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  1. For all the yoga people out there. I did my first yoga session in a decade last night and it felt AMAZING! I had multiple spots in my spine, neck, low back, and hip flexors just release energy and give me the feeling. I did a 45 beginner Sun Salutations on Peloton app to get back into the groove. I will be starting Yoga with Adriene tonight. As bonus points, I have roped FBG's own, Unialias into starting it up as well. He doesn't know there is this giant thread of workout stuff I believe. Edit: The yoga was a major struggle for the first 20 minutes and then things relaxed. I was a hot potato.
  2. You still can Oats! I haven't stayed on top of how people do most diets here but if I remember from way back when, you like your snacks and booze. Build that #### in to the diet. I am a big beer guy and used to weigh much more. Hell, I had a standing pizza buffet date every Friday lunch time with my brother when I was originally going from fat to not. I just budgeted in 3 slices and a large salad with vinegar based dressing. For beer in college(went in mid twenties-been a fatty since like age 7) I would just slot in a few drinks and one munchie first thing in the morning into my counting and work from their to hit cal/protein. You can do this with the fun things in life.
  3. Exactly. Also, from my time in the Gears if War Universe, being called every bad name I know in Spanish is a part of the experience. It's the little things you just can't create and have to be made organically.
  4. If they are movies you bought or acquired through an app service like vudu, yes. If they are things you uploaded via usb stick onto the hard drive and watched through the media option, probably not.
  5. Code Names is a great game that work best with 8 or 10 people. Anything smaller and it starts losing some of its magic. There is a really good two person variant where you team up against NPC that works well as a duo alternative.
  6. Most liekly people haven't noticed the game, but Drake Hollow (really ####ty name imo) is a really solid small game to burn time on from Gamepass. Great 4 person multiplayer as well. After the tutorial everyone can move to one person's island and literally do all quests, buildings, just about everything that the host person can do including moving along the main quest line, which my best friends girlfriend did 5 seconds after joining our mid stage game as we were all trying to clear the 2nd map (total of four seasons)... Her: What's this Shiny thought bubble! Everyone in the game: Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Her: Click, why is everyone screaming.... Us: Mainly due to manual save system with auto saves as well.
  7. Howdy Howdy! What did the Wastelanders add to the game? I love me some fallout but didn't enjoy Fallout 76 originally. I saw it went to gamepass so....
  8. You can do it Otis. One-two-three-a week long obstacle is not a way of life. You're still in this!
  9. Sorry about being a little confusing. At the time, we didn't see the value of a Peloton for the price point, but due to how much we use our budget version, it would have been worth it to get it at the higher cost. Thus, our budget version is a fantastic value. We love our bike and would have loved the Peloton as well. I believe the Peloton comes with the correct pedals but the shoes are an additional cost, but I'm not positive.
  10. For anyone ever in need in the future. "Mic monitoring" is the term you want to look for when buying a headset. Xbox has it featured in their audio section as well, but it doesn't work as well as native support from the headset or audio adapter attached to the controller. Some brands don't have it even on high end models and some have it on low end stuff. Turtle beach audio adapters make any xbox(don't know about playstation) controller with any headset have this feature. My wife still uses a 5 year old adapter for this vary reason with a way better headset and controller now. If you are having problems when it should have this feature, often you have to read the directions and set it to have the maximum mic monitoring from audio beep cues that the directions tell you what is the correct setting. HTH. If he scream Lets go!!! Just restart the router every time he does it. He will stop. Either that or start learning all the twitch streamers names and drop them in convo with his friends to embarrass him.
  11. I purchased a different bike and use the Peloton app and it works great. After the wife and I surpassed 150 rides this year we upgraded the pedals to the clip ins for $45 and bought each other the SPD shoes for another $250. After the floor mat, water bottle holder, cadence monitor, bike, shoes, and new pedals, we are about $800 in and love it. We use it enough to the point it would have been a fantastic value just getting the standard Peloton. Right now we are at 225 rides, 25 strength, and 10 yoga workouts for the year and can't see going without it, ever. The workout value is crazy good for us. Edit: My wife's doc actually advised us to upgrade the pedals so our quads muscles would balance out more with our lower leg muscles. As it was, the quads were getting too much use and making my wife's kneecap slightly unstable. Since upgraded everything has gotten back to normal. When you use the cages that many bikes start with(not Peloton), you don't get as much of the pull back and lift up exercise movements at the bottom and end of the circle motion.
  12. Look at me, I can't count to 10 without losing track! Love ya AAA, so many people here can do way more push-ups than me. I have always been a big leg day/workout guy, so the chest/shoulders suck.