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  1. I feel the same way about those that think Fantasy Football has anything to actually do with football.
  2. This generation of high school student who has no idea who “that” John Locke is.
  3. Correct. There is no school license policy, other than passing drivers education to get your license. Which amendment would you site as your source? Not arguing, just curious.
  4. This. And yes to the latter questions, or take a test similar to now.
  5. We're talking about the Enlightenment in world history this week, John Locke, Mary Wollstonecraft, Voltaire, etc., and I asked what they would do to change our high school. Typical answers of food, start time, time between classes. The usual. They asked me and I said "change the driver's license policy so that students had to have a 2.0 gpa to get it". I told them that something like that would "motivate" the students to do well in school. Surprisingly, many agreed with me. As a parent would you be on board? I plan on sharing some of the comments, within reason, with my class tomorrow. Filtered, of course.
  6. Seventh highest performing high school in Georgia. We've got a 96% graduation rate. It's more like a college campus and my principal is macro-manager and it works here. Teachers that come from other school districts around the state have an adjustment period because so many things, like cell phone management, are not even addressed here.
  7. We've got an "Iron Mike" machine now, but I'll still throw in the cages. I threw on Monday and didn't feel bad at all. All flat ground, no slope. That's why the strain of pitching comes from, throwing on a hill. I've been to the chiro for the first time in 10 years, when I was diagnosed with DDD and he said he couldn't help me anymore, and times have changed. This chiropractor is a former Ga. Tech baseball player and he knows exactly what I do and how to adjust me. Lower back or neck hasn't been bothering me since I've been. I also adjusted the way I read at night and that's helped. I'll never stop the hands of time, just trying to slow it down.
  8. The "gun control" comment brought up a discussion we had in class. We talked about what many of the school shootings had in common and my students brought up how many of them had been bullied. We then talked about that being the main problem, as opposed to blaming guns. If a student wanted to harm other students, according to my students, they'd find a way.
  9. So I'm guessing you don't coach. If you did your days would look like this. Get to school at 7:00 to plan for the day. School starts at 8:25. My planning periods are usually a meeting or planning for the next day, grading papers, etc. After school practice at 4:00 until 6:30. Game days can get over anywhere from 7:00 to 10:00 and then I get home. During the fall with football we watch film with the boys at 8:00am, after getting home anywhere from 11:00 to 1:30 on a Friday night. On Sunday we game plan from noon until between 4 and 6pm. Summers- workouts 4 days a week from 6:45AM until noon. If we are having a passing league game then we go until 2:00. The week before school starts we have 2 a day practices. I'm in the middle of baseball right now and we can play anywhere from 3 - 6 games in a week. So, all that being said. I don't have time to travel, I don't play video games, fantasy football, drink or have time to go out to movies, I don't watch realty television, gamble. Sometimes I really question what most of you do for a living with all the time you have. I also question why I'm on here at all because of the time I don't have. Epiphany!! All of this for an extra 10K/year. I don't do it for the money, but I wouldn't do it for free. So, perks are nice.
  10. I'm curious what the policies are at your individual schools as they relate to phones, dress codes, tardy and attendance. I teach in a very affluent area, where we have students being dropped of Tesla's, Ferrari's, Maserati's, you get the picture. Cell phones. Students have them with all the time. They walk the halls staring at their phone oblivious to what's going on around them. In class, they're on them constantly. Most students wear ear buds or head phones and whenever we do independent work they sit there listening to music. Dress code. Really isn't one. They pretty wear whatever they want. Double edged sword on girls too. There's a dress code for them, but I've never brought one instance up. Tardies/Attendance-Much like a college campus where students come and go as they please. The parents also have that elitist attitude. We have a student parking lot in the front of the school that parents aren't supposed to enter to pick up their babies, we have a car rider line for that. Yet everyday I see parents in the lot picking up their babies because they don't feel like they should have to wait in a car rider line. The rub is, if one of those parents hits a student they have no recourse' Just want to see what it's like other places, if you even know.
  11. Well, prostitute may not be entirely accurate. She worked in the “entertainment “ industry.
  12. For example, the Beatles song, “Norwegian Wood”, is about the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I’s wife Theodora.
  13. Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters The Mosquitoes
  14. Haven't drank with any consistency in about 10 years, which was the same time I quit dipping. I'd wanted to quit for a myriad of reasons, least of all health, and then I got pneumonia. Didn't drink or dip for the better part of 2 months and that did it for me. I'd wanted to quit because of my schedule. I had 3 sons who all played travel baseball and I coach high school football and baseball. Most weekends were spent at my game or one of my son's games and it became a hassle to drink at night knowing I had to take one of them to a game an hour away. Usually between 6 and 9am. I keep telling my wife that one of these days I'm going to jump off the wagon, but as I get older the appeal just isn't there. I hope my story doesn't happen to you. Don't be a quitter.
  15. I teach world and US history and am a true history buff. Wasn't really my first choice in high school but I did like my junior year world history class. The first subject that truly peaked my interest was when we talked about the Nuremberg Trials. That was 37 years ago. My spark really ignited when I was in the navy and was able to see historical pieces in person, and I lived through some history too, see USS Stark. I do worry that history will become an online exclusive class eventually.
  16. I haven't watched reality TV since the first Real World ended. Watching other people's drama, not my particular brand of vodka.
  17. It's a thing to put weed in them now so our school district treats them as drug paraphernalia instead of tobacco. Upped the stakes a little bit on getting caught. I don't know how you feel about vapping but it just seems to not be very masculine to me. If you're going to smoke get some Camel non-filters and smoke 'em up. Using an electric device to smoke something that tastes like strawberry to look cool. Eat a Mentos instead. Boy I sound old.
  18. It could be worse. The high school where I teach has a big vapping problem because classes in the bathrooms, primarily the boys. And yes, I agree that saying that the PEE CLUB is too raise awareness for the Drama Club is BS, at best.
  19. I'm a school teacher, which means the extent of my travel is on a bus to an away game, and I really don't understand how you guys do it. I know why you do it, because you either have or want to, but I value my quality of life more than a 6 figure income. Obviously. I've done some world travelling, in the military, and we've traveled as a family, but that's it. I guess you really can't do touristy stuff anyway.
  20. When people get their panties in a wad over being wished a "Merry Christmas", I'd say we've jumped the shark. You may be too young for the reference, but there was an episode of Happy Days were Fonzie.....nevermind.
  21. So what is appropriate? I'm 54, educated and I can't figure it out. Things that I have seen people get offended over really surprise me. I'm a teacher and a vet so I'm open to a lot of criticism but I guess things just don't get to me the way they do to the younger generation. I get it, there are some things off making fun of a high school girls body. Not arguing that, but you have to admit that this whole PC thing has jumped the shark. (No offense to sharks).
  22. I'm a high school baseball and football coach, and this is me. I stay far away from the travel baseball parents when I go to my son's games. It's for my peace of mind and so the other parent's don't talk to me. No offense, but most parents no nothing about baseball, especially those that played. I look at it like this, just because I had accounting in high school doesn't make me an accountant. My son's, I've got 3 that play or played, can never say that I embarrassed them at a game because of my behavior so our trips home from the park are quite pleasant.