprise and choked me up as well.