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  1. Some more nice plays today: Honestly think he could be a powder keg in dynasty. Almost zero hype here, but he looks like a guy who could explode with a bigger workload. He's in some ways looking like a better back than DJ these days.
  2. Good deal for Chase. Two JAGs for a guy who has looked pretty good in spot duty.
  3. It's always a bit of a 🤡 move to quote people's takes that have aged poorly, but honestly he doesn't look small or slow these days: He's looking more and more like a starting caliber NFL RB, which would be a lot more exciting if he weren't stuck in a RBBC with 2.5 years left on his deal. Still, his arrow seems to be pointing upwards.
  4. JuJu will be fine long-term. 3/4 games above 75 receiving yards this season despite everything. Still on pace for 1k+ yards. I've said it before, but he is more Boldin/Ward than TO/Julio. Very good. Not quite a monster. If people viewed him as a transcendental talent then they were setting themselves up for disappointment, but at the same time if you overreact and sell now then you may live to regret it. A 22 year old WR who's likely to flirt with 1000+ yards every season is not something that you should dump lightly in dynasty leagues at the first sign of adversity. I'm a little concerned about his propensity to get dinged up and pick up minor injuries, which has been a thing dating back to his USC days, but that's something you have to live with in the NFL for most players. Beyond that, there's not much cause for long-term concern. It will actually be a great thing for him if Johnson becomes a viable threat, as the Pitt offense has always relied on prolific deep threats to open up the underneath stuff (Burress/Ward, Holmes/Ward, Martavis/AB, AB/JuJu, etc). They have always put a huge premium on finding those vertical guys in the draft (Wheaton, Coates, Washington, and D Johnson in recent years).
  5. The only move that beats this one is... "Listen to all the reasons why this guy I'm desperately trying to trade is actually awesome."
  6. Gordon by a mile for me, even though I've never been a huge Gordon fan. The Gurley situation terrifies me. You can't trust him at all. Maybe it's a short-term thing, but it goes back to last season, so I'm not so sure. Just feels like he's never going to be "right" again.
  7. I'd say trade for Kenyan Drake, but he's an FA after this season and it doesn't really make sense for a rebuilding NYG to give draft capital for a short-term rental unless they think they can contend. I'd maybe grab someone like Cameron Artis-Payne off free agency or sign a player off somebody's practice squad.
  8. When all is said and done, I wouldn't be surprised if they're drafted pretty close to each other. Ruggs has been moving up most mocks I've seen. Most mocks have Jeudy in the top 5-10 (sometimes in the top 3) and Ruggs somewhere in the top 25. With the way Ruggs has been playing this year and the times he is capable of clocking at the combine, it wouldn't be totally crazy to see him as a top 10-15 pick in April. I'd say there's a non-zero probability of him being picked higher than Jeudy, though I wouldn't bet on it. He's probably the better pure athlete, while Jeudy is a little bit bigger and has had more production. Jerry Jeudy kind of reminds me of Jerry Rice actually. Similar body type, play style, and movement. I get kind of a TY Hilton vibe from Ruggs. He may draw some Tyreek comparisons because of the speed, but Tyreek is more compact and elusive. Ruggs is a bit more of a pure vertical guy, though he has hands and route running ability too. The overall package reminds me quite a bit of Hilton.
  9. Beginning to look like a Marshawn Lynch in Buffalo situation. Good player. Team not setting him up to succeed. It hadn't really occurred to me before making this post, but he only has one year left on his deal after this season. It could be very interesting to see how that unfolds. What type of offer will the Bengals make? Big $$$ or not? Will someone else step in with a big offer? Will he be a trade candidate in the offseason? It all seems possible.
  10. Right. Who else is going to catch the ball in Baltimore? They have Brown...and Andrews...and Brown...and Andrews...and Brown...and Andrews. I've been higher on Hayden Hurst than probably anyone on these boards, but he's been a clear second fiddle at TE in their careers so far and nobody else on the roster is really a big threat to vulture a lot of targets unless you see Snead or Boykin taking off. So...regression? Yes, I don't think he will finish the season with 1,600 receiving yards and 16 TDs. But almost by default, a big year seems in order for Andrews. The only thing I really worry about is injury, which can derail anyone's progress. Call it PTSD from having widespread Eifert and Hunter Henry shares...
  11. I think low mileage would be good in a vacuum, but the reason why it might not be correlated with NFL success/longevity is because the best players are going to tend to command a high workload in college, so the guys who come into the league with low mileage usually have low talent as well. A lot of the obvious exceptions are guys whose college depth charts were clogged ala Kamara, Drake, Gore, etc. Maryland's other RB last year, Anthony McFarland Jr, had 1034 rushing yards at 7.9 YPC (!), so he's not exactly a slouch. I think he's a draftable prospect. I've compared him to Alex Collins, although looking at the height/weight, he may be more like a Tevin Coleman type. I don't think he's an elite talent, but he's a good enough player where losing touches to him isn't something to be hugely ashamed of. I have Ty stashed on a lot of teams and I don't expect anything from him, but he had a high YPC in college with a high rate of explosive plays. He may not have gotten the ball a lot, but when he did, he made a lot of positive plays. As for him being a "featured back", that discussion may be largely beside the point. Austin Ekeler will never be a featured back, but look at the production he is putting up right now. Anyone who gets fed touches will score FF points, and in PPR leagues, the smaller combo backs can actually be more valuable than the two down thumpers who ostensibly have more ideal height/weight. For what people paid for Ty Johnson (nothing), any outcome beyond pointless roster clogger is pure profit.
  12. Yea, they pumped up Hockenson pretty quickly and now Andrews is way up there too. Lamar is also very expensive now. Even John #######' Ross was expensive going into this past week and he had two years of being irrelevant previously. It feels like with AZ they're just locked into a preseason narrative of rookie QB/bad offense/dodgy WRs, but the early returns suggest that Fitz is still viable and that the new QB/pass-first mentality could lead to a big season for all involved parties. Of course, now that I say this Fitz will probably go 1-14 next week, but seriously, with how much Kyler is chucking the ball both of those WRs just look like found money at the rankings/prices they've been assigned.
  13. You don't want to panic, but at the same time, the tea leaves aren't good. When they go out and grab Crabtree off the scrap heap and make Isabella a healthy scratch, it doesn't suggest a high degree of confidence in what they've seen in practices. Meanwhile people like Hollywood, Metcalf, and Deebo are already big factors for their teams. Even Hardman and McLaurin have flashed something. I have Isabella in one league. I wanted to get him on at least one dynasty squad because I thought he was a boom-or-bust guy with a high ceiling if it clicked, but the early returns point towards bust. On the other hand, he's a small school guy in a very friendly offensive scheme. Sometimes players take a while to adjust to the NFL. Given that he won't pull anything in a trade, I'd probably just hold and hope that he emerges. If his price dips, he could be a decent dirt cheap dice throw in the offseason. That being said, the arrow is pointing down, even if that doesn't necessarily mean you want to panic and trade him for Ted Ginn. There's little denying that his relative value has dropped since rookie drafts, given that he's done nothing while other players are already getting on the field and making plays.
  14. Seattle for $3400 against a Saints team sans Brees looks pretty juicy to me...
  15. Someone explain FD's logic here: - The Cardinals lead the entire NFL in pass attempts. - Fitzgerald ranks 3rd in the NFL in targets. Kirk ranks 16th. - Fitzgerald has back-to-back 100 yard games. - Despite this, Fitzgerald and Kirk are priced at WR38-39 for the Sunday morning-afternoon games ($5900). I know Larry is old and had bad numbers last year, but this is a new team with a totally different QB and offense. I feel like FD are not adjusting fast enough, and it pretty much forces you to put Larry in your team.