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  1. Does this mean the Venezuelan human-hunting parties are not real?
  2. Absolutely not. Start your own thread if you want to discuss those bastard abominations from the Rummy family.
  3. Good sir, I beseech you. Respect the intent of this thread and leave your politics at the door.
  4. That's an interesting question. Is there something about card games that makes then an inherently local phenomenon? No matter where you go in the country, we're all watching the same movies, playing the same video games, reading the same books. Hell, we even have (mostly) the same drinking games. But you can peg where a person is from by their card game, perhaps even more reliably than their accent.
  5. This is a thread for discussion of the family of trick-taking card games involving a trump suit, including (but not limited to) Hearts, Spades, Euchre, Pitch, Whist, Tarneeb, Catch The Ten, and Boston. Share your stories, strategies, tips, and tricks, or organize a game in here. Anything goes, but keep it respectful. And absolutely no politics.
  6. Funny thing is that before the election, you know Trump would have been all over this as yet another example of how weak our military has become and how America loses all the time because people aren't afraid of us anymore. Now? Same people who would have eaten that #### up suddenly don't care at all.
  7. It's fine. Trump is going to call them, and tell them that if they don't give that sub back they'll be paying 80% tax on all their imports, and they will call him back the next day and say sorry Mr. Trump, we will return your sub and erect a statue of you at Tienanmen Square, and would you like a ####### too?
  8. Donald Trump says he shot 18 holes in one last weekend! Ha ha! I'mma vote for that guy.
  9. I would add ZeroHedge, Russia Today, and
  10. On the one hand, I would be disappointed to get the same present three years in a row. On the other hand, you can probably build some baller #### with three full sets of mousetrap parts.
  11. @ChinaPRC approval ratings way down, GDP a disaster! Sad!
  12. It's still a merge sign without the dotted lines. There is no such thing as a "roads are going to get closer together" sign.
  13. It does seem pretty obvious even without the sign that it's the left lane merging into the right though. If I had to make that turn regularly I'd just use the outside lane every time and if it causes traffic to back up onto the highway, well then #### you traffic engineers, design some better roads.