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  1. So, I am moving back into the land of civilization within a month when our kitchen reno is finished. Right now we are sporting Netflix/Prime & a Verizon Jetpack Unlimited Data for internet. This is huge in this area that doesn't have much traffic to get prioritized. We are moving to the only area with gigabit available and will have access to cable tv again, right now we are in the sticks. The wife wants the bells and whistles and never looks at rices but will go with what I decide as I usually just have to show her the savings over a year and then we spend half of it on something nice. I have used At&T, Verizon, Comcast, Wave and others in the Norcal area in the past so I have experience doing the juggle. CurrentTV/Internet: Netflix & Prime / Verizon(20/15mbps unlimited hotspot) In our area of the country, this is priceless gold and will probably never be canceling the service as my parents are offering double to let them use it after I'm done. The service was only offered for 2-3 months and the other options around them in the area is At&t dsl 1.5mbps(that is VERY spotty) for double the price. 😭 Must Haves: Netflix/Prime Options: Hulu Live (we have used before and enjoyed) w/ Comcast Cable internet. Probably a moderate version but I hate hate hate how they do the promo prices and then jack them up after a year. Wife Wants: Gigabit Comcast with the full TV spread. The gigabit may happen but I'm always πŸ™„ of the promo vs long term price as we plan to use the service for 5-7 years. We can probably do lesser internet but since we both game, we need at least 1000 GBs or unlimited a month. Any opinions? I'm gonna go through and revisit a lot of pages now.
  2. Game feels wrong. They made it for the casuals attempting to lore the cod fans to gears. Casuals leave after a week and the cod people are going back to the flavor of the week. Not to mention cod is going back to its roots and looks damn good and the beta was super fun. Gears has been in a mid life crysis since the Coalition took over. They are the band who is on the forth studio album that bombs and they don't understand why after changing everything that made them popular. I can't believe they launched with 7 maps. 7! Terrible. Five of which are hot trash and tiny. They do have five of the best maps from Gears 4 in the game, but unplayable in standard matchmaking. Dumb. I never understand how out of touch these companies get. Don't make the game you want(stupid decisions, boring, slow, repetitive), make the game your fans want(fun, fast, balance), or they will abandon your product.
  3. We managed to find no shinies, nothing really special, and still can't find a lvl 3 raid. Around us it seems to only be lvl 1 or 5 raids everyday.
  4. I need a new friend to finish a quest from a while ago. My Trainer Code is 3395 8918 9311! I’m Coffee4LifeYo
  5. Breida or Mixon Standard Scoring with No PPR. Normally I would choose Mixon but with the injury it’s waffle time.
  6. They have another update that's a few GBs from a couple days ago.
  7. So I hate that after I spent 2 months walking a feebas they added his quest the day after I completed his evolution. Sadface
  8. Love the gamepass. Huge value for minimal cost especially if you take advantage of their promotions.
  9. I'm ready for tonight! This also marks the day Dainty and I started dating....damn, 8? years ago, as I disappeared from the Gears 3 launch scene for a month before she wanted to get a xbox and join in the chainsawing. 9PM LOCAL time for gamepass ultimate people or the whatever the expensive edition is. I'm ready for some bell shooting! And the noobs!
  10. Truth. Hot trash. They are taking out much of the character of gears and trying to make it feel like a cod game. Its the same thing that has pulled me away from battlefield. Second. Didn't see a single bell.
  11. I need to workout. Back up to 190ish give or take a pizza. Can't ever go back above 200. I was always fat as a kid growing up after about the age of 10 and gain weight very easily. Poor genes on my moms side. In about two months we will be moving and building a small home gym that will help a lot, but I need to start sooner.
  12. Still, a legit method to counter smoke nades especially if you have a partner protecting while you suction chainsaw them.
  13. All Microsoft Studio's games are free with gamepass. So Gears, Halo, Forza, anything from Obsidian Entertainment, Ninja Theory, Playground Games, Undead Labs ,Compulsion Games and more.