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  1. For the same reason that many were down on Olsen last year. Mad Mike does not use a TE in his offense. Last year he had no choice at times. If the Bears finally feel they have the WR's to execute Martz' offense, Olsen is as good as gone.
  2. Whats wrong with this... I love MaclinWhat's wrong with this is Mathews has more value than Maclin. At least he should. Unless you in a start 1 RB league that also starts 3 or more WR's that is. Mathews is a top 15-20 dynasty RB. Maclin is a top 15-20 dynasty WR. Most people are going to hold the RB in higher regard. I'm willing to bet that in about 75% or more of startup dynasty leagues this year that Mathews is drafted before Maclin. Then you add in the fact that a top 5 rookie pick is also involved and it's a very bad offer in my opinion. Granted, I say this and I would also prefer to have Maclin to Mathews. I try not to make trades with my own bias though. I try to make trades with the players current market value in mind.
  3. While I completly understand why people would be bullish on his Dynasty outlook, I'd greatly temper your enthusiasm until 2013 when he actually has a chance to start. I also like his chances long term, but expect next to nothing this year and not much more than that in 2012. Graham was lucky enough to have a declining Shockey in front of him. Watson is coming off the best season of his career. He doesn't cost much, so if you have the roster spot why not draft him late. I'm more inclined to wait until the person that drafted him drops him in a year for a roster spot. He's in no way worth close to a 17th round pick in a dynasty startup in my opinion.