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  1. The better question Insein is if you and the guys can survive another Gears?
  2. Yep we are out there. To me it another good third person shooter in a battle royale setting. I love the dances, skins, emotes and all that as well. The wife loves them more than I do as she “gets to express herself”. Being honest here, in a different life I could have possibly been a Fortnite/Gears of War low tier pro if I didn’t have to work and/or want to stay married since the wife enjoys playing the games coop. I would have to ditch my crew and focus on training like any other high level sport, which isn’t happening since gaming is how I stay in touch with lots of people.
  3. Hey Moobin, we busted out Gears last week for the first time in almost two years.
  4. Howdy! Long time no post in the FFA. Finally redid my password. The wife and I have been big Fortnite players since STW came out and been on the BR since the first season. We have probably 300 duo wins together and dropped a twenty bomb last week for our best ever combined game. I maybe have 100 solo wins with a PB of 16 but I don’t play solos much. We play a ton of squads with varying levels of skilled players and have 800ish wins but depending on team makeup we may win 30% or 1%. The skill gap is huge in the game now and I have always been solid at realistically knowing what squads have an advantage instantly. This leads me to play quite aggressively as I usually have to take the offensive stance and bop the other squads lead player to have a good chance. I’m open for questions if anyone has any.
  5. I love sea of thieves but this is where the game will revolve into. The hardcore dbs will ruin it for everyone so play it while it’s hot and has lots of people. I find it and games like gta online have made poor choices by not have a pve mode exactly like their pvp. I find it hilarious that they thought their initial internal testing showed not much griefing and boat battle would be won and people would go on their way. In reality the internet is a bad place and the boat battles they already had to change respawn mechanics because people would fight forever for their loot. Who would of thought. Some devs are out of touch sadly. But great game!
  6. Herbal is doing well. He has changed his name on Xbox but Unialias and Myself talked to him about a month ago and it sounded like life is well and in a much better place. He is still baller on the sticks and good at the fortnites.
  7. Your a pirate roaming the seas. It is very very open ended. Their are three “merchant” factions that give you quests to complete to get money. But to be honest from 10+ hours of gameplay from the beta and now the main game. It’s all just about crafting a experience that you choose with randoms or friends. The actually game is the vehicle to do so. Last night we did three quests of gathering chests from treasure maps and then found a message in a bottle that lead us to four boss skeletons that we needed their skulls to return with. We had so much trouble running circles with only our pistols and sword versus obviously high level tough enemies. An hour of death and laughter we finally got them. We go back to town and notice we could of got a sniper rifle or blunderbus to do major damage instead of hand to hand combat. We were so stupid. Next we sailed into the distant sunset (this game has the most beautiful sunset and water physics in any game ever!!) as three people were playing the lute and zilaphone in tune as another dances on the crows nest of the boat. My friends girlfriend couldn’t stop laughing and starting drinking beer up top and got drunk to where she stumbled off the edge. To our shock she lived but had broken legs and stumbled around drunk and gimpy trying to chase her boyfriend around the boat. We also found the command to banish a person into the brig. His shock turned to hilarious banter when he realized we all stealth voted to lock him up. Later the joke was on us when we were antagonizing him, because there is a time limit they have to stay in the jail which we didn’t know about. We were stormed by another crew as we danced downstairs not watching the seas. Our ship sunk after its glorious night of pillaging and laughter. Seriously haven’t laughed this much with a game in forever. Also well we all used sucky pirate accents randomly so the terrible puns where flowing. Btw, my friend went down with the ship inside the brig lol. The content of Sea of Thieves may be lacking for super long term people, but if you get 2-4 people or with randoms and want to have a fantastic night or 60 hours, it’s the best Investment in entertainment around.
  8. Gears never changes. Still happens and it’s glorious when I do it to people in King of the Hill.
  9. I can actually see this as one of the first games to make new online friends with in a long time with their match making and game chat use. Most games now everyone party chats up right away. The game is great fun with a 2-4 people. Solo could get iffy but I would just matchmake. Defineately give it a try with game pass like I have, it’s worth it and you get lots of other games to play as well.
  10. Btw, we, as in Unialias, Pete4999, myself and my wife still play now and again. Anyone is welcome to join in our shananigans. :bellshootin: